Prologue: Awakening

And so… with his defeat… the Dark Lord finally ended and his soul obliterated from existence…

It was over.

Earth was saved, humanity delivered from damnation and unto a new age of prosperity and the Umbral Plains scoured forever.

The Eternal Fight was over…

And there was nothing left for him here anymore.

The Father made sure to compound and compile security protocols using encryptions of both Sentinel and human origins and languages in order to let both have access to the files of the fortress should anything happen to the Slayer while he slept. The other interns and 'followers' questioned why he would give access to the Sentinels when they themselves exiled him from Sentinel Prime, the place he once ruled on as one of its warrior kings and by extension all the worlds they held.

Their question was a testament that humanity was still young and ignorant. Despite their actions against him, they were still his brothers in arms. And he would see them return to the side of justice one day, when the entire universe recovered from the dregs of Hell and their unholy corruption. When questioned when, the Slayer, as always, was silent. He simply left, letting them choose their own fate, as he always believed should be the will of all things.

And now, his fight finished, his vigil over and his purpose fulfilled, the Doom Slayer was silent forever, the mighty star fortress cold and silent, the spirits of his warrior brothers avenged and ascended. The roar of his weapons was no longer echoing through the stars, for there were none left to fear them, his fists now loose with content and his blades clean of demon blood.

At long last, his rage was gone, its embers smoldered away upon the dust of history…

There was nothing left for him anymore but rest.

He knew not what else to do.

"The cryochamber is prepared as per your instructions. The final selections for your sleep are yours to determine. Once you have entered your desired parameters, I shall put the Fortress on low-alert mode and monitor any anomalies while you slumber." The Father sounded off from the com-link, letting the Slayer know that his time had come. He looked out the window one last time, to the world he fought for, now free from the nightmare that gripped it. A small urge told him to reach out, to place his hand on the glass. Earth would know he missed her should he do so.

He refused, quieting the urge and turning away.

He would only burden them.

They didn't need him anymore.

Without further ado, the Slayer walked away from the sight of his home, closing the shutters with the press of a button and descending down to the fortress' lower levels, past the empty cages and testing facilities only to end up in a lone titanium chamber, in the center which was a pod surrounded by all of his weapons and their modifications. His and The Father's work, the Slayer inspected the pod one last time before entering his parameters through the small console on the right of the pod, the glass hatch opening slowly.

"Parameters set for 'Indefinite Time; All-Alert Disturbances; Safety Measures on High.' Input received and set successfully. All is finished." The Father sounded off as the Slayer stepped into the pod, his armaments and suit powering down and the glass hatch closing as the pod moved itself into a horizontal position. Everything became cold as his heart rate slowed down and he became drowsy, the pod's systems keeping him sedated.

He closed his eyes, his mind and body finally at rest.

"All systems nominal. Sleep well, Slayer." The Father spoke his goodbyes as he locked the Fortress and the chamber, letting the Slayer get his much-needed rest.

For at long last, it was done.

But fate… fate is strange.

Fate has many whims and curves, dangers and boons to offer and place in one's way.

And even through dimensions, time and reality, fate finds a way to reach the ones it chose.

Who are they, however, could not be known even to themselves.

Pentagram City was up to its usual routines, consisting of warlords fighting, drunks, whores and cheap drugs thrown about like tennis balls in a rubber castle, with no one caring who, why, what, when and most certainly not how the fuck. All that mattered was today and it was no different from the last.

Sinners often cared for nothing but themselves, no matter how much good they did in their previous lives. Absolution was on no one's mind in this place and they preferred to keep it that way. Heaven was for chumps and fucksticks who cared for rules and virtues, not knowing what they were even for or even how they could be abused. So Hell's denizens figured they could simply rule their own lives, or rather second ones, however they wished down here. Thus, Pentagram City was never at rest.

Explosions riddled the west side as a particularly furry cyclopean demonette wearing a colorful tanktop and black pants threw bombs at the local warlords' establishments, laughing herself crazy and throwing out insults like they were going out of production.

"Come on, ya limpy, shitstained, trolled-up bags of dicks! I got enough for all o' ya'll!" Four grenades tossed after that goad, the up and coming warlord known as Cherri Bomb simply kept bombing her attackers, a group of assailants known as Valentino's Violets, which were all, fittingly enough, colored deep purple and wielding tommy guns, firing at the explosive menace.

"Ah, fuck's sake! Jinky, just shoot the goddamn bitch! Val's never gonna shut up about it if we don't kill her today!" One of the demons, a monstrous reptile with indigo scales and scars all over them yelled at another, a peacock with the same hue but with feathery arms and fingers instead of wings.

"Hey, you try and shoot with friggin' bomb shrapnel in your useless reptile eyeholes, you prick!" She fired back at both the reptile and Cherri after she stopped to grab more grenades and dynamite.

"Jinx, Hoss! Incoming!" The third, an amalgamation of a possum and a porcupine, yelled out a warning as there at least five initial stacks of TNT flying at them alarmingly quickly, prompting all of them to run for cover behind whatever debris was strong enough to withstand said blasts. Through the explosions, Cherri just kept laughing like crazy, enjoying her situation very much.

"Oh, I do ~loooooooooove~ my work." She spoke while juggling an absolutely massive TNT stack in her right hand, looking up at her true target off in the distance, a giant building with three distorted Xs and a neon 'Porn Studio' sign. Grinning maniacally, she ignited the fuse, hoping to quickly deal with these three nuisances before bringing that one down… and especially the one who built it.

"Today's the day, Val. Today your chunks get strewn all over Hell… right after I finish fucking you and your assholes ten times sideways to unholy Sabbath." With that final threat, Cherri tossed the dynamite and charged in, screaming and laughing all the way.

Just another day and just another attempt… or so she thought.

"Oh, Blitzy~!"

In a giant, high-class mansion on the other side of the city, a rather promiscuous owl demon awaited in his bathtub, patiently and smoothly calling someone over. The little imp in question arrived soon after, dressed in nothing but a bowtie, leather jeans and three bird seeds on his chest.

"… You have fucking weird and despicable tastes, you horny feathered FUCK." The giant-horned imp in question took this time to belittle the man about to have his way with him, or rather let him have his way. The latter was the one of two things Blitz enjoyed about this whole dirty shebang, the second being the tradeoff; a magical book that allowed passage through dimensions. The owl simply laughed in return, clearly turned on by the imp's fiery passion, even if it was channeled through anger.

"Oh~ho~ho~ho~ho… Oh, Blitzy, darling, you never EVER fail to ruffle my feathers." The owl known as Stolas simply turned over in his bathtub, aroused and waiting.

