Okay, before starting off, I want to say that I have never watched or read the manga in English.  I have read the comics and watched the T.V. Series in Spanish.  So most of the dialog will be based on how people make them talk in the fanfics.  So…um… with that stated, ON WITH THE SHOW!


Ranma sighed while throwing rocks at the small river, but being careful of not wetting him self.  As he kept throwing the rocks he stared at his reflection.  After a few seconds went by there was another reflection next to him.  He raised his eyebrow slightly and than turned around slowly.

"Shampoo?"  He said while looking at the purple haired girl sitting behind him.  She smiled a bit and than sat down next to him

"Nihao Ranma"  She said while sitting down next to him.  Ranma raised an eyebrow.  He was surprised that she hadn't jumped on him already.  It was…scary.  They stayed in silence for minutes, until Shampoo spoke.

"Shampoo leaving, Ranma.  Shampoo leaving and no coming back"  She said while hugging her legs.  Ranma heard Shampoo and for a minute was happy.  But then looking at her expression he sighed. 


"Shampoo very tired of begging and begging and no winning airen's love…"  She than stood up and looked at Ranma.  "Wo ai ni, Ranma…"   And with that she walked away slowly.

He could have gone after her.  He could have comforted her, but why? She was absolutely right.  He would never lover her.  Shampoo ran all the way to the Cat Café.  Her great grandmother had been right.  He didn't even go behind her.  Going into the Café she started packing.  Moose came into the room a few minutes later and started packing in silent.  He knew it would not be wise to bother her right now.  After they were done packing the got out of the place.

"Good bye, Cat Café…" Shampoo thought and than got into the truck.   As she was leaving she looked back.  "Good bye Japan, Good bye, Ranma my love"