Brittany and Santanta Snixxth Anniversary

Santana and Brittany weren't the most traditional of couples- being gay being the least of their unorthodox sins. Nevertheless, Brittany had been insistent since their first anniversary that they follow one tradition. The blonde had, with the promise of sweet lady kisses, gotten her Latina to agree to give the traditional gift for every anniversary. Santana, to her benefit, agreed but also used Valentines day, which fell only 6 days earlier, as her opportunity to be extravagant. As their 6th anniversary approached, Santana was pleasantly surprised that candy, for her sweet sweet Britt, would be the perfect gift. But it couldn't just be a small pack of gummy bears- no Santana would be going all out.

On the other hand, every year Brittany wondered why she'd chosen this restriction for their gifts. Santana always found a way to take something simple, like paper, and make it extravagant. Last year, the gift had been wood, and while Brittany had ended up getting her girlfriend a wooden treble clef pendant, Santana bought Brittany a custom cherry wood guitar after the blonde expressed interest in playing. She'd even enlisted Blaine to give her lessons, which he did gladly. This year, Brittany was at a loss again- she could give Santana another necklace but the other traditional gift was iron. It was symbolic of strength, and if there was one word Brittnay always thought of when she thought of the raven haired seductress, it was strength. After she'd exhausted herself looking at classic gifts, realizing none would suit her wife, Brittany called up her best resource- Quinn.

"B, you know Santana better than anyone. I don't see how I can be of assistance." Quinn said, pushing her sunglasses up as she sat across Brittany at Starbucks.

"I know I do, but I'm stuck. Iron is such a weird material." the taller blonde ran a hand through her hair.

"You said it symbolizes strength, right?" the shorter girl asked, and after receiving a nod "What's the strongest moment you can think of? The strongest thing Santana has ever done."

"Admitting she loved me." Brittany said softly.

"Well, I don't know exactly how that went down, but I bet you can figure something out." Quinn patted the back of Britrany's hand "But she'll love it, as long as it comes from the heart."

Santana stood in the middle of something that reminded her of the Wonka chocolate factory, and was beyond overwhelmed by the choices. She knew there was lots of ways to customize candy- but this was extravagant. A worker wandered over and offered to help, and for the first time, she actually appreciated it.

"Yeah, it's my sixth anniversary and I need it to be awesome. She loves candy, but I want it to be special." Santana explained.

"I think something that you made yourself always stand out. We have a way for you to make some of the candy. A skilled chef will help you along the way but the heart is still there." he offered.

"I think that's a splendid idea. Could I get in as soon as possible?" Santana asked "I'll pay."

"Come in tomorrow and they'll help you out." he smiled and Santana left, writing ideas for what to make Brittany on her phone. On the other side of town, Brittany had found a jewelry shop where she could help make the jewelry. They even made custom shapes. She put an order in, beyond excited for the moment Santana saw the new bracelet and ring.

It was the night before and both girls were running to collect their gifts from the shops. They'd exchange at midnight- their own personal tradition they'd started. Brittany's gifts took up two small boxes, while Santana struggled to carry the assortment she'd gotten Brittany. They arrived home, and as soon as midnight struck, Santana went first. She revealed a candy bouquet of spun sugar roses (that she'd managed to make after nearly a billion tries), a rainbow unicorn lollipop, personalized MMs with their initials instead, chocolate hearts and Hershey's kisses piled high with gummy bears and more candy than the blonde should ever eat or could ever imagine.

"Did you make these roses?" Britrnay asked, delicately tracing a petal.

"Yeah, it's a lot harder than it looks. You should eat them soon, they don't have any preservatives and are bound to break. But did you see the ribbon?" Santana pointed to a pulled sugar ribbon around the vase in the bi flag colors. "I just wanted to remind you that I love you as you are. Nothing will ever change that."

"Thank you Sanny. Here's mine, I feel like I lost again." she looked down bashful but the shorter girl met her eyes.

"It's not a competition. I love your little gifts. My love language is giving gifts, and yours is relieving them, but my love language is also quality time and you love to give it to me." she softly kissed a freckled nose before opening the two jewelry boxes. Enclosed was a iron band bracelet with the lyrics "I love you like never before" stamped into it, and in the other box a ring with a small songbird on it, with a tiny amethyst as it's eye. Santana rubbed at her eyes as tears threatened to fall. She slipped the ring on her right hand and the bracelet on her wrist. A small tear fell, and Brittany wiped it away.

"Do you like it? I know the stamping is a little uneven but I did it myself." Brittany admitted. Santana, never one for words, pulled Britrnay into a soft kiss that conveyed everything she wanted to say. She loved the gifts. She remembered the day she sang songbird to Brittany. It was so emotional and painful, and she still regrets not going on Fondue for Two. How this reminds her of how weak she was but how strong she was trying to be. How Brittany made her stronger. Always. Brittany always gave her strength.

"I'll take that as a yes." Brittany said.

"For you, it's always been yes" Santana said.