"Not like I got a goddamn choice, now do I?" Blitzo prepared himself for their routine sexcapades before remembering something crucial.

"Hang on, whoa! Where's the book? You usually got that metric ton of a dead tree product right by the…" He looked around, trying to find the book but failing.

"Oh, you mean this?" Stolas raised his feet from under the bathwater, revealing the book between them.

"… I swear to fucking Satan, you sick feather fuck, if this is gonna be another fetish "reveal", I'm taking my actual goddamn gun and shoving up right up your sphincter, Goetia fuckwit or NOT." Blitzo was not in the mood for the owl's games as they had a lot of contracts on the line, but Stolas only bit his lips… as much as an owl demon could bite them, anyway.

"You silly little assmongling hole ripper… It's not fun, otherwise." He hooted coyly, but Blitzo wasn't impressed.

"One; assmongling's not an actual word, Two; I'm on business here and nothing else, you bird shitbag and Three; shut your beak and let's get this over with." Not wanting to spend one more millisecond than he had to around Stolas, Blitzo simply unzipped his uncomfortably tight jeans.

"Dear sweet stars, I love it when you take charge." For every second spent here reminded him that this particular demon had a taste only for him, something he wouldn't have minded if it was somebody else. Well, maybe except Verosika.

The noises permeated throughout the bathroom, loud and thumping. Stolas made sure to put up a spell of muffling around the bathroom this time so as not to disturb the others, especially Stella and Octavia. In the heat and grunting, however, he failed to notice that he smashed the book across the room… and that its pages began flipping on their own. They increased in speed, the magic rising from them in an alarming rate. Luckily, the book had a sealing spell lock put on it in case of such things; as long as no one touched it, it would fail to fire off whatever magic its pages flipped to on its own, provided nobody touched it.

Luck seldom ran long, though.

A hand appeared through a small, bright yellow portal, merely smacking the book before it closed and making it go haywire, slowly filling the room with its magic while the two sinners were having their tryst, unnoticed by them until it was right on top of them.

"Uh… hey, birdbrain. You done already? Not that I'm complaining, but maybe next time warn… me… before…" Blitzo was the first to notice that something was off and not in the usual way. Stolas stopped his moans and opened his eyes, taking a glance before gasping in terror.

"The book!" He suddenly got up, searching for the object in question until he found it going crazy with magic on the floor.

"What the-! How did this-" He tried reaching for it, but it knocked him back slightly with its power.

"Ow! Oh… oh no. Nonononono- Blitzy! We need to go!" He simply grabbed his imp, the subject in question confused.

"What? What is going on with that th-" He asked about the book, worried as it was his only way into the human world, but Stolas burst through the door and took cover behind one of his plants.

The magic was fully out of control, permeating throughout the mansion until it enveloped it completely, the book in its epicenter. The flipping was going berserk and lightning flashed out of them, thunder following soon after. Before long, it blasted out of the bathroom, singing many of the carnivorous plants to death.

"Cynthia! No… my darling…" Stolas couldn't help but grieve for his dead plants, but remembered to keep his head down. Suddenly, the magic stilled, a moment of absolute silence and tranquility… before imploding toward the book.

As it condensed, it shot a titanic beam through the mansion's roof, breaking through with ease and shattering the skies, leaving a massive vortex of purple magic energy. Taken in by the sudden implosion, Stolas and Blitzo shot toward the book, the imp barely grabbing the door frame for dear life while Stolas hung to his feet.

"The fuck did you do, you inbred, whoremongering, featherdicked PRICK?!" No matter the situation, Blitzo always found time for some good old-fashioned stress relief in the form of yelling.

"I-I don't know, Blitzy! Something must've gone wrong with the spell I put on the book in order to still it! This has never happened before, I swear to you!" Stolas was uncharacteristically panicked, not only for himself and his family, but for the book and Blitzo as well.

"You mean you don't what the fuck to do?!" The panic infected Blitzo as well, who tried pulling himself toward the door, but to no avail as the force was too strong.

The implosion suddenly broke out into a titanic blast, throwing both demons out of the bathroom and leveling the entire room and most of the mansion's section. The blast then redirected upward, shooting out into the sky with terrifying speed and coalescing into a crystal-blue wormhole above the skies of Hell. Recovering from the debris and pushing Stolas off, Blitzo simply stared at the giant anomaly in the sky.

"Talk to me, you mouse-guzzling perv. What the shit is that thing?" He put his suit back on in the commotion, no longer caring for tonight's business as there were more pressing matters.

"It's a portal, Blitzy. Obvious, really, but I've never seen one like that before. It's much bigger than any I've ever conjured." Stolas was in both in awe and terrified.

"Not bigger than your goddamn asshole, that's for sure." As usual, Blitzo turned on the sarcasm, smacking himself on the head as he realized he didn't insult his 'employer' but rather complimented him.

"~Oh my~… Blitzy, you sly, giant-dicked, raging imp boy~…" Stolas took some time to coo at him before turning his attention to the portal. Nothing happened; it just stood there, swirling and humming with energy. A few moments later, however, it began crackling with energy, firing off bolts of lightning in all directions and shaking the skies.

All of a sudden, a gigantic flaming meteor descended from it, breaking the portal's energies with its size and making the magic subside inside the book at terrifying speed. Stolas and Blitzo held onto each other for safety, but the meteor plummeted far into the west side of the metropolis, making them sigh in relief.

"The fuck was that? Also, I'm not paying for any of this shit." Blitzo dusted himself off before shoving Stolas away, who looked puzzled.

"I have no idea. Although I felt… something ominous and sinister, like a force of pure destruction and death just entered our world… Oh, posh. I'm sure it's nothing, I get that feeling all the time… especially when I'm around you, Blitzy." The Goetia demon wasted no time complimenting his imp, Blitzo scowling away the attempt.

"Whaddaya mean, destruct- Wait, was that another one of your goddamn innuendos? I swear to fucking god I am this close to blowing your goddamn head out."

"~Oh myyyyyyyy…..~"

"… I just can't win it with you, can I?" The downtrodden imp assassin just gave it up, letting the owl grab him, although his expression was a mixture of emotions.

"Before we continue, though, I need to make sure-"

"STOLAS!" He couldn't finish as an albino owlette wearing a garish and colorful night robe yelled at the sight.


"Dear, I-I'm sorry I woke you, but me and him had a deal to complete. It's not what you think!" Stolas began trying to calm Stella down, who was fuming as ever. From further down the hall, another owlette appeared with a music player in her pocket and her ears plugged by its earphones, her gray feathers ruffled and her dark robe trailing behind her.

