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Chapter 22


September 1, 1996

London, England

"Did you feel that?" Daphne asked excitedly.

Harry had his hand on Daphne's growing stomach. He had felt something very lightly cross his palm. He wasn't even sure if he had felt it. "There it is again," she told him.

"I feel just this little bump from time to time," he told her.

"She just did it again. Talk to her more."

"What am I supposed to say? I've never been around a baby before. Oh, I felt it that time," he told her with a big smile. "Are we sure she is going to be a girl?"

"You doubt me?" Her tone said Harry was going to be in big trouble if he said the wrong thing.

"I would never say that. I think you should add Rose to the list," Harry told her and the sensation of a small force pressing against his hand from Daphne's belly came to him.

Daphne smiled down at him. "You really want it to be another flower, don't you?"

Harry moved his hand and kissed her belly. "If she is going to be as beautiful as her mother, how could I not?"

She was giving him that intent look that said she wanted to snog him. Harry moved to her head and kissed her softly. They didn't get far before a knock came at their door.

The rooms they called home at Grimmauld Place had been through a huge remodeling. All of Grimmauld Place had been in the last few months. The walls were now a pleasant sky-blue with light color wood floors. Most of the furniture had been replaced with modern couches, chairs, desks, vanity, armoires and other pieces. The light blankets and sheets were a blue darker than the walls and a cream coloured duvet lay folded nicely at the end of the bed.

The meager belongings of both of them were spread around the room. Astoria had not exaggerated that everything of Daphne's, except the necklace, had been destroyed or sold off. The room was starting to take on some character, like the snow globe from the aquarium that Hermione had convinced them to visit, or the few Japanese prints they had gathered from an art museum. Harry's favorite was the Wasps and Cannon banners on one wall. He had told Daphne that he was collecting one from every game and stadium he visited and she wasn't taking them down.

He was surprised she had agreed without complaint and then had pulled him down to make love to her.

Now though, they were definitely losing the mood as the knock came again. Daphne pulled the shirt down over her stomach. "Come in," he called out.

Astoria came into the room. "Sirius is taking me to Kings Cross Station in about fifteen minutes," she told them.

Daphne smiled at her sister. "Tori, come here," she beckoned to the lighter hair brunette.

Astoria had moved in with them over the summer since Daphne had wanted nothing to do with Greengrass Manor, and Astoria hadn't either with no one there.

Astoria looked at her apprehensively. "You aren't going to turn my hair pink, or anything, are you?"

Harry had to chuckle. "I had nothing to do with that."

"No. Little miss Potter-Black is still moving," Daphne told her.

Astoria's face lit up. "Really?" she asked in wonder as she ran over to the bed. Daphne lifted her shirt and took Astoria's hand. After a moment, Astoria looked at her. "I can't feel anything."

"Harry, talk to your daughter," Daphne demanded.

He smiled at her. "Hey there, little Rose," he said. Daphne rolled her eyes and Astoria started.

"I felt something," she replied with big eyes.

"I am not calling her Rose yet," Daphne chastised him.

"Sure, Daph," he said before pecking her on the lips and getting up. He went into the bathroom as the sisters talked excitedly amongst themselves. Two months ago it hadn't been that easy between them. Then Harry sat Astoria down one day and laid out exactly what her father had done to Daphne. The now fifteen-year-old girl had been horrified when she finally understood and understood Daphne's feelings for their father. Daphne still had mixed feeling for Lady Greengrass, but after finally reading the letters left with Professor McGonagall in December, Daphne had come to learn how much the woman had tried to protect Daphne from a man that was still mourning his first wife. It was no excuse for taking it out on Daphne, but it gave her more understanding.

When he came out, Astoria had her head against Daphne's belly. "I can't hear anything. Are you sure you heard it when you went to see the Healer?"


"You ready to go?" Harry asked Astoria.

Astoria looked up to him. "I thought you were staying here?"

"I'm coming back later," he replied.

"You don't have to go. You should stay with Daphne."

"I'll be alright, Tori. There are three house elves here."

"You sure?" Astoria asked.

