Chapter 1

As the brisk wind blew, the ice rain mingled with the youko's tears. Absent, was the moon, as his angel would be. The starless night only mocked him, the blackened canvas lacked the shimmering stars of hope.

"You're doing this because you're mad at me, aren't you?" The youko whispered gently, shattering the silent night.

"No. Don't ask such idiotic questions." The youkai snapped back in a vicious tone.

"Then, why are you?"

"It's none of your concern, fox."

"I'll make it my concern." A bit of aggressions struck his voice. He was about to give up on his koibito.

"It's about my mother, alright...." He voice cracked a bit, repairing itself quickly.

The youko paused, stunned by the youkai's words. He remembered his own mother, a beautiful human woman who had nurtured him since he was a scarlet haired toddler. He loved her, looking through the human body that cradled her and looking deep within her heart and soul, seeing the purity within. She was the only one he loved, besides the youkai before him.

"What's wrong, Hiei?" He placed a warm hand on his shoulder, but Hiei shook it off.

"I don't need your pity..." Coldly, he turned his back to the heartbroken youko.

"You misunderstand, Hiei. I only want to help."

"Lies! You only pity me, because what family I have isn't as perfect as yours!"

"No, Hiei. Please...."

"Speak no more meaningless word, Kurama. I need not your false pity and the distant look in your eyes." He growled, baring his teeth slightly. Anger formed within his heart. Why he acting this way? He's usually the support, thought Hiei, I did not dare insult his ningen mother, but he had the nerve to speak of my mother not being worth saving. That idiotic fox. His thoughts were those of the angered dragon that resided on his right arm. His best friend, his guiding light, had failed him.

"Why do you contort my words?"

"That's how I'm hearing them, Kurama."

"Then, the worry that you hold within has deafened you."

The air grew thicker as the rain silently fell, each drop fueled the growing anger.

"Why is it different?" Kurama broke the silence with soft words.

"What?" Hiei snapped.

"When my mother fell ill, you stayed silent and tried to steal the only thing that could help you. You stole the Forlorn Hope with your greedy hands, and tried to keep the power it held for yourself." The wind gently played with Kurama's crimson hair. "I was nothing but a small part of your plan for more power, and that's all I remain to you."

"You have some nerve, fox, speaking to me like that." The youkai snarled, tapping an angry finger on the handle of his sword.

Kurama only grinned. "What you intend to do with yours sword is none of my business, but it would be a stupid choice."

Drawing the sword that slaughtered so many, Hiei stared Kurama down with cold eyes, a slight smirk on his face. He brought the sword high above his head, as Kurama watched on nervously, and he brought it down again with such power. For a brief moment, the ground quivered slightly, and settled once again.

"I will take my leave...." He spoke in silent words, turning his back on his life that existed in the ningen world. Everyone and everything that happened in this world would be forgotten, erased by the evil thoughts which brewed within. He hadn't the time for fragile human hearts and emotions.

Forming still, undisturbed puddles, the rain still fell, as did the tears from Kurama's pale eyes. He fell to his knees in a puddle of bitter cold water, sobbing.

" Please, come back..." His gentle tear stained hands reached forward, grabbing the sword Hiei left behind.

"His sword." He wrapped his delicate fingers around the handle, more tears flowing freely as memories surfaced. "Why...?" The rain and his tears still fell into the long abyss known as night.


"Tedious..." The ill tempered youkai muttered as he slipped through the portal into the demon world. "Idiotic..."

His mind was divided, as was his heart. Half was with his mother in the demon world, the other half with Kurama. His cold demon eyes looked ahead to where he grew up, a land engulfed by the hatred for humans,

"The ningen has chosen." A stern voice came from behind him, as Hiei whipped around, searching for the owner of the voice.

"I suppose..." He continued walking. "But, there's still some...odd feeling in my heart."

The voice shrieked. "You're a demon! You have no heart!!"

This upset Hiei in a way he couldn't understand. His eyes twitched a bit, and than eased to a softer tone.

"If I don't have a heart, then why does this hurt?" He gentle turned on his heel and walked further into the demon world, a look of regret in his scarlet eyes. Had he chosen the right path? His mother, or his koibito?