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Tom was smirking as he walked down the Potions corridor. He had just taken 20 points from Ravenclaw when he found two seventh years snogging in an alcove. It brought him great joy since he and the potions professor had been snogging in that same alcove two days before. It was a good alcove. So, it was in high spirits that he greeted Eb and pushed open the door to Snape's private rooms. Halfway through the door, his smile fell, and he and Severus stared at each other. In shock, they both looked down to their hands where the family line rings were heating up. An image of Luna Lovegood flitted through both of their minds.

"Luna's in danger!" Tom gasped redundantly.

"How do we know where she is?" Severus grabbed his wand from the table.

Tom threw his hands up in frustration. "If she were outside of the castle it would give us a location, but the wards are too strong inside the castle. Merlin! I should have just made all of them portkeys!"

"Calm down," Severus grabbed the fearful man's hand. "The Gryffindors all have those maps. We just need to find Granger, Weasley, Longbottom, or Potter."

Armed with a plan, they turned to leave just as a patronus bunny hopped into the room. "I'm fine!" Luna's dreamy voice assured them through the bunny. Tom was beyond glad he had taught her the patronus charm in the DA club meetings. "I saw Death Eaters in the castle. They aren't here yet, but they will be soon. I don't know how they get in."

Looking at each other, Snape gave a little nod of his head and ran into his potions lab, coming out just a second later. "Dumbledore," he said to Tom before he quickly took a swig of whatever potion was in the bottle he was carrying.

Tom cast his snake patronus, sending a quick message to Dumbledore to tell him that Severus heard a rumor the Death Eaters were approaching the castle. He figured letting the meddling old coot know a true seer was in the castle would be a bad idea. "What is th…?" Tom stopped as the dark-haired man shrank slightly, and his hair turned a bright red. It was only a second later and Fred Weasley stood in the room. "Ah, Polyjuice…why one of the twins?"

Fred-Snape smirked. "The Weasley twins switch up so often, no one will notice a third twin. They would notice a random, unknown person fighting beside my partner though. And I'm a potions master, so do the math."

Tom smiled that he planned to fight side-by-side, but they both rushed out. "Entrance hall!" Tom suggested, knowing that Sirius and Remus would be on their way after feeling the rings heat up.

One corridor down and they both ran into McGonagall. "What's going on?" She asked, taking in their anxious state. "What are you doing here Mr. Weasley."

"That's Sev not Weasley," Tom explained quickly. "Death Eaters on their way to the castle. Can you get the students back to their dorms? I sent a patronus to Dumbledore."

McGonagall's face dropped for a moment in surprise before he held her wand to her throat. "ALL STUDENTS WILL IMMEDIATELY MAKE THEIR WAY TO THEIR COMMON ROOMS. IMMEDIATELY, NO EXCEPTIONS!" She called out as her voice echoed throughout the castle and lawns. "Gentlemen, I'll send patronus messages to as many in the Order as I can," she offered.

"Forget Black and Lupin. We already got them," Fred-Snape called out as they both took off running for the entrance hall once again.

Harry met them just around the next corner. "Luna's heading to the entrance hall!" He called as he fell in step with them, the Marauder's Map open.

"She's fine, but she saw the Death Eaters invading," Fred-Snape told him quickly.

"Fred? What're you doing here?" Harry asked, taking it in stride that the Death Eaters were coming. They had been preparing for something since Lucius Malfoy started at the school.

"Not Fred, Sev under polyjuice," Tom gasped as they ran faster.

"Genius!" Harry approved. "You'll need a good excuse for Voldy later for not being here though."

"I'll think of something," Severus said dismissively as they met up with Luna and Neville just as a loud crack sounded and Charlie Weasley stumbled to the ground in front of Luna who immediately reached out to help him up.

"Bloody hell!" He swore, peeling himself off the ground and looking for danger. "You ok, Luna?!"

"Death Eaters will be here very soon," she said dreamily, her radish earrings swinging as she shook her head.

"How did you portkey through the wards?" Neville asked, recognizing the sound of portkey travel.

An advantage of being a founder's heir. Tom told Harry. "Another time," he said aloud to Neville.

Sirius and Remus then pushed open the door, out of breath and looking like they had run straight from the gates. "Death Eaters coming," Tom said as explanation when they looked at the rest of the family expectantly.