"At this point in my life, a good night's sleep is a goddamn bad joke." Octavia droned through her parents' yelling and Blitzo noping the heck outta there as not to catch even more fire as he had too much destruction for one night. Unbeknownst to all of them, the book still hummed with energy, cooling down as the magic disappeared completely from it before getting grabbed by Blitzo, who just remembered what he was here for as he zoomed away in his van.

And none of them had any idea of what or rather, who came through the portal they just summoned.

The Hazbin Hotel was not a place that was brimming with customers, the only two actual ones being a flamboyant pornstar and a sinister, deal-making, static-generating overlord and even then the latter was more like an investor of a sort, since it was his debtors that helped with the hotel. By the large fireplace at the end of the reception hall, a tall pale-skinned demonette wearing a classy red tuxedo and rosy makeup on her cheeks sighed out a resigned indifference, coupled with playing with a glass of a filled frappuccino. She thought about getting a glass of a strong brand of martini, but Vaggie wouldn't have it.

"Haaaahhh… Still no clients… What is going on? What am I doing wrong? Was the advertisement too strong? Do people need a better demo? I just…" The demonette known as Charlotte Magne, the rightful-born heir to Hell's throne beat herself up over her decisions and motivations.

The Hazbin Hotel, as it was now named, was supposed to be a long-term solution to Hell's overpopulation problem; the princess came up with all on her own, the idea first emerging in her demon teens when she attended one of her Infernal History lessons and she first heard about the Exterminations, global, once-a-year events that 'cleansed' Hell and kept it from being overrun and out of control. Sadly, it was the only solution they had back then and her father even warned her that shaking things up, even if the ideas were good-natured, had a massive negative impact on things initially. He would know best, after all; he was the prime example.

"Hon?" A low female voice broke her out of her depression long enough to turn to it, the source of it being another demonette, a small grey-bluish skinned one wearing a white dress with white hair and an X over her left eye.

"Oh. Hey, Vaggie. Didn't see you there." She barely acknowledged her, taking a large sip of her frappuccino. Vaggie walked over to her, gently taking the glass out of her hand.

"That's your seventh one this hour, Charlie. You're starting to worry me." Vaggie said in what she hoped was a neutral tone, but it came off slightly too concerned, which, knowing the princess, she would immediately try to steer her to steady ground as to not ask too many questions.

"I'm fine." Strike one.

"Nothing's the matter." Strike two.

"I've just... been having a bad morning, that's all." And strike three.

"Uh huh… Ok, Charlie. Lay it on me. All of it." Vaggie was not known for her beating around the bush, much more for her beating it to death or setting it on fire.

"Whaddaya mean? I told you, everything's-"

"Charlie." Vaggie would have no more excuses and her look relayed that perfectly to Charlotte, who just couldn't keep it in anymore.

"I just… I don't know what I'm doing wrong, Vaggie. The hotel has received actually zero visitors. Nil! Nada! I… How did… Was it… Did I come on too strong? Was it me? How did it come to-" Charlie was slowly starting to peel away the layers of strength and expose her insecurities to Vaggie, who waited until she saw Charlie's eyes starting to glisten with moisture reflected in the hearth of the fireplace.

"H-Hey, honey. No. No, it's not you." Vaggie pulled out a hankie and wiped the tears before they had a chance to leave the princess' eyelids.

"This is going to work. It's like you always said; with enough passion, anyone can be made to listen and with enough kindness, anyone can be made to smile, no matter how broody or messed up they are." After wiping her eyes, Vaggie pulled her into a hug, one which Charlie eventually reciprocated.

"You're a good soul, hon. You know that. I know that. And these shitheads will soon know that, too." She looked her girlfriend in the eyes before pulling out a knife and turning to the lounging spider demon pornstar trying to cozy up to their cat demon gambler receptionist, the feline swinging a bottle of alcohol at his head and missing wildly.

"… Or so help me, I'll carve 'em up into so many pieces, they're gonna think-"

"Vaggie, please." Charlie pleaded with her attitude; she had good reasons for acting that way as she had the hotel's and Charlie's best interests at heart, but everyone else was either an idiot or too dumb to understand in her eyes, which Charlie greatly disapproved off. She had trouble voicing it, however, as Vaggie was known to let it fly over her head with excuses and continue onward. Nobody was perfect, however, and so they learned to deal with it and make do.

"Oh. Right. Sorry, Charlie." She always listened, though. It was all Charlie needed.

"Don't sweat it. Let's just get through the day. All of us." The princess' spirits were once again lifted, even feeling like singing almost.

"And what a day it is, my darlings. I'm back from my morning stroll." Before they could go on, a tall red figure emerged from the fireplace, turning it bloody crimson for a few seconds before it reverted to a hearth. His classy, red-striped suit was augmented only by his cane which was actually a microphone, as well as his gloves and shoes minus the mic part. His hair was styled into strange animal ears but the most prominent feature was his face; yellow eyes threatening to turn bright crimson at any moment coupled by an even more sinister smile which never, ever, under any condition left his face. His voice was distorted, as if speaking through a radio and was one of the reasons for the nickname through which all of Hell knew him.

The Radio Demon, also known as Alastor.

"Oh great… even him?" Vaggie was none too pleased to see the deal-maker ruin their moment and well on his way to his next scheme to ruin their lives next. Alastor simply chuckled in his radio voice.

"Oh, my dear, you can't go on this way. Too much loathing might ruin that wonderful complexion of yours." He nuzzled Vaggie with his hand under her chin, making her slap his hand away with burning rage.

"Told you once, told you a million fucking times and I will tell you a TRILLION more if that's what it takes. Don't. Fucking. Touch. Me." She pulled out her trusty spear and leveled it at his throat, his malevolent smile growing slightly more amused at her attempts to intimidate him.

"Ok, you two. That's enough. Let's not start pestering each other right in the morning. Now, we've got a lotta work to do if we're gonna get this hotel to even get noticed, let alone not ridiculed. Let's start with a brainstorm, shall we? And no deal-making or soul-condemning guests into it, Al." Charlie got the situation under control as much as she could, trying to start the day off with a simple task.

"Hrrr…. Fine, hon. Whaddaya have in mind?" Vaggie relented, Alastor close behind her although even his attention was on Charlie.

"Well, we kinda need everyone for this. Angel, can you come… over…h…" Charlie turned to see the front desk empty save for Husker the demon cat drinking his morning drowsiness away with even more alcohol.

