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11 Months Later

Lex and Lena were currently playing chess in the living room, enjoying the rare peace they'd occasionally experience but were always welcome of. Earlier that day, their father and Lillian had taken the limo to visit one of Luthor Corp offices and they were currently under the care of their nanny, a kind woman who's company Lex enjoyed and who'd gotten attached to the little Lena. She was currently in the kitchen preparing melted cheese sandwiches for her two charges as they played.

"Checkmate", Lena giggled in victory after having beaten her big brother in the latest round.

"Ah dang, how are you so food at this", Lex groaned and threw his hands into the air, to which his sister answered with a mischievous grin. As this was happening, there was a telephone call and the boy got up from his chair and went to answer it. Moments afterward, a series of firm knocks were heard and the nanny on her part went to answer those.

"Um, hello?", Lex answered after picking up the phone.

"Is Mr. Luthor available?", the female caller on the other end asked.

"Um no, he's not. I'm his son though. May I ask who's calling please?", Lex replied, curious as to what this was about?

"I see then. Well I'm Dr. Schwartz, and I'm wondering if you could get in touch with your father and let him know that Miss Kieran has finally awakened", the doctor on the other end requested.

Lex eyes widened upon hearing the news regarding his sister's mother.

"Did you say that Lena's mom's awake? As in she just got out of her coma?", he asked in near shock, happy tears beginning to stream down his young face at the news.

"Why yes, that would be correct young man. She finally managed to wake up and a few hours ago, and is currently asking for her daughter, who I assume is your sister. But please be sure to send the message to your father. It's very imperative that we meet with him soon in light of these developments", the doctor answered.

"Of course. I promise I'll let dad know as soon as I see him. And thanks". The boy then ran into the living room where Lena still was.

"Hey sis, guess what? Your mom just woke up. After all this time she finally woke up", her brother said to her excitedly.

Lena's mouth opened upon hearing the news, her eyes wide while her little hands moved to cover her still open mouth.

"Mommy's finally awake?", she gasped in response, happy tears falling down her own cheeks.

"Yeah Lee. I just got off the phone and they said that she's finally woken up. I've gotta tell dad", he answered happily after which his sister ran over and engulfed her brother in a hug, the two siblings happily jumping up and down at the fact that her mom would be alright. As they were celebrating, their nanny then entered the room, along with two uniformed police officers, a grim expression written on her face.

"Lex, Lena, could you please come here for a moment?", the nanny called to them, causing them to immediately stop and head over to her, upon which they saw the officers standing next to their nanny.

"Um, what's going on nanny? Why are those officers here?", Lex was asking, trying to figure out what was going on although he had a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. The nanny took a deep breath, pursing her lips as she bent down in order to be on eye level with her charges.

"I'm afraid something very bad has happened young Alex. It seems that your parents had an accident on the road while on their way to work, and, well, I'm afraid they won't be coming home", she did her best to explain gently, trying not to overwhelm the boy. Lex's eyes widened in response, the weight of her words sinking in as the pit in his stomach grew tenfold.

"Mom and dad are gone, as in dead?", he asked in shock, trying to wrap his head around this news. His nanny nodded sadly.

"Yes my boy. Apparently their limo was hit by another vehicle and the impact between the two vehicles was, well, it was pretty bad and I'm afraid they have died. I'm so, so sorry", she answered somberly, doing her best to hold back tears. While she did not exactly approve how her employers had been behaving towards the children, especially in regards to Mr. Luther's alcoholism, and privately felt relief that they would no longer be around to do so, she still knew that it was a terrible thing for any child to lose their parents and therefore her heart broke for him, and even Lena in regards to their father.

Lex, after a moment, dropped to the floor and sat there, still reeling from this news. As for Lena, while she did not understand exactly what happened, she was able to ascertain, as best her young mind could, that something bad had happened to her brother's mommy and their daddy and because of it, they would never come home and now he was all alone.

Soon Lex lifted himself up from the floor and turning, went into his room and flopped down onto his bed. As he lay there, tears, but those time of sadness, began falling from his eyes while a whirlwind of emotions swirled through his mind. On the one hand, he felt the natural sadness of a child losing his parents and even found himself missing them. He even thought of the occasional happy times he'd shared with them in the past, and before his dad's alcoholism in particular. On the other hand, he couldn't help but feel some relief over them being gone for good considering what they'd put him through over the last 11 months, and his mom long before and over the years in regards to her harsh upbringing of him.

