Romance in A! Major (BONUS - In Yomi's Case...)

By Funakounasoul

Disclaimer: Azumanga Daioh is not mine, dang it

Author's Notes: The ending is almost the same as the original piece, but other than that...well, for some reason, my mind decided to write out Yomi's side of this whole thing. Hope you enjoy this bonus alt-pov fic!

"Yomi-chan! Yomi-chan!" Kaorin ran up to the bespectacled girl, face flushed as if she had been running a marathon. She took a moment to catch her breath, then continued. "Oh, I'm glad I found you! I have terrible news!"

Yomi raised an eyebrow slightly. Kaorin was a friend, sure, but she had never seen the girl seek her specific assistance before. It certainly was a little confusing. "What is it, Kaorin?" she asked curiously.

"One of the boys had to cancel, so someone's missing a partner!"

Yomi's eyes widened only slightly, one of her eyebrows arching higher in confusion more than surprise. "Well, that's terrible, but...I don't understand why you need my help."

"Well," Kaorin began softly, "see, it's Shinohara from my class and his partner was – "

Realization hit. "Tomo."

"Yeah...Please, Yomi-chan! You're the only other person I can think of who can tolerate her!" Grabbing onto Yomi's sleeves, the distraught Kaorin continued her anxious rambling. "Shinohara was pretty much a boy Tomo-chan! He was the only match I could make…but now he's out!"

The poor girl was nearly in tears. Seeing Kaorin so upset pained Yomi. She was always suffering so much. Oh, what the heck, Yomi thought. Why not? It would be done quickly and then the two could get on with the party afterward. One and done. Simple. "Okay," Yomi replied softly, as she tried to ease Kaorin off her shoulders. "Okay, I'll do it."

Kaorin's eyes lit up in relief. "OH! Thank you so much for taking Shinohara's place. It means so much!"

Yomi smiled. "Don't worry about it, Kaorin," she responded in kind, "but it's awfully close to the party. I'm going to have to relearn some steps...and what about my…?"

The next thing Yomi knew, there was a hand right in front of her face as Kaorin quickly shushed her, already knowing what the bespectacled girl was going to ask her. "No! Don't worry about him!" In regards to Yomi's partner, Kaorin shrugged him off easily. "He didn't look all that interested, so maybe this is all for the better! Anyway, we can put something together quick, so you don't stand out, and we'll give you a quick crash course. You've always been one of the best learners besides Chiyo-chan! Here, let me just make a quick call and meet me at my place after school! Again, thank you so much!"

"Right…" Yomi waved, but Kaorin was already out of sight. That girl could be really fast if she wanted to be. Yomi wondered why the girl did not participate in more sports with that stamina and speed. However, the last few moments were fresh on her mind. She had agreed to be Tomo's new dance partner.

Tomo's dance partner. "Hmm…" Turning to face the windows, Yomi absentmindedly stared out into the city as she pondered this circumstance. Today was a slightly cloudy day. They floated and rolled gently across the horizon, similar to how it felt to have various fleeting thoughts come and go. Yomi simply stood there for a moment longer, not really paying attention to the sky – or her thoughts – instead, letting the butterflies in her stomach energetically flutter about, until she could no longer hold it back and heaved a heavy, longing sigh.

"Ah! Yomi-chan! Yes yes, right this way!"

Yomi thanked Kaorin for letting her stop by the venue earlier than everyone else. She was already a little embarrassed about blending in with the boys. Kaorin had confided in her that Sakaki was a special case for tonight because 'nothing would make her happier than to share a glamorous dance with Sakaki-san.' With Yomi filling in as a lead, though, meant some folks may pay attention to her and, with no offense to Yomi, Kaorin did not want any focus diverted. Kaorin had a plan, and once Yomi came out dressed in her last-minute tuxedo, she was lead by the birthday girl toward a restroom mirror to give her the final touches: A low ponytail to give off a more masculine appearance, and then…

"What's the mask for?" Yomi asked, curiously eyeing the special clips attached onto the mask.

