Miriam's Lament

Mother's grief of joy and pain,
O brother- time so short with your family;
So tiny in your little boat of reeds
Drifting down the Nile, leaving an
Empty space in my heart.

I wish I could watch you grow, but
Now I will never see you change
From a round-cheeked baby to a man.

The water looms, dark against the light reeds of your basket.
Hands of white foam reach for you. I stifle a gasp-
Each moment a new danger looms.

Then! The royal barge passes,
And I see you drift gently to the small cove where the princess swims.
She picks you up, a vision, and I
Know that your luck has truly run well, from the tender
Expression of the rosy mouth and
Twinkle in the kohl-lined eyes.

Brother, Moses, don't forget us...