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The sound of a child crying reached the ears of Logan as he exited the bar and caused him to hesitate briefly.

  'What is a kid doing outside at this time of night?' He thought to himself as he walked around the corner of the building. A child around the age of three sat with its knees drawn up to its chest. The crying had quieted down turning into soft hiccups upon his approach.

Slowly the kid raised its head and sniffed, "Daddy?" It squeaked with a small hiccup.

Logan noted the half untied bow in the girl's long tangled brown hair and frowned. Dirt was smudged on the kid's face, probably from her hands as she wiped at the tears leaking from her big blue eyes.

  "Sorry kid, I'm not yer father." Logan said softly and the girl began to cry again, "Hey now, quit yer cryin' darlin' I'll help you find 'im."

The girl lifted her head again, her lower lip trembled, "He's not coming back." She said softly then buried her head back into her arms.

Logan frowned briefly then knelt down next to the girl, "What's yer name?"

He said lifting up the girl's chin so that her eyes met his.

"Madison." She sniffed.

It was then that Logan noticed the blankness he saw in Madison's eyes and furrowed his eyebrows, "Can… can you see?" He said softly and the girl shook her head.

Sighing, Logan picked up the girl as he stood making her gasp in surprise.

"Don't ya worry there darlin', I'm gonna take ya some place safe. Okay?"

Madison nodded then hesitantly rested her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes, exhausted from crying she fell asleep.


 "Kidnapping kids now, Logan?"

Logan scowled and gritted his teeth together, "Up yers Scott." He hissed as he made his way into the living room where he laid down the sleeping girl in his arms on the couch.

 "What's going on?" Came another voice belonging to the Professor.

Logan turned to Charles, "I found this kid sobbing her eyes out in the alley by the bar."

Scott snorted and started to leave the room just as Jean entered. She looked at him questioningly and he shrugged as he left. Logan folded his arms over his chest, "I couldn't have just left here their Chuck."

  "No, no that's not what I'm saying Logan," Charles rested his hands on the armrests of his wheelchair, "She probably has a family worried about her."

Jean stepped into the room and glanced over Logan's shoulder at the little girl on the couch.

  "Who's she?"

Logan turned his attention to Jean, "Name's Madison. I found her outside the bar."

 Jean raised an eyebrow, "Someone just left her there?"

Logan nodded obvious disgust washed over his face, "An she's blind."

 "Blind?" Charles said wheeling forward to get a better look at the child.

 "Poor kid." Jean frowned.

Logan stepped away from the group then turned and faced them, "She's staying here," He grunted catching the others attention, "I'll take care of her, she didn't deserve to be abandoned like she was."

 "You… taking care of a child…" Jean started then shook her head in disbelief.

Charles smiled, "I think it'll be good for you, Logan."

 "I just hope you know what you're getting your self into." Jean said with a smile of her own.


 The bedroom door slowly opened with a soft creak. Soft footsteps padded their way into the room and stopped by the edge of the bed. Logan eased open an eye and focused it on the little girl standing in front of him. With a grunt he sat up and glanced at the clock.

… 2:30…AM…

 "What's wrong darlin'?" A hint of agitation laced Logan's voice as he stared down at the little girl.

Madison stared at him blankly then shifted her feet.

 "I had a scawy dweam." She squeaked rubbing her eyes.

 "A scary dream huh?" Logan said getting to his feet.

Madison nodded and bowed her head.

Logan reached down and picked up the girl, "What was yer dream about?"

 "A monster." Madison said softly as she laid her head down on Logan's shoulder.

 "Don't ya worry about no monster, darlin', yer safe here."

Madison nodded and closed her eyes falling back to sleep. Logan smirked and took her back to her room then went back to his room where he promptly fell back to sleep. 


Morning came fast with the familiar sound of the door creaking open and the shuffling of feet.

 "I'm hungwy." Came the small voice from behind Logan's sleeping form.

Without much thought, Logan pulled the blankets up over his head.

 "Wogan?" Said the small voice again.

 "Nnn?" Mumbled Logan from under the blankets then sat up straight and looked down at Madison.


 "Yeah, I'm here kid." He said with a yawn and got up, "Hold on fer a sec." Picking up his jeans off the floor he pulled them on over his boxers then turned to Madison, "Yer hungry?"

Madison nodded, "Jean made pancakes." She said with a smile.

Logan raised an eyebrow, "Oh? How did ya know that?"

 "She towd me and Scott said to wake you up."

Logan frowned.

 "Aren't you hungwy, Wogan?"

 "Yea… I guess I am." Logan said with a smile.

Madison smiled back then took a step in the direction she thought the door was in, "Can… can you carwy me?" She said softly looking up in the direction she thought Logan was at.

 "Sure darlin'," Logan chuckled and lifted her up, "How do ya get here in the first place?"

Madison furrowed her eyebrows, "You talk when you sleep." She said softly, "You were sad."