A/N angsty Brason

It's nearly Eight PM. Sure he's needed back at the house. Clay is boring every one with his serial killer move night. He puts the speakers on loud so everyone can hear the killing scenes. The weirdo. He's about to head out when he smells a sweet scent of wonder and goes to the library. There he is, in corduroy and plaid. And Of course his crush is in the supernatural myth section. Of course.

"Mase?" He asks casually digging his hands in his pockets as Liam's best friend is clearly reading something, then puts it back and quickly scans through another book.

"Good book?" He asks.

No response. Just the flap of each page and the sound of timid breathing.

Biting his lip, Brett is determined to see what exactly has Mason's attention. He quickly gets behind him and taps him on the shoulder. "Hey!" Before he can even smile, the human's elbows digs into his ribs. The heavy book is slammed into his chest.


"Oh shit!" Mason yells, he spins around in worry. Brett speeds over to the nearby table and braces himself on it.

"Sorry Brett! I'm…."

"It's okay" Brett rolls his shoulders back, with ragged breathing, willing the pain to fade. Sure he had super healing, but that elbow had hurt nonetheless. "I've underestimated you. You've got one hell of a spinning elbow for a human" He smiles at the signals, the smell of sweat and Mason's guilt. He looked so cute when he was worried.

"I'll buy you lunch tomorrow? The Devenford boys are over here in the afternoon...right"

"Yeah, but I can take you home now" He watches the human quickly shake his head.

"I'm good here"

Brett squints and clutches his backpack in confusion. "It's pretty late..."

"You're not my dad. I'm good, everything's nice and quiet here. I'll see you tomorrow" Mason said with a tone of finality. Brett nods, beginning to walk past the table until he hits his foot on something hard.


"Oh god...don't look under the-" Mason warns. but it's too late. Brett had already leaned under the table and grabbed the huge sleeping bag that he'd stuffed under the table. He couldn't believe that he didn't notice it earlier, it was huge. He lets it go as he smelled the silver. "It's a free country, so you don't have to be so judgemental"

"Mase, can you cut the spoiled brat act? I know that you love your books and your bestiaries okay? Although sleeping in a library takes it to a whole other level, wouldn't you agree?" He rubs the back of his neck with his index finger to relieve his stress. "Whom are you meeting?"


"You expect me to believe that you're NOT bringing a dude here?"

"If I hadn't elbowed you in the ribs already, I would do it now" Mason snaps. "Not I'm not meeting anyone. I just haven't been sleeping properly in my own room. I wanted to try something different"

"You couldn't try hot coco and frog music like a normal human?"

"I've tried everything, candles, self help books, youtube, self hypnosis, there were no other options!"

"You could have called me Mase!" He huffs.

"Why? So you could laugh at me and tell your school, and mine?" Mason asks, sitting on the table. Brett was a little glad his back was facing him, so he couldn't see how disappointed he looked.

"I'm fucking offended at that. Yes Liam gets on my last fucking nerve, but you never have"

"I know you'd toy with my feelings to piss him off!" Mason shouts into the air.

"What do you think I am? A high school jock?" Brett teases. "People, humans and supernatural alike have to earn my anger. Have to toil and chip away until my hatred shines through. It takes a superhuman effort to get on my tits. You don't. Well, not in the way you think" Brett pauses tapping the table with a claw. He leans back as the human finally swings his legs around the table to face him.

"I wish..."


"I'm sorry I snapped at you. This is way too intense for me" He apologizes.

"You dont need to apologize. Just tell me what's wrong so I can fix it"

"You can't!" Mason raises his hand in frustration. "What was I saying...I wish it was simple insomnia. But it's not. It's night terrors. All because of the demon that is palinopsia! Bloody night terrors of the locker room floor soaked in blood. The missing body that creeps me out"

"How can it scare you if it's missing?"

"No, the body is missing everything. Eyes, teeth, hair, fingers, skin. I need to stay awake. I'm sick of dreaming about Aaron, I mean that was his name right... Now he's just gone. A lump of bloodied flesh that Melissa is prodding with a..."

