Hello all together

My name is Soleira and I usually write a lot of my fanfiction in German. However, I wanted to try something new and upload one of the stories here. Criticism, comments and suggestions for improvement are always welcome. I am already curious what you will think of the story. Have fun.

Greetings Soleira :)

Tora (ten years old)

With a loud clang, the glass bottle shattered against the wall, just barely away from my head. Shards cut into my skin and the alcohol burned as it collected in the small wounds. With difficulty I suppressed a fearful whimper and shielded my face with my thin arms. Today it horrible. I hadn't done anything. But my father always found a reason to vent his anger on me.

"You ungrateful brat." He loomed menacingly over me and a tremor ran through my body. Would he beat me again? Or try to drown me in the well in front of the house? Suddenly, the barely healed wounds on my back began to ache. The sweat of fear ran down my face. With all my might I tried to hold back the tears. I would not give him that satisfaction too. Yet the day had started so well. At least by my standards. I had gone to the academy, done the shopping and then prepared something for my father to eat.

But he had kept me waiting. He hadn't come home until late in the evening and then asked for something to eat. Like always, he had been drunk. When I had told him that I had to heat up the food before he could eat it, he had become angry. Over something so trivial. But what was I supposed to do. Stand up to him? No. I was far too afraid of him for that. I was a little ten-year-old girl who knew just one jutsu. And he was a trained Jonin and therefore much stronger than me. Especially since he was even taller and a man. Not even a minor damage would I be able to inflict on him.

A sharp pain ran along my head. I had the feeling it would burst. Strong hands gripped my hair and I suppressed a cry of pain with difficulty. Father had taken advantage of my inattention to grab my long hair. He had wrapped it around his hand several times, making it even harder for me to escape. Tears of pain welled up in my eyes and I pressed my lips tightly together to stop the whimpering that was steadily and urgently creeping up my throat. Anger and pain shot through my body. It wasn't fair that he treated me like this. What had I done to him? "Stop... stop it." My voice quivered and at first I wasn't sure if he had understood me.

But the increased tugging in my hair confirmed that this had been the case. I bit my lip so hard it began to bleed. Never, ever would I cry in front of him. "Are we going to get cheeky now too, little missy? Do you even know what you owe me?" His voice was close to me. I squeezed my eyes tightly shut to avoid looking at his face. Inwardly, I knew that if I did, it would only get worse. The pungent smell of alcohol burned in my nose and I fought with all my might to keep it shut in disgust. Something hit the pit of my stomach and all air was forced from my lungs. "Will you look at me when I'm talking to you?" His voice was so loud that my ears rang.

Shakily, I opened my eyelids and saw my father's face hovering just short of mine. It was reddened with anger and alcohol. His eyes carried a dangerous gleam. I couldn't tell what it was yet. And to be honest, I didn't want to know. The fear of what could possibly come was too great. My eyes darted restlessly around and remained glued to the knife lying on the sink. My body tingled uncomfortably as I realised that my father had followed the look. An almost triumphant grin spread across his face.

"Do you want to hurt me or even kill me?" he slurred. Goosebumps formed on my back. His look ... it was so ... almost insane. I trembled under the look in his eyes. The hand that had tightened around my hair loosened minimally. "I wouldn't be the first you've killed, you ruthless monster." Frozen, I looked at him. How? He couldn't be serious. When? Who had I killed? I would never do such a thing in my life. I would never do that to anyone, not even to him. Resounding laughter filled the room. My father's eyes glowed with madness. "How do you not know? Well, how could you? You were only a few minutes old." What was he saying? "Your mother died because of you, you little monster. Because of your birth. So? who's the killer here?"

Murderer. Murderer. Murderer. Again and again this word echoed in my ears. I shook my head as much as I could. "No... you're lying. I would never...", I stammered, staring at the floor. I hadn't killed her. I couldn't have murdered her. That wouldn't be me.

The grip on my hair tightened and another hand grabbed my shoulder. My body was whirled around and I bounced back-first against the hard wood of the sink. The wounds on my back burst open again and something warm ran down my back. Blood. Tears wet my face as my back burned like fire. My father's footsteps echoed loudly in my ears. Like thunderclaps in a thunderstorm. Only now they were less frightening. Blinded by pain and grief, my hand groped for the knife on the sink. Firmly, my fingers closed around the cool handle and held it. Again my father began to laugh. Cold and heartless. "Do you really think you can defeat me with that little knife. I am a Jonin and you... you are just a little snotty brat who thinks she can make it in life. But I won't let that happen. Your life will be your own hell. Count on it. You will be invisible to others and no one will want anything to do with you. Invisible do you understand me?" His face was again so close to mine.

Gathering all my courage along with anger, I spat in his face. His surprise was plain to see. But frantically it turned into pure, murderous rage. I had only made him more furious. I managed to duck just in time. A loud crack followed. Where my head had been a moment ago, there was now a large hole. Terrified, I looked at the damage he had caused. And at that moment I made a courageous and at the same time daring decision. There was nothing left for me here. My father hated me. Mother had died thanks to me. I had no one but myself and... my strength. And so I gathered my chakra and concentrated on the only jutsu I had mastered that no one knew about yet.

"Jutsu of invisibility."