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Laughter was heard in the back yard of the mansion where a few students stood around on the lawn playing tag with the only five year old in the mansion, Madison. Logan observed the scene from his spot underneath a rather large oak tree, where he sat with his back up against the trunk of the tree and his arms folded over his chest. It had been a week since Madison woke up looked him in the eye and told him she had saw an angel and she was going to be alright. Maybe she had really seen an angel, that he wasn't sure of, but the truth of the matter was that she had been right.

  "Logan!" The little girl squealed leaping into his arms, "They're tryin' to get me!" She laughed twisting herself around so she could see the others.

Logan raised an eyebrow, "An' what am I supposed ta do?"

  "Save me!" Madison laughed grinning up at him.

Logan smirked at the three teens that had gathered around him, "Here ya guys go." He said handing Madison over who looked at him with disbelieving eyes.

 "Hey!" She squealed wrapping her arms around his neck, "Don't let me go! Don't let me go!" She shouted gripping the back of his neck tighter.

 "Game's over." Logan chuckled standing up with Madison still holding onto his neck, "Hank's gotta check yer stitches now anyways." He said to Madison then looked up at Bobby and Rogue, "Thanks fer watching the squirt fer me."

The two teens merely nodded as they watched the man known to them as Wolverine walk away.

  "I think I've seen it all," Bobby whispered to Rogue and Jubilee just in case Logan was still in hearing range, "Wolverine caring for a kid and actually enjoying it!"

 Jubilee and Rogue both giggled, "Ah think it's kinda cute." Rogue smiled causing Jubilee to laugh a little harder.

 Bobby rolled his eyes, "Women…"


 "Everything looks good, I'll be removing the stitches in another week." Hank smiled looking over his clipboard, "Just be careful, okay?"

Madison nodded smiling, "I will."

 "Oh and another thing, How are your eyes? They feel okay?"

Madison looked at Beast with a look of confusion, "Yes?"

Hank chuckled, "Alright I'll let you go now," Carefully he lifted Madison off the examination table and set her on the floor.

 Madison smiled and ran over to Logan who was waiting on the other side of the room, "Thanks Hank," He grunted with a nod of his head as Madison pulled him out of the room.

 "I'm hungry Logan."

 "Alright kiddo, what do ya want?" Logan asked as they walked down the hall towards the kitchen.

Madison smirked, a small trait she had picked up from him, "Candy." She said as innocently as she could.

 "Candy? Yea right squirt I'm not givin' ya candy fer lunch."

 "But Rogue does." Madison said trying for plan two.

Logan stopped and looked down at Madison with furrowed brows, "Yea right kid, I ain't fallen fer that one again."

Madison sighed in defeat, "Okay. I want chicken!" She smiled, "An' macaroni 'n cheese!"

 "That's better…" Logan said slowly as they entered the kitchen, "Now I gotta…"

Madison scampered over to a chair at the table and watched Logan rummage through the 'fridge then suddenly stop. A mischievous grin spread across his lips, 'JEAN!! JEAN!!' He called out telepathically and soon after Jean Grey came running into the kitchen.

She looked around frantically for a moment then up at Logan, "What?! Something wrong? I don't see anything wrong!" She said worriedly still looking around.

 "No, nothin's wrong Jean," Logan smirked, "But could ya help me make macaroni and cheese for Madison?"

Jean's eyes widened temporarily then narrowed dangerously. A loud 'CRACK' echoed throughout the kitchen and the angry red head stomped out of the room while shouting, "Men!"

Logan looked over at Madison in shock a flaming red handprint on his right cheek.

 "Ouch." Madison said smothering a giggle with her hand.

Logan blinked then smirked, "Guess I gotta make it myself."


Lunch wasn't as bad as Logan had thought it would be, making macaroni and cheese was easier than he had originally thought. So was the chicken. Madison was once again in the care of Rogue, Bobby and Jubilee while Logan went to talk to professor Xavier in his office.

 "You're moving out?" Charles said rather incredulously.

Logan nodded folding his arms over his chest, "Yea, gotta place up in Canada."

 "What about Madison?"

 "There's a school not to far from the house, She's old enough to start in the fall."

Charles nodded somewhat reluctantly, "All right. If that's what you want to do."

 "It is. We'll be leaving tomorrow morning." Logan said gruffly as he left the room.


 "Promise you'll come back and visit us?" Jubilee wiped at her eyes with her sleeve.

Logan rolled his eyes at the girl, "I have ta bring Madison back ta get her stitches removed."

 "But you'll visit us after that right?" Rogue piped up.

 "Yea kid don't worry, we'll visit ya guys." Logan smiled as he handed Madison a helmet he had gotten earlier for her.

Madison smiled at the two teens, "Bye Rogue, bye Jubes!" She said hugging each of them before running over to Logan who was already sitting on his bike.

Carefully he lifted Madison up and put her on the seat in front of him then revved the engine. Madison waved to everyone before Logan took off down the driveway and they were gone.


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