"Yeah. Now go," Daphne pressed.

Astoria nodded and took something out of a pocket in her jeans. It was a wrapped package. "Since I won't be here for your birthday, thought I would give this to you now."

"You didn't have to do this, Tori," Daphne told her.

"I think you will like them. Happy birthday and I want to see a niece when I get back at Christmas."

Daphne laughed. "I want her now. It's still three-and-a-half-months before she comes out though," Daphne whinged.

Astoria rolled her eyes. "Stop being bunnies then," she snarked and moved out of the way before Daphne could swipe her.

Yeah, in the last month or so, Astoria had hung out with Tracey and Trisha way too much.

"You brat," Daphne huffed, moving to get up and Astoria danced away. "You better run." There was no heat in Daphne's voice. Harry helped her up and Daphne sighed when he hugged her.

"I shouldn't be too long. Sirius wanted to get me fitted for a few robes and maybe some other clothes."

Daphne nuzzled her head into his chest. He was a good six inches taller now. "If you need clothes," she told him.

"Well, it would be nice, unless you want me to scar Astoria?"

She pulled back. "No. No. Please don't do that."

Harry nodded and kissed her before Astoria called from the door. "Come on. I don't want to be late."

"It's not ten-thirty yet and we are apparating," Harry told her. That was why Daphne didn't want to go. Besides the risk of splinching, it made Daphne's stomach unsettled every time.

They heard the door open across the hall. "Come on, lover boy. Otherwise you get what I pick out."

"Like bloody hell," Harry muttered and Daphne chuckled.

"Go. I want to get my arithmancy and charms work done this morning."

He kissed her again and soon Sirius, Astoria and him were on the front stoop and then to Kings Cross.

As they apparated onto the edge of the platform where families like them could arrive, a few things were prevalent. First, there were a half dozen Aurors visible. There had been no attacks or Houses being stolen since April, but Minister Bones wasn't taking any chances.

Second, as he looked around, he noticed many students, but not as many parents as he had expected. Many only had one, like they had Sirius, or none, like when they ran into Neville. His Uncle Algie had helped him to the platform and had left just before they arrived.

Harry shook his hand, "You doing well?" he asked Neville. Harry hadn't seen his mate in a few weeks. He had gone on a trip with Hannah and her family.

Neville nodded. "I think so. It's not going to be the same without you this year."

"Bye, Harry. Tell Daph I'll miss her," Astoria interrupted before joining the crowd with Sirius not far behind her.

"Bye," he yelled back. Yeah. It would have been fun to have a year without an insane wanker chasing after me," Harry told him.

Neville shrugged. "I think I would personally like to stay at home. I have some interesting plants I collected but can't take them to Hogwarts. I also don't want my elves getting lonely."

"If you send me a list, I can go over every once and a while and check on things," Harry offered.

"That would be brilliant. You seen Hannah?"

Harry looked around. "Not a good sign if you are already losing your betrothed," Harry needled him.

"Berk," Neville groused, punching his shoulder. "And you should be talking, leaving your pregnant wife behind."

"Daph didn't want to come. Apparition and little miss Potter-Black do not mix."

Neville cringed. "Tell her sorry that I missed her."

"Yeah, I will."

Neville jumped when someone with long golden blonde hair jumped on his back and covered his eyes. "Guess who," Hannah enquired.

"Bloody hell, Hannah," Neville said turning quickly and pulling her in. Hannah giggled and kissed him. Harry turned to the man and woman that came up behind her carrying her trunk and a cage with a cat in it. Harry gave a quick bow. "Lord and Lady Abbot."

The man smiled and returned the courtesy. "Mr. Potter-Black, it is a pleasure to see you again."

"Thank you."

"Is your beautiful wife here today, Harry," Lady Abbot asked. The summer had seen them bouncing between the Abbots, Neville's Manor or Uncle's house, the Burrow, the Grangers or everyone over to Grimmauld Place. Harry had had the most fun he could ever remember.

"Daphne stayed home. I was just coming to see Astoria off and Sirius and I are going out for a bit."

