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Tommy and Kimberly for now more will develop over the course of the story. I will accepted thoughts of pairings maybe even votes when the time comes.

Chapter 1

Welcome to Angel Grove. The home of weekly monster attacks and the Power Rangers. Today we join our heroes on a sad day. Kimberly is boarding a plane to Florida to follow her dream to compete on the pan global's gymnastics team. Everyone has gathered at the airport to say their final goodbyes.

¨Aisha take care of yourself girl I'm gonna miss you !" Kimberly said as she hugged one of her closest friends for the last time.

"Let us know the minute you arrive safely!" Aisha said braking away from the hug.

"Will do," Kimberly replied.

Adam approached his lil sis wrapped her in a hug and wished her luck. This continued next with Zack as he wished her luck, then Trini, then Billy, Followed by Rocky all with wishes of luck and I know you can do it. Then it was Jason approaches his long time friend that he has considered his little sister. He wrapped her into one of the biggest hugs since he left for Switzerland.

"Take care of yourself Lil Sis, go blow them away at the competition." Stepping aside and allowing the final person of the group to say goodbye.

With tears in his eyes Tommy wrapped her up in his arms. Causing her built up tears to suddenly start streaming down her face.

"This is harder than I expected." Kimberly stated.

"Beautiful I know this part is hard but I know what this means to you and if you back out now you'll always wonder." Tommy explained.

"You always know what to say, Handsome". Kimberly said.

"This is the final boarding call for flight 291 to Orlando FL, said a voice from the intercom

"Well that's my flight, I better get going. Kimberly stated

No sooner did she get on the plane Tommy's communicator went off.

"This is Tommy"

Teleport to the command center. Zordon said through the communicator

"On our way Zordon." Tommy replied. Turning to Jason " we will meet you guys at the park after we speak with Zordon" Tommy said

"sounds good bro we will head there now see you soon" Jason replied as the other two just nodded in agreement.

A few moments later the rangers landed in the command center.

"Is it an emergency Zordon?" Tommy asked, stepping to the front of the group.


"What's the news Zordon?" Asked Billy.


"What?" Was all that could be heard in the command center, For the following five minutes everyone was talking at once.

"RANGERS!" Shouted Zordon silencing the group.

Rocky being the first to find his voice he asked "What do we do Zordon?"

"How long do we have to prepare?" Adam questioned.

"Guys, I'm sure we will be prepared when the time is right." Tommy offered.

"In the meantime we should act normal and when the time comes we will be ready" Billy suggested

Just when they returned to the park to find themselves surrounded by the putties led by Goldar.

"You know this really isn't a good time." Aisha muttered.

"Looks like you could use a hand" hollered Jason as He, Trini, Zack were jogging through the park.

"The more the merrier" replied Tommy.

With the eight of them working together they made quick work of the putties.

"Alright Goldar no more putties to hide behind" Jason announced.

"You are powerless to stop me human, my master has plans for the likes of you." As he wound up to fire at Jason to capture him Tommy ran and pushed Jason out of the way and disappeared, Goldar along with him.

"Oh man he's gone and he took Tommy" said Zack he then looked over to notice Jason lying unconscious and the group rushed over to him.

"Guys we need to get him back to the command center and inform zordon that Tommy has been captured." Billy stated

"Yeah Billy is right, and just who is gonna inform Kimberly?" asked Trini.

Lifting his wrist Rocky contacted Zordon to have them teleport to the command center. Quickly arriving and informing Zordon and Alpha 5 of the events in the park as Zack& Adam carried Jason over to a bed in the medical bay.

"Zordon, Goldar captured Tommy and then we found Jason unconscious." Aisha explained


ON the moon

"We have the White Ranger in the dark dimension, and the precious Pink Ranger is off following her dreams. Now is the perfect time for an attack."

"Yes it is my wicked husband. We kidnap the other missing ranger and turn the two of them against the other rangers." Rita said making her presents known in the throne room

"Sounds like a great plan my lord. What if we can't capture her?" Asked Goldar.

WHAT! Zedd shouted. "You will capture the pink little witch or you will be punished for your failure."

