A/N: The Lee Rang/Chu Ga Eul bug bit me. Thanks people. :p

This is set in the Tale of the Nine Tailed drama world after the events of the drama. I'm rebelling against Lee Rang's death and going with the AU everybody lives scenario.

The Chu Ga Eul in this story is the same one from Boys Over Flowers; I'm sacrificing my own ultimate ship here because everything that happened with Yi Jeong did happen to her in this story world, but Yi Jeong did not come back from Sweden at all, so they did not end up together.

This will be a short fic, probably six chapters, written entirely in Lee Rang's POV.

Enjoy :)

Lee Rang wanted to kill whoever had set the Spiderman theme song as the ringtone on his phone, then set the volume to full blast. But seeing as he had a pretty good idea of who the culprit was, killing the little brat wasn't an option. Unfortunately.

But maybe he could still kill Yu Ri, who woke Rang up from a perfectly pleasant nap to tell him she wouldn't be able to pick said little brat up from school that day.

"So get Shin-joo to pick him up," Rang grumbled into the phone, resting his head on his pillow once more.

"Shin-joo is stuck at the clinic. He has too many patients today. Can't you just go? I'll send you the address."

Rang sighed heavily.

"Fine," he mumbled. "I guess if you want something done, you have to do it yourself. I'll go. But only because that brat deserves to be punished for messing with my phone."


Rang hung up without answering her question. He already had a massive headache from staying up most of the night playing video games, and now this.

A second later a message from Yu Ri came in with the address of Soo-oh's school.

When he arrived at the school, the place looked deserted, and he wandered bewilderedly through the halls for several minutes before finally stumbling upon the teachers' offices. Hyper speed didn't help much if he didn't know where he was going.

"Excuse me. I'm looking for Kim Soo-oh," he said to a middle-aged lady sitting at a desk near the front of the room.

The lady frowned at him and looked him up and down over her glasses.

"Oh, are you his guardian?"

"Yes." How did she know that?

"He's with his teacher, Miss Chu Ga Eul. Her office is in the back and to the right." The lady pointed down the row of cubicles.

"Oh, thank you."

Rang found Soo-oh in a cubicle by the window just as the lady had said; he was sitting at a desk next to a petite young woman with long, loosely curled hair who was inputting data into a spreadsheet on her computer.

"Time to go, Blacky," Rang announced.

Soo-oh twisted around in his seat, and now Rang could see he had a lollipop in his mouth. When the boy spoke around the hard candy, his words were muffled.

"Ahjussi! I colored you a picture!" Triumphant, Soo-oh held up a coloring page of—who else?—Spiderman leaping off of a building.

"Oh." The teacher turned and stood. Wearing a ruffled white blouse and pearl earrings with a pink cardigan and a pink skirt, she looked like a collectible doll gone missing from its box. Except that she also looked mildly pissed off. He could see it in her eyes even as she offered him a polite smile. "I'm Soo-oh's teacher, Chu Ga Eul. Are you the guardian who's supposed to pick him up?"


She pursed her lips and nodded.

"May I see some identification, please?"


"I can't just hand him over to anyone, you understand. It has to be someone on his approved list. Do you mind if I see your driver's license?"

Ugh, human customs were so annoying. Nevertheless, Rang produced his driver's license—fake, of course, same as his birth certificate—for her perusal.

The lady nodded and marked something on a sheet of paper.

"Can we go now?" Rang stuffed the license back in his wallet impatiently.

"Is everything okay?"


"Pick up was an hour ago. All the other students have left for the day. Miss Yu Ri told me you'd be picking him up. I thought maybe you...got in an accident or something." She waved her hand. Placed one hand on her hip and the other on the back of her chair.

"I got held up," Rang answered smoothly. And by that, Rang meant he had napped for an extra ten minutes, then took a long, hot shower, then debated what to wear for another twenty minutes, until finally he sat in traffic for thirty minutes wishing his car also had lightning fast speed and the power of flight.

His unintentional volunteer work had gotten out of hand lately.

His head throbbed; the drive over had worn him out, and he wanted to go back to bed. But the teacher wasn't finished.