"They aren't on the map yet, and I can't find Lucius either," Harry said as he sat on the floor and continued to study the Marauder's Map. "Draco is in his common room. Most of the students are back in the dorms already besides us. Oh good, Ron and Hermione went to the tower with everyone else," he said in relief at the end.

"You should all head directly to Gryffindor Tower," Fred-Snape said sternly, causing everyone who didn't know it was really Snape to look at him in confusion.

"I'm staying," Harry said from where he was still studying the map. "If Voldy comes, I'm the only one that can take him out anyway."

"What?!" Pretty much everyone except for Tom exclaimed.

"He's right. He's also the most powerful out of us," Harry's father informed them. "I want him in the tower too, but we do actually need him."

"I'm not leaving," Luna added with more fire in her eyes than normal. "I may see where they enter and can give you a warning."

"I'm staying with Luna and Harry," Neville crossed his arms and looked at them all sternly.

"Besides, we won't make it back to either Gryffindor or Ravenclaw before they appear," Luna said, a far-away look in her eyes.

"Harry, you have to tell us where they enter as soon as you see them," Sirius frantically said to his godson.

"I'll help you look," Remus said, sitting on the floor beside him and staring at the map. "It has to be one of the secret passages."

Tom wrapped his arms around Severus and kissed his neck, waiting for the battle to begin. Severus smiled at him just a bit before his partner was jerked away from him by an angry animagus. "What're you up to?!" Sirius snarled at Tom. "You double-crossing, evil twat! You will not hurt Snape!"

"Black," Fred-Snape said, trying to hold back a snicker even though he was smirking in glee.

"You stay out of this Mr. Weasley. I'll get to you in a minute," Sirius growled.

"But, Black…" Snape tried again while Tom just stared at Harry's godfather in amusement.

"Oi! What's going on?"

"Any why do we have a triplet now?" George and then Fred asked as they rushed into the entrance hall.

Sirius comically looked between the two Freds. "Go on Black. You may continue to defend my honor if you like," Snape smirked at him, not able to stop a couple chuckles that time.

"Polyjuice. No one will notice a third twin running around," Harry said from where he was still frantically staring at the map.

"Well, Professor…"

"You've never looked so good."

"By the way...how did you get a hair?" Fred and George laughed, realizing it was Snape that was pretending to be one of them.

"Order meeting," Snape shrugged.

"You got here fast," Remus commented.

"We were already in Hogsmead…"

"Looking into buying Zonko's and expanding the joke shop. When McGonagall sent a patronus."

"What about the Room of Requirement?" Neville interrupted. "The Malfoys have been disappearing in there all term. Is there a way to get out of the castle from the room?"

"It won't create a passage out. I tried in sixth year," Tom informed him with a shrug. "Either that or it just didn't like me."

"What if it had something in it to create a portal or something though. There was that junk room where you hid the…thing," Harry reminded him.

"There! You're right!" Remus was pointing at the seventh-floor corridor as Lucius Malfoy and Adrian Rosier entered the castle followed by even more names.

"What's going on?!" Bill Weasley and Nympadora Tonks entered the castle next.

"Seventh floor. Death Eaters!" Charlie called out to his brother as they made their way to the stairs.

"Split up, but stay in pairs," Fred-Snape told them all. "Order members to the seventh floor, Lovegood and Longbottom, stay here and direct Order members when they arrive. Potter, take someone and guard Gryffindor Tower as a last line of defense. They are probably either here for you or Dumbledore."

"Where's Albus?" McGonagall asked, coming in and having heard the last part of Snape's directions.

"I'll run by his office on the way to Gryffindor Tower," Harry said.

"I'll go with Harry," Charlie said resolutely from beside his friend.

"Be safe all," Tom told them sternly. Please be safe. I love you.

I love you too, Dad. Take care of yourself and stick to Sev.

Everyone paired up and took off running in different directions to the seventh floor, or Dumbledore's office in Harry and Charlie's case.

On their way to the gargoyle guarding the headmaster's office, Harry and Charlie didn't run into anyone. They carefully rounded corners, making sure to be aware of all their surroundings. Therefore, they had time to duck into an alcove when Fenrir Greyback and another masked Death Eater appeared right at the base of the statue. "Lemon Drops…Cockroach Clusters…Fizzing Whizbees…" Greyback was snarling at the gargoyle.