"Yes my lord." Goldar said understanding his ordered

"Take Scorpina with you." Rita stated.

"She will just get in my way. Goldar Argued

"Just take her with you and bring back that wretched ranger with you, NOW GO!" Zedd ordered.

Meanwhile in Florida

"Kimberly the coach wants to see you right away." Her fellow team gymnast called from outside the dorm room door.

"I'll be right there" she called from her side of the door.

"What's going on Zordon" she wondered returning to her communicator.


"Do I need to come home?" She asked.


"Keep me informed of the situation as soon as anything changes let me know." Kimberly exclaimed

"Will do my young Firebird" Zordon out.

Once off the link with Zordon Kimberly rushed out to speak with her coach. After the short two block walk she made it to the coaches office. She walks in to see a very distraught coach.

Ten minutes earlier before Kimberly arrived

The medical examiner was speaking with Coach Schmitt about the new brunette athlete.

"I'm sorry coach but I can't allow her to compete knowing the test results I have". Dr. Mendez explained.

"Would you just tell me what you're not saying? I have a short time to get those girls ready for the pan global's. What's the results show?" Questioned Coach Schmitt.

"It appears the Ms. Hart is pregnant." Revealed the Doctor.

"Oh My!" Gasped coach Schmitt too stunned for anymore to be said.

"Do you want me to stay in here and tell her?" Asked Dr. Mendez

Just then the phone rang, and a knock at the door. Stopped all sound for a second. The doctor answered the door while coach Schmitt answered the phone.

"Hello is this coach Schmitt?" Asked a voice from the other end of the line.

"Yes ma'am it is, how can I help you?" He asked.

"Oh Ms. Hart please come in." the doctor said answering the door.

"I was calling to check on Kimberly. I just got her letter explaining that she will be training at your gym." Said Caroline

"Well please allow me to put you on speaker phone, she's right here." Coach Schmitt said as he puts the phone on speaker.

"Good afternoon Kimberly." said coach Schmitt

"Hey sweetie." Caroline said

"MOM!, You got my letter?" She questioned.

"Yes but why are you in the coaches office." Her mother asked

"I'm not sure I was told to come in here to talk to him and the doctor is here also for some reason. Mom, I'm scared." Kimberly rambled showing how nervous she was

"Everything is going to be ok sweetie." Explain Caroline.

"Go ahead doctor you have the results of her physical, give Miss Hart her results." Coach Schmitt said.

"Ok, Miss Hart why don't you take a seat." Dr. Mendez offered

As Kimberly moves to take a seat in the chair

"Do I need to be on the line for this cause I can catch up with Kimberly after this meeting?" Questioned Caroline.

"No MOM I'd like you to be here, at least on the phone." Kimberly Almost shouted.

"Ok, OK I'll stay on the phone." her mother explained

"Miss Hart our test revealed that you're pregnant." Informed Dr. Mendez

The only sound that was heard was Caroline hanging up the phone. All Kimberly could do was cry. the only thing she could think was that her mother had just walked away from her and left her to deal with everything by her self. would everyone else react the same way? Hopefully Tommy and her friends would be there to comfort her through all of this. All she wanted to do now was go home.

"Kimberly we can put you on the next train to angel grove this afternoon if you would like." Coach Schmitt told her.

All Kimberly could do was nod her head.

"Why don't you go pack your things and we will escort you to the train station." Said coach Schmitt.

His only response was the barely whispered ok from Kimberly.

Meanwhile in the dark Dimension

Tommy wakes up to Goldar entering his cell.

"Well, well white ranger are you enjoying your current accommodations."

"What do you want now, metal head?" Tommy retorted.

"Its quite simple actually your here and you're already down one ranger." Goldar explained.

"My team will find me and we will stop you like we always do." Tommy Replied

"Not if you're not the one they rescue." Says a voice from the shadowed corner.

"Hello Tommy did you miss me? Ivan Ooze said

"How did you get back here?" Tommy demanded.

"You wouldn't understand Tommy, it's beyond your comprehension, you and your friends have been marked for destruction." Ivan explained

"We destroyed you once we will do it again." Tommy snarled.

