Summary: Lucy Heartfillia didn't know what to think when her brother Loke showed up at her job with a box and map to a hidden city in Alvarez. She also didn't think she'd accidentally wake up a mummy. Based on the 1999 movie The Mummy. Laxus x Lucy. Not good with summaries.

AN: I know it's not smart to start another story where I barely started one, but I really wanted to write this. I had a burst of inspiration when I was waiting for my appointment at the doctor's office. I ended up typing most of it on my phone and fixed it when I got home. The Mummy is one of my favorite movies. I've watched it so many times and I never tire of it. I decided to combine my favorite things into one. I had to do a bit of research. I tried to incorporate as much Fairy Tail content as I could into The Mummy universe, so I hope I did a good job. Enjoy reading!

Disclaimer: I do not own Fairy Tail or The Mummy

A long time ago in the country of Alakitasia there lived a great ruler by the name of Pharaoh Ajeel. He was a tanned individual with brown hair that stuck out in every direction. He wore a pschent on his head that represented his high status and robes made of white linen. He lived in the prosperous city of Alvarez. Although this city was in the middle of the desert, many academic scholars found ways to make the city flourish with innovative inventions. The city was filled with many temples and statues crafted by the people to show their dedication to the Gods. This majestic city was also home to two other individuals; Angel and Erik.

Erik, nicknamed Cobra for his skills with poisons, contributions to medicine, and having snake-like features, was the High Priest to the Pharaoh. He was also tanned with spiky maroon-colored hair. He wore black robes made of linen as well. He held one of the most powerful positions after the Pharaoh.

Angel was the mistress of the Pharaoh. She was a pale, beautiful, voluptuous woman with long silver hair. She wore a netted dress and her arms were adorned with several golden bangles. Before she received her new title as the Pharaoh's bedmate, she was a common slave constantly being sold from master to master. She eventually caught the attention of the most powerful man of the kingdom when he passed by the slave market and purchased her for a hefty sum. Her duty was to serve and please the Pharaoh and no one but the Pharaoh. No one was allowed to touch her because she belonged to the Pharaoh. Those who did would be severely punished.

Despite all this, Angel and Cobra loved each other and secretly had an affair behind the Pharaoh's back. The two lovers would sneak around Angel's chambers and make love to one another because they were not allowed to be with one another. There would be severe consequences if people knew of their relationship.

However, one day the Pharaoh made his way to Angel when he caught the two of them in the act of kissing when he entered his mistress's chambers. While he was distracted at the fact that his High Priest betrayed his trust and was having an affair with his Mistress, Angel stabbed him with a knife when his back was turned. Seeing that he was still alive, Cobra struck him with his sword that was attached to his waist. Not taking any chances, they two stabbed the Pharaoh back and forth to make sure he was dead, taking turns diving the blade into his body. It was a horrible sight to witness. The servants of the Pharaoh came into the chamber after hearing the commotion. They caught them in the act of murdering the Pharaoh and called for his bodyguards to capture the two.

Not wanting to be captured alive because she will receive a harsh judgment, Angel tells her lover to escape and resurrect her with an ancient spell from the Book of Zeref. As he regrettably makes his escape from the room, the last thing he saw was the silhouette of his lover killing herself. His heart clenched in pain at witnessing the death of his beloved. He would not fail her and let her sacrifice be in vain. He vowed to resurrect her no matter what. They will be together again.

Cobra and his people took all the necessary measures that were needed for the resurrection ritual. He broke into the crypt and stole her body along with the canopic jars that contained her organs. He planned on having the ritual at one of the sacred temples of Alvarez, the Temple of Ankhseram. Ankhseram was a god that dealt with life and death. He took the Book of Zeref from his resting place despite it being forbidden to mess with the book.

He laid her body with the jars next to her on the ritual table. Chanting the words from the Book of Zeref, he tried to bring her soul back from the underworld into her body so that she may live again.

The ritual was nearly complete, and Angel awoke and took a huge gulp of life. Her soul was temporarily back in her body. Cobra was about to perform the last step of the ritual when the Pharaoh's body guards came and stopped him. Knowing his plans to bring Angel back to life, they followed him to the Temple of Ankhseram and captured him. Since the ritual was not finished, Angel's soul went back to the Underworld, and she was rendered lifeless once again.

As punishment for following Cobra in his endeavors, his underlings were punished and mummified alive. They did the mummification process to them while they were still alive, taking out their organs one at a time.

Cobra on the other hand was made to suffer the most awful of punishments and curses. His tongue was cut off and was mummified alive as well. They wrapped him up in linen, and he struggled against the men who lowered him into the sarcophagus. Once he saw lowered, the guards poured buckets full of tiny cobras. The tiny cobras proceeded to sink their fangs into his skin. Cobra screamed in agony and the guards closed his sarcophagus with the lid while he was still alive.

Not taking any chances, he was laid in two sarcophagi decorated with intricate designs, but the purpose of it was to keep a monster from escaping. On the sarcophagi were star-shaped keyholes that were turned by star-shaped keys to seal the sarcophagus and prevent people from releasing him. He was buried deep under the ground and under huge piles of sand.

Protectors of the temple who called themselves Crime Sorcière vowed to protect the temple and prevent tomb raiders from discovering his sarcophagus. Cobra was too dangerous. If Cobra was ever brought back to life and released into the world, disasters would occur. He would be too powerful to stop and bring the world to an end.