Truly, I'm genuinely surprised there isn't a fanfic (that I could find at least) based off this exact premise. I hope this makes the cut and that you enjoy.

"Killed by power levels barely over a thousand...he deserved it."

A horrid aroma of burned corpses and wildlife filled the area of a colorful forest that would only now have its beauty tainted by the pain and suffering of its indigenous life.

Two men were the cause of mass genocide. One sat on the lifeless body of a bug creature with a humanoid structure as the taller and much larger intimidating man sat on a log. They were two well known men in the business of planetary conquest within the Freeza Force: Vegeta and Nappa.

"We can save this planet for later," Nappa suggested.

Vegeta chewed on the dismembered arm of the dead man he sat on without a care in the world. He spoke aloud his thoughts while he ate as he contemplated on the words that had been shared between their now dead comrade and the man who had given him the finishing blow. "Mhm. These Dragon Balls sound intriguing, don't they? Have any wish come true…" his mind started to wander off to a land of imagination - a land of endless possibilities - possibilities that'd only serve him to elevate himself higher in the hierarchy of the Universe. It didn't take Vegeta very long to figure out what it was that he desired. With great haste, he got up as he let go of his little snack. "We're leaving."

Nappa's mind wasn't on the same level as Vegeta's and he made it clear with the following words that uttered from his big mouth. "We're bringing Raditz back to life?" Of all the things that Vegeta could wish for with the chance of having anything, Nappa did secretly hope that Vegeta's wish was something much better than that.

Vegeta couldn't hold back a laugh as he scoffed. "Get real, Nappa. We're better off without him." Already knowing that his idea was far more promising than the notion of reviving the weak link of their small team, Vegeta didn't hesitate to share what it was he was really hoping to wish for. "How about immortality for ourselves? No death, no age. Only an eternity of combat for nobody to stop us!"

One person came to mind when Vegeta told him this. The large man's face matched the wicked, hopeful expression that his partner had. Getting up, Nappa expressed his excitement. "Now that's a wish I can get behind!"

The two took a little walk over to the circular round space pods that they arrived on the planet in. Once within close enough proximity, Vegeta and Nappa opened up their hatches with the usage of a remote. The two were both very ecstatic about the possibility of gaining immortality and it was something that their minds were going to be stuck on for some time now.

But as time passed on, Vegeta's thoughts went toward the events that took place recently on Earth.

It appeared as if they were in hyperspace by the insane level speed that the two travelled through space in their pods. Looking through their glass windows as they passed by countless stars and planets was something that'd make the unfamiliar go hypnotic, but Nappa and Vegeta couldn't care less. They grew up with this harmonic scenery so to them it was just a part of every day life by now - another sweet thing amongst a bunch of horrors that people like them often took for granted.

"I was just thinking about something," Vegeta said in his pod.

Hearing the message from his scouter, which had been contacted by Vegeta's, Nappa responded with, "What's that?"

"Kakarot's brat had an impossibly high power-level for a child."

"Seven hundred and ten, wasn't it?" Nappa couldn't see how a small child could hold such power, even if he was part Saiyan. "The reading had to be wrong. You weren't even that strong until a couple years after Planet Vegeta was destroyed."

"No, I doubt the reading was wrong. The amount of damage Raditz suffered by the brat from one single strike says a lot. I'd have to say it seems that mixing Saiyan blood with Earthling blood begets a powerful hybrid."

Despite them not knowing how old Kakarot's brat was, the Saiyans personally prior to their near extinction, prioritized keeping records of young Saiyan children soon after their birth. This carried on from generations after the first Saiyan King took to the throne. In all of memorable Saiyan history, there had never been a Saiyan child at the age of Kakarot's son with a power-level of approximately seven-hundred. For a child so young to be so strong would only have many to come to one conclusion: that said child was a mutant; mutants were a rare breed and they could come from any species spread throughout the cosmos. For one to be considered a mutant they had to either be irrationally powerful or one of a kind within their race regarding special abilities that would be useful in combat.