"He likes muggle sweets," Harry suggested from where he and Charlie hid.

Sure enough a line of red light shot past them. "I don't think he liked your suggestion," Charlie murmured to his friend.

"Come out and face us," random Death Eater number two growled.

"You could just surrender to us. It'd be so much less time consuming," Harry said, just before firing his own stunner with a flick of his hand at Greyback who narrowly dodged it. Charlie followed it with a binding hex that the random Death Eater shielded.

Greyback growled and partially changed before their eyes even though it wasn't a full moon. "Shite!" Harry swore as the werewolf rushed towards them, stunners deflecting off his werewolf hide.

Harry and Charlie fought back-to-back as Greyback focused in on the redhead who had turned Harry away from the monster, and the other Death Eater…maybe Nott was Harry's guess, fought the Boy-Who-Lived. Harry was doing his best to keep to light spells, but he knew that if the fight didn't end very soon, he was going to have to start using dark magic to bring down the much more experienced Death Eaters.

Out of the corner of his eye, Harry saw Charlie fall. It seemed to be in slow motion as the battle stopped and his friend fell under the weight of Fenrir Greyback. A gash of red ran from Charlie's neck to his chest as Greyback reared back to make a final blow. Harry blasted the hooded Death Eater away from himself using a wave of soul magic and into a wall with a sickening crunch as his vision tunneled in on just Charlie and Greyback. Fortunately, there was no one else in the hallway except for the unconscious Death Eater, Greyback, Charlie, and Harry. If anyone else were there, they would have seen the lights dim and Harry start to take on a dark glow, the shadows bending around him.

Greyback didn't even see it coming. He was reaching back with his claws to strike another blow to Charlie's neck one second, and the next he was sliding down the stone wall on the other side of the corridor. That wasn't what his injury was though. His eyes stared unseeing in the hallway as he started shrieking and cowering in the corner, unable to stand or continue fighting. The werewolf buried his head in his hands and screamed in terror.

"Charlie!" Harry yelled over Greyback's shrieks as he crouched over his friend.

Charlie was breathing, but his breaths sounded wet and raspy. His eyes stared up at Harry, and his mouth was moving, but he couldn't say anything. "No, don't talk," Harry sobbed as he looked around for help. Seeing no one, he quickly cast a featherweight charm on his friend and picked up the larger man. He then cast a disillusionment charm over both of them before he ran through the castle towards the infirmary.

In the next corridor over, Harry saw the twins fighting Lucius Malfoy. He wandlessly blasted the blond man against the wall, giving the twins an opening to hit him with several curses. Snape and Tom were back-to-back and battling Avery and Rookwood a couple corridors later and seemed to have it well in hand as Harry ran by them. Only one corridor away from the infirmary, a masked Death Eater was casting a crucio on Tonks while Bill twitched on the ground. Using the last of his energy, Harry hit the invader with a fireball of wandless magic, straight from his core, sending the cloaked figure through the window and out of the castle. Tonks and Bill were both still moving and breathing and seemed ok, so Harry ran on, not stopping until he made it to the empty infirmary.

"Madam Pomfrey!" He yelled. He ducked quickly as he evaded a stunner the medi-witch sent from her office. "It's Harry! I'm not a Death Eater! Please help me!" He called out as he cancelled the disillusionment charm.

"I'm so sorry!" Madam Pomfrey exclaimed as she rushed out of her office. Harry threw a ward his dad had taught him on the door barring anyone with the Dark Mark on their arm. He really hoped Snape didn't need anything soon.

"We're safe, now help Charlie. Greyback got him!" Harry said frantically as he settled the man on a hospital bed. "He was partially transformed. I don't know what that means, but it was just his claws, not his teeth."

"Oh dear," Pomfrey looked at the dragon handler sadly as she starting casting diagnostics.

Harry ran to the storeroom as Pomfrey called out potions she needed which she spelled directly into Charlie's system. After several blood replenishers and internal healing potions, Charlie's breaths were still wet and raspy, and blood was still flowing from his neck. Pomfrey cast spell after spell as tears flowed from Harry's eyes.

"It's over. Take down the ward, Harry," Tom said, rushing into the infirmary and carrying Tonks in his arms. "Sev is behind me with Bill and can't get in."

