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Xavier was a normal teenager who lived in an orphanage.

Because of his status, he could never state that he was going to the movies or getting ice cream.

He had no talent to speak off.

So the only thing he can say is that he went to school in Paris if he ever moved out of it.

Yes, a normal guy.

And then one day, an app was recommended to him on his clearly donated phone.

'Space Martial'

The name was pretty self-explanatory and miraculously, it managed to download on his old phone when most apps had stopped supporting his a long time ago.

Once it was downloaded, he opened it up and he saw a 2bit character on screen.

He saw a speech bubble that said. 'Hello, Space Martial in training. Your about to land on the prodigious Galaxy High where you will learn to become a fine Space Martial. However, before we begin, please tell me your name and what are you'.

And then an avatar customisation screen opened up.

The range of consumerization was pretty impressive actually, he could create a human who looked just like him.

Brown hair, brown eyes, normal-looking guy who didn't look special at all, or he could go with a monster head with no eyes.

He chose a blue guy with metal powers, he had long ears, blond hair, crystal green eyes, was taller, more filled out and he wore an orange and white space shirt, orange and white space gloves, space blue pants and boots.

He chose two traits, politeness and intelligence.

He then named his Avatar 'Omni' and hit enter.

The character from before came and said. "So your name is Omni? Welcome. We will now depart to Galaxy High"

And for a brief second, he swore his hands became his Avatar character but that was ridiculous.

And then the screen went black and then it came to a pretty good two-bit version of a huge galactic level school, the spaceship he was on landed and he saw a man in a suit.

He and the other passengers got out.

The man now showing very light purple hair that was almost silver, was buff said, in a speech bubble. "Welcome to Galaxy High. I am Principal Kirkpatrick. I hope you use the time you spend at school well. I expect you to keep up your grades and work well in your assigned 3 man team"


Then he was told to go find the register room, the screen turned into a 3rd person viewpoint and his avatar was before him on a 3D landscape.

He was given a box with the controls underneath.

Xavier was already impressed.

His first quest had begun and before he knew it, it was lights out at the orphanage, just before Omni went to bed.

The game quickly after that became his favourite game to play, it wasn't just minigames, the other characters felt real and were very well written.

Hearing them interact with each other, was a delight, the voice acting was pretty good.

The interaction between the Principal and his son, Josh especially, was always entertaining.

There were special events, new planets being unlocked and it was such a delight to see the new planet in 3D mode.

He loved going to Paradise planet because his character can relax and get pampered, he would go more often if it wasn't so crazy expensive and his schedule wasn't so full.

Those awkward hours in his life, after homework and the Akuma attack was now filled with playing the free game.

The game was challenging too, like the time he went up against the best Bounty Hunter in the Galaxy and got his ass kicked, not just once but twice.

When he finally won around, it was so satisfying,

Going home to Omni's home planet was awesome.

Omni's had a little brother and parents, they were fun to be around.

He wished he was Omni.

Being Omni was so lively and interesting, plus he had a family.

Omni was so much more amazing then he was, the alien got straight A, was more athletic, the place he was in was exceptional and was filled with nothing but exceptional people.

If he could be even a hint of what Omni was, he would be fulfiled in life.

Man, he wished he was Omni.

Xavier went to bed and soon slept off, he was asleep so he didn't see his terrible old phone glowing in the middle of the night.

He woke up to something high tech on his arm that nobody else could see it and when he pointed it out, he was looked at like he was crazy.

His awful phone was missing, however, the device acted like his phone, he received messages like any phone.

And then he received a quest.

"Go to Human School" with a timelimit and rewards.

He was wide-eyed and indeed went to school, he heard trumpets when he took a step inside.

He felt something in his pocket, his wallet was filling up and his eyesight got sharper.

No way.

He sat in class and for the first time, he could comprehend what was before him.

However, you don't be a jobless 14 years old at an Orphanage and be super stupid.

He told nobody about what was going on but he did get top grades though.

If he had to be athletic, he made sure he was doing it in a deserted field on something so that he could compare what was normal for a person and what was not.

If he felt an increase in height, because he did feel it, he would lower it back down using the device because he didn't want to walk into school with an 18-year-old body.

Any changes he kept hidden away, along with putting money back into the device when he clearly didn't need it however it didn't mean, that he didn't enjoy himself every once in a while.

He went to the Cinema's and watched the latest film, he brought the best ice cream in Paris.

Andre description of what icecream suited him, was scarily accurate.

However, he wasn't always pampering himself, because he wasn't stupid.

He got himself a job as a paperboy, to explain any new things.

As a paperboy, he could see the best way to enter his underground chamber and turn into Omni without fear.

However, things quickly changed one morning, when he woke up to yelling and everybody being told to grab their stuff and come outside.

He was panicking of course and took all his stuff, however, when he was going down, he realised what was up.

Half the first floor was flooded.

Do you know how disgusting it feels going through a mountain of water in your PJs, only to find out, going outside wasn't better?

There were boats and rafts outside because Paris was flooded and it was still raining.

He climbed onto a raft and some of the kids had to be carried because they were so small.

