Summary: Tetheus-kun can WALK again AND Kitchel feels like it's her fault! And what can two servants do? Kitchel, working, castle- how are those words related? All we know ...honey is good.

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Update: 9/4/06. I have cleaned up the Diolasis story a little. By that I mean less grammatical errors (hopefully) and less confusing (possibly). Plotline is still same!



Rainbow Effect


"Tetheus? How are you feeling?" The blond man sidled up to the figure looking out the window. The man before him was hunched over on crutches. His frame was thinner then before, being bedridden for so long. Yet, he looked better then he had a few weeks ago.

"All right, my Lord." The dark haired yokai turned slightly, having trouble with the extra supports. "It doesn't hurt, hardly." The man smiled.

"A lot has happened sense you have been in bed." Lykouleon cast a bemused look at the grinning man whose smile turned into a scowl. Teehee! The Dragon Lord giggled to himself and made a little chibi face in his mind. "Not to worry! Nothing horrible...for you." The dragon remembered the face of many Dragon Fighters and one particular Officer when the news was broke.

Tetheus raised his eyebrow as he looked at the blond standing in front of him. Lykouleon's smile reminded him of the insanely happy- go-lucky smile of a well-known Renkin Wizard. And both were, in Tetheus' opinion, off the deep end. "What is it?" His exasperated tone was dry.

"Kitchel has gotten a job here at the castle!" The Lord giggled again, insanely like Kharl.

Tetheus' left crutch clattered onto the marble floor. "You're kidding me..." His lip twitched slightly and his hand convulsed. That girl at the castle? Working at the castle? The hell it would bring! Tetheus almost laughed at the thought in his mind of Alfeegi's insanity when a new factor in his balanced castle was placed on the scale. But seriously. Tetheus thought. It wouldn't be that bad. I mean she would be working here. That was good for Tetheus. Very good for Tetheus.

After Tetheus had reached the conclusion that this was, in fact, good for him, he turned too the still giggling dragon and in a choked voice... "How?"

It took him every ounce of his being too keep a strait face. "She came too my chambers about two days ago..."


Kitchel scuffed along the floor with a concentrated look upon her face. She was slightly nervous and frightened all the same. As she passed a huge vase, she stopped dead and let out a shriek.

"What? What's happening?" Alfeegi looked out of his Office door, which was a few feet from where Kitchel was gaping at the d├ęcor.

"I look like grandma Yetta!" Alfeegi's jaw dropped. Indeed, Kitchel was a mess. Being up at all hours can do that too a women, and Alfeegi knew that Kitchel had been up almost every night with Tetheus. But looking at her, made it worse. Her hair was at odd angles; the bags under her eyes were present, and the pink pj pants and blue shirt hung loosely on her shoulders and hips.

"Its not that bad." Alfeegi's gaze traveled down her body, legs, and too the pink fluffy slippers. He winced. She needed sleep, and badly. "Do you need too-"

"Ly down a while? Love too." She pushed her way into Alfeegi's Office. The aqua haired Officer was pushed roughly in the chest until his spin hit the door handle. His jaw dropped as he watched the ex-thief flop herself onto the small couch on the right wall of his office. He wearily walked back to his desk and forced himself too focus on the paperwork in his hands and not on the pretty girl in his office. The fact that she was pretty had almost nothing too do with it. It was what Tetheus might do too Feegi's poor tiny frame if he found out she had been sleeping there. Alfeegi had just finished his eighteenth, three paged, Fighter form when he heard a groan followed by a dull thump. He looked up dully.

"Oops." Kitchel was sitting hard on the floor. Apparently she had thought of somewhere else when she awoke. She presumably got up and dusted herself off. Twang. Alfeegi knew there was not any kind of dust in HIS office! Ruwalk had dust in his. Alfeegi knew from the amount that was on Ruwalk's desk alone. Alfeegi got a tiny bit red before Kitchel snapped him out of his little memory.

"How long was I out for?" Her question perplexed Alfeegi. He counted time by how long it took too fill out a form and how many he had done. No clock in this office was ever present.

"I would say...about an hour and a half." He smiled triumphantly as he stacked his forms. "Why? Did you have to do something?" The corner of his lip twitched when he saw Kitchel hurry too the door.

"I just wanted too REST! Why didn't you wake me up! ARG! I was supposed too meet the Dragon Lord." She stomped off. At least she looks a whole lot better then she did. Alfeegi thought as he went back to his office work. With realization, he picked up the forms and also trotted off down the corridor to The Lord's formal room.


"Kitchel." The Dragon Lord turned around to face the girl who had entered hurriedly through the doorway. Her face was placid and her eyes were wide. "Are you all right?"

