Disclaimer For Dragon Heart Part One: No Tomorrow

The following story contains references to copyrighted material. The following is a list of the material in question and its owner. If any thing is not mentioned that is copyrighted we also claim we own nothing. This story is brought to you by General Dragon, part of

1)Lucia and Hiro are characters in the game Lunar 2, which is copyrighted by Working designs and Game Arts. Also the Lunar series, Lucia's pendent, and any other references to the game are copyright Game Arts and Working Designs.
2)McDonalds is copyright Mc Donald's Inc.
3)Victoria Secret's is Copyright Victoria Secret
4)Belks copyright Belks
5)Ann Taylor copyright Ann Taylor
6)Bath and Body works Copyright Bath and Body works
7)Hallmark copyright hallmark Inc.
6)Sears copyright Sears
7)Jetta copyright Volkswagon
8)Bad Boys II Copyright Sony Pictures
9)757 Jumbo Jet Copyright Boeing Enterprises
10)Nall And Ruby Copyrighted by Working Designs and Gamearts.
11) Anything elese I left out if found is copyright there indiviual owners.
12) Jeff, Amy, Sion (No he's not the guy from the Bouncer which is copyright Squaresoft), Mr. F, Mr. Ritz, Mrs. Shingles, and Issy I all lay claim to, if you want to use them contact me first.
13) Citation X Is copyright Cessna (Textron Inc.)
14) If any plane holds the tail number N989CX its not chosen on purpose same for N795SB.
15)The planes mentioned in the story at Franklin Country airport are owned and operated by First In Flight Avaition. (Not specific tail # those are unknown)
16)WRAL is copyright Internet Broadcasting Systems Inc. and the Capitol Broadcasting Company.

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