"The six of you got lucky by harnessing the power of the thunderzords you forced me into the path of that comment but thanks to an acquaintance of mine I'm back and now it's your turn to be destroyed puny little humans." Ivan Ooze bellowed out, as he was speaking with Tommy his eyes flashed purple with lightning.

"Goldar we have other matters to attend to come." said Ivan turning to look at Goldar

"Yes sir." Goldar replies

As they leave Tommy attempts to contact Zordon or his friends, seconds later he receives two tones indicating signal blocked. "Man, I have to get out of here." Tommy said to himself.


"Zordon Ivan is taking the fight to new heights" Tommy stated

"Rangers you must not let him use the comet to destroy the earth, Use the boosters on the mega tigerzord to keep him away from the comet." Zordon informed.

"We will do our best." Billy said as he initiated the activation of the boosters.

They fly up to meet Ooze and they battle in midair Ivan flew at them fast trying to force them in the path of the comet. Seeing this coming Tommy use the sword from his Tigerzord to knock Ivan of course, this cost him the sword to his tigerzord as it was broken. Ivan then came back with a kick to the Zord giving him some room. Tommy Thought and used the firebird attack. That caused Ivan to flip backwards right into the path of Ryan's comet.

(End Flashback)

Back with the others at the command center

"Billy is there any progress finding Tommy?" Rocky asked

" Not yet Rocky I'm attempting everything we can think of we just haven't been able to break through the defenses." Billy explained as best he could

Just then the alarms went off alerting them to the attack in Angel Grove.


"You guys go, we will handle things here. Trini informed them

That being said the four active rangers morphed into action to defend the planet.

Back in Florida

Kimberly was sitting at the train station waiting for her train to arrive. Her wait was shorter than her wait just four days ago. Boarding the train and finding her seat she starts to tear up. As the train takes off she wonders how to tell Tommy. Will he react as her mother did or would he be supportive about everything. She had a long train ride to think about everything she needed to sort out. noticing she was the only person in her car she lifted her wrist and contacted the only father figure that would always be there for her. "Zordon, its Kimberly and I have something to tell you." she said into the silver and pink wrist device.

" Yes Kimberly, you sound distraught my dear firebird. Zordon replied.

'I'm coming home they put me on a train, and I've got some really shocking news." Kimberly said as she sobbed.

"Kimberly why are they sending you home?" Zordon asked

"that's the thing I'm pregnant, I cant compete in my condition." She told her mentor .

"Have you told anyone else yet?" Zordon asked

"My mother was on the phone when the doctor told me. Pausing to get her emotions under control, She hung up and I haven't heard from her since. Kimberly finished.

"oh Kimberly you know we will always be here for you just get here my dear. Zordon exclaimed

"I have around 25 hours and I should be there, I'll visit you once I've returned" Kimberly said.

" Affirmative Zordon out."

Back in Angel Grove

Downtown Angel Grove the rangers are battling putties, Goldar, and prixie the evil fairy monster. Adam & Billy were handling their own against Goldar and a handful of putties, however the monster is proving too much for Rocky, and Aisha. Once Goldar was able to knock Adam back a few feet and block the Blue rangers attack and grabbed him by the throat fully eliminating his attack and efforts in the fight. Watching the viewing globe was not something the former leader was used to and not something he needed to see after barely recovering from his previous injuries.

"Come on Zack we can at least take care of the putties." Jason said determined to help his friends

"Jase perhaps you forgot about you getting injured and you're not in the best state right now bro." Zack replied

"Yeah I'm aware and if they don't get help soon we will be down even more rangers, Bro it's just a bunch of clay brains." Jason stated

"Jason, I can not allow you to enter a battle knowing your injuries are still fresh." Zordon exclaimed.

"Zordon I'm feeling fine just had the wind knocked out of me, That's all I'm ready to get back out there. Jason Explained

"It is against my better judgment but you have made some excellent points and I can not argue that the rangers need your help, go and let the power protect you." Zordon explained

Those were the last words the two of them heard before they teleported to help their friends and former teammates. Materializing in the park and wasting no time Jason went to free Billy from Goldar's grasp. Once freed Billy's first thought was to put space between Goldar, Jason and himself. Before he could attack however Adam had recovered and jumped performing an expert corkscrew kick to Goldar's chest. When he landed he turned to Billy.