Given that the Saiyans had always held a reputation of being a warrior race, for there to be a Saiyan mutant only made Nappa think of one possible thing.

"A Super Saiyan, huh?" Nappa then started to jump the gun. "So if we bred with the native people there and spawned a flock of hybrids ourselves, we could rebuild the Saiyan empire!"

"Don't be stupid, Nappa. Do you want a bunch of ungrateful brats running around with powers greater than ours!? We must exterminate all life on Earth."

Nappa fell quiet for a brief moment. It did make sense what Vegeta said, but he didn't see the point of killing them all if they had the Dragon Balls at their disposal. "But that wouldn't matter if we had immortality, would it, Vegeta? I mean, they could be an entire generation of ingrates, but knowing that they could never kill us would make them fall in line." After making his point, Nappa hoped to get a response from his comrade, but the following silence caused him to cock a brow. " there?" He waited a few more seconds. "Vegeta?"

"That...has to be the smartest thing you've come up with in a long, long time, Nappa. We could easily make up an excuse about going to Earth without permission, but what about breeding, huh? How can we do that successfully behind Freeza's back?"

"Yeah, you're right. But Lord Freeza would want to know why we're violating orders and going there in the first place."

"True." Looking at the coordinates he had placed for the pod to go to Earth, Vegeta began to search the database for coordinates that had already been set inside. Once he found what he was looking for, he spoke to Nappa. "Re-route your pod to Freeza Planet 204. We're about to take a little detour."

The length of travel to Freeza Planet 204 lasted an hour. As Nappa decided to take a break and rest, Vegeta's thoughts kept him up and wide awake. His mind was working like clockwork as he tried to find countless ways to achieve new private goals around Freeza, their big boss, in order to strive forward towards their goal of immortality and potentially even rebirthing a Saiyan empire. Though the idea initially didn't set well with Vegeta, nobody would be able to stop him had he gotten immortality and he'd be the forever ruler of his people, being able to weed out the weak from the strong however he saw fit and ultimately guide his race to a glory never that has never been accomplished before in the history of their species' existence. That really started to get him going.

Unfortunately, he couldn't stay in fantasyland all too long as they arrived at Freeza Planet 204. Their pods were clearly seen coming down from the light brown skies of the planet, which was a world that consisted of nothing but rocky mountains spread out all over. As soon as their pods landed on a soft padding at the launching site, Vegeta told Nappa to wake up over the scouter.

Vegeta was out of his pod half a minute before Nappa, is who was slowly coming out, stretching and yawning.

"Good to go?"

"Ahuh," Nappa yawned again. "What are we here for?"

"Just follow me."

"Module 45 doesn't have a proper homeostasis because the soil is too rich for them to begin with, Tifque."

Looking at a big monitor on a wall in a room the size of a basic mansion full of scientists was the head scientist, Tifque, who was looking at different models of cultivars, otherwise known as Saibamen, in order to figure out a way to make a better batch at a faster process. So far, they were at a stone wall and many were on the verge of giving up.

Before he could speak, there came loud bangs at the metallic doors behind them 30 yards out. Taking a look over his shoulder, he caught the sight of two familiar figures on the camera, awaiting to be allowed in. Seeing that it was Vegeta and Nappa of all people piqued the interests of many peers in the room. Tifque's cat-like eyes narrowed. "Start another hypothesis. I'll be back soon."

Tifque pressed a button on a little remote in his armor plate to open the door and head outside. Looking around, he noticed that there were a couple of people bypassing them through the corridors. Not many people came by through the scientific department and only those who either had business related work to or who worked there did. For a couple of Saiyans who primarily worked as genocidal soldiers wasn't commonly in the vicinity unless they needed a new batch of Saibamen, which he had just given them not too long ago.

"At the moment, we don't have any mo-"

"We're not here for that," Vegeta cut him off. "I actually have a question and since you just so happened to be the smartest man closest to us, I've decided to come here."