"Why is that bar still here…" Vaggie commented, not even aware of the fact that Angel Dust was gone all of a sudden.

"Uh, Vaggie?"

"Yeah, Charlie?"

"Where's Angel?"

They looked around, trying to find the fluffy spider sex demon to no avail.

"… Oh no." Charlie's mind immediately went in utter panic mode.

"… I should've killed him. I really should have." Vaggie just tightened the grip on her spear before heading to the door, Charlotte and Alastor following close behind.

"We'll check the city starting clockwise. We should take the car to speed things up. You gonna take Razzle and Dazzle or they staying here?" The frilly demonette took charge while giving a whistle, a large white limousine speeding to a stop shortly after.

"They'll be fine if I tell them to guard the hotel. Which I did, by the way." Charlie replied, straightening herself and her hair before adopting a serious face.

"Let's go find our client."

"Wait, hon. What about…" Vaggie pointed to Alastor, whose grin was even wider.

"Oh hoh ho ho ho! Pay no attention to me, darlings. I'm here to simply tag along and watch as you resolve your situations in the way you see fit. After all, the classiest entertainment ever is watching others stumble upon the hill of success, become entranced by its sheer temptations and then fall, their hopes dashed through its dirt, over and over and OVER again until nothing remains of them but utter despair and disillusionment of existence." He began softly, turning more and more sinister with every work spoken. As he finished, Vaggie just sighed and gestured at him to Charlie.

"Oh… Ok, then, Al. But if you try and hinder us in any way-" Charlie tried being civil, but the overlord stopped her mid-sentence.

"I assure you, my dear, I will do no such thing. No no, just think of me as your humble audience, here to watch the spectacle you present to us for our entertainment. And remember…" He grabbed Charlie and Vaggie by the shoulders, pulling them in closer.

"… Make it look good." Alastor chuckled to himself, making the ladies a bit unnerved.

"Uh, we're just trying to keep our client out of trouble, Al. No need for things to escalate… right?" Charlie was uncertain in her words so Vaggie had to pull her in the limo, the overlord following after them.

"Ignore him, hon. Eyes on the prize." She was trying to get her to focus, succeeding briefly as Charlie took a deep breath.

"Right. Let's go find An… gel…" She got a bit hyped before hearing a rumbling noise. The others heard it too, seeing as how they stepped outside with her.

They looked around trying to identify the source of the noise as it was getting louder, as if it was thunder itself descending from the heavens and shaking the earth. Charlie and Vaggie got a bit worried as it became a full blown earthquake, the buildings shaking and windows breaking. The denizens and sinners of Hell began panicking slightly as well, trying to find the unknown disaster until one of them, followed by many others, cried out and pointed toward the east.

From the skies, a gigantic meteor plummeted down to the city, breaking through every building that stood in its way and shattering the signs it hit along the way. It barreled down toward the far west side, right toward the battleground of the turf war between Cherri and Valentino's goons.

"What the fuck…" Cherri looked up to see the gigantic ball of fire through her eye, going right over the building she was standing on and diving out of the way just in time as it zoomed over her head, singing her hair a bit. Val's goonies scattered as it flew over their heads and crashed a half a kilometer away from the fight. Within minutes, everyone was on edge.

What just crashed into the city? Meteors were not unheard of, but this one was different, carrying with it a sense of dread, unlike anything the sinners had ever felt before.

"What the shit was that?!" From the other side of town, Vaggie asked alarmed at the sight.

"I don't know, but we better go see the damage. Also someone might need help." Charlie immediately took action, even though she was just as scared as Vaggie, who for her part was not too confident about the idea of demons needing or wanting help.

From the corner of his face, Alastor simply smiled.

"Now this… is going to be amusing."

"Al, get in. Right now…. please." Charlie almost sounded authoritative but dropped it as she didn't like taking that tone with her subjects, overlords included. Alastor obeyed nonetheless, humming to himself as he entered the limo with flair and they drove away toward the impact site.

Not far both the hotel, a spider demon was trying to get a bag of drugs from a vending machine that was too stingy to give them up.

"Come on, you pile of garbage. Cough 'em up!" Angel Dust banged on the machine until the rumbling made him back off. Looking around with the others on the street, he looked up first, seeing the source of the noise and its direction. As it zoomed overhead, Angel saw the direction it headed toward… the west side, particularly Cherri's turf. No further hesitation on his mind, Angel sprouted another pair of arms and pulled out a tommy gun from his coat, loading up a magazine and cocking it.

"Hang on, Sugar Tits. Angie's on the way." And he sped off toward the crash site to help his girl buddy out.

Cherri was the first to arrive at the crater as Val's goons were still recovering. Other demons soon began converging as well, trying to see what all that racket was. The crater was massive, with several buildings demolished and the shops around it crumbling down into it. Some of the demons were recovering from being near the blast, many of which were dazed and disoriented.

The bombing demonette wasted no time going down the crater to see what exactly was at the center of it. The smoke was clearing slowly into the air and her sight became clearer as she finally came face to face with the object.

It was no meteor at all. It was some kind of metal pod, surrounded by other smaller ones, some of which looked almost welded to it. Cherri approached it with a bomb in hand just in case, cautiously navigating the debris until she was near one of the pods. Inside it was a gun of some sort, with designs and modifications she had never seen before.

"Whoa… cool…" She tried reaching for it, but a force field around it prevented her from going further. She spotted another one, this one with what looked like a rocket launcher. Her mouth immediately started drooling as she became determined to have it, even if she didn't know what it actually was or how to even handle it if it did turn out to be a weapon.

"Yeah, baby. You're mine." She threw the bomb she held right at it, hoping to break the force field. It bounced right off, however, prompting her to duck for cover as the bomb exploded right there.

"Damn, this bitch's tough to crack…" Before she could get any further, she spotted the massive pod in between them. This one had no weapons, but its glass case revealed only ice underneath.

"The fuck…" Cherri got curious as she approached the frozen sarcophagus, trying to get a better look inside. She brushed as much debris and dust as she could from her side's surface, planting her squinting face to the glass. All she could make out was some sort of strange body armor and helmet peeking at her from the darkness and the ice.

Unfortunately, her curiosity proved her downside as Val's cronies caught up with her, Jinx approaching her from behind stealthily and blindsiding her in the back of her head.

"Ah, motherf-!" Cherri cried out as Jinx grabbed by the hair and dragged her away from the pod, tossing her in between her two coworkers and surrounded by fifteen others. The porcupine hybrid held her up by the shoulder, making sure to squeeze real hard, eliciting the desired pain yelp from her.

