A week later and Captain America, Cyclops and Mister Fantastic were seated before the UN Council in Vienna.

"We came, as usual, as a courtesy." Captain America said stonily. "But we refuse to sit face to face with you."

José Costa and Paolo Moroder were sitting in the chair and vice chair seats.

"That decision is not yours to make." Costa scoffed. "You-"

The Secretary General stopped, mid-sentence as several military officers in dress uniform entered.

"What is going on?" Costa demanded.

The officers were led by the same commander from the Kang confrontation. They moved to stand at attention behind the heroes as the commander stepped between the two groups and faced his would-be superiors.

"Effectively immediately, the armed branches of the UN have declared the Council of the UN to be compromised. They are guilty of numerous breeches of international law and UN directives.

"You are hereby under arrest." He snapped his fingers and four of the officers moved from behind the heroes and began hauling Costa and Moroder to their feet.

"You don't have the right!" Costa shouted.

"Guards, arrest these men." Moroder called out to the men and women in black suits around the hall.

The orders were ignored and they were marched out.

Murmurs sounded throughout the chamber, they increased when several people walked in from the back.

Only Captain America was familiar with these people and he stood respectfully, Mister Fantastic and Cyclops copying him.

The woman in a skirt suit, greying blonde hair and white skin smiled at them before she spoke with a crisp British accent.

"Captain America, as you have now realised, the World Security Council has stepped up to handle the situation.

"We consider all previous agreements and treaties with the Avengers to be in place and up held.

"We are invoking Insurrection Protocols under the Reciprocal Oversight Agreement.

"Please take charge."

Captain America's face grew grim as he nodded to Councilwoman Hawley and the rest of the World Security Council.

"Security, lock the doors. No one goes in or out." He ordered.

The various members and spectators began to worry and panic.

"Silence!" Cap shouted. "The Insurrection Protocols were developed by Harry Potter and Nicholas Fury. In the event that either the Avengers or SHIELD appeared to have been compromised, the Protocols would be invoked.

"What will happen now is that a volunteer will be dosed with Magical Truth Potion." He pulled a vial from one of his pouches. "That person will be asked a set of simple questions.

"Who they are.

"Who they work for.

"And do they have any ill intent for SHIELD, the Avengers or the innocent citizens.

"That person will then oversee the questioning of everyone else in this room. This is now being broadcast to every member of SHIELD and the Avengers and every member will be tested.

"Now, can I have a volunteer?"

"With pleasure, Captain." The UN Commander smiled.


It took twelve hours and fourteen people tied to chairs before they finished. As soon as they were done Harry teleported in next to Captain America.

"I handled the questioning of Moroder and Costa." He informed the WSC who were talking with Cap, Mister Fantastic and Cyclops. "They were under the impression that Templar was still around to help them consolidate power."

"Your Grace-"

"Harry, please." He interrupted Councilman Yen.

The man nodded and continued. "The Council has been discussing how to deal with the next Secretary General. One of the important issues is preventing them being compromised. Would you be willing to inscribe your mental protection runes on them?"

"Only if they are willing."

Councilman Rockwell scoffed. "If they aren't willing to take every measure to protect the world then they aren't good enough for the job."

"It is late." Captain America said with his calm authority. "These Incursion Protocols are draining."

"You've been through this before?" Mister Fantastic asked.

"The details are classified, but yes." Rockwell confirmed.

"It would appease many people if the X-Men and Fantastic Four were to agree to sign up to the Reciprocal Oversight Agreement." Councilman Singh said pointedly.

Cyclops clearly cringed. "We're mutants. We don't have a lot of faith in governments."

"The Agreement makes each party equal, Cyke." Harry assured him. "And each of the signees can call for the initiation and anyone from the signees organisation can invoke them."

"In theory, the Avengers were the first to call on the Protocols." Hawley mused. "Although really it was a mutual act between SHIELD and the Avengers."

Captain America spoke reassuringly to the leader of the X-Men. "Cyclops, this is a means to give you help if you believe someone in your group or any of ours has been compromised.

"You saw what we did, we asked three questions and uncovered two assassins and a shape-shifting alien."

"I'll talk to my people." Cyclops was clearly not convinced.

"Likewise." Mister Fantastic nodded. "The Fantastic Four are family. I am married to Sue. Sue is Johnny's brother. Ben… has been like a brother to me for years. He is Franklin's uncle as far as we are concerned."

"It's not an end of the world deal." Harry waved a dismissive hand. "It doesn't mean we won't help out if you don't sign up.

"The Agreement has no bearing on everyday life, just on the suspicion of someone being compromised."

"And if the person invoking the protocols has a more sinister motive?" Cyclops challenged.

"That is why Captain America and myself were the first people questioned." Hawley said pointedly. "I was the immediate member who called for the Protocol's invocation and Captain America was the member who invoked them."

"And we questioned all three hundred and thirteen people in the room." Yen add.

"And whilst that was happening, the Avengers, Nick Fury and Maria Hill were also being questioned in public outside this building."

"Even Spider-Man?" Rockwell was shocked.