"Y-yes, my Lord." Blushing slightly, she slid into the chair the Dragon Lord had motioned her too. She placed her hands awkwardly in her lap. She had just realized how inappropriate it was too be addressing Lykouleon in her pajamas. But it was too late for that; she was here, in his office.

"You said a little while ago that you had something you wish too discuss with me?" His head cocked to one side and he got up from the chair behind his desk. Sweeping around it he himself sat down in the chair next to the thief. His eyes locked with hers and Kitchel noticed the pity and worry in his gaze. "Nothing troubles you, I hope."

Kitchel's eyes went unearthly wide. "No!" Bristling at how loud she had shouted, Kitchel quieted herself and tried again. "No, my Lord. I was here to ask a favor of you." She closed her eyes in a kawaii smile. Lykouleon did the same.

"Whatever it is, dear. Just name it." Kitchel always had liked the Dragon Lord. He seemed like the parent Kitchel never had, or maybe a protective uncle.

Lykouleon inwardly sighed. He had been afraid that Kitchel was going to say that she would soon be leaving. He would have to contend with many sad maids and one heartbroken Officer if she left.

"I was wondering if I could get a job here at the Dragon Castle."

Clatter. Crash.

The two turned around to see Alfeegi in the doorway. The paper forms were sprawled out across the marble. One even was floating elegantly in the air; its trip to land lightly on the plant which was holding the door open. Alfeegi himself was slumped against the door frame, his hand clutching at his heart.

"Her? Working at the castle?" Forgetting who was present in the room, his mouth dropped open. "The chaos of it all." Kitchel folded her arms in mock offense.

"Alfeegi, please." The Lord's brows knitted together. "I think she would be a great assistant. She could have the highest room and board and could dine with us too!"

"Please sir." Kitchel blushed empathetically. "I do not refuse the dinning, but I would be just as satisfied with taking my lunch breaks and room in the servants quarters." Her face was scarlet as both men stared at her. Alfeegi was first to speak.

"And-what.. my dear... will you-be assisting in?" His voice was shaky. Out of possible anger and other emotions.

Lykouleon gave a wide grin. "Why, Alfeegi, you always complained about not having an assistant in paperwork matters, haven't you?" Alfeegi's mouth was open and a sweat drop rolled down his cheek. Raising a twitching hand, he pointed at the Dragon Lord.

"You-you're not serious!"

"I am."

Two floors down Tetheus awoke in his bed with a start. Was it just him, or had he heard the distinct shriek of Alfeegi's rage?


"That was him, wasn't it?" Tetheus smirked as the Dragon Lord finished his story. He could imagine the look on Alfeegi's face! It would have been priceless. To bad Ruwalk was not there. Could have made it an event.

Propping himself against a stone pillar, Tetheus stood silently for a few moments. "So, this means we'll see more of her?" The Lord nodded. "Everyday?"

"Most likely."

"Well, that's good new then, I suppose." Tetheus raised his hand to cup his own chin in thinking. "She will run other errands for the other Officer's, won't she?" The Dragon Lord nodded again. "Here I was thinking it was something bad. Thank you for telling me my Lord." Tetheus had realized how informal he was being, and was turning slightly pink. Lykouleon did not seem to mind, but it bothered the Back Dragon Officer.

Picking himself up again, he walked back into the castle, his legs fully working. Lykouleon smiled after him. The Dragon looked back at the two crutches left behind the yokai. One was on the ground and the other was sitting against the stone pillar. This was good news! He had his Officer back and in good health. The Dragon Lord did a small jig.

"Lykouleon?" The dumb struck sound of Ruwalk's voice came from behind him. Whirling around, the happy-go-lucky dragon smiled.

"Yes Ruwalk?" The innocence of his tone only made the situation weirder. Ruwalk put up his hands and turned around to walk away. The Dragon Lord followed, laughing.


Some floors down and hallways east was the maid, squire, and servants quarter. This is a small room to be compared to a lounge or a place for the occupants to take a 'coffee break'. Kitchel was there now, sitting against the wall with a nice mug of steaming hot cocoa in her hands. Blowing on the top, she was able to spit a few mouthfuls. Yummy. Best kind around in Kitchel's opinion.

"Hey Kitchel!" The thief looked up to see two friends of hers, each with a mug of cocoa in their hands as well, standing over her.

"Lachesis! Randi!" Kitchel's smile widened. After being here for no less then a week, she had two very good friends. The first, with short dark blue hair and gray eyes, was Lachesis. She was a patient girl with enough spunk and wildness to make up for her best friend, Randi. Randi was a quiet girl. Shorter then Lachesis and much more proper. She had long gray/silver hair and blue eyes. This combo made these two best friends even more like black and white then they already were. Kitchel noticed that they both had hot cocoa in their hands too. Lachesis's cup with marshmallows.