"Finally gotcha, you cocky bomb whore. Gonna be real messy sucking your intestines out." He laughed sinisterly, making sure his captive knew the mess she was knee deep in.

"Damn, Kole. Still haven't gone in a girl? What were you, like… thirty years in this dump? Kinda sad your first and last will be me, but a piece of fly rejected dogshit like yourself has nothing to strive for in that regard." Despite her situation, her spunk refused to abandon her.

"Oh, we'll see how far that mouth of yours runs when I carve you a second one where your eye is." Kole pulled out a giant trench knife, but was stopped before he went for her eye by Hoss.

"Kole, no. We can't really kill her, anyways. I say we bring her to Val first. Who knows, maybe eternal torture will make that volatile brain of hers finally implode. Maybe we'll even get see it firsthand." As he said that, the others chuckled menacingly at the captive, whose sweat drops were finally starting to show.

"Jinx, you comin'?"

"Hang on, guys. What…" They finally noticed where they were.

"What even is this thing? Is this what crashed down here?" Jinx took a look around the crash site, examining as much as she could without touching anything.

"Who gives a shit, Jinkie. Can't be worse than what Val's gonna do to us if we don't bring her in or kill her." Hoss dragged her away and signaled his people form up, holding his rifle to Cherri's head and motioning her to stand up.

'Dammit… Sorry, Angie.' She closed her eye and waited to be hauled off…

It never happened.

They all heard a loud noise behind them, like some sort of alert had gone off. They all turned around with their weapons ready, all eyes on the flashing golden-green lights coming from the pods, particularly the big one in the center. A few clicks and metal thumps were heard from it before the hissing started, followed by a fog coming out from beneath the glass cracks.

The pod suddenly began opening up, the hatch slowly rising with ominous steadiness as the warning blares died down and it was fully open. The henchmen, Cherri and the rest of the onlookers just stared at it, those that had weapons on them gripping them tightly. A few tense moments passed, no one moving an inch, with enough sweat to almost fill a pond dripping between them all. They had never felt anything like this, even though they were sinners and damned souls.

A hand shot up from the pod, gripping the right side with lightning speed and putting the demons on alert. Another one on the left with the same quickness. More bated breaths between the sinners, hands trembling and trying to steady. The feeling of dread was overwhelming and everyone could feel it. Cherri found herself wanting to escape, trying to free herself to no avail, and yet Hoss' hands weren't gripping her from necessity but... but…

Fear… that's what it was.

From the darkness of the ice rose a being clad in green armor, a visored helmet adorning his head. He looked around before climbing ominously from the pod, the air around him almost as if avoiding him entirely. Observing the landscape and the creatures, the figure simply balled his fists, the knuckles audibly tightening and cracking through the silent commotion.

As the titan stood, nearly seven feet tall and muscles brimming with pure strength, he hopped out of the pod, landing with a massive thud that echoed throughout the area, as if instilling fear into the earth itself. Then… he simply stood, waiting patiently for something, carefully observing the individuals he was surrounded by. They looked quite similar to his sworn enemies, gradually but certainly making him enraged at the sight and the place where he now found himself. He noticed his weapon lockers, the armaments inside them safe, but when he turned toward his favored double-barreled shotgun, he heard a click on his right.

"Don't move, asshole." Jinx spoke, trying to stop herself from shaking. Sure, she had her gun trailed on his head, but would it do anything?

"Who are you? Where'd you come from?" She became more and more aggressive with her questioning, the others now trailing their guns on the green titan as well.

"Answer me, fuckwad!" A click from the safety chink signaled she was gonna ask only once, although she kept it to herself she did because she was scared out of her skin. All of them were, trembling at the sight of this being for some reason, as if it was a natural reaction.

Cherri, on the other hand, was trying to find a way to escape her situation, thinking on her feet or knees in this case. She shared one thing with the rest of them, however; whoever this guy was, he was extremely dangerous. She had no bombs left and Hoss got a firm grip on her arm, so much that she swore it would've been torn off by now. She had an escape route across the ruined street and into one of the alleys leading to her turf which she also used to sneak into Valentino's territory. Getting to it without being spotted by his men or the titan, however, would be more than a challenge. Or so she thought.

"I'm counting to three, asshole. If you don't drop down, I'm putting a bullet in your-" Jinx was ready to fire on the giant, but didn't finish her sentence.

All that was heard after her last word was a splat.

It took a short moment for the others to register the chunks of brain matter and skull bones scattering behind what used to be her head, now a bloody neck stump of sinew and gore.

It was another one before they registered the titan's blooded fist in its place, the monster moving in a flash of green lightning toward her, the demons' eyes unable to spot him until it was too late.

And one last breath to let the realization take root in all of them.

"J... J… Ji…"




Every single demon that held some sort of firearm opened up on the giant, unloading all the ammo they had into the metal skin of his suit. They didn't even faze him; the bullets bounced off and those lucky strays that hit his exposed elbows simply grazed his toughened skin, barely acknowledged by its girth. The sinners screamed as they fired, the different kinds and sizes of casings falling on the ground in a cacophony of metal clangs along with their bullet magazines. The giant simply stood his ground, waiting for them to finish seeing as how their paltry weaponry had no effect on him.

The volleys finished with a few pellets at the end, the demons seeing their utter failure at damaging, much less killing the titan. Wasting no time, he dashed with that same unholy speed toward one of the lockers and grabbed a futuristic-looking shotgun with strange modifications all over it. Cocking it loudly and with one arm, he grabbed a second one from the pod next to it, this one a more standard-looking double-barreled one, the only curiosity being the large chain meathook attached to its belly. His weapons primed, his strength unchallenged, his will unbreakable, his sight clear and his fury everlasting, the Doom Slayer started doing what he did best.

The first blast took out three demons in a line in one gory shot while the Slayer hooked to a larger and more rotund one with the hook on his Super Shotgun, reeling himself in for the finishing blow on his head, splattering it into paste on the ground. Five more demons fell to a combinations of two shots from both guns to the heads, a dash punch to a lankier one who snapped in two from the force alone and two falling to a surprise draw from the blade on his left gauntlet, separating their heads from their necks; all of it happened in the span of four seconds.

The others were panicking, some engaging the titan with other weapons while others scrambled to run or to reload. It was of no avail on any front; the Slayer sliced and punched his way through those who were foolish enough to approach him, blasting the retreating demons and making sure all their eyes were on him, not letting any stragglers escape unnoticed. With a few blinks of the eye, the crash site turned into a warzone, the dust starting to kick up from the earthen cracks and ground pounds the Slayer inflicted on some of the more unfortunate sinners. All they could was scream profanities at him, barely hold any breath to beg for unheard mercies and fight to the death against the unstoppable force that was the titan.