"I heard my name," his godfather said stepping up behind him.

"Sirius, it is good to see you," Lord Abbot said, extending a hand.

Sirius took it. "How was your trip to Norway and Sweden, Mike?"

"It was really nice, though I wasn't expecting to take back a small botanical garden."

Neville rubbed his neck while Hannah held his other hand. "I offered to pay for the shipping back, Lord Abbot."

The man chuckled. "For the tenth time, Mike or Michael, Neville."

Lord Abbot looked past them. "They weren't kidding that the first-year class was going to be larger this year."

At ten of, the platform was packed. It was obvious there were many muggle parents and families around seeing new students off. Sirius looked back. "Yeah, it was a nasty shock to find out the Wizengamot and Education Department had put a limit on how many muggleborn could be admitted. Amelia nearly burst a vessel in her forehead when that was brought forth."

"Pureblood inbred's," the man commented with disdain.

"What was the final count on that?" Lady Abbot queried.

"It was capped at fifteen-percent of all Pure and Half-bloods accepted every year. Once that jynx was lifted, sixty new muggleborn were added to the rolls, and it was found over three-hundred of them had been denied in the last few years. The Ministry has offered Hogwarts a remedial program for all those that would have been in their OWL years or under, allowing them a three-year extension to complete their OWLs, and then two more for their NEWTS."

Both Abbots looked horrified. "Did you say over three-hundred? We missed all that only getting back in country two days ago," Lady Abbot said.

Sirius nodded. Harry knew all this. The Daily Prophet had kept it quiet until someone broke it in the Quibbler last week. It had been causing quite a headache for the Purebloods and others that were trying to retain any power they could. It wasn't looking good though. Harry understood the first-year class was almost a hundred and twenty students, with almost eighty of them being muggleborn. He had no clue how many upper years were going. Hogwarts was going to be the fullest it had been in nearly a century.

Sirius nodded. "Yeah. There is a lot going to change. Mike, you need to attend the House steering committee Thursday. There is a proposal I am backing to distribute some of the remaining seats by lottery to anyone that wants it, and then there is a meeting to add in two-hundred and forty more seats to be voted in every four years."

"I'll be there. You two better get on the train," Lord Abbot told Neville and Hannah.

"Have a good year, dears."

"Thanks, mum," Hannah said, giving both her parents a hug. Neville shook Lord Abbot's hand and Lady Abbot gave him a hug.

"See ya, Nev." Harry shook his hand.

"Let us know as soon as Daphne has the baby," Hannah told him, who gave him a hug.

When they walked away, Sirius nodded. "You sure you don't want to hop on? I can pick you up in Hogsmeade."

Harry looked at the train, very tempted to. "Daphne would never let me live that down."

Sirius chuckled. "Can't help you there. Mike, Roberta, it was nice seeing you. Come on, pup."

The whistle blew and Harry was looking at the train. All his friends and other family were on it and going north. Harry very much wanted to be on the Hogwarts Express, but he would leave Daphne and they were looking at going back next year to get their NEWTs.

He had said goodbye to Hermione and Ron last night. Hermione had decided she wanted a boyfriend this year and was probably with Tracey asking for help right now. He would love to see that. Ron wanted to get back with Romilda. They had decided to take a mutual break after everything went down, and Ron was still taken with her. Harry had to admit to himself he had not seen that coming.

Tracey, Trisha and Astoria were all going to return to Slytherin. Tracey and Astoria had received Prefect badges now. Harry wondered if Slytherin would become a dying house like many of the Pureblood supremacists were, or if it might come back to life with the new first years.

Ginny was going to be taking care of Daphne's project still in the greenhouses as part of her debt. She was also on the hunt for a new boyfriend, getting annoyed with how handsy Seamus was at times.

Sirius nudged him. "Last chance," he offered.

Harry longed to jump on, but he was going to spend the year getting private tutoring and had even been offered to shadow some Healers at St. Mungo's after meeting his cousins Andromeda and Ted Tonks. He had no clue that Nymphadora was his cousin.

"Next year," Harry told him.