"No, he was questioned in private by those of us who had already been passed."

"Is there a reason Spider-Man is afforded special consideration regarding his true identity?" Hawley asked.

"Yes. Because he wants it." Harry smiled. He gestured to his costumed friends. "All of us know who he really is. Personally I know nearly every detail of his life.

"If you ever need someone extremely trustworthy and honourable and Captain America isn't available… call Spider-Man."


The details of the Reciprocal Oversight Agreement and the Incursion Protocols were soon being explained by various Avengers and SHIELD officials on news channels.

The whole world had seen them in use so it made sense to explain it properly.

A lot of people found the idea a relief. There was some protection from either the Avengers or SHIELD being turned against them.

Some people feared it. They feared that their countries and organisations might be forced or coerced into the same deal.

That would never happen. Harry had made it clear that signing up for the Agreement was voluntary and it would not involve whole countries… especially as the Agreement held the United Nations to some account.


Harry was currently at the Avengers US West Coast facility. It was used as a base for training. It had a secure compound that spanned a very large area.

He was currently watching Owen Reece manipulate some rubble from the training Rogue was putting Marsha through.

"You might have one of the more powerful gifts in the universe." Harry was clearly impressed as he watched Owen re-mould the rubble into the wall it once was. "Do you have to work hard to control the molecules or does your power help you understand?"

"I'm not that smart. I always assumed it was part of my power." Owen shrugged. "I can't tell you the names of the molecules or atoms, but I can tell you how many electrons, neutrons and all that and their configuration."

"We'll have to set you up with a computer system." Harry nodded. "Something that will be easy for you to use on the fly."

"But not in battle?" Owen was still scared he would be conscripted.

"The only time you fight is if someone threatens you." Harry said firmly. "But you have an Avengers ID Card so you can call for help instantly."

"Harry, I've got a Mrs Peggy Chandler asking for a meeting. She's got a letter from her local PD saying they think we should talk to her." FRIDAY informed him.

"Alright FRIDAY, let her in and settle her in a conference room. Which location is she at?"

"Avengers Tower, New York."

Harry turned to where Rogue and Marsha were still sparring. "Girls! We've got a meeting."

They instantly stopped and jogged over, Rogue reverting from her metal form and Marsha from her brilliant white plasma form.

"We who?" Rogue asked.

"Well, me. But I've got a woman who wants to talk and was referred to us by the police. I thought the four of us could go and see what she wants."


"Owen, relax. No fighting. I want you to see and experience what the Avengers do when they aren't getting pummelled."


Elsewhere, in Wales on the outskirts of Cardiff, two very famous people were knocking on the door of Victorian Era home. It was one of many on the street, in the city and across the British Isles.

But this one was… important.

The door was answered by a middle-aged brunette woman with grey eyes and slightly greying hair. She wore a simple beige skirt and a white blouse.

As she saw who was on her doorstep she… fainted.

The two men looked down at her, one in consternation, the other in exasperation.

"I did not feel the Mind Stone activating." Vision frowned.

"The only thing we did to cause this is not call ahead first." Clint groaned.

Vision leaned down and lifted the unconscious woman into his arms, bridal style.

"Lets find a couch to put her on, I can't feel anyone else in the house so her husband isn't home." Clint said as he headed through the door.


Owen and Marsha had no idea what they were supposed to do as they took seats on the sofa by the large windows.

Harry and Rogue sat at the end of the long conference table on the side closest to them whilst Mrs. Peggy Chandler sat on the opposite side of the table.

"So, Missus Chandler, how can we help? The brief letter from the Arizona PD says you filed a Missing Person's report on your husband Charles. You were directed to us because you believe an enhanced was involved?"

Mrs Chandler was clearly upset, but she had a backbone of steel and full control of herself. "Yes. My husband, he was once known as '3-D Man' back in the 50's. His attire was quite unique and I believe if you research it you will understand why the police and myself thought I should talk to you."

"On the screen, Harry." FRIDAY quickly announced.

"Thank you." Harry said as he indicated the screen at the end of the room to Mrs. Chandler. "Yeah, I can see where you might get the idea we'd have some leads.

"Pixie, need you on duty, I want the location of Triathalon."

"I'm on my way, but last I heard, he was still in traction in a hospital in Houston."

Harry nodded to Pixie's private brief over the communicators. He looked at Mrs. Chandler. "We've got all the details you can give us thanks to the police.

"We'll look right into this and get back to you. We'll have a jet get you home. We'll come to you if we have stuff and you won't have to worry about flights and money."

"You promise?" She asked with a hope that she hadn't felt in months.

"You have my word. I'll be looking into it personally."

Rogue stood and offered the lady her hand. "Come on, Sugah. Let me give you that ride home."

The old woman cautiously stood and took the arm of the young and famous woman. As they walked out Harry smiled as he heard her ask his wife a quiet question.

"Do you think my Charles could have been a mutant, like you?"

He turned to Owen and Marsha as the door closed. "It's not always about smashing the bad guy with our fists. Sometimes we actually have to use our brains."