Harry cancelled the ward, never taking his eyes from where Pomfrey was casting healing spells on Charlie. "I'll be there as soon as I can," she called out.

"I can handle it, Poppy," Severus assured her as he entered with Bill Weasley leaning heavily on him. Snape's red hair was already turning back to black and his features reverting to normal. He helped the curse breaker to a bed beside where Tom had placed Tonks and rushed to grab nerve-blocking potions.

After one look at Charlie, Bill cast a sphinx patronus. "Tell Dad to get Mum and the family and come to the infirmary quick," he said before the sphinx disappeared. "I saw Dad run by during the fighting. He's here, but he'll need to get mum. Is Charlie going to be ok?" He asked in fear.

"I don't know yet," Poppy said before instructing Harry to grab several more blood replenishers. "I'm doing all I can."

"Where's Harry?" Dumbledore entered the infirmary in a swirl of robes.

"Where were you?" Harry almost snarled at the man.

Dumbledore stopped and took in the furious teen. "I was away from the castle when I got the message and had to apparate to the astronomy tower. It seems the Death Eaters were here specifically for me, and Voldemort never did show up. They didn't know we had been warned," Dumbledore gave his spy a little smile. Snape nodded in recognition to keep Luna safe. "They have all been expelled from the castle or arrested by the aurors. I believe these three are the only ones injured from our side. No casualties, thank Merlin."

"Bill! Charlie!" Mrs. Weasley called out as she rushed into the infirmary followed by Mr. Weasley, the twins, and Ron, Hermione, and Ginny who followed in McGonagall, looking a little confused about what was going on.

"Charlie!" Both twins called out, immediately noticing which one was hurt the worst.

Madam Pomfrey was still casting spells on the man with Snape helping her now after having taken care of the other injured. "Is he going to be ok?" Mrs. Weasley sobbed as Bill stood and pulled his mother into a hug. Pomfrey and Snape looked at each other and they both stopped casting.

Madam Pomfrey turned to the assembled group with sadness lining every part of her being. "There's nothing more I can do," she sobbed out. "Greyback was partially turned, the infection is blocking my magic from healing the wounds, and he's lost too much blood already. He has…maybe minutes."

Molly sobbed out and frantically rushed over and grabbed Charlie's hand. The rest of the assembled group looked at the young man breathing very shallowly and labored with looks of horror and sadness. Everyone missed Harry shooting a look over to Professor Shade who left the room with Snape quickly. Non-family members started to filter out after them to give the family time with their son in his last moments.

Dumbledore was the first to leave after placing a hand on Arthur's shoulder in comfort. Madam Pomfrey exited to her office next as the rest of the Order who had trickled in after the battle and the professors slowly offered whatever comfort they could to the family before leaving the infirmary. The only ones left were the Weasley family, Hermione, Sirius, Remus, and Harry.

Harry sat a little farther from the family, flanked by Sirius and Remus. They both shot him a questioning look as Tom rejoined them and handed Harry his ritual bag. "You can do this, right? Are you ready?" Sirius questioned Harry quietly so the family didn't hear. Harry just nodded his head as his godfather put a comforting hand on his shoulder. A lot of people were about to find out about him, and this could go very badly.

"Are you going to…?" Remus asked with a pointed look towards Charlie.

Harry looked at him in indignation. "Of course, I am!" He hissed out quietly.

At that, they all waited in silence broken only by the Weasley family's sobs and the rattling last breaths of the dragon handler. It took about half an hour before the rattling breaths abruptly stopped. Mrs. Weasley almost screamed out a sob, and she grabbed onto her husband. Tom's hands clutched at his sides, wanting to go and comfort Mrs. Weasley.

"Finally!" Harry breathed out as he stood and walked over to the side of his friend who had just passed.

Everyone turned to the Boy-Who-Lived in shock as he scrubbed the tears out of his eyes and threw his bag on the bed with Charlie's body.

"What's wrong with you?!" Ron asked in complete disbelief and disgust. "My bother just died! And you say 'finally!'"

"Well, I couldn't help him when he was still alive," Harry explained as he dumped the candles from his ritual bag onto the bed. He looked up at them all and dispelled the glamour from his face.

As one, all the Weasleys gasped. It was only Bill who seemed to know what Harry's features meant as he grabbed onto his mother's shoulder in what could only be relief. "Please, please, save my brother. Harry, save him," Bill pleaded.