"So no one will realize it's you! Now, please, put it on and just wait for the guests to arrive." Ah, Kaorin was nervous, she could tell. No use in arguing, though. Yomi was just surprised Kaorin could find a mask that could fit over her glasses. Upon putting them on, her vision was slightly decreased as one would get when wearing a mask, but the glasses did make it feel a little clunky. At least she only had to do the one dance with Tomo. She could take it off afterward, maybe even change into the simple red dress that Kaorin had originally ordered for her and enjoy the rest of the party with her friends. She had brought that within her tuxedo's bag…just in case.

At last, the guests had arrived. Yomi had been watching from an isolated corner. There were so many beautiful dresses, and even she had to admit some of the boys looked handsome in their tuxes, too. She could tell some folks were not into it as much, too. She spotted a small group of boys who had lazily put together their tuxes, some not even properly buttoning up their shirts or decided to ditch the gloves. Even some of the girls looked unsure of themselves. She had spotted one of her friends only moments ago – Kagura – who looked a little uncomfortable in her dress. Kaorin had picked something simple and sleek, but even that was still a bit too girly for the swimmer's tastes. She looked eager to get the dance over with, and Yomi could not blame her. There was also the case of young Chiyo-chan, who was invited to do as she wished – the only exception to the First Dance rule. She was wearing her own, cute frilly dress, hanging out with their other friend, Osaka, and marveling at how Kaorin's family had put together to fit Kaorin's theme.

Seeing Kaorin take the stage to make the announcement, Yomi knew this was her cue to start blending in with the dancers. She had heard Tomo's voice earlier. She knew her voice whenever she heard it, which was good, as that meant all this last-minute stuff was not in vain. Making her way into the crowd after Kaorin's announcement, she noticed that familiar figure looking around for their original dance partner and could not help but inhale sharply in awe. Tomo was absolutely gorgeous. Was that even possible for the girl? Then again, these sorts of descriptions for her friend were becoming more commonplace in Yomi's mind as of late. They were strange thoughts that she could not shake away no matter how hard. Tonight was no exception.

Straightening up to appear more masculine, per Kaorin's request, she approached Tomo quietly. The music was starting up, so she had to get her attention fast. Hesitating slightly, she quietly coughed to get Tomo's attention. "Ah…may I have this dance?"

Her attention was grabbed, all right. Yomi could see Tomo turn around and almost pause in awe herself. Perhaps she grabbed her attention a bit too well, though. Tomo was just…staring at her. Had she even taken a single breath since turning around? The couples around them were getting into their starting positions. Not good.

"Tomo…" Yomi finally hissed quiet enough for only the girl to hear, "the music is starting."

"RIGHT!" Tomo squeaked in response, shaking her head in embarrassment. However, that was enough to get her to snap out of her daze and get to the important questions. "Wait, what are you doing on the guys' side? And –"

Without thinking, Yomi placed one of her gloved fingertips against Tomo's lips. She blushed lightly as she began to take Tomo's hand in hers and her other hand against Tomo's waist. It was time. "Let's just get the dance over with," she muttered brusquely.

Her aim was to be as inconspicuous as possible. If that meant leading Tomo a bit to the edge of the dance floor, so be it.

As they made their way toward the edge, Yomi noticed Tomo was not really paying attention to the dance. She would think the girl would make some teasing commentary about Yomi being her partner or how she sucked at dancing, but Tomo was quiet. It was a strange sight, really. It did give Yomi a chance to take a good look at her friend. She was absolutely beautiful. Her dress was a vibrant orange that suited her personality very well, and the little flower hair-clip added some genuine cuteness to her features.

After a few twirls, Yomi decided to explain what happened to Tomo's original partner. Her response was mostly still befuddlement, but it was clear she was listening. Yomi smirked lopsidedly, adding wryly, "Who else would give up their partners so suddenly to pair up with you?"