Things changed not just for him but Paris as well in only a few hours.

They were all taken outside of Paris and to a very temporary place.

On the way, he saw the most famous students in the school on rafts or in boats just like everybody else.

Those who could afford it were most likely dry and in one of the helicopters up above.

2.1 million people were evacuated.

The next few days we're weird as everybody had gotten out and the city was being flushed.

It was all very expensive stuff.

However, just as many had suspected, Paris could not afford the Water Damage bill.

The city love of luxury had now come to bit the city in the ass.

The cost of recovering the Lourve artwork alone, sweet Jesus.

If all the worlds top countries and Kingdoms banded together, they could probably cover the whole bill for Paris.

However, the big question was.

Did they want to?

The days after that was eye-opening for the people of Paris.

Truth be told, Paris was actually not viewed as an essential expense in the eyes of the world, all those things Paris had boasted about could be obtained somewhere else.

Even Superheros and Villians.

Seriously, what was unique about Paris that the world had no choice but to save it?

Just tear it down and wish the People of Paris good luck as new things were being built.

However, he was on the ground level of this mess, he knew that the orphans around him we're going to be split up, many people were going to be homeless because they didn't plan for a flood coming for their home.

It felt like a slap seeing the very people they wooed for years, not coming to help them.

He received a quest.

'Help Paris and Broadcast it'

He as Omni, could help Paris and move everybody back in.

He went outside and did not stop walking until he turned into an abandoned Alleyway with no cameras and opened up a portal when nobody was looking, he entered it and exited out of it into his bunker.

The smell of wet everything hit him so hard.

He gagged and then turned into Omni, his lungs cleared up and it became bearable, then he used his device shop to buy reconstruction bots and an area-wide shield.

The instant he activated that green-tinted shield, he saw it happen on the big screen in the bunker as it covered the whole of Paris and he soon saw the whole world seeing it in real-time.

Within half an hour, every single person who had a device or tv saw the shield now around Paris.

He didn't go to the surface until he bombed the place to cover up the smell.

The world saw it of course from the outside and there was a commotion, he then crawled out and headed to the Eiffel Tower, he stood on a rooftop before the Tower and then he broadcasted.

For the first time, the whole world saw him.

Kind of.

He was on every screen on the planet.

His glowing glassy eyes, his blue skin, his blond hair and eyebrows and the top half of his body as the Eiffel Tower stood behind him.

The whole world was actually silent, it was the first time in history that the always busy Human race just stopped and stared.

People from the streets, and people living in Mansions, all of them stopped and stared.

He said. "Hello, my name is Omni and I hope you don't mind but I have decided to take over the reconstruction of the City of Paris"


He said. "Currently, I have erected a shield over the city" he showed them a view of the city. "I honestly did not expect to step in, I and many others thought it was another Akuma attack, but who would have guessed, things would take such a drastic turn?"


He said. "Currently, I have my construction drones, destroying and rebuilding Paris from the ground up, it should take an hour to complete. I already have a digital map of the whole city so it should take too much work to bring it back. Those of you, who have lost your home and your jobs, you will be able to move back in. I will also compensate you for any wages you have lost"

Oh...the people of Paris were wide-eyed.

He said. "I know many of you are wondering, why am I helping Paris. It's quite simple really, I live here"

And with that bombshell, everybody watching on Earth was in an uproar.

He said. "Yes. The world wants to know what is Unique about Paris, well there you have it. I live here. I have been living here for several years disguised as a human for obvious reason. If Paris goes, I will be forced to leave as well"

He then said. "For obvious reasons, I can not tell you who my human identity is. All you need to know is that an alien lives in Paris and personally, I like the Pigeon Guy of Paris the most. It would be sad to never see him again."

And everybody in Paris was wide-eyed, especially the man himself who had no idea an alien liked him secretly in the background.

Omni said. "So I am fixing Paris. You are welcome to switch your devices on and off, control will be handed back to you."

And then the screen changed and they saw a camera sweep of the bots destroying and replicating the objects as if they were scanning it.

However, instead of switching the screens on and off or going on the internet, the world just watched the bots fix Paris for an hour.

It was too interesting seeing an alien rebuild a whole city.

When it was done, Omni came back and said. "Paris is now Fixed. The Parisians can now come back. I have put your house keys in your possession for those of you who are wondering. Now it is time for me to disappear and rejoin your society as a Human. Farwell"

And then a portal opened up before their very eyes and Omni just went through it, the shield went down, the bots disappeared and the signal cut.

The whole world was absolutely silent as the screen came back to them.

Omni turned back to Xavier and headed back to the place he was staying at with a bag of sweets.

He entered the place only to hear the tv and nothing else.

He went to his shared room, closed the door and laid down.

He couldn't believe what he just did but it felt good helping millions of people move back in.

Now to go back to Paris and pretend like nothing happened.

But he would soon realize he was Naive, the world wasn't going to leave an actual alien who just fixed a whole city before their eyes, alone especially when they knew roughly where he lived.

By saving Paris, Omni had just become the most wanted person in the world.