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Make the last year awesome.

She had seen enough.

The first day of last year of public school was spent being told that they should be studying, there was hardly anything planned for them and then they were introduced to the mountain of books that would haunt them for the rest of the year.

Almost all the seniors looked lifeless and envious of the younger years.

At Lunchtime on Friday, she wrote a note and slid it to a certain girl.

That girl was recently single Kagami Tsurugi and on the note read 'Hi, my name is Clover Moon. Heard about your breakup. I'm a fellow senior. Do you want a bubbly bright girlfriend as a friend? Tick Yes or No'.

Kagami was understandably wide-eyed.

Clover then sat far and waved at her.

3 minutes later, Kagami gave her back her note.

She had ticketed yes.

Clover whooped and gave her a big hug with a bright smile, the girl was stunned along with those watching.

She then sat next to Kagami in the library and showed her, that she was the girlfriend of girlfriends.

She tried to be serious and quiet so that the Librarian didn't kick her out but she couldn't help but smile in one of the most depressing places in the school.

It was Kagami most interesting study time that's for sure.

When the last bell rang, despite her aching back, Clover put headphones in and cranked the music up and then she danced out of school.

Yes, physically danced.

There was Friday celebration and then there was her, everybody in all three years was wide-eyed when they saw her get down.

Their mouth's opened but she didn't care that everybody was looking at her.

She danced to the black SUV waiting to pick her up out front and then she got in, and it drove off.

When she had left, somebody said.

"Who the hell was that?"

Nobody knew but they certainly were going to remember the blond girl who danced out of school.

Meanwhile, at home, Clover lived in a house that was more like a super-house because she was given engineer's as parents in this universe, she went to her room and magically absorbed all the knowledge she needed from the books while her homework was done for her.

After all, how could she make this year awesome if the senior workload was going to take all her time?

She texted Kagami on whether she was free to run with her on Saturday morning.

The girl was free.

Of course, she was, the girl was from a fencing family if she didn't jog, she wouldn't have the body to win tournaments.

So on Saturday, Clover tied her back, wore her workout outfit and met her at the park.

The girl looked shocked to see her.

Well, her figure.

All the girls in school were of similar height, but she was clearly queen tall.

She was tall, slender and had a thin waist.

Apparently, she was all woman already.

You would have never guessed under that figure was such an amazing body for a 15-year-old.

They began to run and Clover matched with Kagami pace and stamina, showing her body wasn't just for show.

Afterwards, Clover treated Kagami to a Smoothie and then they split.

She went home and immediately began the god-level pampering.

If she was going to make things awesome, she was going to have to look awesome as well.

Anything a good looking person was doing looked better then if somebody average looking did it.

Sad but true.

However, to look unbelievably good, you need to spend hours just so one part of your body doesn't look neglected.

Her poor wrists and arms ached so a proper message was godsent.

On Monday, Clover woke up, did makeup like a goddess and then she opened her closet to find that it had gone from a normal person clothes to the closest of style.

Fashion designers, Paris had never even heard of, but could do a young person justice was now in her closest.

Seriously, when she saw these outfits, it made her realise how much Paris top fashion designers had no idea how to dress a young person casually.

She got dressed and made sure she smelled great.

The moment she walked out of that car at school, you would have thought that somebody had arrived in a limousine surrounded by loud cop motorcycles or something because everybody turned around or look in her direction.

Clover stood before them with healthy glowing skin, her makeup was on point, her blue eyes twinkled, her hair was the shiniest and she wore a white velvet scarf around her neck, a pink stylish thin cardigan, underneath that were red shorts with a pink belt and pink heels.

Her teeth were impeccable and so was her nails and pink backpack.

Everybody mouth was open, even those connected to the world of fashion.

And then Clover proceeded to kill it up the steps in her high-heels, everybody smelling her Levander perfume as she walked past them.

She then walked to class like she was on the run-way, and enjoyed seeing students reactions when they saw her.

She entered her class and sat down.

She opened her books and waited for her homeroom teacher while being fully aware of the students gathering at the window just to stare at her.

The student's teachers came to threaten them away from the window and her teacher looked just as shocked as the class to see her.

She went from B to Goddess level A through the weekend.

When the school day started, who wasn't talking about her transformation from B to bombshell?

When that bell rang, it was like a zoo because everybody was trying to have a good look at Clover.

When break rolled around, she began to pass out notes.

It said 'Hi, I'm Clover Moon. Tired of studying? Why not come to my party at the Courtyard at Lunch at 12:15? I promise you'll have a good time. Also please write down your phone number and return it to me at the Party. Thanks'.