He immediately felt guilty afterwards for the latter relief since he knew that's not how a son should feel over the loss of his parents, but he couldn't help himself. After some time, Lena came into his room and also flopping on his bed, laid right next to him.

"Are you alright big brother?", she asked him softly. The boy shook his head.

"Nah Lee. I'm really not. My parents are gone, something I never thought would ever happen. And I don't know how to feel. On the one hand, I know I should feel sad that I'll never see them again and in some ways, I do. But I also feel relieved since that means they'll never be around to hurt us anymore. I also know that I should stop myself from crying since mom sees it as weakness and would have my head for it but at the same time, she's not here to do so and will never be here to do so. And so I don't know what I should do, how I should feel, or where I should go from here", he answered, which soon turned into a ramble until he finally stopped and placed his head into his hands, starting to cry a little more.

Lena looked at him sadly, and then wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Don't be sad big brother. Mommy once told me that whenever someone goes away forever, they end up in a beautiful garden filled with warm sunlight, sparkling fruit trees, and surrounded by glowing beaches. And it's filled with shining stars at night. And not only that, but even though they may be gone, they turn into shining angels who watch over those they love. And so if any of us feel alone, we should always remember they'll be there for us and that someday we'll see them again", the little girl said to him softly, doing her best to reassure and comfort him.

A part of her though did silently agree with her brother in regards to feeling a little happy that Mr. and Mrs. Luthor were gone since the latter had not been very nice to her and she could never understand why, while their daddy had begun to cease being the very nice man he once was. But she wisely refrained from saying those words out loud and instead the two siblings continued to lay in bed together. After a while, she spoke up once more.

"What's going to happen to us now?", she asked him worriedly, to which his eyes suddenly widened in realization that he had not thought of that important issue.

"I don't know. I just don't know. But hopefully everything will turn out alright for us both. But know that no matter what happens, we'll always have each other", Lex answered as he did his best to reassure both his sister and himself. A few moments passed, and then Lena spoke up once more as an exciting thought came to her.

"Maybe now that mommy's finally awake, I'll get to go back home with her and not only that, but maybe she could take you with us", she exclaimed happily. "And then we can all stay together forever."

Lex frowned at that, not sure if that scenario would ever happen with him while also coming to the realization that with Miss Kieran now awake and depending upon everything going fine, his sister would likely be returned to her mom, something he realized he should've thought of and mentally slapped himself. Of course, he was very happy for Lena but at the same time knew that it would likely mean that they'd be separated.

And if he were honest with himself, he did not want that to happen since these last 11 months with her had been a huge comfort for him and he did not want it to ever end. In addition, he could not help but think that it'd be a dream come true if he could go and live with Miss Kieran since even after all of those years, and as evidenced by his emotions over her pulling out of her coma, his impression of her had not changed and especially in that he still felt that she would've been a much better mother for him than his own mother.

Plus, from the stories that Lena had told him, her mother seemed to be a very carefree, playful person who really loved the outdoors and was very nurturing, which caused his positive impression of her to grow stronger than ever. He however figured that his going to live with her though was a foolish pipe dream and so squashed that thought and scolded himself for even entertaining those kinds of thoughts.

Instead, he comforted himself with the fact that his sister would more than likely be returned to her mother very soon while also hoping that his situation, in light of his parents passing, would be resolved in the best way possible, and especially since there was no other family of his on either side who could claim him.

And so brother and sister continued to lie on the bed, enjoying the quiet and each other's presence while remembering the few good times Lex had experienced with his mother and they had both experienced with their father, not realizing that their wishes would be coming true very soon.

To Be Continued

A/N Regarding the part about what Lena's mom shared with her about the afterlife, and while not canon as far as I know, I wanted to really capture her childlike innocence while also exploring the type of person her mother might've been based upon how she was described. And I also got a little of it from "The Lion King".

And speaking of Kieran, what I shared about her is canon according to Wiki, at least in regards to being playful and liking the outdoors.

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