Hey! This is a poem I wrote about kagome and inuyasha's feelings for each
other. Please tell me what you think and review.-glory

I want you here.
Silent tears in the dark,
I need you here.
When I think of love
You come instantly to mind.
Growing up.alone, I need you.
Having fun in the sun and
Cool breezes, makes me think of us.
Wintry Wonderlands with snow
Coming fast.a soothing velvety voice taking away my chill.
You give me so much.
There is nothing I'd rather see, than
You with me; me with you.
All my joy, all my need.
Sweet flowers, simple hugs, quiet kisses,
I want you. Near.
You with me. Me with you.
That's the way it should be, because
I want you here.