"Well, I wish you would have called or something," she said. "Miss Yu Ri said you would be here at—"

"And now I'm here. Come on, Soo-oh. Let's go home and have dinner."

"Can Chu Seonsaengnim have dinner with us? She gave me candy." Soo-oh tugged on Rang's pinstriped black suit jacket.

"Ani." Rang swatted Soo-oh's hand away. "Get your book bag."

Soo-oh pouted but pulled his book bag from underneath the teacher's desk and deposited his coloring page inside it.

"Oh. You've still got a runny nose," the teacher commented. She snatched a tissue out of a pale green tissue box on her desk and knelt on the floor in front of Soo-oh. "Blow," she commanded, holding the tissue to his nose.

Rang shuddered as Soo-oh blew into the tissue.

Humans and their disgusting secretions. The little ones never knew how to properly clean themselves. He wondered how the lady stood to be around a class full of miniature snot-nosed humans all day.

"He's always got a runny nose," Ga Eul noted. "Do you think it's allergies?"


She stood and tossed the tissue into a wastebasket. Pumped a drop of sanitizer into her hand from the bottle on her desk.

"Why his nose always runs," she elaborated, rubbing her hands together.

"How should I know?" he asked. "He's been that way since I got him."

"Since you...Oh, I thought Miss Yu Ri's husband was—"

"I'm not Yu Ri's husband. I'm her...a friend. Of the family. I live with them."

"Oh, I see." She nodded.

"He's Spiderman!" Soo-oh pointed up at him, and Rang shot him a look. Damn kid would give away his nine-tailed identity to all of Seoul before long.

The teacher giggled.

"Oh, is he? Then you better behave or he might hand you over to the bad guys."

"Ani. He would kick the bad guy's butt," Soo-oh stated emphatically.

"Okay. I believe you." The teacher gave Rang a secretive smile he didn't know how to respond to. He didn't typically interact with humans unless he had an ulterior motive. Unless they had something very definite and advantageous to offer him. Or at the very least were giving him a haircut. This woman was wasting his time.

Precious time where he could be napping the day away.

"Well, if Spiderman gets held up saving the city next time, maybe he can give the school a call," the teacher was saying as she closed a few applications on her computer and powered it down. "I missed a coffee date with a friend so Soo-oh wouldn't be waiting here by himself."

She missed a date?

Great. A favor. Now he owed this frail human a favor.

"Oh. How can I thank you?" The words rolled sluggishly off his tongue.

"You don't have to thank me." Reaching over, she tousled Soo-oh's hair. "I used to be really worried about him, but since he got adopted by a nice family I haven't been so much." She smiled.

Rang wanted to tell her to take her grubby human hands off of his reincarnated puppy.

"Chu Seonsaengnim, can we make clay foxes tomorrow?" Soo-oh asked.

Shut up, you dumb puppy.

"Of course. You can make whatever you want. Are foxes your favorite animal?"

Rang's dumb puppy nodded enthusiastically.

Okay, enough of this. He could owe this human a favor tomorrow. He could buy her a fucking coffee shop.

"Cats are mine," she said, smiling wider. "Maybe one day I'll bring my cat to class."

Cats. What a stupid animal.

"Yay!" Soo-oh yelled, and Rang took that opportunity to grab his wrist and back away.

"Thank you again. We'll be going now."

"Okay, have a good night. Bye Soo-oh," she called out sweetly.

"Bye Chu Seonsaengnim!"

Chu Seonsaengnim. Well, at least Rang had finally met the teacher Soo-oh wouldn't shut up about.

He had no idea why the female human impressed the little boy so much. She didn't look old enough to possess much knowledge at all. At least not anything worth knowing.

And she was so small. So weak-boned and breakable.

In the old days, Rang would have snapped her in two with so little effort it was laughable.

This was the Chu Seonsaengnim Yu Ri and Shin-joo were entrusting his precious Blacky to every day?

What a joke.

He was quite embarrassed to owe her a favor and wasted no time when he got home in repaying the debt.

The package would reach her by the end of the week, and that would be the end of it.