Eclipsed Hearts
Chapter 1

A soft smile played on her face as Kagome watched her family. It had only been six years since Inu Yasha had reentered her life, 'But what a wonderful six years' she thought. She watched her children playing. Her eldest Cain, with his fathers ears, claws and temper but her coloring. Lay on the floor next to his Uncle Souta playing his new PlayStation game.

Sitting in her Uncle Se's lap, her silver white hair mingling with his, was their beautiful golden eyed three year old, Keiko. A snort of laughter escaped her as she watched the great demon lord of the Western Lands, the CEO of Western Lands Inc., let the three year old ramble on. What it was about she couldn't figure out, but Sesshoumaru was paying close attention. Then her daughters sweet lilting voice reached her, "See, we have the same color hair cause we have the same kinda gene. It's netics." Keiko was so proud of her self, she had managed to explain 'netics to her Uncle Se.

"And where did you learn so much about genetics?" He asked truly amazed that she understood the basic concepts. 'She truly is an exceptional child.'

"Daddy and I watched the movie bout it on TV." She answered.

That he and Inu Yasha had become friends still amused the great demon lord, but that this small white haired girl had wrapped him around her oh so human fingers he would never admit. 'It is only because she reminds me so much of Rin' he thought. He quickly hid a smile as Keiko reached up to kiss his cheek. Then she continued to explain R and A and D and A.

Her mother and grandfather sat at a small table playing Mahjong with Shippo. The Kitsune was mischievous as ever, even if he had grown up and become a doctor, most of his patients were of demon blood, full or half. All those times he had helped her provide aid during the Feudal Era had caused him to study medicine. A light nip on her shoulder brought her out of her thoughts. She felt his arms snake around her waist and relaxed against her husband. She heard him sniff her neck.

"So when were you planning on telling me?" He asked softly, kissing her neck below the ear.

"Tonight. But since you know I guess we can tell everyone after dinner." She turned without breaking his embrace and looked into his golden eyes, her arms slipped around his neck as she raised her lips to his in a soft gentle kiss.

"Yuck." They broke apart to find their son looking up at them. Inu Yasha released her and lifted the boy easily into the air.

"You won't think so one day, my son." He kissed his son on the cheek and placed him back on the floor ruffling his dark hair. Cain gave his father a sour look and vigorously rubbed his cheek. "Now go wash up. Dinner is ready. You too Keiko." Keiko turned and pouted at her father. "Now please."

"But I'm not done teaching Uncle Se about 'netics." she whined.

"You may finish after dinner." Sesshoumaru told her placing her on the floor, "Obey your father." Keiko reached out her small hand silently asking him to come with her. He could never refuse her, just as he had never been able to refuse Rin.

"May I speak with you for a moment Sesshoumaru?" Inu Yasha's voice interrupted. "Go on Keiko, I need to talk to your Uncle Se about adult stuff."

"Come on sweetie Mommy will help you." Kagome said lifting the pouting child into her arms, "Oof, you're getting big." She knew what Inu Yasha wanted to talk about. As soon as he had found out about each of her pregnancies he had set up a trust fund for the child, it pleased her that he made sure each child would always be provided for.

Sesshoumaru gave his brother a puzzled look, they never discussed business at home. Inu Yasha motioned him into his study as they walked towards the door he explained "Kagome is expecting. So tomorrow, I need to come into the office and set up the trust fund for this child. I guess I should also make the changes we discussed in my will."

"Of course. I shall contact the lawyers first thing in the morning. They should have the paperwork ready by noon. Congratulations brother. It is good that our family continues to grow."

Inu Yasha was about to reply when he heard noises from the dining room, he groaned knowing what was coming. Kagome's voice echoed through the town house as she began yelling at their son. "Cain, if you don't sit" he felt the warmth and sudden pull downward "Shit" he said as his entire body collided with the ground "down right this minute you won't be able to sit for a week. Do you understand me. NOW SIT DOWN AND SIT STILL!" After the first sit, Inu Yasha didn't try to get up. He lay there letting his head hit the floor four more times.

"Kagome" He yelled to her gently, "are you finished telling our son to SIT?" He asked. Souta, Shippo, Sesshoumaru, Mrs. Higurashi and Grandfather Higurashi bit back their laughter.

"What?" she asked returning to the den, she looked puzzled until Shippo pointed down. There laying on the floor with his cheek resting calmly on one hand was her husband. "Oh Inu Yasha, I'm sorry." She ran to help him up "Your son just refuses to S..." His hand quickly clamped over her mouth.

"Five times a day is my limit." No longer able to control themselves everyone started to laugh, even Inu Yasha and Kagome joined in.