Harry cocked his head to one side. "You know what I am," it wasn't a question.

Bill nodded. "I met one of your kind in Egypt when I worked there. You can save him, right?"

Harry nodded. "I can," he said simply. The Weasley family looked on with a mix of confusion, fear, and hope. "I would like your parents' approval though. Frankly, I'll save him regardless, but it will go more smoothly if they aren't fighting me."

"What are you?" Hermione spoke up in shock and a little suspicion from where she was sitting by a confused looking Ginny.

Harry addressed Mr. and Mrs. Weasley instead of Hermione. "I'm a necromancer," Harry told them as they both gasped. "I can bring your son back and heal him, but I'll be using black magic to do so. It is not evil, but it's not something that all approve of."

Harry paused and looked over this friend sadly. "Charlie knows what I am, and he supports me. He found out more than a year ago. That's why I'll save him regardless of what you say. But, I would still like your blessing since he's your son."

Harry gave them time as he took in the faces of the assembled party around him. Sirius, Remus, and Tom were all looking supportively at him from the other side of the infirmary. Ron seemed to be in complete shock and unable to process. Hermione looked upset and very skeptical. She was the one he was most worried about as her adherence to rules and authority were in direct contrast to his use of black magic. The twins and Ginny were looking at him in admiration and relief. They just wanted their brother back. Bill, the one who knew the most about what was happening, looked at Harry in sadness and respect. Harry assumed he must have learned what it took to become a necromancer. It was Mr. and Mrs. Weasley whose opinions mattered right then though. Harry's red eyes found theirs and he smiled at them comfortingly. "Can I save your son? Can I save my friend?"

"Yes, please! Whatever you have to do!" Molly Weasley gasped out as Arthur gave a quick nod of his head and looked at Harry questioningly. Harry saw a hint of recognition in his eyes. The teen wondered if he did actually remember something of the night he died the year before. It didn't matter though, now his only concern was Charlie.

Harry set up his candles in the ritual formation as he had with Remus a year ago. He sat cross legged on the bed with Charlie's body and closed his eyes. He felt all eyes on him from the assembled party as he started the ritual to cross into the gray realm and retrieve Charlie's soul. He was so tired. He knew he could do it, but it took every ounce of his remaining energy to grab onto Charlie's hand and pull him back. Harry heard more gasps as he returned to the realm of the living and placed Charlie's soul once more in his body and knit the broken flesh back together as much as possible. There were still gashes in Charlie's neck that would need to continue to heal, and which would definitely scar, but he was alive and would be fine.

After a few moments of feeling his friend's beautiful and kind soul and making sure it was secure within the body, Harry leaned forward and blew out the candles. He braced himself on the bed as he heard someone rush over. Tom placed a cool vial in his hand and Harry smiled up at his father, recognizing a Pepper-Up potion. "Thank you, Professor," Harry smiled at him and downed the potion before he could pass out.

Tom retreated once more as everyone excitedly exclaimed when Charlie's eyes blinked open slowly. "Charlie, oh baby, are you ok?!" Mrs. Weasley grabbed his hand in a vise grip.

Charlie groaned in pain and looked at the assembled family and Harry sitting on his bed with him, without the glamour. "Well, shit, that monster killed me, didn't he? Good thing my best friend's a necromancer, right?" Charlie smiled as he took Harry's hand gratefully.

Harry gave his hand a squeeze and smiled at Charlie. "Don't you ever do that to me again," Harry ordered him.

"Thank you," Charlie said with feeling as he looked into his friend's red eyes.

"Yes, thank you, Harry," Bill agreed and pulled the teen into a bear-hug. "I'm sorry for what you must have gone through," he added in Harry's ear so that only he would hear. Harry just patted him on the back in acknowledgement.

Everyone heard a throat clear from the corner of the infirmary and then a wave of magic washed over them all. "You will not speak of what happened here with anyone not present. The Dark Lord cannot learn of what Harry has become," Professor Shade informed them all. "My spell will only keep you from betraying this trust."

Harry smiled at him gratefully and then reapplied his glamour with a wave of his hand. "I'm going to go pass out somewhere, but you might want to call Madam Pomfrey for Charlie. He isn't completely healed. Professor Shade will come up with some story to cover this. I'm too tired," Harry said as Sirius rushed over to help him off the bed.