"You think Triathalon stole 3-D Man's powers?" Owen asked curiously. He was examining the old photo of a white male in a very similar costume to the man going by 'Triathalon'.

"Like the Arizona police and Missus Chandler, I think it is a lead too obvious to ignore." Harry leaned back in his chair. "Besides, what will it cost us to go and ask Triathalon how he got his powers and costume?"

"What if he did steal them?" Marsha asked with concern. "Won't he lie?"

"He might. We'll take a lie detector with us in case.

"You up for some Avengers Investigation work?" He smiled.

Owen and Marsha shared a long look. Marsha then looked at Harry. "But no fighting."

"Any fighting and you portkey back here."

"We'll help."

"Not help." Harry rolled his eyes. "You are Avengers. There are no sidekicks in the Avengers.

"Pixie, send an alert to the Houston Chief of Police. I'll be coming down to investigate Triathalon with Molecule Man, Volcana and Wolverine. Mark Molecule Man and Volcana as non-combatant field agents."

"Copy that. Costume or civvies?" Pixie asked over the speakers.

"Civvies. I'm not putting my armour on for a talk."


Vision and Clint were sat in two armchairs opposite a rather emotional middle-aged couple. They had just informed them that they had been attacked by magicals, had their daughter stolen from them along with any memories of her.

Vision and Clint had managed to remove the spell work on their minds and now the couple were trying to cope.

"Perhaps we should have approached this from a different angle." Vision mused. "This information is clearly traumatic. We should employ methods that Harry and Charles Xavier used on Sergeant Barnes?"

"Wiping their memories back to before they were attacked?" Clint frowned.

"Yes, this would allow their unfettered personalities of the time take control. Their love of their daughter would be prominent.

"We would of course inform them of what we did and why. We would also help them access the information and memories they need to maintain their lives today."

"Y-You want to kill who we are?" The sobbing brunette woman asked.

The Vision answered calmly. "No, we would supress your memories back to before all this happened. It would seem like you had travelled time, we would explain the truth of course."

"You can kill who I am." The man scowled. "This creature I've become… kill it. Even if you have to kill me."

Vision breathed in sharply. "I am sensing a lot of distress and anguish. I recognise the feelings of suicide. Clint, I believe we must do this."

Clint stood up and approached the couple on the sofa, he knelt down and took their hands. "Next time you wake up, will be one of your happiest days." He promised.


"If I'm not fighting, why do I need a costume?" Owen asked as he stretched in the new red and green outfit.

"It's not a costume, it's a uniform." The Avengers fashion designer, Mary Jane Watson informed him. "It makes you recognisable to the people so they know who to turn to."

"Aren't uniforms supposed to be… uniform?" Owen queried dubiously as he watched his much younger girlfriend do similar stretches in a purplish version of the standard female Fantastic Four uniform.

"It is uniform because you all wear one." Said MJ's boss and head of the Avengers clothing and protection outfit, Janet Van Dyne.

"You would make a dashing Errol Flynn, Owen." Janet sighed wistfully.

Owen's eyes opened worriedly. "You're not going to make me wear his hat as well?"

Owen's uniform held quite a resemblance to the actor's attire as Robin Hood.

"Only if Marsha insists." She smirked at him.

"Don't worry so much Owen." Harry patted him on the back. "You can always request changes, modifications or something.

"But you do need to wear something from our department. Everything we issue is enchanted with my rune schemes."

"Sugah, I was thinking about Owen's powers." Rogue mused from where she was helping Marsha. "Do you think he could take apart your armour?"

Harry looked thoughtful. "Hard to say. As much as he can manipulate the atoms and molecules, he'd still have to get past the magic. The magic protects the material.

"That said, we can always have fun and experiment later." He grinned.

"Erm, sir-"

"Marsha, don't make me tell you again. Call me Harry."

"But, didn't you say we were going to see Triathalon in… normal clothes?"

"I am. Everybody knows my name and face." Harry scowled. "You two are going to give your uniforms a simple test run. By the time we finish in Texas you should be able to tell Janet and MJ if the uniforms are comfortable or if you want a change."


Clint was having a hard time not joining the couple opposite in crying. Vision had calmly presented the videos he had brought and explained the situation, including the quick video message they had made for themselves that they were going to have their memories willingly erased.

"Are you ready?" Clint asked, his voice hoarse. He was sweating bullets. This was the final step of his plan. There was a good chance he was about to destroy the lives of three good people.

"Yes… please." The woman begged.

Clint nodded to Vision.

There was a few seconds and Thor arrived in the living room with Pixie.

"Be strong, be open-minded, be an Avenger, be a Guardian." Thor spoke firmly as he stood behind the wide-eyed young woman and held her shoulder firmly.

"E-Explain." She stuttered. Her body was clearly trying to turn away from the couple that had stood from the couch. But her eyes couldn't help but watch them. Her arms encircled herself protectively.

"Vision and I came here to see if we could reverse what the magicals had done to your parents." Clint stood and stepped into her view. "It worked, but the effects… the loss and betrayal was too much, they begged us to revert their memories back to before they were attacked. Before you were kidnapped."