From behind the massacre, Hoss hauled Cherri by her arm, the demonette squirming in vain to free herself.

"Ugh! Fuck! Lemme go, you sack of poorly packaged horseshit!" That one earned her a smack across the face as the lizard dragged her to a fallen column of concrete debris from one of the collapsed buildings and peeked out, observing the carnage with horror.

"… What the holy hell and high water is that guy?" He could only wonder as the screams were the only things that gave him an answer to that question, each in their own tone.

The shootings, stabbings, punching and screaming were soon accompanied by explosions as the Slayer got more of his weapons from the pods that crashed alongside his cryochamber, carrying a rocket launcher, a railgun crossbow, a plasma rifle, a heavy cannon, a chaingun and what looked like two massive energy weapons. Pressing a button on his right gauntlet, he pointed it toward them as they retracted into his suit's mini storage unit, ready to deploy whenever he needed them and not burden him needlessly in the process. He retained two weapons for now, one of them being his trusty Super Shotgun while the other was a simple chainsaw, modified and outfitted for combat use. He soon continued his devastation, laying waste to the demons that dared challenge him. Scores of mutilated, shot, stabbed, sawed and sliced bodies were hitting the ground by the second, their fighting spirit only serving to fuel the Slayer's rampage for it seemed to those watching that every kill made him stronger, as if draining the soul of the slain to add to his own might.

One minute passed by the crater in the western district, the body count now reaching and going over a hundred slain as the slaughter was turning more and more scattered, with the Slayer seeking out the survivors of his first massive wave of destruction. From behind the column, Hoss peered out once more, unable to see through the brown-red dust that now permeated throughout the area of the massacre. Beside him, Cherri was silenced with his other hand on her mouth, trying to fight in vain yet unable to give up.

"Stop it, you bombing slut. You make a sound and that… th-that thing will hear us." At his whisper, Cherri stopped struggling, letting the distant gunshots and screams die down.

All was silent on the street, the souls of damned now forever at peace and the carnage over for now. Hoss glanced out yet again, trying to find signs of life that weren't giant, armored, heavily armed and green. He got over the column, dragging the bomber with him, walking across the silent street until he came up to a body, one he identified as his henchmen. He knelt, inspecting the body's wounds.

Horror dawned in his eyes when he realized the wounds weren't healing. They were fatal. His death was final, whoever he was. He couldn't even tell from his messed up face.

"No way in hell… There's just no way…" He recoiled in shock at the realization.

The demons that died by the titan's hands were not coming back.

They were exterminated. Gone for real.

Beside him, Cherri had begun to realize the same thing. Two shared questions were on their minds as they looked at the devastation, ones they didn't voice.

Who was this newcomer and how did he gain the power to exterminate them?

They would not gain that answer soon as approaching gunfire was heard in their direction, a few screams, crunches and thuds following shortly after. Hoss wasted no time in rushing behind the column yet again, grabbing his prisoner as well before taking cover.

"Shit. Shit! SHIT! HOSS! Where are you?! Hoss! HOOO-!" Kole's screams were heard from behind the column for one last time before a shotgun blast silenced them forever, his body falling with a splat in the dirt. Hoss steadied his breathing and gripped his rifle with one hand, the other still on Cherri's mouth.

Heavy and steady footsteps were soon heard from behind the column, searching from one place to another. As they got nearer, they almost sounded like thunder, as if God's divine wrath placed its own heartbeat in them, thumping louder and louder with the sound of inevitable doom. It soon began approaching the column, with Hoss unable to do anything but wait for his death…

His true, final death.

No. Not like this.

Thinking up a plan on the spot, he yanked Cherri to the left end of the column and waited with bated breath. The Steps of Doom were almost on top of him, stopping right at the other side of the column with one final miniature quake.

Hoss waited for the right moment, the signal from the monster that would give him the chance.

A gun click was heard.

A breath was let out… and another sharply taken in.

Without warning, Hoss pushed Cherri out in the open, the demonette stumbling slightly before standing upright…

… Right into the sight of the Slayer and his shotgun.

She didn't know what it was that made her act that way, but Cherri brought up her arms to her face, feeling exposed not to a mortal, but to some kind of natural predator of her own kind, a force beyond her understanding.


A loud blast was all she heard. She closed her eye tightly, waiting to disappear forever.

For a few moments, she saw nothing but darkness… and then she realized her eye was still closed. Cherri opened it slowly, looking around. She was still at the massacre site… and before her stood the titan, whose visor was upon her and his shotgun was aimed to her left. A thud was heard soon after, with a meaty drop upon the column marking the death of her captor, his head blown clean off his shoulders. Cherri could do nothing but take in a sharp, riveted breath as the primal fear still held her.

The Slayer was the first to make a move, slowly edging toward the mortified demonette with his shotgun pointed down but firmly gripped. Cherri's mind woke her to the danger as she scrambled to find something to fight the advancing incarnation of the End Times with, her own trepidation hindering her ability to summon her bombs. With nothing near and the titan still approaching, the defenseless demonette lost her legs, tripping over a crack made in the chaos. The shadow of the giant overtook her, enveloping her in fear as he knelt to her, his visor the visage of death staring into her soul. Frozen in fear, Cherri could do nothing anymore but await her doom…

And yet, it never came. Instead, the titan stared at her, his visor slowly coming into focus for her eye to see clearer. Although frightened, she still summoned enough nerve to look back at him. What she saw through that glass gave a new emotion to mix in with the fear, one she only met when she saw something unknown and completely unreal.

Behind the green cleared visor was a human face… and on that face, in his eyes, burned pure, unrelenting, eternal…

… Rage.

Cherri felt something ancient behind that visor, but couldn't act on any feeling right now, trembling and vulnerable before this apex hunter.

Strangely, the bite of his shotgun never came for her neck. Instead, the Slayer was… observing her, almost as if studying her features. He looked at Hoss' corpse, still fresh and bleeding all over the ground. He turned back to Cherri, who still couldn't move, leaning in closer and meeting her eye with his own two once again. The rage was still there, as if it was ingrained in the core of his very being, but there was also something akin to curiosity; he looked Cherri over once again, putting away his shotgun and chainsaw and crossing his hands on his knee. For her part, the bomber finally found some sort of courage to break out of her stupor.

"Wha… Who… Who are you?"

She didn't know where in the seven circles that nerve came from as Cherri was unaware the words left her mouth before she became conscious of them, wincing a bit as if expecting a fist through her brain.

