Chapter 7: BLOOPERS!!!

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This is the Gag Reel of "Attack of the Phantom." Enjoy! ^-^

Setting: Princess Peach's Castle, opening fight sequence.

Part 1:

Mario: You're-a not-a gonna get away that-a easily

He chases after Popo and Nana, then trips over his shoelaces. Nana stops, points at Mario, and laughs, Popo falling over, hugging his sides and laughing.

Director: CUT!!!

Part 2:

The Phantom bends over and grabs Link by the throat, then flies up into the air, looking down at the other fighters

Phantom: Hear me!! I am known as the Gloved Phantom, Kimoru. I was the one who brought all of you Super Smash Brothers to this pla-

He drops Link

Link: Oof!!

Phantom: Sorry!!

Everyone bursts out laughing, even Link

Director: CUT!!!

Part 3:

Phantom: Hear me!! I am known as the Gloved Phantom, Kimowi. I wa-

Director: CUT!!! It's Kimoru, NOT Kimowi!! Get it right!!

Mario: Loser, can't-a even pronounce-a your own-a name-a.

Phantom grumbles to himself and reads over his script

Setting: Infirmary, when Michelle wakes up

Part 1:

Michelle: * waking up * Gah!! It's a Pokémon! Kill it! KILL IT!!!

Director: CUT!!! You're not supposed to say "Kill it, kill it"!!!

Michelle: Well excuuuuuuuuuuuse me!

Part 2:

Michelle: Could someone please explain to me why the heck I'm here!?

Falco: We want you to become the Bride of the Phantom Kamui.

Director: Cut, cut, cut, CUT!!! You're not supposed to get that far, Falco!! Where the heck is Fox!?

Fox is sleeping in one of the beds. The Director pushes him out of bed.

Fox: Hey!! We've been at the scene for three hours! Let me get some rest!!

Part 3:

Take 1:

Young Link: * looking up at Michelle * What's your name?

Michelle: The name's Bond. James Bond.

Everybody laughs

Director: CUT!!

Michelle: * laughing * Sorry, I was tempted to do that!

Take 2:

Young Link: What's your name?

Michelle: ...What's my line again?

Director: CUT!!!

Take 3:

Young Link: What's your name?

Michelle bursts out laughing

Director: Now what!?

Michelle: I'm sorry! He's got something hanging from his nose!

Young Link: I do?? * runs out of the room *

Director: I need a break.

Setting: Young Link's Room

Young Link wakes up from all the blasting and banging coming from the Corneria stage by his room. He groggily gets out of bed, takes a few steps towards the door, then trips over his boots and falls flat on his face. Everyone back stage starts laughing

Director: LIIINK!!!

Link: You rang?


Setting: Princess Peach's Castle: Final fight scene

Roy looks at Michelle and the unconscious Link.

Roy: Michael, get Link out of he-

Michelle: I'm not a boy, you idiot!!

Director: Cut!!! Roy, get her name and gender right!!!

Fox: Dial star-six-nine! Know the number, date, and time!

Everybody: SHUT UP!!!

Fox: * lowering his ears * Yes'm.

Setting: Docking Bay, after the final fight scene

Take 1:

Everyone's at the docking bay after the fight. Michelle's glowing stops and she collapses. Link forgets to catch her.

Michelle: Ow! Link, you're supposed to catch me!!

Link: Sorry, I forgot my cue.

Director: CUT!!

Take 2:

Link catches Michelle this time, then dips her and they have a mad make-out session

Director: CUUUUT!!! There's no kissing scene in this story!!!

Link and Michelle snap

Link and Michelle: Darn!

Take 3:

Link catches Michelle, slips, and both of them fall down Michelle landing on top of Link

Michelle: Thanks for breaking my fall

Link: * in pain * Your in a really bad spot right now. * cough *

Michelle: Sorry! * quickly gets up *


Take 4:

Link catches Michelle, then drops her.

Michelle gets up, kicks Link in the shin, and storms off

Michelle: I'll be in my trailer.

Director: Me, too, I give up with you guys for today!

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