"Hell of a party you guys are throwing." Pixie jumped as Harry appeared in the room. He stepped up and pulled her into a hug. "Try to relax before you send everyone to fantasy land and reality with it." He whispered into her long pink hair.

"I don't know what to do." She whispered into his chest.

Harry looked around the room. It wasn't really big enough for everyone. He closed his eyes and focused. He heard the others gasp and opened them to see they were now in the sitting room of Potter Manor on the grounds of Buckingham Palace.

"Harry? Is this real?" Pixie asked with concern. "We didn't go through security."

"His Majesty will understand."

"I'm sure I will, Son." Came the voice of the aforementioned king. "But did you intend to kidnap me from a meeting?"

Harry grimaced and bowed to his King, even though the monarch was smirking. "My sincere apologies, Your Majesty. I was thinking you should be present for this but did not realise I had actively involved you."

"Your Majesty, Duke Harry, with your permission I shall alert Palace Security to the situation." Jarvis offered.

"Yes, please do. Also alert them that we will need for two new people to be interviewed and vetted for clearance." The King nodded.

Jarvis bowed and left.

The King then turned to his wards. "Now, why have Mister and Missus Gwynn been brought here?"

Clint stepped forward and bowed. "Your Majesty, Vision and I were attempting to restore the Gwynns to their old selves. I could see that Pixie was hurting still… I can't really do anything about Harry's parents… but, undoing the work the British Magicals did on them was something Vision could have done without me.

"As far as Lydia and Gethyn are concerned, they were supposed to have escorted their daughter, Megan, to King's Cross Station this morning.

"They have been informed of what magicals did to them and what we did to them just now. They have also watched a recording of themselves begging Vision to remove their memories of the past years since their daughter was taken."

The King stood there, blinking as he tried to process that.

"Y-You're so beautiful."

They turned to the tearful Lydia Gwynn who was staring at her daughter in amazement. "D-Do you make your own clothes? I was starting on some larger clothes for when you came home at Christmas."

"The Royal Seamstress alters whatever I buy. I can make my clothes with magic though." Megan said softly from within Harry's arms.

"Did you learn any fun spells?" Gethyn asked with a sad smile. "Did you find a way to hide your wings?"

"I found I didn't need to. After Harry and the King rescued me… Harry and I became public figures. Lots of mutants don't worry about hiding now."

"Your daughter is an advisor for the Department for Education. She offers her insight and wisdom on how to make classes more accessible for people like herself." The King said proudly.

"And magicals and other species." Harry added.

"Master Harry! Great King Sir!" They turned to the double doors where a female elf stood. She wore a dress similar to the ones the women in the palace wore.

"Saffy… I'm so sorry." Harry grimaced. "I didn't think to ask if it was okay."

"Is Master Harry wanting drinks for his guests?" She bowed.

"We shall not intrude, small one." Thor said soothingly. "Hawkeye, Vision, you have done all you can. Now we must let things progress naturally."

Clint looked unsure, but Vision put a hand on his shoulder and nodded. The two stepped over to Thor.

"Our Apologies for intruding, Your Majesty, Miss Potter." Vision bowed to both King and elf. He looked to Pixie. "Patience." He said with a small frown.

Thor grabbed his comrades' shoulders and they vanished.


Gethin and Lydia were exhausted. They had just spent three hours being given a somewhat watered down account of what their daughter had experienced over the years.

Of course, they were also trying to deal with the fact that their little eleven-year-old was a fully mature woman in a relationship with one man and three women.

Considering the tale of her four years in captivity, possession by an evil spirit and being considered the lynch pin in the world's most powerful team of heroes… they couldn't begrudge her the need for as much love and support as she could get.

The King could see that both parents and their daughter were having trouble relating. "Megan has changed very little since she was kidnapped." He said calmly. "Despite her self-assuredness as an adult, a warrior and a very famous person… she is still the delightful girl I took custody of." He looked at her with a smile. "I miss them very much when they are gone for long."

"I suppose the problem for you two is that you don't know what to say that she doesn't already know or has heard before." Harry mused. "Your role as parents has been usurped by the lost years."

"Perhaps you should instead look to the simpler things of child-rearing." The King mused. "Her education is complete and she is considered one of the best in her field.

"But, I do remember Our mother taking Us to the safari to see the animals. Picnics on the grounds of Balmoral.

"Your daughter's more serious needs have been seen too." He looked fondly at Megan. "Pretend you are still eleven. What would you have done as an eleven year-old during your holidays?"

"Chessington." Everyone looked at Gethyn, who was chuckling. "She made us promise to take her there. Yester- She-" He struggled as he tried to process the time lost and how he should express things temporally.

"Then you know what you shall be doing this week." The King smiled.

"Avengers Assemble! All hands!"

The King sighed as he saw his two wards tilt their heads to listen to the broadcast. "Maybe next week."

"Sharon… do you mean-"

"So help me god! If Pixie isn't here and you aren't in the field in five seconds-" Sharon Carter threatened Harry as she took her scheduled time manning Pixie's post.

"We're on our way, Sharon." Megan said firmly. She grabbed Harry's hand and they vanished.