The seniors were understandably wide-eyed when they read it.

She went from one classroom to the next, how she know who was a senior and who was not, was beyond anybody guess.

However, a pretty girl like her hosting a party at Lunch in the courtyard spread fast.

Everybody wondered if she was really hosting a partying in the Courtyard.

Well, time told them.

When the time arrived because she had to eat, she went to the courtyard and took out a tiny speaker that was blue tooth and already charged when she was at home.

Everybody face changed when they saw the speaker and then she encouraged students to come into the middle and then she hit play.

She began the party by playing 'Living La Vida Loca' and she could see the air go from 'I'm at school' to 'It's a Party' immediately.

She began to dance with Kagami and anybody who came close.

Within 2 minutes, the small gathering had become a school-wide party, with a few refusing to join in like Chloe Bourgeois, however, Sabrina did dance a bit when Chloe wasn't looking.

One person began to live streaming from above.

The next song was 'Crazy Frog' and you could feel the confusion before the beat kicked in and students began to move.

And then the voice was solo again and you could feel the change in the air as the strange voice held that note and the music began to come back.

There was a roar of approval at the peak of the song.

The teachers came out to see what was happening only to see the students partying in the courtyard.

Yes, partying.

The teachers told the Principal what was going on, however, the man said there was no rule that said they couldn't party at Lunchtime in the Courtyard.

There wasn't such a rule because nobody thought, a student would actually do it.

And then the song 'Levels' appeared and it cemented her as having a god-level taste in music.

The roars of approval was amazing.

It was especially something special for Adrien and those who usually couldn't go to parties.

The song played and the Principal began to get calls.

From the Board of Education!

The man eyes wide and said. "Who wants to transfer? The school looks like fun!?"

Indeed it looked like fun because it was fun.

Pure fun with no strings attached.

Even the Kwamis were dancing in Marinette and Adrien's bags.

The internet could feel their joy and so could Hawk Moth who couldn't believe the joy spreading through the city.


"It's coming from my son's school!?" Said the man, truly shocked since no joy had been felt like this, coming from that school of all places, only pain.

And then the song 'Uptown Funk' came on and Clover took out her shades from her shorts and did a moonwalk into the middle of the courtyard, she then dragged teenage boys and girls, regardless of if they were hot or not into the middle, she made them glow and gave them a major confidence boost.

After all, who wouldn't get a major confidence boost hearing Uptown Funk?

Most students cheered.

After that, there were slow but really good songs, those whose partners were here slow danced, others went to find one.

Chloe walked away before she could be offered by a guy she considered ugly, not famous or rich.

However, Clover went to the guy and began to dance with him instead.

She winked as his face went red.

The guy saw this as an upgrade immediately.

However, all good things must come to end and the student body groaned when they heard that bell and realised they had to get to class.

However, the Seniors gave her, her slips back as she packed up with their numbers.

All the students were lively when they went to class.

"Dude, I've never partied that hard. That girl was on another level" said Nino Lahiffe, the Party King, so if he praised a party than you know the party was exceptional.

Who know they could party so hard during school hours?

Clover left the school with her head held high as the students cheered her.

The party was so good, it was on the Evening News as a happy surprise.

The city needed more of those.

That evening Clover sent out a text to all the senior girls, she proposed that they spend Saturday and Sunday pampering each other at her house, so they can arrive together on Monday morning.

They had Thursday to confirm with her.

She told Kagami that she should show her mom, her picture and see how her mother reacts to that.

The two-day pampering spread and by the time she got dressed the next morning, the word was, all the Senior girls were going to get super hot over the weekend at her house.

Next Monday was a gloriously marked day, the day the senior girls will take over.

Oh, and Transfers started as well.

When she came in, Kagami told her, her mother asked several questions and looked through her photos with her in it before saying yes.

All the girls gave her a yes at the end of the day, Clover heard guys try to get invited to a house full of girls, especially the younger guys.

She also heard that Chloe Bourgeois had booked an appointment at a world-famous Spa for the weekend and Lili Rossi was spending the weekend, hanging out with Hospital kids.

Okay...she did not know how these things had anything to do with her.

The Senior girls were truly looking forward to seeing how she became so glamorous looking in only a few days.

And Clover was looking forward to how the Universe was going to explain how she got all those god-level beauty products and clothes.

She'll know within this week and she know whatever the Universe decides, it would raise the last year of the school experience for not just her but everybody in her year.

And she was right.

Author Note: After many Rewrites, I have finally got a first chapter that I'm happy with.