"You knew of this?" Arthur Weasley asked the animagus as he helped Harry up.

Sirius nodded. "He brought Remus back last year after that ambush from the werewolves. Shade and Snape know as well."

Tom nodded. "Yes, I knew. And, the story will be that I performed a healing spell on Charlie. It was experimental and one of my own design. It wasn't strong enough to completely heal him, but it did bring him back from the brink. He never died."

Sirius helped Harry stand and grabbed the ritual bag for him. As they walked to the door of the infirmary, Harry felt Hermione's judging eyes follow him. He sighed, it was going to be a long road there to reconnect with that friend. Ron, well, he still seemed stunned, so he'd have to wait to see the fallout. "Take me to Snape's quarters," Harry told Sirius. "I can rest there, and no one will bother me."

Ebenezer looked on in concern as Harry, leaning heavily on Sirius, approached Snape's rooms. "Oh, little one. Are you injured? Do you need me to get you help?"

"No, thanks Eb. I'm fine; I just had to use a little too much magic today. I depleted most of my core and will probably pass out for a day or so. Erm…monkshood?"

Eb smiled at him. "He's using 'frog spleen' now," the portrait said as he swung open.

"Ew, tell him to cool it with the potions ingredients. He's getting as bad as Dumbledore with his sweets," Harry commented to Eb's amusement as Sirius opened the door.

"So, Snape's door guardian just tells you the password? How did you work that out?" Sirius asked with respect from a marauder in his eyes.

"That's my question exactly," Snape responded from where he was sitting at the kitchen table and bandaging a long, sliced cut on his arm.

"Are you ok? You could have taken care of that in the infirmary," Harry looked at him in concern.

"Sev's injured?" Tom asked as he entered the room behind them.

"It's nothing, really," Snape huffed and tied off the bandage. "It's just a scratch."

"Which he'd probably say if he lost a leg," Tom grumbled as he rushed over to cast a few diagnostic spells while Snape sneered at him. "Pomfrey is checking out the Dragon Weasel, but he'll be fine and the family is sticking to the story," he informed them after determining Snape would definitely be fine.

"Yes, now, how about you fill me in on why Ebenezer just told you my password," Snape frowned at Harry.

"Oh no, he caught you?" Tom grimaced and laughed as Snape swatted at his backside. "It took you long enough."

Sirius helped Harry lay down on the couch and covered him with a fluffy afghan, that the man was frankly surprised Snape owned. "The weakest part of any security system is human error," Harry chuckled. "In the muggle world, you can have the strongest security system, but if someone quits or is fired and you don't remove them from the system, that's a hole in your security, and it happens all the time. Wizards are just as bad."

"I never added either of you to my rooms," Snape raised an eyebrow in confused agreement at the logic.

"Yes, Sev, but who lived here before you?" Tom asked, trying not to laugh.

"Slughorn. Did he add you?" Snape asked in disgust.

"Ew! No!" Tom tried to shake the image of him and Slughorn out of his brain. "No, but who lived here before Slughorn."

Snape thought for a minute. "She was called…Pennyworst, I think."

"And her subject…?"

"Potions," Snape said like it should be logical.

"So, all the Potions Professors have lived in these rooms?" Harry asked with a very Snape-like raise of his eyebrow that caused Sirius to shiver.

"Indeed. These are the only rooms with a private potions lab attached," Snape responded, still not seeing where this was going.

"And the first potions master at Hogwarts was…?" Tom prodded him in the ribs as he asked.

"Oh! I know that one!" Sirius jumped in happily. "Salazar Slytherin!"

"Yes, Siri," Harry smiled very tiredly. "And Salazar had a family. A wife…children…and the wards for the rooms had those of his family added…and they were never removed…"

"Any you're the heir of Slytherin," Snape finally got it as he looked at Tom. "How does Potter get in though? Ebenezer definitely just gave him the password."

"Actually, I'm the heir of Slytherin," Harry corrected.

Sirius scoffed. "No he is," he pointed to Tom. "You figured that out your second year, remember, you told me."

"Actually, I'm Lord Slytherin and Harry is my heir," Tom laughed. "Evil me never signed the paperwork to take up his lordship since he wasn't welcome in the ministry, and the goblins never saw fit to give it to him. For some reason, Farshield seems to like us…"

"Or at least not actively want to kill us," Harry added with a chuckle.

