Part III

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Sierra Campbell didn't know how she was the one who got stuck with babysitting duty. When her dad had talked about his high school reunion, she had been skeptical, but he had assured her that it was going to be a great time. But instead of fun events and other kids her age, she was stuck in a room with a bunch of babies.

Alright, so they weren't technically babies, but her dad had to admit that the five-year-old and two four-year-olds were nowhere close to her own age of 12. They didn't even know how to play basketball for crying out loud!

Sierra glared at the door from her spot on the bed willing her dad and his friends to hurry up and return to claim their children. She didn't understand why she couldn't be involved in the planning meeting. When she had tried to follow the adults into the sitting room, her dad's friend, Miss Joy, had loudly proclaimed that this meeting was for adult ears only and had ushered Sierra and the kids into this room and locked the door.

Sierra watched anxiously as one of the little redheaded demons approached her, "Do you wanna play I spy with us?".

"No, I don't want to play I spy".

"What about hide and seek?" asked uncle Fabian's daughter.

"I just want to go exploring" said the little redhead boy.

"Exploring sounds fun" cheered Antonia.

"We can't go exploring. They locked us in, remember?" corrected Sierra.

"Oh! I can fix that" offered Antonia. Snagging one of the many bobby pins holding Cassie's hair in place and then set to work jiggling the lock.

"What are you doing?" screeched Sierra panicking.

"What does it look like she's doing?" sassed Cassie. "She's unlocking the door".

"Well obviously. But how do you know how to do that?"

"It's easy, my babysitter taught me how to do it" explained Antonia. "It doesn't take long once you know how".

"Yay! Exploring time!" cheered Tucker as the door clicked open.

Knowing that she wouldn't be able to stop the excited toddlers even if she wanted to, Sierra reluctantly followed the three children out into the hallway.

"Well… Where to first guys?" Cassie asked.

"The cellar!" declared Antonia confidently leading the way.

*Long Live - Long Live - Long Live*

It took no time for Antonia to pick the lock on the cellar door and soon Sierra found herself standing in a creepy cellar with three adventurous toddlers. Her dad owed her so much ice cream for this!

"This place looks like a witches hut" whispered Cassie.

"There is no such thing as witches Cassie" snapped Antonia digging through one of the many boxes filling the space.

"Woah guys! Look at this!" called Tucker pointing to a collection of bottles on the wall. "They look like magic potions".

"Maybe we shouldn't touch anything" suggested Sierra nervously. "This stuff could be dangerous".

"Well duh… that's half the fun!" sassed Antonia.

"Maybe we'll find a treasure map like in Jake and the Neverland Pirates!" suggested Tucker.

"Well, we better hurry up, the adults could finish their meeting at any moment" cautioned Sierra.

"Who wants to play dress up?" asked Cassie pulling out a set of red robes from one the boxes. "There are a ton of robes in here. That way we can all be witches".

"Me! I'm going to look like a wizard" cheered Tucker pulling on one of the robes.

"These are soooo comfy" sighed Antonia, snuggling into the oversized fabric.

"Hey Toni, yours has Grandpa Eric's name on it" giggled Cassie.

"Well Tucker's has my godmommy's last name on it" replied Antonia.

"Ok… well as fun as this all has been, we should go back upstairs now" ordered Sierra. The decapitated boars head staring at her from across the room had successfully creeped her out enough.

"Fine," sighed Cassie. "But I'm keeping my robe"

"Me too!" chimed the others".

"Fine, fine. Let's just go already" snapped Sierra herding the trio of troublemakers back out of the creepy room.

Sierra didn't relax until they were finally safe back in the room Miss Joy had locked them in. Settling back down on the bed, Sierra watched the troublesome trio out of the corner of her eye… somehow, she knew that her adventures here had only just begun.

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