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She let out a sigh and rolled her eyes. They had been in this car for DAYS! And it wasn't letting up. Why couldn't they have just FLOWN? Her parents were moving her across the country. Texas had been her home her entire life and now they move her to Yankeeville. Fun fun.

She ran a hand through her shoulder-length hair as she folded her arms tightly around herself. It was FREEZING!

"Momma! Daddy! It's cold! Can you turn down the air-conditioner?" she said, frowning.

She had always been sensitive to the cold. She had a bad feeling about this. Moving North meant cold. The cold scared her. The most snow she had ever seen in her life at one time was the year before when it snowed three inches.

Not quite a Minnesota winter.

"Sorry Nick, we turned it off two hours ago. The cold you're feeling is from OUTSIDE. Grab a blanket or something." Her mother, Kristen, said calmly from the front seat.

The girl, Ellie, sighed and leaned back of their silver 2002 Ford Explorer to look for the blanket. There were mounds of bags and suitcases piled back there. They had rented a moving van but it couldn't hold everything. They just put the few things that didn't fit in their personal car. Luckily for her, the blanket was one of the keepers.

Spotting it, she took a hold of the fluffy pink blanket as they hit a bump. She slammed her head on the ceiling and muttered something under her breath.

"Sorry sweetheart." Her mom said, not taking her eyes off the road.

"It's okay mom." She said just loud enough for them to hear, rubbing her head and cuddling in her blanket.

"Ellie Nichol King, do you have your seatbelt on?" her father, Samuel, asked, turning back to face her.

He had heard her bump her head on the ceiling.


She smiled sweetly, buckling herself securely into the seat and said, "Yeah daddy. I am. Why do you ask?"

He just cocked an eyebrow, smiled at her and turned back to her mother to finish whatever conversation they had started.

Ellie let out a sigh. It had been close. She had thought for sure he would've said something. They had gotten in a car wreck on a bridge when she was small. She, her dad, and her brother had been going home from a day at her dad's work when a truck slammed into her dad's red Ford pickup truck. They hadn't been hurt that bad but now her parents were paranoid about that kind of stuff.

She shivered one last time as she curled up even more and let her eyes droop. She watched the buildings go by as the sounds of Superchic[k]'s "High School" lulled her to sleep. Soon enough she was off in dreamland.

Two hours later she was awakened by the sound of a hockey puck slamming into the car window. She sat up, startled.

Catching her breath she looked outside. There stood a tall boy with a hockey stick. He was arguing with her dad about the window.

With the boy were two girls and a group of guys. They were about her age. She figured her dad was going to pound them if she didn't do something. As Ellie stepped out of the car, her mom told her to get back in.

"Don't worry mom, I'm just going to calm dad down so we can get on to the new house." Ellie said with a smile as she walked over to where her dad was asking why they smacked the car with a hockey puck.

"Look mister, it's not like I MEANT to hit your car! It's a little something called an ACCIDENT!" the boy said. He looked pretty mean and had a bandanna on his head.

Deffinantly no brownie points for him. Her dad didn't like people in gangs. But the people around him suggested maybe he wasn't in a gang. Maybe he just had "the look".

"Dad?" she said quietly.

For the first time, the group of kids noticed the girl. Most had a look of confusion but only one had a look of recognition.

"ELLIE! Nickie-girl is that you?" Dwayne said, grinning ear to ear, his signature cowboy hat adorning his features.

"Dwayne! Hi! What are you doing here?" she answered, grinning. He had been a friend back home and it was nice to see a familiar face.

"I'd like to ask the same of you! I almost did recognize you folk! How are ya Mr. King?" Dwayne answered.

"Dwayne? I'm surprised I didn't see you! What are you doing hanging around kids like this anyway?" Mr. King asked the native Texan.

"Don't worry Mr. K, there okay dudes." He said.

"And girls!" the two girls retorted in unison. It seemed that was a common mistake.

The rest of the group laughed at this. Yes, that definantly happened often. Ellie was glad to know someone. Since her only sibling, her older brother Cameron, was going to collage here, they moved up with him. She didn't know why, they just did.

"Well, then why did this "okay dude" hit my car window with his hockey puck?" Mr. King asked Dwayne.

"Aw, don't worry 'bout him. He didn't mean it. He just needs to work on his aim a bit. Fulton is always shooting pucks everywhere. But I'm glad he did. Otherwise I wouldn't have known y'all were here." Dwayne replied.

This seemed a worthy answer to Mr. King. "Okay then, El, come on. We have to get to the house to unpack."

Ellie frowned. "But daddy, I just found out Dwayne is here! Can't I stay and hang out with them? Just for a little while?"

"But then who will unpack your stuff? Me and your mother?" he asked, raising an eyebrow.

"No, of course not! I just won't unpack it this very minute. Please daddy? Please?" she asked, giving him the sweetest, most pleading look she could muster.

He collapsed at the sight. "Fine, fine. But you better be safe, okay? I don't wanna look everywhere for you just to find out you've been mugged and killed. Okay?"

"If you insist." She said, grinning.

Her father smiled and walked back to the car. You could hear her mom and dad arguing about why Ellie wasn't in the car.

Mr. King stood up reluctantly and walked back over to the group of kids. "Sorry kiddo, you're mom says we're unpacking tonight. You can get together with them come other time."

"What? But why?" she asked, frowning again.

He told her about how they needed to get everything unpacked and ready so they could enroll her for school the next day. She pouted, muttering how she deserved to miss at least ONE DAY of school because of the move.

They all said their goodbyes as Ellie got back into the car. They drove to their new house and started unpacking.

Ellie sighed as she got the last box in her room. This would take awhile. There were boxes everywhere and she had no clue where to begin.

The distraught girl sat on her bed and stared at the ceiling. It was a pale cream color. No decorations except for a single fan with a light.

Then she turned her attention to her walls.

Just as plain.

With a sigh of frustration, she grabbed a box and started putting things where they belonged. The faster she unpacked, the faster she could meet up with the others. She couldn't help but wonder what school she would be going to.

After a few hours of relentless unpacking, she had about half of her room decorated and unpacked.

Scooting the rest of the boxes up against the far wall, she fell back onto her bed, crawled under the covers without getting dressed for bed and said blissfully to herself as she looked around the room, "And she said, 'it is good'".

Grabbing a pillow, she let a breath of contentment as she fell into a deep sleep.