"How was the initiation?" Lachesis seated herself next to Kitchel's right and smiled widely.

"Yes." Randi said in her usual calm and collected voice, sitting on Kitchel's left. "Did you find it enjoyable?"

Kitchel scoffed. "Enjoyable? You two scared the living daylights out of me! I was nervous as anything!" Two days ago, having been given a job at the Dragon Castle, Lykouleon had bestowed upon her the gift of being part of the Dragon Tribe. Now, like the rest of the staff, Knights, Officers, and Fighters, she was ageless. It was quite a feeling to be getting on with. "By the way you two worked it up I thought it was going to hurt!"

Lachesis gave a laugh and clapped her on the back. Randi have a choked smirk and sipped her cocoa. "We just wanted to freak you out a little!" Lachesis spooned a marshmallow into her mouth with her tongue. "How fun would it have been to say 'you sit in a chair and the Dragon Lord and his wife do some what's-it spell and there yea be.'" Kitchel shrugged.

"At least now you will be able to live with that Dragon Officer." Lachesis and Kitchel both looked at Randi who had spoken. Kitchel blushed slightly and stirred the cocoa with her pointer finger.

"Didn't think anyone knew about that." Kitchel's hair fell into her eyes. She almost swore she saw Tetheus' face for a second in the muddled brown chocolate. She grinned to herself, her eyes sparkling. Yes, she would be able to live here now.

"You are kidding, are you not?" Randi sipped some more cocoa. "The rest kitchen staff knows." Both Randi and Lachesis were part of the kitchen staff. It was amazing to Kitchel how they could cook. She could never master it.

"Yes." Kitchel said with slight annoyance. "I wonder who said anything?" She placed a meaningful glance to her right at Lachesis who just drank her cocoa, humming slightly.

"You know." The blue haired girl said. "I think he likes you back!" She squealed and Kitchel rolled her eyes.

"I don't know..." The thief felt that knot of pain and regret twist in her chest.

"He forgives you, you know." Randi said with a meaningful glance at her.

"You think so?"

"We know so!" Lachesis said as she pulled Kitchel to her feet and wrenched the cup out of her hand. "Now, you better go tell him how you feel before you let him get away!" She started pulling Kitchel to the door, Randi close behind.

"But! But!" Kitchel had to admit, she had been waiting to tell him. But was she ready to confess that she loved the man she nearly got killed?

"No 'buts'!" Lachesis pushed her out the door. "Go get him!" Kitchel grinned sheepishly and started her way down the corridor and to Tetheus' room. She was sure he would be there.

"Ten dollars says she won't come back to her room tonight." Randi sipped her cocoa and looked at her partner in crime. Lachesis was looking at the window which was dark blue with the color of night.

"You're on."


"Tetheus?" The Black Officer whirled around on his heel to see an angel looking back at him from inside the doorway to his room balcony. No. It was Kitchel. "Tetheus?" She said again

"Yes Kitchel?" He smiled at She strode up to him and looked out over the grounds of the castle. "What it is?"

"I wanted to tell you that I got a job here." Her voice was shaking slightly and she could not meet his gaze. The cold night ripped around her skin and the starts sparkled off her skin, and his.

"The Lord told me so."

"I also wanted to again tell you how sorry I am." Kitchel started babbling for many moments about how she couldn't hardly sleep and how it haunted her to have hurt him so. She was silenced by a finger to her lips. She looked up into Tetheus' glittering almond eyes.

"It is all right. I know you did not do that of your own free will." Kitchel was suddenly very aware of how close he was to her. She was breathless.



"I wanted to tell you... how I feel." Her cheeks were burning. She met Tetheus' gaze which was warmer then she had ever seen them. This gave Kitchel courage. "I wanted to tell you that I love you... Tetheus of Black."

Tetheus stood, frozen on the spot. His heart swelled as he felt those words cut him deeper then any words could ever. He leaned forward and caught her mouth on his. "I feel the same way." He murmured before again taking her mouth into his. Kitchel's nerve endings sizzled.

Kitchel suddenly came to her senses through the kissing as her back hit the door frame that separated his room and the balcony. She hazily felt him scoop her up and drop her onto his bed. Kitchel knew that she was taught better then this. She knew. But this didn't feel wrong or sinful. It felt right. All thought was instantly obliterated as she felt the button on her shirt being undone.