Though he didn't have much time to spare, Tifque knew better than to not stay on their good side. "Alright, I'm all ears."

"Has there ever been a situation where enough people of a specific species has survived a conquest from the Freeza Force in order to repopulate and start anew?"

Of all questions to ask, Vegeta came with that one? It was common knowledge for everyone amongst the Freeza Force that the home to the Saiyan race had been struck by a meteor with the majority of its people on it, which meant that there were very few left. Tifque could only think of one thing.

"Ar- Are yo-"

Vegeta chuckled and lied before Tifque had the chance to make out his question. "No."

"It's for insurance from a recent assignment," Nappa simply told Tifque.

Vegeta snapped his fingers. "Bingo."

Tifque wiggled his ears. "Well, in life, there's always a one in a million occurrence when it comes to every generation - maybe even a handful. Yes, it's happened before, but a long, long time ago before my grey furs started to come about. When the force was just starting out and when I was a helper shadowing my mentor, there was a planet meant to be wiped clean of everything; the people, animals, even the plants. The highest bidder who sought out this world wanted everything gone. Since the force was new at this sort of business at the time, there were rocky waves in the water until everything smoothened out. It just so happened that some sloppy workers, who did get killed for this by the way, did their job so horribly that the species they were meant to conquer was found on an entirely different planet, thriving on a hospitable world with just a tenth of the population that they had before most of them were killed."

"How many people survived exactly?" Vegeta prodded.

"Now this was a LONG, LONG time ago, so my memory's a little fuzzy now...but I want to say about one hundred and sixty people approximately. About ninety percent of them were women and the rest were men. It being mostly women made me believe that was the main contribution for them being able to repopulate so successfully."

Nappa looked down to Vegeta and Vegeta up to Nappa. Both had blank faces, but they were pretty much on the same page at that point.

"Thanks." Vegeta and Nappa proceeded to walk off.

As they walk the corridors on their way back to their pods, Nappa brought up his comprehension regarding the little history Tifque had to share. "I see why you went to visit him now - to gauge how many women we will need. So does that mean you're all in for this idea?"

Vegeta nodded. He still focused on how he was to work his way around Freeza, but he hoped to achieve immortality and his idea of a true warrior society, one much better than what he was meant to rule as a child.

"Those people that Tifque spoke of repopulated with only one hundred and sixty people, sixteen of them being male since the females made up ninety percent of the population."

"That's some good math right there," Nappa complimented.

"Yet there's only two of us," Vegeta added on, working his brain. "Sixteen is eight times the amount of two people, which represent you and I." Just as they were beginning to near outside the landing site, Vegeta stopped walking as he rubbed his chin. Once he calculated the numbers in his head, he looked up to Nappa. "That means we'll need 1,152 women."


"But I'm not going for that exact number." Vegeta started to walk toward their pods. "One thousand will suffice."

"It looks like we'll be having more babies than killing sprees," Nappa joked sinisterly.

"Still, this all must be done without garnering suspicion from Freeza."

"Yeah, you're right. You got a plan?"

Vegeta smirked. "When don't I have a plan?"

"And who gave them the okay to just leave the planet eighty percent done?"

Having just gotten back from business on the other end of the galaxy, Freeza had made it back to the closest base where he had his two most trusted advisors waiting for him. As soon as he entered the room, the displeased look on his face caused Kikono to tread carefully as Beriblu merely remained poise as she tends to, though knowing to carefully pick her words.

"Nobody, Lord Freeza," Kikono responded. "They just up and left on their own accord."

"Them leaving on their own accord resulted in my business crew and potential buyers being slaughtered without a second thought," Freeza seethed through his teeth. "And what's this that I hear about Raditz leaving off to some frontier world called Earth - mind you - ALSO without any permission."

"We don't know, sire," Beriblu answered him. Freeza's tail just lashed around as his back remained toward both his advisors, both of whom he kept a close eye on through the reflection from the mirrors that showed them a beautiful picture of the current ruby, futuristic planet that they were on. With the press of a button, a little monitor attached to the wall up above showed them all beeping devices. "The pods that belong to soldiers Vegeta and Nappa are here right now as we speak, though."