"Go help the others, Jase you and Zack take care of those putties, I'll regroup with you as soon as I'm finished with monkey brains here." Adam explained

"You won't get rid of me that easily black ranger." Goldar growled.

Goldar, and Adam continued to fight while Jason and Zack destroyed the remaining putties. Rocky, Billy, and Aisha battle Prixie. During the battle it would appear the rangers are about to send this monster to their doom, when Rocky jumped up to kick Prixie when he was about to connect he flew right through her. Once he hit the ground and turned around to be hit by her magic and de-morphed. Leaving him vulnerable.

"Oh Man! Rocky." Jason exclaimed

"We have to retreat." Adam shouted.

The rangers regrouped and teleported back to the power chamber.

"Zordon we are taking Rocky to the medical bay, he was hit by the monster and we need to run a test on him." Aisha stated as they arrived in the Power chamber.

"Get him there immediately, Alpha 5 please follow Adam and Jason." Zordon boomed down.

"Trini any luck locating Tommy?" Asked Billy as Zordon left through his tube to the medical bay.

"Not yet Billy, what happened out there?" Trini replied.

"I lost my focus for a minute." Billy said.

"Are you ok?" she asked concern in her voice.

"Yes but we need to focus on finding Tommy." Billy replied.

"Yeah your right how about we lock on to him using the morphing grid." Trini suggested.

"Let's work on that but we have to work fast cause we don't know what they are planning to do with him." Aisha said.

After they had been working to locate their fearless leader a while longer, Jason and Adam had returned from the medical bay. At that moment Aisha broke down not being able to hold herself together anymore.

"I'll take care of her and you work with the others finding Tommy." Jason said

"You got it Jase." Adam replied

While Jason approaches Aisha, Adam walks over to the computer.

"Hey you ok?" Jason asked a very distraught Aisha.

Once she calmed down enough to talk she admitted to everyone in the room she was scared for Rocky.

"I don't know what I would do if he doesn't get better." Aisha all but shouted

"I GOT IT!" Billy shouted.

Everything else was quiet for a moment until a voice echoed into the room.

"What did you get?" Asked Rocky surprising everyone.

"I found Tommy, glad to see you doing well Rocko." Billy said without looking away from the computers

"Don't worry about me get Tommy back we are gonna need him." Rocky replied

Aisha quickly closed the space between Rocky and herself wrapping her arms around him and burring her face in his chest. Rocky just wrapped his arm around her embracing her as best he could.

Meanwhile Back on the moon.

"Scorpina go check on our prisoner." Ordered Zedd.

"How did my masterpiece fair in battle?" Asked Ivan as he walked into the thrown room.

"She did excellent ooze and our next step is to capture the pink ranger." Zedd exclaimed.

on Scorpina's way into the cell she catches a flash of white signifying Tommy's exit from the Lunar Palace. She then ran back to the thrown room, to inform her master of the White rangers escape. Zedd was furious when Scorpina told him that the White ranger had escaped.

When Tommy landed he looked around the room.

"Thank you guys you have no idea what I found out." Tommy explained wearing a scared look on his face similar to Jason's from when Tommy was the evil green ranger when the rangers rescued Jason.

"What's going on Tommy" asked Jason

"Is a long story and I don't know how but Ivan is back and he is definitely out to get us, he wants revenge from when we destroyed him." finished Tommy.

"Doesn't every villain want to destroy us?" Jason asked.

"Yes Jason your right but what you don't understand is last time we barely got through that battle, we had to repair the zords, that took two weeks." Billy explained.

"RANGERS!" Zordon interrupted.


"Contact us the minute something happens." Tommy said.

The rangers then teleported home to try and relax. when Trini teleports into her room she got the surprise of her life. Her childhood best friend was sitting on her bed.

"Oh my God Kimberly, what are you doing here?" She asked.