"Ruwalk!" The Yellow Officer jumped and hit his head on the window. He turned to see Alfeegi standing in the doorway, arms crossed. "Are you spying on them!" Ruwalk blushed sheepishly.

"There's not much to see. They went in." He pointed to the vacant balcony. Alfeegi scoffed and rolled his eyes. The moonlight shimmering off his hair as he moved, almost enchantingly so.

"Come to bed Ruwalk." The Yellow Officer waved him off but the aqua haired man pulled on his arm. "Come to bed."

Ruwalk turned to him with a slight pout. "I can't believe you were right about those two."

"I told you so." The other man shrugged but stopped and shivered as Ruwalk ran his hand up his arm.

"You're right Feegi, lets go to bed." Ruwalk walked out of the room and started to the right, to his room. He felt a tug on his arm and saw Alfeegi shyly pulling him to the left. "But Feegi, your room is left, mine is right."

"I know that." Alfeegi said just above a whisper.


Kitchel awoke to birds twittering in the window, the hangings flapping in the light morning breeze. Her eyes were open only millimeters, but snapped open in a flash. She felt something warm and moving under her. It took her a second to realize where she was and when she looked at the figure sleeping next to her, everything came flooding back into her mind. She smiled.

Tetheus was laying asleep in a tangle of sheets. One of his arms was up by his head and the other had been around Kitchel before she had waken. His mouth was slightly open and his bare chest moved slightly when he breathed. Kitchel smiled wider as she saw the elongated canine tooth poking out from his lips. He was just to perfect in her mind.

Cautiously she slid from the sheets, not wanting to wake him and quickly dressed her naked skin. Kitchel slipped on a pair of sweat pants and an overlarge t-shirt. Walking past the night stand, she picked up a brush and made her way into the bathroom. As Kitchel was drying her face off with a towel, just having washed it, she felt two arms wrap around her waste and someone nuzzle the back of her neck. Giggling, the thief placed the towel back on the counter.

"You woke before I did." Tetheus slipped his hands from her waste to get ready for breakfast. He smelled of rich honey and burning cloves. Kitchel looked him over. He was wearing some casual slacks and a black over shirt. Not the usual 'Tetheus of Black' uniform. She smiled. Ah yes, this was the life Kitchel had always wanted.

The feeling increased as she walked to breakfast, Tetheus' arm slipped around her once again. As the doors to the dinning area opened, Kitchel felt a warm sensation in the pit of her chest. The sound of chattering friends and the low laughter of some Officers, mainly Ruwalk, made the warm sensation grow.

As the couple walked down the table to the last two seats, Kitchel nearly stopped. She would have if Tetheus had not had her around the waste. She could have sworn she saw glints of aqua wrapped around strands of Ruwalk's dark hair. Like gold amongst iron. Kitchel shook her head. Just a figment of her imagination.

She seated herself in a chair Tetheus drew back for her. This brought many stares from around the table. But not glares or whispers, but knowing looks. Kitchel would be surprised if the whole Castle didn't know by then. At that precise moment, Randi and Lachesis entered the double doors carrying breakfast. Lachesis wore her usual wild smile and Randi wore her usual blank look of kind knowing. As they poured glasses of water, Lachesis looked Kitchel's way and giggled. Kitchel playfully glared. The whole castle DID know! Randi gave a sly smile and they both walked out soon after. Lachesis looked as if she were laughing, the way she was leaning on Randi, and could barley control herself. Ohhhh, she would make them pay. Kitchel grinned.

Her thoughts were cut off by a pair of warm lips on her ear. She blushed furiously as Tetheus stroked her jaw line lightly and went back to drinking his glass of water. Kitchel shivered from the contrast of the cold water and his warm lips on her skin. The feeling in her breast trickled into her heart and wrapped itself there. Then, listening to everyone at the table eating and talking with lighthearted tones and with Tetheus sitting next to her, lightly touching her skin lovingly from time to time, Kitchel figured out what the feeling was.

As she looked down at her plate, she realized that this was love. Not just for Tetheus, which most of it was for, but for the whole Dragon Tribe. Her new family. And Kitchel also knew that this new home was where she truly belonged. Always. With Tetheus. With everyone.

Kitchel smiled and forked the molasses and honey coated sand dollar pancake into her mouth. Before she could do much, Tetheus had caught her mouth in his. His tongue licked the sweet sugar substance from her lips and Kitchel heard everyone go quiet. As Tetheus pulled back, she could hear Ruwalk's distinct voice float soothingly out of the silence.

"Well, it's about time."


I encourage anyone to write more Kitchel and Tetheus, they are great together and I would love to read your stuff. Watch for me. I'll be out there. Ja-ne.