Freeza's eyes narrowed once they got a request to enter from outside. The monitor automatically switched to Vegeta and Nappa standing by the door. "Let them in."

A green light appeared above the entrance of the room and the metallic doors slid open for the both of them.

Vegeta and Nappa took a few steps into the room before they both respectfully bowed on one knee.

"Please do explain yourself, Vegeta," Freeza said, getting right to the chase. "I know not if you know, but your lack of conscientiousness has cost the lives of valuable businessmen and buyers. You left just a few hundred left on that planet, far more than enough to cut my clients and associates piece by piece. Before you open your mouth, I highly suggest you choose your words carefully. If one tiny little detail doesn't add up, I will have both your tails as a memento."

Vegeta's body wanted to shake to the point that the glass would break and just send Freeza flying to a solar star. Regardless, he remained cool, controlled his breathing, and made sure to come up with a nice story. He's been in situations like these many times coming up and for some reason, he's always managed to use that quick witted nature of his to get back on Freeza's good side - if not - then his neutral one.

Assuming that Freeza knew everything at this point and decided to not let off that he knew of Raditz also violating protocol in order to catch Vegeta in a lie, the Saiyan prince came out with everything.

"As you probably know Lord Freeza, our comrade Raditz is no longer with us." Vegeta did expect Freeza to inquire why, but the hard silence was a big note that Freeza was going to let Vegeta talk. He let out a scoff subtle enough to go unnoticed before he continued. "While we were beginning to head out to our last and most recent assigned mission, Raditz recalled that he had a little brother that had been sent off on this distant planet called Earth prior to our planet's destruction. He firmly believed that you would be okay with this as he saw it as us recruiting another potential great asset to the Freeza Force. Raditz thought wrong though since his little brother turned out to catch amnesia and also came out proving himself to be a traitor, which attributed to Raditz's death. Once we heard everything, we were almost done with our current mission, but decided to leave off and head over to Freeza Planet 204 to hopefully acquire more cultivar creatures from Tifque before we headed off to Earth." He then looked back at Freeza through the reflection, now continuing to twist the story and lie straight through his teeth with a poised demeanor. "From my perspective, if his little brother, who was deemed to be a lower-class than his own brother, managed to defeat Raditz, then he'd prove to be at least a minor trouble at best. Still, we needed to be sure as he had some tricks up his sleeve during the fight. And now here we are, asking for your forgiveness and permission to go to Earth and even buy the planet as a way to make up for your loss in money due to our lack of diligence."

For as long as they've known him since a child, Vegeta seemed to have a way with words. Typically, Saiyans weren't known as a rather intellectual breed, but not only was Vegeta his father's son, but the boy was brought up his entire life in an environment of all different minds. Being the quick learner that he was, he managed to pick up on quite a few things and what he's learned saved his hide more than he could even count. This was just another one of those occasions.

Kikono and Beriblu just looked at one another and shook their heads subtly. Freeza was yet again going to let his favorite pet slide.

"Very well." Freeza turned around to face Vegeta. "I am rather relieved you brought up recent transgressions about this planet Earth. See, I purposely left that out in order to reel the truth out of you and you've passed, without failure, yet again." He smiled. "You see why I like you so much, Vegeta? As hard-headed as you are, your absolute loyalty is something I know I can always count on."

Vegeta smiled. "Of course, Lord Freeza."

"You may stand."

Finally, was all Vegeta and Nappa could think as they got off their knee.

"Now, enlighten me on this planet Earth. Is there any other reason that you want to buy it or do you genuinely feel bad at the fact that I've lost men and money?"

"Let's just say it's to reimburse you and to exact revenge on this traitor," Vegeta lied.

Freeza chuckled. "Ohohoho, you really do know how to be kind to the right one and hit everyone else where it hurts, don't you Vegeta? A true pupil of the Freeza Force. Very well, then. Have at it. This dustball of a planet may sell at much more than what it's probably worth, but it'll do since it will be made up for the loss of money from your recent failure."

