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Imagine winning the lottery.

Mr Lahiffe won that lottery while he watched the news Lottery with his family.

When he screamed, "I won!"

His kids and wife looked at him with wide eyes.

His wife peered and saw it was indeed the winning Lottery Ticket.

She said. "Oh, my God. We're rich!"

She knew he would never leave her for a younger woman.

The kids were shocked.

3.2 Million.

They were millionaires!

"We have to call the news right away. Collect the money" said his wife.

However, he said. "We'll call the news but this will be hush, hush. 3.2Million after taxes can dry up in Paris. Isn't a mansion over a Million here and with thousands per day just to operate it? This money is nothing. Once it's gone. It's gone. The fewer people know about this money the better. I would not have people try to kidnap us and hold us for Random"

He was smart.

You had to be, to move your family from Africa to Paris and have them live comfortably.

He turned to his eldest who was turning 14 in a few months and had yet to meet a certain girl. "I trust that you won't say anything?"

Nino Lahiffe nodded.

He called the News up but told them, he didn't want to be broadcasted, he just wanted to collect the money.

He went to collect his prize in the morning and again, rejected any interview offered to him as he showed them his ticket.

He had already called the bank about winning the Lottery and it was incredible how nice the Bank suddenly became when they heard how much money will be coming in.

After work, he gave both his sons a 50,000 college fund and then called the top spa in Paris to treat his wife like a queen.

Now he had to invest.

He was a smart man, he pushed away the desire to blow off on a mansion that he could only afford for a month, he pushed away his desires to spend it on luxury cars and other items.

This money in Paris could be blown off on a single piece of Artwork, but he wanted continuous revenue.

So he brought a city near the beach.

With 3 Million for this city, nobody laughed at him.

For such a small sum he couldn't even begin to dream of buying a city around Paris.

Meanwhile, the bank was all too eager to help him buy this city and keep any media from finding out, it took 3 months but all the paperwork was finalised at last and he was the proud owner of a city.

Immediately, the purchase started paying off as a portion of rent entered a new bank account he had set up and that and his family bank account was moved to the Bank of the World where it was far more protected and they were given slicker cards.

He quit his job and moved to that city, he wanted to know how the city was run, people hopes and dreams, their complaints, what worked well.

He could have just been happy with the money coming in and just make sure he received that flow all the time.

He went above and beyond as a Landowner.

He realised that the city, highest income time was Spring and Summer.

The city was a ghost town most of the time, with a few backpackers here and there.

After all, who would go to the beach at Wintertime?

He hired a team to make sure everybody had Plumbing, water and heating.

However, he was no fool, if his team gets called more then four times in a month by the same address for damages, then he was no longer paying for it.

He was not going to let people turn his generosity into a chance to make money on selling Plumbing pipes or encouraging reckless behaviour.

When he put this into effect, you could feel the air change into a much more positive one.

Even if the city people did not have money for food, they had water, plumbing and heat for the winter.

He went home and took his family out to see the city on a weekend, of course.

They celebrated his eldest 14 birthday in the evening.

He enjoyed their faces.

He showed them where he had been living and they took pictures.

It was a great birthday, it was especially great because there was an Akuma attack happening in Paris that very moment so there was no Hawk Moth here.

He went back with them and spent a day in Paris before going back.

He went back to make the city famous.

What to do?

Building an attraction was costly and time-consuming.

His city did not have the money to bring many famous things here.

Wasn't there away, to bring many famous and rich people here?

And that's when he saw it.

A plastic plant.

He had seen Plastic Plants before, there was absolutely no reason to buy one, other than not wanting to put the effort into taking care of an actual plant.

Plastic plants were so attractive, they looked great, they could look even more amazing than the plant it was replicating.

People spend more on something they will forget about, simply because it looked good.

He had an idea.

He wondered...

He announced that every single house will be getting an expansion and he would pay for it.

He would pay for those living there to find a place while builders worked.

He then told the Mayor, he wanted to change the city's name to Malibu.

The old city name wasn't slick enough and the man seemed to like the new name idea, and then he announced that whoever learned at least one martial art level, will receive 2000 from him.

However, the children will receive 500.

Still, it was an amazing amount.

He announced that there would be a physical exam by the end of 3 months.

Suddenly the introverts of the city were moving like they've been outside their entire lives.

The city's fitness skyrocketed, along with moral, as a result, productivity skyrocketed and for 3 glorious months, the city made more then it had seen in years.

The exam happened and those who passed received their money however, a grooming kit as well, in it was a special shine spray that just made everything look better.

Those who didn't pass were also given the kit but they were told to try again in 3 months for the money and then he dropped on them that he was shine bombing the place so they better close their windows unless they didn't want to choke for 8 hours.

The expansions to the houses were done by the time he bombed the place and the next morning, the city had transformed.

The city structure was still the same but the city looked like a home for famous people.

Mr Lahiffe had put a toll up for the city and eventually, somebody came in.

They came in and saw the city and transformed stylish people.

Phones were taken out and more people came.

It only exploded from there when the world realised this place was real and the people and the environment did look like this.