"You can't torment yourself like this okay. You're crazy if you think I'm going to let you stay up a night like a Dominick Cruz zombie while you're curled up on a library floor? Come on I'll get your sleeping bag" Brett orders beckoning him up.

"I'll get it!" Mason said jumping off the table.

"Don't be silly it's huge, I'll deal with it"

"No it's fine..." Mason whines with a high pitched squeaks that Brett finds quite hot. The were picks up the bag with no effort.

"Light as a feather. Grab your favourite books and lets go"

"Brett we can't steal from a library!"

"I'll turn off the cameras"

"I wasn't talking about security. Stealing in general is super immoral"

"If I turn the scanner on, you can check them out" Brett said. He goes to the desk he turns the switch on while the human gets a few books that have several sticky notes in them. Brett holds the sleeping bag and scans the book in seconds.


"You lead the way" Brett points towards the door, the human walks through, while Brett turns off the scanner. He grabs the sleeping bag strap and hoists the huge bag over it shoulder. It was weird. A huge bag for a slim guy. He's walking out of the library, down the steps toward him when he feels a rustle behind him, he sharply turns around, paranoid as hell until he sees something has fallen out of the bag. He picks up the square packets in astonishment. In huge plastic sachets, were...

Dry-life men's incontinence sheets. Super strong disposable pads, Tena-man briefs….

"Jesus, Mason!" Brett whispers under his breath.

"Dude are you okay?" Mason yells. He can hear the human walk towards him. Suddenly terrified of embarrassing him, Brett stuffs the packets down his school pants. He brings the huge sleeping bag against him so that no-one can see anything.

"Yeah I'm good" He dips his hand into his right hand pocket. "Here, you go on ahead, take my keys" The were said as he throws the keys over. As soon as the shorter teen goes on ahead to the parking lot Brett takes the stuff out of his jumper and stuffs it to the bottom of the sleeping bag. He can't risk that stuff falling out again.

When he gets to the car, Mason is already in the passenger seat, humming along to the radio.

"You can sit in the front, I'll try to behave" Brett winks.

"I'm cosy here, thanks"

"I can see that?" Brett nods as he gets in, shuts and locks the door. He clutches the steering wheel tightly as he struggles to sound supportive, but clueless at the same time. Sure it's a shock. Living with pack he knows they'll give him shit. But Mason was right, he needed a friend right now, not judgemental stares and attitudes.

"Is the sleeping bag cosy?" He asked.

"Yeah? Don't worry Brett I'll go super early, I mean by the time Satomi gets up it'll be gone"

"You're a guest Mase, take my bed. I'll sleep on the bag"

"No, no way, I couldn't do-" Mason starts to refuse...

"Mase I need to keep an eye on you. I'm the werewolf here. Your sleeping bag is better than the Nemeton stumps in the woods right? We'll keep the lights on until you don't need them"

"Brett I'm not a child! I can handle the dark…..some nights…...you know...sometimes..."

"It's a shame you've stopped acting like a spoiled brat" Brett mutters as he fixes the rear view mirror.

"Oh really?"

"Yeah, so you won't be demanding any spooning or cuddles? Be insistent that I wrap my arms around you? You won't be nagging me to death asking that I rock you against my chest until you close your eyes? What a pity" Brett turns around to grin.

"Brett I like my sleeping bag, you don't have to give up your bed for me" He counters, wiping the crust of sleep from his eyes. Brett reaches over and softly grabs his hand. His memorizing black skin, ice cold to the touch.

"Mase I'd give up way more than my bed for you. My mind was a mess during deadpool, but I'm ready for anything now. You'll get through this. I'll fucking make sure of it. Even if I have to invade your dreams and slaughter those palinopsia delendas myself. When your night terrors are over, maybe I could possibly be rewarded hmm? Liam may rip his hair out, but a date to your favourite restaurant would be more than enough to satisfy…." He purses his lips as his eyes dart to closed ones.

Mason has finally fallen asleep.

Brett's torn between feeling relief and curiosity. Was he really asleep, or just too exhausted to reject him...

"Goodnight sweetheart" Brett whispers as he kisses the top of Mason's hand. He turns around and finally starts the car properly this time, to speed home with his sleepover buddy.