"Very well," Vegeta said.

"Yet that will be taken care of at a later date," Freeza added, yet to dismiss the two Saiyans. "I have a more important matter for you to take care of, which will also assuage this most recent loss." Vegeta and Nappa was just about ready to go, but of course, Freeza always had to throw something new into the mix. "As I was on my way back from my little trip, Zarbon contacted me while he was on his home world, informing me that a small brigade of common soldiers weren't fit enough to take care of a bunch of weaklings on this world called Yardrat that aren't even said to hit 500 on a power scale on average." Freeza then scoffed. "Reinforcements were sent and neither could they get the job done. See, Zarbon and Dodoria are currently unavailable. The Ginyus are on a conquest spree at the moment, and the others like Cui, Avo, and Cado, are all doing something rather important at the moment." Freeza's tail motioned behind his back and then stiffened as it pointed at the two. "That's where you two come in."

"You want us to succeed where they failed," Nappa said, speaking for the first time.

"Precisely so. The planet needs to be conquered in a week exactly and we are so very behind on schedule. Very high bidders are preying upon this planet and since I've already gotten a few killed, so to be unable to sale this planet without a hitch will put a dent in my reputation that will not be so easily repaired and the profits I make won't be nearly as much, which I will have to hold you two accountable for, regardless of your circumstances with a turncoat. Are we at an understanding?"

"How long until we get there?" Vegeta asked.

"One hundred and thirty two hours. The deadline is just a day and a half once you arrive, so I suggest you get a move on it."

"Let's go, Nappa."

Vegeta and Nappa walked with great haste, moving their legs so fast it's seen as if they are practically running. They know that Freeza is watching them and they don't want to seem too desperate to get the task done, which was the only reason why they weren't running.

"Vegeta, you're the best," Nappa said, unable to contain his excitement. "You really got us out of all that and a planet of our own? I don't even know what to say about that!"

Of course Nappa didn't realize he was stroking the Saiyan prince's ego even though he was just being completely honest. Nappa didn't even know if they were going to get out of that one so easily, yet there goes Vegeta, just talking his mouth off and probably coming whatever first comes to mind. Pure genius!

"Having the planet isn't set in stone yet though, Nappa," Vegeta voiced out, remaining humble to get through to his comrade. "We still have this planet Yardrat to get out the way first." And knowing Freeza, Vegeta was well aware that he wanted this task to be done meticulously. If not, then he sure wasn't going to allow him to buy Earth, even if it did serve as a service to the tyrant.

"I know, I know...but you gotta admit though; things are looking up for us!"

Vegeta smiled. "That, I can't disagree with."

The two Saiyans enter their pods and take off for Yardrat.

With Vegeta and Nappa gone, that left only Freeza, Kikono, and Beriblu. They were all three of just under a dozen people that knew of the true fate of Vegeta's people, yet a small circle of ones with a secret from Freeza was sealed tight.

Watching as Vegeta and Nappa's pod left, Freeza took a deep breath. "Now, I could have sworn that Vegeta and his lackeys were the only Saiyans left alive after I disposed of that ridiculous hive of talking apes."

"Well, you just missed one," Kikono told Freeza, reassuring him. "It happens. They're going to kill him anyway, too, so that's also a plus."

Beriblu, knowing Freeza like the back of her hand, was well aware of how much Freeza hated a lack of diligence when it came to tasks and execution in every decision. Hell, she even knew what Freeza was thinking right now unlike Kikono, who was just so focused on Freeza staying in a good mood.

"That's not the point," Beriblu told Kikono. "The point is the possibility of there being one, two, or maybe even one hundred more out there that he doesn't know about." She then placed her attention on Freeza. "Would you like for us to send out a search party for any surviving Saiyans, my lord?"

"Effective immediately," Freeza confirmed. "Not a single Saiyan shall take a breath without me knowing."

"As you wish, sire."