Sirius wrapped an arm around his shoulder and gave him a noogy. "Gert off!" he yelled at Sirius as the whistle blew to announce the train's departure.

Sirius was laughing. "Come on and let's get this done. Then I can get you back home, you lovesick mutt."

"Who are you calling a mutt," Harry called after Sirius as the man took off towards the apparition point. "Sirius, you better not...!"

The man turned, giving him a cheeky grin. "You can still catch the train," his godfather yelled to him as he popped away. "Bloody berk," Harry muttered. Now he would have to either walk to Diagon Alley or take the Knight Bus. "He's probably laughing up a storm," he griped to himself as he joined the mass of people now leaving the platform.


October 23, 1996

London, England

Daphne was dozing on his lap in the middle of the afternoon as he was reading a rune script on blood magic wards and was translating it into a muggle bound notebook with the thick wizarding parchment most used. The fountain pen that Hermione had found in France this past summer was a god send. He could do this while letting his beautiful wife use his lap as a pillow. She shifted and he wiped some hair out of her face.

Looking at her laying on her side, he felt like he wanted to join her. The last month had been very tiring. He was studying more than he ever had in his life. Sirius and Remus, and even Moody at times, were keeping up his training as much as possible. After pulling off six outstandings, one exceeds expectations and two acceptables, he had found himself driven to meet his goal. Daphne, and especially Hermione, had been very proud of him, and both had made it clear that they expected him to keep it up.

Daphne was helping with that as he tried to catch up on Runes. In a weeks time he would be going to Hogwarts to take the end of third year exam to see how he was doing. If Daphne was right, he was already into fourth year content. Healers needed this to do many of the diagnostic spells. He was getting close to the end of the translation when the door opened.

"Master," the croaky voice of Kreacher came to him.

Harry held a finger to his lips. The old house elf moved with almost no sound. He looked at Daphne in his lap. Kreacher loved Daphne and treated her better than any of the others, even Winky. Kreacher held out three letters for him. He recognized Hermione's, Neville's and Astoria's script. "Thank you, Kreacher. Can you please get me a snack and some juice?"

"Would Master Harry like the orange juice or lemonade?"

"Whatever you have in the ice box," he answered.

"Can I have some warm milk, Kreacher?" a tired Daphne spoke up.

"Yes, Mistress Daphne. Would you like anything to eat?"

"Do you have any of the stew left over from last night?"

"Yes. I will ask Winky to get some ready for you." Kreacher bowed and scurried away.

Harry rubbed her back. "I'm sorry for waking you."

Daphne yawned. "I've been drifting in and out for a bit."

"You have a letter from Astoria... and Hermione. Why does she write you like twice for every time she writes me?" He put the letters on the arm of the couch as she made herself more comfortable.

"If you wrote more than half a page every time, then you might get more back," Daphne retorted, her eyes already closing again.

"How is the little miss?"

"She keeps kicking me," Daphne complained.

He reached over and put a hand on her stomach. Sure enough, he felt the push on it. He just looked at her stomach, a smile on his face. Daphne was seventeen now, and he was sixteen. He wanted a family some day, but not like this. Then again, he thought he would still be dealing with Death Wankers and others. Things had been quiet for months now. He guessed it helped with half the Blood Supremacists dead and many others in DMLE custody as the corruption that had plagued the Ministry for decades was being cleaned up, meant things were quiet. It wasn't just them, but the sympathizers of Voldemort mattered to him more. Minister Bones was proving to be a very capable and mostly popular Minister.

"Healer Tonks says twelve more weeks," he told her.

She groaned. "Next time you are carrying our child and you can have your breast double in size," she told him.

After upsetting her last night commenting about that fact, though he thought he was complimenting her, he wisely kept his mouth shut and kept rubbing her back. "Do you want another kid?"

Daphne was quiet for a bit. He wasn't sure she hadn't fallen back to sleep when she said, "How many do you want?"

He leaned down and kissed the top of her head. "I'm not the one carrying them. I think you get more say."

"Please, Harry. How many would you like?"