With a small chuckle, and a tiny blush, Tomo replied, "It takes a special kind of person to handle Takino Tomo, of course!"

The question was rhetorical, but that answer made Yomi smile. "Of course."

Yomi did it because she wanted to help Kaorin's birthday not be a bust, sure, but honestly, to dance with Tomo was what she secretly hoped to do. Right now, as she lead Tomo into the rest of the dance, she found herself falling into a floating bliss. Everything else became a blur as she found herself getting into both the waltz and leading Tomo with her gentle embrace. She did not need to say anything else – there was no need for additional commentary. Right now, in this very moment, it was her and Tomo. She opened her eyes to look down at the other girl, who was looking back up in return. The sight of her eyes, which seemed to sparkle under the venue's lights, sparked a sensation of warmth Yomi accepted wholeheartedly. She could tell the feeling was mutual. There was no need to say anything aloud – their eyes had said everything they needed to know.

The rest of the audience clapped and cheered. Yomi realized they were being aimed at Kaorin and Sakaki, which was a relief. No one seemed to have noticed the two, and Kaorin was happy. Mission accomplished.

"Whaaaat? No way!" Tomo whined, stomping her foot in irritation. "I thought for sure I beat Kaorin at her own party!"

"Well, I'm happy for her," Yomi replied in her usual, dull tone as she removed the uncomfortable mask from her glasses. "She deserves it, you know."

"But but…we were so awesome! I mean, the way we spun around and swayed to the music was WAY better than whatever they were doing!"


They could hear Kaorin thank the guests for playing along with her birthday wish. While another waltz started playing, Kaorin assured folks she would put in some modern tunes as well and to please enjoy the rest of the party as they wished.

Tomo and Yomi simply remained by the corner of the dance floor, the former still whining about how everyone missed their awesome dancing. With a sigh, Yomi raised a gloved finger onto Tomo's lips again. She gave the smaller girl a soft smile. "So what if no one saw us dancing," Yomi began quietly. "Look at it this way – what we did together is something only you and I know about and no one else. No one else is privy to it. That makes it a very special memory…right?" She let go of Tomo's lips, hoping for a decent response.

Tomo gave her a soft, quiet look for a moment, but her trademark grin quickly replaced it. "You've got a great point there!" She replied happily. "Yeah! It's our memory! No one else can ever have it! It's like a one-of-a-kind collectible!"

"Mm," Yomi replied, smiling in return.

The party continued on, but tension was growing a little thick between the two girls. Neither one knew exactly what to do next. The experience earlier was a tough act to follow. Something had slowly started to unravel between the two, though. Curiosity was piqued. To avoid it would be to tighten up that knot all over again. Could they even handle such tension after tonight?

Tomo coughed, grabbing her friend's attention. "…Say, Yomi?"


"You wanna, uh, show me some more of those moves back at your place or something? I'm tired of all these dorks running around. It's boring."

"I see." With a soft smirk, Yomi offered Tomo her hand with a rare, grace-like gesture. "Let's go, then. My place sounds good."

Unable to hide the genuine smile from her face, Tomo simply replied by squeezing Yomi's hand in return. After wishing a visibly happy Kaorin a happy birthday, the two excused themselves from the party. As they left, Yomi realized she had left her bag behind, dress still in there, but she shrugged it off. Maybe someone else could find it and enjoy a free dress or something. Her attention was very much with Tomo now. They took the train back to Yomi's place – it was the quickest way back – never once letting go of each other's hands. It may have been difficult to put their thoughts into words, but these silent actions were all they needed to know about their feelings that evening.

Once they reached their destination, a classical station was chosen to play softly within the confines of Yomi's room. It would play well into the morning, long after they danced to one more waltz, long after they changed into more relaxing clothes, and long after they decided to spend the rest of the evening together.