The middle-class couple from Wales suddenly found themselves alone with the King of England.

"Let's adjourn to the Palace." The King suggested. "I know I will not be able to sleep and my people will keep me better informed on our children."


There were quite a few frowns of concern from the King's staff as the two commoners sat at the conference table and watched the live video feeds of the Avengers taking off in a special shuttle from the Wakandan facility.

The King ignored them as he listened to Agent Carter of SHIELD brief him on the situation.

"It's the culmination of whatever the Triune Understanding was about." The blonde in the jumpsuit explained. "About two hours ago The Raft finally informed us that Jonathon Tremont was glowing.

"Two hours before that, the hospital in Houston told us that Triathalon was glowing. During those two hours, Vision and Bruce Banner led a SHIELD team to track the energy Triathalon was emitting.

"They found Charles Chandler handcuffed to a bed in the depths of the Triune building in New York."

"Are these the physical manifestations of Pagan and Lord Templar?" The King asked.

Sharon was stumped. "Err… I'll have to ask."

"Relax, Agent, both Vision and Doctor Banner are extremely thorough. It was just an idle thought."

"Please!" Lydia begged. "Why is our daughter going into space?"

"Megan is doing no such thing." The King promised. "She is on Earth in a secure room where she provides her teammates with intelligence and direction."

"This is SPARC 1." Tony's voice came over the speakers. "We have breached the outer atmosphere and are plotting a course for Saturn."

"Won't it take the years to reach Saturn?" Gethyn frowned.

"The Stark Potter Aerospace Reconnaissance Craft is the made with both magic and technology. It is capable of travelling between galaxies." The King explained. He turned to Agent Carter. "What is the reason for the most powerful of Avengers heading to Saturn?"

Sharon tapped on the interface before her and screens behind her showed a massive pyramid. "This object was detected by SWORD an hour ago."

The Pyramid was black. To be more precise, it was a void of colour. It was only the backdrop of distant stars that made it visible.

"It's current destination?" The King asked.


The King sighed. "Of course.

"Have there been any noted effects from the vessel?"

"None yet. No evidence of weapons, propulsion… just a black pyramid.

"I can tell you that Jonathan Tremont has started rambling about a 'Tripple-Evil'. He is claiming he alone can defeat it.

"SHIELD has taken custody of both Tremont and Triathalon."

"What are they going to do?" The King and Sharon turned to Lydia who was clearly terrified.

"Who?" Sharon asked.

"Harry and the others in space. What are they planning on doing?"

"First they will investigate." Hermione Granger stated as she entered the room. She stopped and bowed to the King who indicated she should sit. "Then they will attempt communication.

"What happens next depends on the outcome of those two actions."

"How soon-" Gethyn was interrupted as Harry's voice came over the speakers.

"This is Harry Potter calling for all magicals capable of casting a corporeal patronus. Get your bloody arses up here now!"

Gethyn and Lydia were gobsmacked. They had just spent the evening the company of Harry Potter, the Duke of Edinburgh. This was not what they had expected to come from his mouth.

Hermione looked mortified. "Your Majesty, I am so sorry."

The King chuckled. "You were never responsible for Harry's descent into vulgarity. That fault lies on his enemies. But, you should probably go. They will need your wand."

Hermione quickly nodded, stood, bowed and hurried out of the room.

"Things might end soon." The King mused as he leaned back in his chair. "Once Harry starts giving specific orders like he just did, it means he's figured things out."

"He- He sounded desperate, Your Majesty." Lydia pointed out.

Sharon scoffed. "That wasn't desperate. That was…"

"Miffed? Annoyed?" The King smirked. "What you heard was an irritated man who has untold power at his grasp but prefers to rely on his team. His friends and family.

"Of course both his friends and family refuse to allow him to handle things alone when he knows he could do so without resorting to his full power."

"Sir, I'm getting word from Colonel Fury."

"Put him through."

"Are you seeing this?" Fury sounded like he was having the time of his life. "This is what we pushed that boy to. This is what those fools in power tried to throw away!"

"Nick, what are you talking about? Has something happened?"

"Agent, are you using the magic filters?" Nick asked gruffly.

"One second, Sir."

The image of the pyramid changed. Now there were lights dancing all around it. Bright, white lights that streaked out in straight lines and then seemed to change directions and circle back to the pyramid.

"What on earth is causing that?" The King wondered.

"Agent, zoom in. All the way. Focus on one of the lights."

"This will take a moment." Carter said as she pulled her interface closer.

The King and two parents watched with interest as the image moved and zoomed in. Lydia gasped as she saw small figures fighting on the surface. The Pyramid was immense. Ten times larger than those in Egypt.

"I've got a lock on one of the l- erm… Sir, can you describe what we are supposed to be seeing?" She asked, clearly having no faith in the equipment.

"Dozens of illuminated Harry Potters zipping about humming-birds."

"He's duplicated himself?" Carter frowned.

The King laughed. "He called for all magicals capable of casting a Patronus. His elves must have responded. Harry taught them all the Patronus Charm. It was quite a shock for him when all of them produced a guardian in his image.

