1 Piece AU Luffy Charlotte

By: FunahoMisaki

(AN: I own nothing and read last chapter)

It had been years now since Luffy was taken in by his family. In fact…it had been eight years and his seventeenth birthday was in two weeks. Just enough time for Brulee to take her son through the mirror-world to different islands and ships until they got to East Blue.

He had gifts from his family all packed up or strapped on as he got ready to leave. A pistol from his Aunt Effilee strapped to his side with an ammunition belt from his aunt Mondee around his waist. A new captains cloak from Mama Branch and some of his aunts who had designed it themselves. An eternal pose to Whole Cake Island so that he could always find his way back home from Papa Peros. A vivre card from his baa-chan so he could always find her if need be. A den den mushi from his Papa Katakuri with a list of numbers for each of his parents, aunts, and uncles personal mushi's to go with it.

His beloved straw hat had been freshly cleaned and taken care of by his Aunt Hachee with her three kids putting small flowers or beads on the band. They'd be dead or lost in a week but Luffy would at least try to keep them on for the kids. A bag full of food and snacks from various other aunts and uncles. A lifetime free subscription to the news coo from his 'Uncle Morgans'. His Underworld Uncles had banded together to give him an already designed, painted, and damn near everything resistant pirate flag using his dream design of a jolly roger wearing a straw hat with the kanji for Free in its left eye and the kanji for Dreamer in its right. His Mama Stussy, a title he had given the woman after he's known her for a year and it made her tear up for some reason, had given him two spare sets of clothes so he didn't wear the same outfit every day along with a den den mushi number she said was her personal one and a maintenance kit for blades and guns. His Uncle Bass and Uncle Monte teamed up to get him a book on the basics of navigating and a few books about treasure.

He got some very nicely designed bed linen for when he gets his own boat and bed from his aunt Compote, along with a couple of fruits so that he actually got his vitamins. His sister Pudding had given him several knives and a couple of chocolates along with her reaffirmed promise to join him when she was old enough. His Aunt Galette and Aunt Poire had given him some fur jackets for if he got to any winter islands, and his Aunts Prim and Praline had given him an actual treasure chest to store any of his loot in which was storing all of his presents right now. His Mama Smooth had given him several bottles of juice to keep him hydrated, and his aunts Cinnamon and Citron had given him a floaty in case he ever fell into the water much to everyone's amusement and slight relief. Shanks had even sent him a present by carrier bird, the den den mushi number of the Red Force and two thousand berri's to get him started.

He gave each person a hug or kiss on the cheek as they handed him presents and wished him a fond farewell for now. They knew they'd see him again, but they were going to miss their Sunshine while he was gone.

"Here. This is for you." Mama Ama was the last to give him a going away present as she stepped forward and handed him a sheathed sword.

"We all know you prefer to fight with your fists and feet, but some opponents just need to be cut up or shot. That's why Effilee gave you a gun and why I'm giving you this." Amande said making Luffy's eyes widen as he hesitantly took the sword, Amande motioning him to unsheathe it.

When he did unsheathe the sword he saw that it was a dark black blade with a red vein running through it like a groove. The hilt was simple but fit and the guard was freshly polished and had a moon etched into it.

"The pirates that attacked Nuts Island last week had a swordsman on their crew who barely knew how to swing a sword, I liberated him of his Kokuto, Chimamire no Furīdamu. Bloody Freedom. You value freedom greatly so I thought this would fit you best. Even if you have to dye the seas red with blood, always keep your freedom." Amande said making Luffy stare up at her wide eyed before reverently putting the sword back into its sheath, which was also custom since it had the kanji for free and a stylized blood red moon on it.

"Thank you Mama Ama!" Luffy said attaching the sword to his waist like she wore her own, although on the opposite side since he is right handed unlike her, before lunging forward and wrapping her up in a hug.

"Nothing but the best for you sochi. Be safe and call us at least once a week alright?" Amande sked hugging him back and making him nod his head before reaching up to kiss her cheek.

"Right! Love you Mamas, papas." Luffy said and then he stepped back and gazed around the tea party which was being thrown just to wish him farewell and he smiled at them all one last time.

"Alright everyone! I'm heading out now! I'll see you all again, love you!" Luffy said waving at everyone before he stepped over to Brulee who gave him a soft sad smile. She was going to miss him so much.

"Let's get you to Dawn Island sochi. It's time for your adventure to start." Brulee said putting her hand through a mirror behind her and making him nod.

"Just you wait and watch! I'm going to gather one of the best crews in the world if not the best and then I'll become King of the Pirates!" Luffy said to everyone and earning murmurs of confusion or disbelief among the siblings that didn't like him as much as the others did.

"But didn't you want to be free? Why would you try to rule the ocean if you want to be free?" Big Mom asked alarmed and stunned by this and making Luffy grin widely at her, most of his body already through the mirror with Brulee.

"I don't want to rule anything! Don't you know baa-chan? Being King of the Pirates means you're the freest person in the world!"

And with that he was gone from Whole Cake Island, throwing the place into chaos and confusion while his parental figures sighed fondly.

That was just like their chaotic sunshine.