I've decided Sword can identify as a boy!

Chapter 2

Ten-year-old Finn sat on the Shores of Selineas with Eleven-year-old Sword and Shimmer.

"I'm bored." Groaned Finn.

"Read a book." Suggested Sword.

"I hate reading."

Shimmer glanced over to Sea Hawk's new ship. "Why don't we 'Borrow' that boat?" She asked.

"It won't be borrowing. It would be stealing." Finn pointed out. Their face lit up. "Let's do it!"

"I don't know..." Muttered Sword.

"We won't be that long. I promise you we won't get into trouble." Finn told him.

Sword sighed, pulling his short neat hair that he had cut a year ago.

"Fine." He muttered, walking over to the boat Shimmer was trying to push into the water.


When they had eventually gotten it into the water, the kids had began sailing into the water.

Finn was at the Crow's nest, Shimmer the rigging, and Sword the Crow's nest; Sword did not look happy about it.

"Don't tell me you're afraid of HEIGHTS!" Teased Finn. Sword looked away.

Finn looked gobsmacked. "You Are!? You have WINGS!"

"Leave him alone." Shimmer told Them.

"Hey, WHO'S Captain?" Finn demanded.

"Me!" Snapped Shimmer, her face stormy "This is my idea in the first place!"

"You only came up with it because I said I'm bored!"

"Uuh... guys?" Sword inquired.

"My mom's the Queen!" Shimmer told Finn.

"Well, MINE'S She-ra!"

"Guys!" Yelled Sword, with some urgency.

The pair looked, to see a rock, and quickly realised they were heading towards it!

Finn turned the wheel to the left, making the ship swerve so greatly that everyone toppled over. Sword fell out of the crow's nest, and flew down to the deck.

"Owww..." Complained Shimmer, rubbing her head.

Suddenly, they all saw a large sea cave with a large ship inside of it. Activity crawled all over the ship, and on closer inspection,, they could see a dock too.

"Let's check it out!" Decided Finn.

"I'm with you" Shimmer cried, grabbing them both and teleporting them towards the cave before Sword could protest.


They reappeared in the most inconvenient place; in the middle of the ship's crew, who immediately turned and stared at them.

"Maybe they're friendly?" Suggested Finn, hopefully, before the crewmen jumped on them, hauled them towards the mast, and tied them to the mast.

"I blame both of you for this." Grumbled Sword.

"that's fair." Admitted Finn, as Shimmer Nodded.

A tall, muscular man came up. "Well, well, well. What do we have here?" He chuckled ominously.

"They're kids, boss." A crewman told him, spoiling the moment.

The Man sighed. "Listen up, kids! I'm Admiral Scurvy, and YOU are in hot Water."

"No, we're on the deck of a ship." Retorted Finn, with a cheeky grin.

Sword looked less unconcerned. "Didn't you try to kidnap Sea Hawk, Swift Wind, and my father- oop!" She stopped herself, but it was too late.

"Wait... you're Bow's kid? We can get a hefty price for you kids, then!" He chuckled.

AS Scurvy walked off laughing, Shimmer looked smug; "Don't worry, I know how to speak fluent seagull!" She announced, looking at a Seagull perched onto the rigging.

She made some noises, and the Seagull flew off.

"We will be O.K.!" She grinned.


Mermista was playing with her five-year-old son, Jimmy. A seagull flew in, and began squawking.

Glimmer, Bow, Adora, and Glimmer came in.

"Hey, a Seagull's told me That the kids have taken the Goat and been carroted. What the heck is that supposed to mean?" She wondered.

At that moment, Sea Hawk came in; "Darling! My boat's been stolen!"

Glimmer grit her teeth. "Why those little-!"


Fiinn was using their claws to cut through their bonds.

"Come on..." They muttered, just before they were all freed.

"Yes! Thank me, Finn, the greatest of us, for freeing us from our bonds!" Yelled Finn, triumphantly.

Pirates rushed at them, weapons drawn.

"Let's fight!" Finn grinned maniacally.

At that Moment, Glimmer Teleported in front of the pirates, along with Catra, Adora, Bow, Sea Hawk, And Mermista.

The Pirates continued their advance, and the fight began.

Adora, as She-ra, cleaved her way through the pirates.

Glimmer zapped pirate after pirate, making them regret their life choices.

Bow fired arrow after arrow.

Mermista spun her trident and manipulated water to take out the pirates in her path.

Sea Hawk went after Scurvy, engaging him in a sword fight.

Catra grabbed the kids, and hid in a lifeboat with them.

"Stay down." She hissed.

"Are we in trouble?" Asked Finn.

Catra's looked silenced them.


After the Pirates were defeated, The adults stood in front of the kids, all looking furious.

Adora started "Let me get this straight. You, a bunch of children, decided it would be a GOOD IDEA to STEAL Sea Hawk's boat. You then thought it would be a good idea to go to a ship full of PIRATES!"

"I didn't." Piped up Sword.

"We didn't know they were pirates, yet!" Protested Shimmer.

The adults all glared at her.

Catra spoke. "Finn, you're grounded until December."

Glimmer glared at Shimmer and Sword. "Shimmer, you're Grounded until December too. Sword is only grounded for a month.'

Finn opened their mouth to protest, and was cut off by a glare from their mothers.

Suddenly, Sea Hawk yelled: "ADVENTURE!" And set the ship on fire.

"SEA HAWK!" Everyone yelled.

"Sorry, force of habit." the King of Selineas shrugged sheepishly.

Mermista sighed. "Okay, you're grounded too.''

"Fair enough." He shrugged.

Everyone Held hands, and Glimmer teleported them all out of there.

Scurvy, who had abandoned ship with the rest of his crew, let out a moan. "My sunglasses were in there..."


When they got back to Brightmoon, Finn, Sword, and Shimmer were locked in their respective rooms.

Finn leaned against the windowsill, bored.

Then they saw Swift Wind hovering outside the window, winking, and nodding his head towards the whispering woods.

Finn opened the window, and climbed on his back.


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