"Megan and the girls immediately brought me over. It was… beautifully hilarious."

"Why?" Gethyn asked curiously.

"Because Harry hates fame. The one thing he has never forgiven Us for is publishing his life story." He said seriously. "It is a horrid tale of a boy orphaned at the age of one by a madman who tried to murder him. He was hailed-"

"As the Boy-Who-Lived!" Lydia said in recognition. "We read about him in some of the books. I thought they were just fiction."

The King sighed.

Carter took up the explanation. "You probably did read fiction. Reality was much worse. It wasn't revealed to the public until His Majesty used Duke Potter as an example of the magicals in his life.

"It was Duke Potter who single-handedly defeated the Dark Lord Voldemort and his terrorists. He then went on to lead an elite squad of the Royal Army in occupying the Ministry of Magic.

"He did this without complaint and it led to him being trapped in a suit of armour for nearly a year. At the age of sixteen.

"His public code name is 'Armoured Mage', but he hates wearing the armour."

"As We said, revealing the truth about his life is the one thing he hates me for." The King said sadly.

"Forgive my intrusion and impertinence, Your Majesty." One of the senior members of the Royal Army interjected as he turned from the various monitors on the wall. "It is not you he hates. Duke Harry cares for you very much. I have been honoured to witness your interactions and they are nothing short of family.

"His Grace merely has trouble with his personal life being public."

"Thank you, Colonel. Alex." The King nodded with a tired smile.

The colonel simply nodded and returned to his work.

"Don't be a moron. Harry and Pix love you like a father. And all of us have seen that you love them like your own children."

They all jumped having not realised Fury was still listening.

"Anyway, SWORD is reporting that the vessel has begun to disintegrate. I reckon the kids will be home in time for tea."

"Nicholas, it is nearly one in the morning." The King reminded him.

"Breakfast then."


It was ten in the morning when Harry, Marie, Betsy, Sif and Pixie returned home to the manor. They were like zombies as they marched in, up the stairs and into their shared bedroom.

Lydia and Gethyn were completely ignored.

"My apologies Mister and Missus Gwynn." Jarvis grimaced. "It is unlikely they will be ready for civilised communication until this afternoon at the earliest."


Jarvis winced. "And I apologise for His Grace's language. He merely cares for all members of his family."

"We can help Uncle Edwin."

Jarvis frowned as he looked down and saw Marie and Elias standing there looking innocent. "Miss Marie, Master Elias, why are the two of you not at school?"

"We wanted to be here when everyone came home." Marie stated.

"And does Miss Selton know you are playing truant? What will Duke Harry say when he hears you are skipping school?"

"We left a note." Elias said defensively.

Jarvis was not impressed. Neither of the children could write properly yet. "Have you been introduced to Mister and Missus Gwynn?" He gestured to the couple.

The elves spared them a glance and shook their heads.

"Who's Megan?" Elias asked.

Jarvis couldn't help his chuckle. "Miss Pixie. Her proper name is Megan.

"These are Miss Megan's parents. They are here to visit their daughter, Miss Megan." He turned to the clearly confused pair. "These are Miss Marie and Master Elias. They are the youngest of His Grace's family."

The sound of a bell rang through the manor. "Oh dear. We are clearly in no state for visitors." Jarvis worried.

"It's just Aunty Hermione and Uncle Steve." Marie assured him.

That worried him even more. "Both of you go and let them in."

"My apologies, would you care for tea in the sitting room?" Jarvis asked the other adults.

"Mister Jarvis, do you need us to take these two back to school?" Hermione asked as walked in behind the two elves with Steve at her side.

"Miss Hermione, Captain Rogers, shouldn't you both be resting?" Jarvis frowned.

"I took a Pepper-Up Potion so I can sleep tonight." Hermione assured him.

"Thor's Hammer keeps me going." Steve shrugged.

"Oh! Miss Hermione, I'd forgotten you are a witch." Jarvis was clearly surprised.

"For as long as I've been alive." Hermione smiled.

"These are Miss Megan's parents… are you aware of the situation?" He asked cautiously.

Hermione's face became stony, a hint of contempt in her eyes. She was shocked when Steve moved forward to shake their hands with a smile.

"Your daughter is one of the major reasons my team and I make it back alive. She may not often go into the field, but she is the most valuable member of the Avengers. Even more than Harry."

"Steven!" Hermione hissed. "You know Pixie's history."

"Ah." Jarvis cleared his throat. "It appears Miss Hermione has not been briefed."

"Jarvis, why don't you handle these to rapscallions." Steve ruffled Marie and Elias' heads. "Hermione and I came over to help you out anyway. I'd thought Hermione knew as the Gwynn's are why I thought you'd need it."

"Bless you, Captain." Jarvis said in relief. "Normally I'd have some help but I fear Master Harry will know if Miss Ally and her kin try to help me.

"He's already shouted at Master Dobby."

"Marie, Elias, don't give Uncle Edwin anymore trouble. Understood?" Hermione glared at the pair.

"We are never trouble." Marie folded her arms.

"Come along, come along. We need to sign out a car." Jarvis ushered them out.

