Attack of the Phantom

NOTE: I do not own any of the Nintendo characters. Michelle and Kimoru are original creations of mine and you may not use them without my permission. Thank you very much.

Chapter 1: Captured!

It was just another day at the Super Smash Bros. Mansion. Scheduled fights were going on; the tournament was a few months away, and all was well. On the stage of Princess Peach's Castle, one of the scheduled fights was going on between Mario, Link, Donkey Kong, and the Ice Climbers.

"You're-a not-a gonna get away that-a easily," yelled Mario while chasing Popo and Nana through the stage. They quickly pivoted and hammered their hammers into Mario, sending him flying back. At that time, Link did a spin attack to ward off Donkey Kong, but he dodged, picked up Link over his head, and threw him into the Ice Climbers. Link double jumped in the air to prevent the mid-air collision and fired an arrow at Donkey Kong, which the large ape barely dodged.

Right at that moment, storm clouds started rolling in from the west side of the stage, and lightning started striking from cloud to cloud, then cloud to ground. A dark, cloaked figure started coming down from the clouds, and as he got closer, he started growing in size until he was over eight feet tall! Popo, before he could hammer Mario again, looked at the figure with Nana in shock.

"Guys, LOOK!"

Everybody turned to look at the figure. Donkey Kong yelped in surprise, Link's eyes widened slightly as he gasped, and Mario's hands started twitching as he stood in shock. If you could see underneath his cloak, the dark figure formed a large, evil grin on his face, and as he did this, he started laughing to himself.

"Well, well, well.what do we have here? A rather odd looking bunch of heroes," laughed the figure. He landed onto the field and started walking toward the fighters. Mario started backing away from him, and the others soon followed his lead.

"What do you want," yelled Link in question. "Just who are you, anyway!?" All the dark person could do was laugh. He started flying towards the five at high speed.

"Get down," ordered Mario. Everyone quickly ducked as the figure flew overhead of them. He turned around and looked at the awestricken fighters. He held out both of his gloved hands. Each hand created a ball of dark magic, then the two balls merged into one larger one that was then fired at the group, sending them flying to all parts of the stage. Donkey Kong landed on top of the tower on his stomach, unconscious. The Ice Climbers were blown to the east side of the tower on the roof, also unconscious. Mario hit the west side of the tower while Link was gripping onto the edge some yards away from Popo and Nana. The dark figure walked up to the Hylian and looked down at him with glowing red eyes, laughing under his breath. Link looked up and his eyes widened. The figure reached down and grabbed Link with one hand as the young hero struggled to get free of his grasp. He then flew up into the air, laughing louder down at the rest of the awestricken and awakening group.

"Hear me," boomed the figure. "I am known as the Gloved Phantom, Kimoru. I was the one who brought all of you Super Smash Brothers to this place. But, alas, I have been rather lonely with just these hands and myself. I've looked at the females of your group, but none of them interest me. Bring me a worthy bride, and I'll give you back the boy!" And with those words, he disappeared with Link, laughing.

"No, Link" screamed Mario.

"What are we going to do now," asked Nana. Mario stood there for a few minutes, silent, and thinking of a possible solution. Unfortunately, he couldn't think of anything.

"Let's-a let everyone else-a know what's-a going on." The others nodded sadly and quickly left the stage.