He looked towards the fireplace and thought about it. It wasn't something he had really pondered before. Hell, he never really pondered or had time to ponder before. Kreacher came back, summoned a tray table and put a tray down. Daphne sat up and started on the beef stew right away. He sipped at his lemonade and took a scone. "I would like three," he told her.

She stopped eating and looked at him. "Three is a good number," she agreed.

While Daphne ate, he opened the letter from Neville. "Do you mind if I go to Hogsmeade for a bit on Saturday?"

"What are you doing up there?"

"Neville wants to meet me. If you feel up to it, why don't you come too," he offered.

Daphne scrunched her face. "The little miss Potter-Black won't let me. You know I get sick no matter what we take."

"I know."

"Once she is born, you are taking me out to the most posh, expensive restaurant you can find," she informed him.

Harry nodded. "I figure I owe you that," he told her. They fell silent as he read more of the letter. "Daph?"

She put her spoon down and leaned over to him. "What are you thinking? I can feel you doing that lately."

"Do you want to get married?"

She looked up at him. "We already are."

"I mean, do you want to have a wedding? Neville is talking all about what Hannah and her parents are planning, and I was just thinking, you know."

She smiled at him. "Do you think Neville and Hannah would mind if we have a small ceremony over Easter? I don't want to overshadow what they are doing."

"I don't know. I could bring it up Saturday."

She sat up and stretched her back. "I need to go to the loo." She put her hand out when he went to help her up. As he watched her walk out of the first floor sitting room he was wondering if he was a lecherous prat that he found her even sexier?

December 11, 1996

London, England

Harry was still holding Daphne's hand as the lungs on the new baby started to be used. Daphne was looking at the small child still covered in some amniotic sack and blood as they cleaned it off. "It looks like you have a healthy little girl," Healer Tonks said as she wrapped the small girl in a blanket.

"Can I see her," Daphne asked holding out her arms.

Harry had tears in his eyes. Daphne had grown this little human in her and now he was going to be her dad. The older woman with long brown hair took the bundle with the girl to Daphne. Daphne was crying to take the girl. "Oh, she is so beautiful."

Harry moved in to see her. There wasn't much hair on her head and she looked a little pudgy, but when the green eyes met his, Harry knew that he loved this person he just met as deep as he did Daphne. It wasn't a question. He would do anything for her and knew all of Sirius' teasing that this little girl would have him wrapped around her little finger was true.

"She is beautiful," he agreed, reaching a finger out to her little hand. As he moved his hand he realized it was going to be bruised from Daphne. He didn't care though. They had a child. A little girl whose fingers could barely reach around his pointer finger.

He kissed their new daughter on the forehead, and then Daphne.

The little girl was puckering her lips and moving her head. "She is a beauty," Healer Tonks said moving to Daphne's side. "Dad, why don't you help give her her first bath and then you should feed her, mum."

Harry gently took his daughter, never having held such a small person before. Healer Tonks helped him wash his daughter and Daphne took their daughter back with open arms. He watched as the gown was moved to expose one of Daphne's breasts. It looked swollen and there was a small amount of cream coloured liquid on the tip of her nipple. The small girl started to move her mouth as the Healer helped his two girls and soon the small child was feeding. He found it the most interesting sight as Daphne watched the small little life they had made. "I think she is a Hazel," Daphne said.

"Hazel Illiana," Harry agreed.

Daphne looked up at him, her eyes watery and deep. Harry had suggested giving the girl her grandmother's name as her middle one months ago. Daphne had insisted on Lily, which was not what he had meant. After a moment, she nodded. "Hazel Illiana."

"A fitting name. Would you like me to give you a little bit before I let people in?"

"I want to look decent," Daphne told the Healer.

"How about Dad goes out and announces Hazel's arrival. You have a few people out there that are anxious to know everyone is alright and healthy."

He turned to Daphne who nodded her head towards the door of the room. "Go. We aren't going anywhere."

He kissed Daphne, who was looking tired, before kissing Hazel's head as she greedily sucked on Daphne's tit.