"Yes, Farshield, our goblin account manager, hasn't killed us yet and had me fill out the paperwork when I went to Gringotts after getting a body. They had already made Harry my heir when I was stuck in his head. Therefore, I'm Lord Slytherin and Harry is the heir of Slytherin," Tom pronounced.

"It's enough to get us past the wards anyway," Harry waved his hand dismissively and slightly running his words together. "By the way, ask Eb his full name at some point. I think you'll get a kick out of it."

"It think it's time for you to sleep, son. You're starting to slur your words," Tom instructed.

"Before you do," Snape said snapping two fingers in front of Harry's face to get him to focus again. "What did you do to Greyback? He was raving when the aurors picked him up, and since he injured Charlie, I figured you must have done something."

Harry shrugged. "It'll wear off in an hour or two…probably."

Snape snapped his fingers again as Harry trailed off into sleep. "Oi! Stop that," Harry's red eyes barely opened. "It was a mind magic spell that makes him live through the fear and pain of all his victims. It'll end when he's felt all the pain he's caused those he's hurt. So, it all depends on just how evil he was."

Snape chuckled evilly. "He might never come out of it then. Can you do that to the Dark Lord?" He asked almost excitedly.

"Doubt it," Harry shrugged. "He seems to actually like pain. I don't think it'd stop him."

"Evil me definitely has a few screws loose," Tom nodded. "We're going to let you sleep. I need to borrow Sev and Sirius for a bit."

"See you in about 24 hours," Harry dozed off. "Make coffee when I wake up…"

The three men quietly left the room. "He's going to have one hell of a black magic hangover tomorrow," Sirius looked behind him worriedly.

"Do you know just how much magic he used?" Severus asked Tom.

"A lot," Tom responded with a shake of his head. "I wasn't paying much attention during the battle, but he filled me in while he was waiting for Charlie. He used a lot of pure raw magic. Did any of the Death Eaters die?"

"No, but Nott was rushed to St. Mungos in critical condition," Snape said as he followed Tom, not really sure where they were going.

"That tracks. He threw him against the wall with a soul magic shield. I think he threw another one out of a window."

"That one must have been ok. It was only Nott, Greyback, and Malfoy that were arrested," Sirius said. "Kingsley said Avery and Rookwood got away when they were moving them out of the castle."

Tom and Snape both sneered in anger since they were the ones the men had subdued and turned over to the aurors. "Incompetence," Tom almost growled. "It was fine when I was on the other side, but they have got to get better!"

"That amount of magic, plus bringing Charlie back to life..." Sirius gaped in awe. "That's...a lot."

"Yes, he has a very strong core," Tom agreed. "He explains it as a bonfire...not a candle or even a torch."

Sirius just whistled in admiration at his pup. "Where are we going?" Snape asked as they neared the Slytherin dorms.

::Open:: Tom ordered the snake portrait in front of the dorms.

"You know I have the password," Snape raised an eyebrow as the portrait of the snake swung open.

"Perk of being Lord Slytherin," Tom shrugged. "My way was just as fast. We are here to see Baby Malfoy."

"Draco," Snape ordered as they entered the common rooms. The pale blond boy stood from where he had been sitting between Crabbe and Goyle. "Take Professor Shade and Lord Black to the sixth-year dorms. They need to talk with you. I need to fill the students in on what happened," he whispered the last to the other two.

"Take your time. We can handle this," Tom responded and steered Malfoy towards the dorms with a hand on his shoulder instead of following the teen.

"What the Hell do you two want? My father will be hearing of this!" Draco threatened pompously as Tom closed the door behind them and cast a silencing ward. He then cast the same spell he had used in the infirmary several minutes before.

"First of all, your father was arrested, and second, the spell I just cast will keep you from telling anyone what we talk about in this room," Tom informed him.

"That's a very useful spell," Sirius said, having experienced it again. "You'll have to teach it to me one of these days."

"Thank you," Tom smiled at him nonchalantly and stepped a little closer to Draco who looked more shocked and confused than anything else. "It's actually a spell I invented. I only have a few. I'm not as good at inventing as Sev, but I'm very proud of the ones I have. I have that one, a combination disillusionment and notice-me-not spell, and this one…"

Tom's hand shot out and he grabbed onto Draco's left arm in a vice grip. As the teen started to squirm and yell, Tom shoved his sleeve up, revealing a Dark Mark. Clamping a hand firmly over the mark, Tom stared into Draco's eyes. It only took a second before the indignant blond was screaming in agony instead of fury. After a minute, the screams eventually stopped.