"Oh… Steve, I'll apparate Edwin and the kids. It will save him some time and stress." Hermione said as she kissed his cheek and left.

This left the somewhat socially awkward Captain America with the clearly out-of-their-depth Gwynns.

"So… Hermione will be back in a few minutes. How has the… reunion been going?" He asked with a slightly forced yet sincere smile.

The couple shared a look. "Not well." Lydia admitted. "I know we said to erase our memories… but, how- I just-"

"The problem is the same even if we did remember." Gethyn sighed. "We have nowhere to begin with Megan as she is now. A grown adult, involved in a serious relationship with a man and three women.

"And that sort of skips over the whole bi-sexual revelations."

Steve had them sit at the dinner table as that was closest. "I met Pixie when she was… twenty? Probably younger. From what I know of hers and your past, having your memories wouldn't change much.

"She was kidnapped from the train station. She wasn't rescued until four years later.

"I've spent a fair amount of time with some kids and there is a huge difference between eleven and fifteen.

"Maybe you need to go back further." Steve mused. "Do you have any old home movies of Pixie?"

Gethyn shook his head. "We could never afford a camcorder. We only had a camera because Lydia inherited it from her dad."

"Harry or another magical can help you copy memories of Pixie as a child so you can show others. Share them with her and the others. It might help open doors."

"C-Captain, how do you handle the homosexual side of things?" Lydia asked nervously.

Steve leaned back in his chair and tapped his fingers on the table. "I watch them and I see the love between them. Then I think 'who am I to judge'?

"I don't know how it is for you, but I was in stasis until a few years ago, long after Pixie was rescued. Sex has become… terrifying. I'm no stranger to people having casual sex. Both of my friends during the war were prone to dalliances.

"But it is no longer frowned upon. It's almost expected of people." Steve was clearly uncomfortable with the topic.

"Ok, the kids are off to school." Hermione said breathlessly as she slumped into the chair next to Steve. "Now, explain. I thought Megan's parents didn't even know about her."

"Clint and Vision restored their memories of what they had been through." Steve explained. "But… it was too much for them so instead they wiped their memories back to the day they took Pixie to the Hogwarts train."

"We didn't even get to do that." Gethyn said bitterly. "We had to just watch as she vanished into a brick wall."

Lydia began to cry. "It- It's awful. Knowing now that the second she vanished… she became a prisoner. A lab rat. And we forgot she existed. For more than a decade!"

A pair of slender arms wrapped around her and the sound of wooshing air, like a large hand fan was heard.

Lydia didn't need to look. She leaned into her daughter's embrace.

"It sounds so much deeper." Gethyn said sadly. "Whenever your wings would flap it was more like the propellers on a toy plane."

"I used to get flashbacks when Pixie would come flying in." Steve smiled wanly. "A sense of hope. Just like when the British Spitfires would come soaring in."

"Why do only some people call you 'Pixie'?" Gethyn asked curiously as Lydia pulled her adult daughter onto her lap.

Around them the rest of the girls and Harry sat down at the table. All looked fairly refreshed.

"Personally, I knew her before Harry named her 'Pixie'." Hermione answered. "Of course there are those like myself and His Majesty who prefer to use her formal name."

"Probably the same reason most call me 'Rogue'." Marie added her opinion. "Very few people knew me as 'Marie' after ah met Harry."

"Harry is one of the few who only uses codenames on the battlefield." Sif mused. "Regardless of their affiliation, X-Men, Avenger, Fantastic Four… he uses the name given by their parents."

"Do all of you have codenames?"

"I'm a civilian." Hermione answered. "Steve is Captain America. You might have heard of him from the history books."

"I recognised you when you were introduced." Gethyn nodded.

"Rogue is mah codename, but ah only like a few people calling me Marie. Family." She said firmly.

"Betsy Braddock, codename: Psylocke." Betsy smirked.

"Harry Potter, codenames: Guardian of Infinity, Bane of Galactus and… even though I hate it, Armoured Mage." Harry sighed.

"Sif, Goddess of War."

Everyone turned to the smug woman.

"Erm…" Gethyn struggled to begin.

"She's an Asgardian, from the Norse myths." Hermione explained. "Thor, the God of Thunder, is a close friend."

"And the rest of your codenames? What do they mean? What does Megan's?" Lydia asked.

"Mine comes from the first time Harry and I left the Manor after we first met." Pixie explained. "Harry was trapped in his armour and I… had just been liberated from my own cage.

"We went for a walk outside the palace grounds. A group of children approached and asked about our armour and wings.

"Somehow Harry decided to call me Pixie. It stuck."

"The children weren't afraid of your wings? The parents?" Gethyn asked intently.

"They were more in awe." Harry shrugged. "It's not everyday you see a real medieval knight walking down Pall Mall being shadowed by an oversized Pixie."

"Oh thank god." Gethyn breathed. "We were so worried about the reaction people would have to Megan's wings."

"It wasn't all roses and puppies." Betsy warned. "I'm a mutant too. My dad was asked to work with Harry to try and get him out of his armour.