It was late in the evening so when he walked out into the waiting area, he was beyond surprised to see the small crowd. Sirius was pacing across the room. Remus was sitting with Dora next to him. Neville had Hannah leaning against his shoulder as they talked quietly. Ron, Hermione, Astoria, Tracey and Trisha were all talking quietly in a corner. He was really surprised to see Molly and Arthur with Ginny. There were others around the room, obviously waiting for other patients or possibly other births, but the group that was here for Daphne was by far the largest.

Sirius was the first one to see him. A tentative smile broke his face. "Well, pup?"

Everyone turned to him and smiled. "Hazel Illiana Potter-Black is a healthy girl and Daphne is well too."

Sirius took the few bounding steps to grab his hand. It was a blur of hugs, congratulations, handshakes and questions. "Twenty and a half-inches and seven pounds eight ounces," he answered Mrs. Weasley.

"No, I have no clue what hair color, she's mostly bald right now. She has pretty green eyes though," he replied to Tracey.

"I was hoping she would have your eyes," Astoria commented.

"Can we see her?" Hermione requested.

"In a short bit," Harry told her, starting to feel a little overwhelmed.

Sirius came in and clasped his arm around Harry's shoulders. "Alright, calm down. Let Harry go see if Daphne is ready to see anyone."

He felt extremely grateful to Sirius. When Harry got back into the room, Healer Tonks was gently taking Hazel out of a sleeping Daphne's arms. "Would you like to hold your daughter?" she asked.

He came over. "I don't know how," he told her, this being only the second time now.

Healer Tonks showed him how to cradle her and to make sure he supported her head. "It isn't that hard. If you want, you can go take her out to see everyone for a few minutes. I have a few things to finish up here with Daphne."

"Thank you, Andi," Harry told the woman. Looking down at the sleeping Hazel, he felt his eyes get watery. God! He loved this little girl already.

Healer Tonks smiled at him. "You're welcome, Harry. You still want to be a Healer after seeing that?"

"More than anything," he assured her.

Andromeda patted his cheek. "James was a good father. I think you will be too. Now go show off your daughter."

He gave her a broad smile and took Hazel back out to everyone. To say the little bundle was an instant hit was an understatement. Unlike Daphne or him, Hazel was going to grow up in a big family with lots of people that would love her, and probably dote on her at times. Even with that, he couldn't let himself let her out of his arms. No one questioned him after he had said no to Mrs. Weasley, but they all looked at her and Hazel had many kisses on her forehead that night.

Sirius was the only one to come back to the room with him. The Weasley's saw all the Hogwarts students back to the floo at close to ten. Remus and Dora said they would wait for Sirius. Back in the room, Harry took the big rocker next to Daphne. "You two did good, pup."

Harry smiled. "It was all Daphne. I didn't do any of this."

Sirius brushed his hand over Hazel's head. "You did more than you think, Harry. Now, get some rest and take care of your family. You're going to need that rest soon."

"Is it really that bad?"

Sirius had a Cheshire grin. "I'm not sure if either Lily or James had a solid night sleep after you were born."

"Brilliant," he snarked.

Sirius chuckled. "I'll be by tomorrow. Andi is pretty sure Daphne can go home in the morning."

Harry nodded, looking back down at Hazel. "Is it possible to love someone the first time you see them?"

His godfather smiled. "James said it was exactly that when he first saw you. Lily wouldn't let you out of her site the first few weeks. I have to say I would have done anything for you the first time James put you in my arms, pup."

"Would you like to hold her," he offered, knowing he had been incredibly selfish since taking her into his arms.

"I would like that," the older man said.

Harry gingerly got up and Sirius laughed at how he was treating her like a porcelain doll. "You'll find she is a lot tougher than you think," Sirius said. "So, Hazel Illiana? I take it that was Daphne's mothers name?"

"Her real mother was Illiana Rosalind."

Sirius nodded and Harry could see the instant love in his eyes. "I get my chance to make a Marauder out of her I never got with you."

Harry chuckled. "Don't let Daphne hear you say that."

"If she gets expelled I'm shipping her off to you," a groggy sounding Daphne said behind them.