"What did I miss?" Snape asked as he quietly entered the room behind them.

"Nothing much. I just ensured Draco here won't be able to return to his master," Tom threw the offending arm away from him. The arm that no longer bore a Dark Mark.

Draco stared at his unmarked arm in shock and terror. "What'd you do?! How did you...are you trying to get me killed?!"

"Draco, Draco, Draco," Tom said patronizingly as he leaned against the bedpost beside Malfoy. "Why do you follow that maniac anyway? Power? I hate to break it to you, but he's probably the 6th or 7th most powerful wizard in Britain. That's not even the world. There are at least 5 or 6 more magically powerful people here in Britain alone."

Draco gaped at his DADA professor in shock. "You lie!"

Tom shook his head and smirked at Snape who sat on the bed across from Draco. "My dear, confused child," Tom continued. "Those more powerful…well, the Flamels are definitely more powerful if they are still alive and sound of mind and body. They are about 600 years old and alchemists, so they would have to be very powerful. As for pure raw power, Harry Potter is definitely more powerful than the Dark Lord as well as Severus Snape and myself. Possibly Dumbledore, but I'm not so sure about him anymore."

"You?" Draco gaped at his potions professor.

Snape just shrugged. "He would know," he motioned to Tom. "He did just remove your Dark Mark."

"Now, we need to decide what to do with you," Tom looked at him musingly. "Your mother is missing, and your father is going to Azkaban. You cannot return to your manor as Voldemort is currently squatting there. Lord Black, I believe you are the head of his family in absence of his father since you are over his mother's family."

"That I am," Sirius mused as he leaned against the door and stared at the Slytherin. "You can't come stay with me and Harry, that would be a disaster." Not to mention the Order meets at his house, but he wasn't going to tell the former Death Eater that.

Draco sneered. "I'd rather stay with my father in Azkaban."

Sirius barked a maniacal laugh. "You forget I lived there for 12 years. No, you definitely don't want to go there." Draco actually turned a little pale at that. He had forgotten the man had been in Azkaban. "No, I think I'll see if your aunt will take you in. She's a bit strict, but she's good people, and her husband is very kind."

"Aunt Bella? She's missing too…" Draco looked a little nauseous. "And I think I would actually rather have the dementors over Aunt Bella."

Sirius and Tom both laughed, but Snape just raised an eyebrow. "Yes, I agree about that," Sirius shook his head. "No, your Aunt Andromeda."

"Isn't she Auror Tonks's mother?" Tom asked, liking the idea.

"The one that married a muggle," Snape smirked.

"Yes, I think it'll be the perfect place for you to spend the summer," Sirius grinned at the teen who looked like he might be sick.

"I won't go!"

"Yes, you will," Sirius glowered. "You're still underage, and as your head of family, you will follow my instructions."

"You have nowhere else to go," Tom said a little kindlier. "And come on…anyone has to be better than living with Snake-Face." Snape did snort at Tom calling his evil self 'Snake-Face.'

"Fine," Draco grumbled. "My father will get out of prison though, and he'll come get me."

"Just keep telling yourself that, kid," Sirius chuckled as the three left the blond to his anger and grief.

Severus and Tom headed back to his rooms while Sirius went to find Luna and Neville to check in on them. "Did you mean that when you said I'm more powerful than the Dark Lord?" Severus finally asked as they approached his rooms.

Tom raised an eyebrow in disbelief. "Of course you are! You can see magic and invent spells and potions! Evil me has nothing on you...honestly, I might not either."

Severus was still smiling as they got to his portrait guardian. "Hello Ebenezer," Severus greeted the man and raised an eyebrow questioningly.

"Severus," he gave a respectful nod of his head.

"May I ask...what's your full name?" The potions master crossed his arms and waited, taking Harry's advice.

"Salazar Ebenezer Slytherin," Eb smirked with a chuckle.

"Frog-Spleen," Tom laughed, leaving a gobsmacked Severus Snape stunned in the hallway.

Up next: Family vacation...!