The Doom Slayer said nothing, the silence between them tense yet not dangerous, here at the edge of the annihilation he caused. His curiosity now transferred to her as well, Cherri tried to move to a more comfortable position to sit to get a better look at the titan in front of her. It was going smoothly until she spotted a shadow move through the fog, approaching them both, revealing itself as a centipede demon with a large cowboy hat and aiming eighteen guns at the Slayer's back.

She didn't know why she made the next move, but she couldn't stop it nonetheless.

"Watch out!"

Before she even made the noise of the first letter, the Slayer turned and blasted the insectoid demon before he even thought about letting off a shot, dashing in to slice him in five pieces before stomping his head. Before he could do anything else, the fog started to clear, slowly revealing the silhouettes of other demons with all kinds of weapons and malicious murder intent.

The demonette behind him now out of his focus, but not forgotten, the Slayer simply moved on, continuing his trail of destruction on his ceaseless crusade against his mortal enemies, disappearing into the fog with the only signs pointing to his direction being the blasts from his shotgun, as if he was a walking storm on the ground in a fog of the blood of his enemies, their bodies now piling up behind him.

Cherri finally got up, finding her bombing abilities returning slowly and looking out toward the massacre before taking a gander at the crater, the metal pods left behind along with the cryochamber. It has been a while since Cherri Bomb felt contemplative and self-reflective, but this time was different from the rest. This time, she suddenly felt like actually living out her existence, even if it was eternal damnation, for the most part. Touching the now-empty weapon holders, she found herself curious about the giant green terror now rampaging across the west side of Pentagram City, but relented on acting upon it lest his mercy run out and he decided to give her a gruesome end.

"Cherri! Babe! Where are ya?! Cher- Oh, what the green fuck…" A familiar voice woke her fully as her friend and long-time partner Angel Dust arrived on the scene, observing it with horror and worry.

"Holy shit on a pope's sandwich, what happened here…" He spoke to himself as he still couldn't see Cherri through the fog, his tommy gun locked and loaded as he waded slowly in it, careful not to trip over any bodies.

"I thought the Exorcists already passed through town a goddamn week ago… Jesus Christ, so many bodies…" Even he was a little unnerved at the utter bloodbath before him.

"Angie? Angie!" Thankfully, his hope returned when he heard his gal pal's voice, rushing through the fog following it.

"I'm here, Sugar Tits! Sound off, where are ya?!"

"This way!" At her call, Angel waded through the gruesome scene, swatting the fog away as much as he could before finally reaching the center of the crater. Looking around, he saw a familiar pinkish hair jutting out from behind one of the pods, things he had never seen before. Before long, Cherri poked her head out, looking around as the two finally spotted each other, flashing toothy grins and running in for a hug.

"Thought you'd be dead, babe."

"You'd like that, you cheap dick." They held each other for a tender moment before looking around again.

"I'd assume you did this but I know you too well. What happened here, toots?" Angel looked around, still in shock from the carnage he was witnessing.

"You wouldn't believe me if I strapped you down, stripped you and whipped the story in your sorry mouth." Cherri's courage returned, finally freed from the proverbial prison of utter terror, something Angel noticed.

"Whoa… Usually, you're all ready to blast whatever caused this. You ok?"

"Yeah… no… I-I don't know…" Before the conversation could continue, they heard a few massive blasts in the distance, both turning to their origin. Just then, they heard a car approach, directing their attention behind them as they saw a limo stop a few feet behind them. Not a second after it halted, the sunroof opened and Vaggie leapt out, spear in hand and charging at Angel with a scream of rage.

"YOU!" She pinned him down before he even had a chance to open his mouth.

"I swear to fucking GOD, if you're responsible for this-"

"Whoa whoa, hey! Do I look like the type of guy to make this much of a mess? … Maybe under the right mood, but hey, you know I don't swing that way." Even with his throat at knifepoint, Angel just couldn't resist making a sex joke, further enraging his assailant.

"Angel! One more word!" She was ready to absolutely bury him, but a hand on her shoulder stopped her, one she knew all too well.

"Vaggie, relax. Angel couldn't have done this…" The princess looked to the spider demon with a questioning look.

"… Right, Angel?"

"Definitely not. Even if I was to team with my girl buddy, we couldn't have done…" He got up as soon as Vaggie was off of him, turning to look at the carnage.

"… All of this." Charlie believed him, but Vaggie kept a closer eye on him. While they were having their arguments, Alastor got out from the limo, inspecting the scene of the massacre for himself. He didn't even need to check the bodies to know they were dead for good, but what intrigued him most were the combat markings behind the scene; they were not made by any weapon known to them or on earth. They were most certainly not Exorcist weapons, even if this was their MO.

"Al? What happened here?" Charlie asked, seeing him inspect the scene faster than any of them.

"I haven't the slightest idea, darling." That was rather startling for all of them.

"I can answer that. But like I told Angie… you wouldn't believe me." Cherri piped up, getting their attention.

"Oh. I know you. From that one time on the news." Charlie approached her first, extending her hand.

"I'm Charlie. You must be Miss Cherri Bomb." The princess introduced herself as sweetly as possible, making Cherri a little uncomfortable. She thought Angel was joking when he described the owner of the hotel he'd been staying in, but he didn't mention it was the princess of Hell herself.

"That's me, princess. How ya doin'?" Still, no reason not to be civil. Actually, there was a reason.

"Great. Well, sorta great. This whole thing, y'know?" Charlie gestured to the area.

"Oh yeah. That. Caused by… by…" Suddenly, Cherri found herself unable to speak, as if she was having trouble recalling the massacre. Fear still held her, it seemed.

"Are you alright?" Charlie tried holding her, but Cherri just brushed it off.

"I'm fine, princey, just… Ugh, where do I even begin?" Cherri took a deep breath, trying to focus, the princess patiently holding her shoulder. She was different than all the other demons Cherri encountered, but that would have to be thought about later.

"So, I was on another bombing run through Val's turf, nothing out of the ordinary, when all of a sudden this huge fucking meteor comes crashing down from the sky. Except it's not a meteor but these things right here." She pointed to the pods, making Alastor and Charlie lean in for a closer look.

"What… are these?" Charlie was stumped.

"No clue, darling. They seem rather advanced in the technological part, though, don't they?" Alastor picked up on some of the designs.

"What about this one? It looks like a… fridge of some kind." Angel spotted the cryochamber, poking the melted ice with one finger.

"Wow… It's still cold, even down here… Dang." He noticed, perplexing the others.

