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Awaken the Girls (Take the Girl Teaser)

Mornings were the bane of men and women everywhere.

It didn't matter how powerful you were.

They absolutely sucked.

"I wanna fight!"

Case in point.


He groaned into Raven's shoulder. "Your daughter is awake."

She buried her head into his chest. "Before sunrise, she's your daughter."

Naruto screamed internally at said daughter's antics, rolled over, glanced at the alarm clock -entirely too early!- and promptly buried his head into the first pillow he could find. It was a brief reprieve. Something -someone!- landed on his back and nearly knocked the wind out of him. He didn't see so much as feel the tiny fists shaking his shoulders; urging him to rise, begging him to get out of bed, DEMANDING that he pay attention to her now, now, NOW right this very instant!

Under any other circumstance, he might've indulged her.

Not this week. Any week but this week, frankly. Nope, not happening.

"Lets not, sweetie." he mustered a half-hearted smile for her sake as he closed his eyes again. "Daddy's sleepy."

And he was! In the run up to the Vytal Festival, now mere months away, he was utterly exhausted. No amount of smiling could best paperwork or the logistics that came with running an international tournament, let alone the sheer logistics and Dust required for Amity Colosseum...it was staggering.

Not only were the transfer students expected any day now, but he was evidently expected to liaison with the other Headmasters in turn; supposedly Ironwood of Atlas, Theodore of Shade, and Ozpin of Beacon were keen to meet with him. Perhaps that was his own fault; he'd pointedly avoided communicating with them since he usurped Leonardo.

He was even getting overtures from the White Fang now, for crissakes!

He'd never met Ghira or Kali Belladona not once in his life and frankly he didn't want to; it sounded like a headache waiting to happen. Peaceful organization they might still be -much to Raven's singular displeasure- but he had a sinking feeling that they wanted something from him, just like everyone else. Also his fault there, given most of Remnant thought him to be a Faunus. He couldn't even send Pickerel or Malachite to shoo them away for fear that it might reflect poorly upon Haven.

No, no, no. That was a matter he must attend to personally. Which meant even more work; ergo, more shadow clones, and the massive migraines they always brought.

Honestly, being Headmaster was more trouble than it was worth sometimes.


So yes, right now, sleep. Very much wanting...

"You said we could spar today!

...and not getting.

Precocious little four-year-old!

"Five, actually." Leave it to Kurama to play the devil's advocate when he was half asleep. "Her birthday's just before the tournament, remember?"

Five, then. Semantics!

Winter and Roman knew better than to rouse him at the crack of dawn; they were older, more patient, and actually valued their lives, as did Neo and the-still-skittish Cinder on occasion.

Not so Yang. She proved that by pulling his hair.

Raven muttered a far less pleasant threat under her breath as she tucked her head into his chest. "Disturb me at your own peril, daughter of mine."

That got a pause out of his adoptive daughter. Raven didn't make idle threats. She might actually cut Yang's hair this time.

Alas, their reprieve didn't last.

"Hey, Weiss. Any chance you could use your glyphs?"

"Whyever would I do that?" he almost -almost!- smiled when he heard a familiar prissy voice scoff at her. "I don't fancy getting a spanking."

Yang whispered something to her. He never knew what; he was too sleepy to care. Whatever it was, it got a reaction.

"Yang Branwen," he heard rather than saw Weiss facepalm. "You are a horrible sibling and I love you."

"Better than Winter?" He could practically hear her smile.

"I'm not saying that within earshot."

He heard a shimmer of aura and felt himself be hoisted out of bed. Huh. Not bad. Four-going-on-five and she'd already achieved near mastery of her glyphs; enough to lift then launch him across the room. His back struck the cold wooden floor with a grunt. He was so proud. Unfortunately, said pride was overshadow by all this unyielding grumpiness.

"Ren, Pyrrha! Quick! Help us tackle Dad!"

A soft sigh was his only warning before the little gremlins jumped him.

Blue eyes snapped open.

This meant war.

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