Chapter 1

Ragen's wish


Ragen's POV

I chewed on my toy as Hudson watched the news. It showed a picture of the sky. Then Mistress and Puck came in.

"So, the shower is passing-" Puck was saying.

"Mistress, pet me!" I followed her.

"Ok, but then I gotta go do my lesson." She said.

"Gimme pets." I sat next Mistress.

Mistress rubbed my ears and hair. It was nice. Her hands was soft. I wanted to scent mark Mistress. I rubbed my gland on her arm. We sat on the couch. She petted me and rubbed my tummy. My tail thumped on the couch. She rubbed my scent gland. I whined happily.

"You're a good boy, Ragen." She told me.

"Mistress!" Zara barged in.

"Mine!" I barked.

"Ragen, be nice." Mistress said.

Zara got on the couch and laid on Mistress's lap. Mistress petted her and scratched her ears. Zara covered my marking and took all the pets.

"I wish I didn't have to share with Zara." I pouted.

Ragen's POV End


Talia's POV

"Kai, no. Off my lap." Adri said.

"My lap." He said.

"You're gonna eat all the popcorn." She moved the bowl.

"Kai, come." I called and he did.

He looked up at me. I scratched his ears. His tail wagged. I sat on the couch and then Kai laid on top of us. I let him drink some of my milkshake. We started the movie. There was a sudden flash of light and Kai disappeared.

"Kai!" I yelled.

In his place, there was a fox Pet. He had dark brown skin and hazel eyes with a mole near his left eye. His hair was medium length and brown. His fur was also brown. He looked around and saw me.

"Mistress!" He tried to mark me. I stopped him. "Mistress?"

"Who are you?" I asked.

Talia's POV End