Sirius gave out a barking laugh. Harry turned to Daphne, who was looking at them. "No one saw me like this, did they?"

"Only Sirius," he assured her, moving to the bed side.

Daphne nodded and reached for his hand. "Was anyone else here?"

"Just about everyone. I think Astoria is going to spoil her rotten," Sirius pipped up.

"I think they all will," Harry added.

"Astoria was here? How did they get out of Hogwarts?"

"McGonagall gave them a pass for the evening. They all went back now, but I told Neville we wanted him to be her godfather," Harry mentioned.

Daphne nodded. "Good. Can I have Hazel?" she asked Sirius. He moved to the bed and handed the girl back to her mother.

"I should get going, pups. There is a vote tomorrow to finalize the list of new and returning Lords and Ladies to be presented at the Solstice Meeting. Do you two still want to revive Harry's Peverell seat?"

Daphne sighed. "We want to try for three. I think it fair each of them get their own title."

When everything had been sorted out, it was found that the Potter line was never fully transferred because of the second Lordship he held, but the Ministry Seal had blocked them from finding that out. That made it very easy for Daphne to reclaim his house when all the Seals were broken. Unfortunately, much of the galleons had been taken, but everything else, including his properties, were still intact and where they should have been. For Sirius and the Order's help to the goblins, most of his monetary wealth had been restored after many vaults were seized by the Ministry. The goblins had been able to get a hefty fee for closing all those vaults and as 'reparations' to end the war.

Sirius laughed at Daphne. "Well, then, once Daphne is back up to par, you better get going at that, pup."

Daphne gave him a glare and Harry stood up to his godfather. "What we do is our business, you old mutt. I would like to be past our NEWTs and hopefully through with my first year of training before we try again."

"Do I get a say in that," Daphne asked, looking more amused than upset with him. He knew she liked it when he was more assertive and sure of himself, and tried to carry himself that way now.

"Of course," he said to her.

"Good, because I agree," she told him.

Sirius laughed at them again. "I should get going." He ran his hand over Hazel's head. "I'll be back by mid-morning I hope. Kreacher, Dobby and Winky can't wait to have this little one home."

"I am not going to let them spoil her," Daphne informed him.

Sirius chuckled. "I think you will have to worry more about Harry in that department."

When Sirius left, Harry sat back down next to her. Hazel was starting to pucker her mouth again. "Oh, thank Merlin. I was hoping she might be hungry again. I feel like I'm about to burst," she told him as she shifted Hazel to the breast she had not fed off earlier. He watched again in fascination. After a moment, Hazel was sucking away and Daphne leaned back, closing her eyes.

After a few minutes, Daphne looked up at him. "You really love her already?"

Harry smiled at her. "The second I saw her eyes."

Daphne returned the soft smile. "I do too. Thank you, Harry."

"For what," he asked, feeling the love they felt for each other and this little girl though their bond.

"If you hadn't jumped, I would have. You saved me and now we have Hazel. If it wasn't for you, she wouldn't be here," Daphne told him.

He shook his head. "Daph, it was you that saved me." He sat and took her outstretched hand and gave it a kiss across her knuckles. "Thank you for this little gift."

Daphne smiled and then crinkled her nose. "I think the little miss is going to need a diaper change, dad."

Harry crinkled his nose. If he had known how many diapers he would be changing he might have rethought their desire to have three kids.


The End


A/N: This is THE END for the originally planned story.
I had lots of little scenes of the Potter-Black family and as it grew, it felt like it was growing into its own book and what was supposed to be 3k to 4K words turned into 16K+. I think I may expand on it at some point. Until then, if anyone wants to read what I had going I have added it to my Ramblings and Dribbles series. For now, I am trying to finish By the Moonlight and dive into my next project or two. I am unsure what project it is yet. The vote was overwhelming for another Daphne/Harry story, but there are two other ideas that have percolated. One is a Harry/OC (a daughter of the Rosier family, perhaps a grey Harry), the other is a Harry/Gabrielle. Will probably post which ever one wins in my mind in the next few weeks.