"What was in this?" Vaggie asked, clearly perturbed by the revelations.

"Not what. Who." Cherri piped up, still trying hard to recall every detail, gruesome as it was.

"Continuing where I left off, I got pinned and grabbed by Val's goons, but before they could haul me off, the 'fridge' opened and out of it came this one guy. Huge and I mean huge! He wore green armor, was ripped as fuck and had a weird helmet on. He took one look around him before the others got fidgety and threatened him. He… took exception to that." She paused for breath before recalling the rest of the attack.

"I didn't even see it. He pulverized that poor bitch's head off before anyone could figure out it actually happened." She pointed to the bird corpse without a head as the others went over to it.

"The other pods contained these weird weapons, almost high-tech going by the few looks I got. Then, well… He started massacring everyone that tried shooting him. Dear fucking lord, he was relentless… Literally unstoppable, actually. Guns couldn't put a hole in him or his armor, he tore other demons apart with his bare goddamn hands, I… I…" Cherri took another breath, steadying herself mentally. The others were starting to get alarmed a bit, with the exception of Alastor, who looked rather curious.

"Interesting, my dear. Might explaining how you survived? I recall you telling us getting caught." He brought that point up.

"Here." She led them to the column where Hoss' body still lingered.

"We took cover here before that giant found us. Scales over here wanted to use me as bait to draw his attention so he could attack, but the giant killed him in a blink. Then, he… he just… I dunno, watched me or something, like he was trying to figure out what I was or some shit. Like I said, I don't have the faintest fucking clue. Unfortunately, we got attacked and he went off deeper in the western section of the city, blasting anything that tried killing him. Angel showed up soon after and then you guys. So…" She finished, grabbing one of her bombs and looking to the others.

"… What now?"

The others looked to Charlie, who was a bit overwhelmed by the exposition of the carnage. Before she could speak, Alastor knelt down by the body, inspecting it carefully.

"… He's been exterminated."

The way he said that so nonchalantly sent a shiver down the others' spines. Alastor himself was also a bit alarmed by the sight, although he didn't show it.

"Oh yeah. Forgot about that part. If this guy kills you, you're staying dead. I don't know how, but the freak has Exorcist powers or some similar shit." Cherri remembered.

"And you didn't tell us this because…" Vaggie went accuser mode, but Cherri just looked down in contemplation.

"I was trying to forget." There was no malice behind it, just pure terror with a hint of resignation. Angel reached out to her first, gripping her shoulder lightly before turning to the others.

"What should we do, princess? From the sound of it, I don't think we should be handling this without backup. Major backup. Maybe we should call your old man?" He suggested, but Charlie was deep in thought already. Whoever did this was dangerous beyond anything she'd seen, even more so than Alastor or even the Goetia family. Taking him on alone, even though she was strong, could prove to be a fatal mistake. Adding to the fact that this new threat could end demons' existences permanently, Charlie suddenly felt afraid, for herself, her friends, her subjects and the home she lived in. Still, someone had to do something and if she was going to be the holder of the throne one day, she had to prove she could both earn and keep that right.

She looked at Cherri once again, recounting the fact that she was alive. Whoever this newcomer was had some sort of reason within, maybe even a sense of mercy. Before anyone could do or think up anything, several explosions, shots and screams were heard far off in the west, giving them a countdown of a sort.

"We can't wait for my dad. I don't know if he'll even care. I don't know about you guys, either, maybe it'll be safer if you all stay here. Whatever the case, I need to confront whoever did this." Charlie's determination won out in the end, but her fists were caught by Vaggie.

"Whoa! Whoa. Hon, you can't. You could be exterminated! All of us could. I know what you're thinking, but we can't bank all our bets on senora Bomb over there surviving whoever did this. They might not be so merciful this time around, going by the sound of things." She reasoned, prompting Angel to add his two cents in.

"That there's the start of Val's turf, his porn studio at the center of it. Nothing but thugs and whores down that road, so whoever that guy's blasting probably shot at him without a second thought." He cocked his tommy gun, ready for action.

"No. No, Angel, you hijo de puta! Don't encourage this stupidity!" Vaggie was starting get beside herself, but Alastor threw his whole pot in.

"I too am curious to see what kind of dark, demented, vile and destructive soul is causing this mess. Shall we, my dear?" His voice slowly turned normal, a sign that he truly was interested in seeing this scenario play out.

"Oh, come the fuck ON! Charlie, hon, just…" Vaggie's tirades were stopped by her princess with a soft finger on her mouth.

"All of us together and we can do it. Besides, someone has to do something." She took Vaggie's hands in reassurance, the moment interrupted by Alastor pulling them both close to him.

"I agree, darling. Not only will you potentially solve this mystery but also gain much needed clout for your hotel. Think of the opportunities that come with such a feat. Oh, the ratings! The cheers! The applause, I can just hear it all now!" Despite his antics, the Radio Demon had a point, giving Charlie further motivation.

"Then it's settled. Come on, gang. Let's go solve this case!" She pointed toward the scene of the chaos.

"Shit yeah. Time for some action. Cherri, babe, you comin'?" Angel readied his tommy gun.

"Right there with ya, Angie." She pulled out a bazooka, ready to blast things once again. Her brain kicked in, however, and let her know of one last fact to tell the others.

"Well, then. Glad to have you onboard, miss B-"

"Whoa, wait. Before I forget, there's one more thing. It may have been just the fear, but when I looked into his visor, I could swear…" She stopped, trying to regain the moment.

"What's the matter, Sugar Tits?" Angel asked.

"Well, I might have been delirious, but through that helmet, I could've sworn I saw a human's face." That one took everyone off guard and made Alastor even more curious.

"W-What…? That's not possible…" Charlie was a bit excited at the prospect of finally meeting a member of the human race, but she took it with a bit of skepticism. After all, Hell was no place for the living and no mortal could even make it down here, much less survive.

"She's right. No human has ever set foot here. You must've been seeing things." Vaggie chimed in.

"Yeah, you're probably right… Bleh, I'm getting us off track. Mind if I tag along?" Cherri was prepped for blowing shit up again.

"Of course not, miss Bomb. But please try not to shoot whoever we're trying to find." Charlie moved her hair's bow higher as she got in the driver's seat of the limo, her friends and Cherri getting in one by one in the backseats. One last breath taken by all of them before they braved the storm… Thus the Hazbin Hotel staff, its patrons and the bombing demonette were ready to go after the titan.

"Let's ride." And with those final words, Charlie drove off into the west wing, hot on the trail of what could only be described as Doom incarnate.