The empty absolutely gorgeous houses were on sale and the price gave half the world a heart attack but the extremely rich didn't care.

It was the best accommodation they had ever seen.

And it had a beautiful view.

Suddenly big names were moving in, big names were shopping, including the Mayor of Paris own daughter.

Rich Businesses men and women spent time enjoying Malibu.

The online stores and booking were hella expensive but Malibu made sure you got what you paid for.

Nobody made you look 'Fuck you rich', better then Malibu did.

Jaggered Stone brought a mansion in Malibu and frequently hired Malibu exotic pet groomers to make his Aligator shine.

Business who couldn't get their product into Paris tried their luck in Malibu.

Some boomed and a lot bombed.

Shockingly enough Gabriel and Audrey gathered dust on the shelves.

Maybe, it was because there were so many other brands that brought their A-game to get noticed by Malibu or perhaps it was the review culture that had made the youth of Malibu say without fear that the designers can only nail former wear right.

Adrien Agreste normal outfit was known as 'what not to wear' in Malibu.

And just when you think, the news about Malibu had calmed down, Malibu hit Worldwide news again.

They hit the world because of what the Mayor of Malibu was offering to pay those not famous or rich but still live here.

The prices had been calculated based on importance.

The end result?

They were willing to offer a Malibu cleaner 60K a year!

The world was in an uproar.

However, a whistleblower who was promptly fired confirmed that a Malibu cleaner did receive 5K this month.

Suddenly everybody wanted to work for Malibu, it was a dream come true.

They begged to be hired by the city, those who did, saw money they had never seen before.

Paris hired a Malibu cleaner and the place looked like a magazine after it had been cleaned.

The price was worth it.

Everybody living in Malibu received a new passport just for them, that basically told the world 'I have money'.

Seeing how people from Malibu were rich as hell or were getting there, the number of relatives that suddenly came out of the woodwork's was insane.

Apparently, people remember you when they see where you live and what car you drive.

Suddenly a lot of people acted like best friends to people they hated previously.

Malibu was a complete success, most people would never be rich enough to move into it in their lives but never had their been such a gathering of rich people just enjoying themselves.

This wasn't a neighbour of glamorous people, this was a whole city.

A city of nothing but the rich, which other city was like this?

Mr Lahiffe returned back home and moved the family to the new house, however, Nino still wanted to go to school in Paris.

So his mother agreed to stay behind for him until he graduated.

And then he would go to Malibu High.

Meanwhile, Chris was being introduced to Malibu Elementary, a place that was sparkly everywhere and the kids were used to calling their limousine drivers for food.

As the child of the landowner who had tasted what it's like to be left alone with a squad of servants to cater to you, Chris fit right in.

But that didn't mean, his dad hadn't encouraged his teachers to report to him if his youngest was becoming a brat with video evidence of course.

Better to nip any bratty behaviour learned from the others into a bud.

And a soup kitchen in a poor part of France, every Saturday for good measure.

However, Mr Lahiffe wondered why his eldest son was so shocked when he introduced him to the Mayor of Italy who was a man and his female secretary.

Then his eldest started asking him things which made him raise an eyebrow, being so well connected to rich and famous people, he set his eldest straight on many things.

He said. "You really shouldn't watch those Malibu phoney videos. Don't you know it's full of health truths and people who lie just to make themselves look better? Celebrities and the rich have to deal with people lying about them all the time. It can be ignored. The issue is if somebody lies about them and it actually hits the person image in the eyes of the public. Then that person can sue for Deformation"

Nino was wide-eyed.

Nino said. "What? Your kidding right?"

He said. "No. Trying to make yourself look good and going after somebody reputation and image are two VERY different things."

He then said. "What about if somebody lied about you and got you expelled?" His eldest looked shaken. "That explosion is on your permanent record and would affect your future. Do you think any respectable school would allow a student that has been expelled for bullying another student into their school? Or what about if you want a great job but the explosion shows up? For Celebrities, big brands will cancel multi-million-dollar advertisement contracts if the whole world thinks they've done something bad. People don't care what the reason is, even if the rumour started from a child lie. Try using the excuse 'But he's just a child' on a now homeless person"

Nino's mouth opened.

He said. "Nino, there are a lot of people who lie to look good, but they live half away across the world and the internet will never take them seriously without solid proof so that's why so many think it's okay"

He then leaned in and said. "But I want you to promise me. If somebody is lying about you and it's going to impact your future, I want you to tell me. Even if its a teacher or a staff member. I'm your dad, I'm not going to let somebody kill your chances for the future. If I have to use my standing as Malibu landowner to get you into Malibu High, then its a city-wide embarrassment and everywhere you go, anything you accomplish, will just be seen as 'Daddy paying for it'. Do you want that to follow you all your life?"

Nino shook his head.

Nino said. "I understand dad." And then he said. "And I owe a blue-haired girl, a HUGE apology"

From that day on, Nino Lahiffe disliked Lila Rossi.

And who would have ever guessed that this talk would lead to the biggest battle of the decade?