"He was also a royal advisor. He took the three of us to America to attend a hearing on 'mutants'."

"Sir James was amazing." Megan said with a fond smile. "He made Kelly look like a right ponce. Nearly turned everyone in the room against him."

"Don't sell yourself short, Pix." Betsy smirked. "He wouldn't have been even half as effective if you hadn't agreed to stand with him, wings out."

"You were-" Lydia stopped herself with a sigh. "Forgive me, I was about to question you being on the TV. But Mister Barton and Mister Vision already showed us footage of you at work."

"Yes." Gethyn drawled. "Lovely left hook you have there, dear."

Megan frowned.

"Archangel." Harry smirked. "You, quote-"

"Gave him a dose of reality." Gethyn finished. "Even with the trauma, it made me laugh."

"Did they also show you the government persecution?" Betsy asked. "More than a few times we've had to relocate to Wakanda just to escape them."

"Let's focus on the good things, Sugah." Marie broke in. "Doesn't matter what others try, we can take care of ourselves and others."

"Have the Dynamic Duo arranged for counselling for the pair of you?" Betsy asked Gethyn and Lydia.

"She means Clint and Vision." Harry offered at their blank looks.

"They didn't mention anything." Lydia shook her head.

"And Vision is not likely to leave something this important unfinished." Sif agreed.

"Was last night… common?" Gethyn asked nervously.

"You mean the alien invasion?" Hermione clarified. "Only in the past few years. Humans have begun to make their way out into the greater universe. Unfortunately we have also ruffled some powerful feathers."

"Justifiably 'ruffled'." Steve added. "And it doesn't really start with humans. The aliens are the ones who came here and started things.

"They just weren't ready for our response."

"Has modern technology really come so far?" Gethyn asked.

"Nope." Betsy grinned. "But there are super-geniuses like Stark, Richards and Potter who can make miracles. Stark and Richards work on non-magical sciences and Harry Potter brings in the magical side."

"I am not a super-genius." Harry frowned. "I have a gift in one subject.

"Hermione is a genius about magic." He nodded to his friend.

Harry looked at his watch. "Well, it's midday. Why don't the three of you go out and find somewhere to eat. I'm sure your parents could use an update on the world in general as well as all the times you got in trouble."

"Me?" Pixie glared at him. She stood from her mother's lap and pulled the woman to her feet. "Come on, let me start with the tales of Harry Potter. Every good story needs a prequel, Harry's is mine."

She grabbed her father's hand and they vanished.

"You were expecting that, right Sugah?" Marie smirked at her husband.

Harry smiled back. "Whether for or against, I am well aware that I am a catalyst for bringing people together."


The World Security Council had ordered SHIELD to reassign Alexander Rutger to their hierarchy. He was then placed in charge of arranging the hearings and reports as needed.

He suddenly found himself in charge of a lot.

His first mission was to arrange a hearing regarding the Pyramid Ship.

The meeting was public and publicised. Harry, Thor and Iron Man attended with Dobby.

Dobby was seated between Harry and Thor.

"Your Grace, perhaps some introductions, to start with before you begin your account?" Alexander offered. He was joined by two invited members of the UN, the English and Nigerian delegates.

Harry stood and smiled. "I proudly present, Prince Thor Odinson of Asgard, Anthony Stark of… Malibu?"

"New York City." Tony glared at him.

"Dobby Potter, of England, and myself, Duke Harry James Potter of Godric's Hollow, Wales."

The Nigerian representative frowned. "Your Grace, my understanding of house elves is that they serve as… personal retainers?"

"Some do. Dobby used to, but, his story is mentioned in the public story of mine. Dobby and his family are my family.

"Unfortunately there is some contention between both my family and our paid butler and my family and the cleaning staff of Buckingham Palace.

"Dobby came with me to Balmoral Castle one time… Took me three hours to drag him out of the place before he could clean it all."

The Nigerian male was amused. "I can see his part in your report will be… interesting."

"Indeed." Thor smirked. "Dobby made the rest of us simply… "

"Unnecessary obstacles." Tony grumbled.

"Well then." Alexander spoke quickly. "Perhaps you could begin your brief, Your Grace."

"This all seems to stem from events that occurred in the 50's. Some people might remember the masked hero, 3D Man. He gained his abilities from the blessing of a god or some such. We are still investigating, all we do know is that it was not anyone from the Norse or Greek Pantheons.

"Moving forward to present day, Jonathon Tremont discovered this power and used it to resurrect his dead brothers, they manifested as Pagan and Lord Templar.

"He had also captured 3D Man and was experimenting on him in order to extract the power. This power was partially transplanted into the costumed man, Triathalon.

"Tremont used Pagan and Templar to cause destruction and sow seeds of doubt and hate at the Avengers. At the same time he used the unwitting Triathalon to act as a 'hero'.

"We saw through that and it wound up with Triathalon in traction and Tremont in custody.

"Now, the Pyramid Ship. That was apparently the reason for the godly blessings. The blessing was meant to be three-fold and shared by three. Tremont thought it was him and his dead brothers.

"But we had them all locked up.

"I took my team up there and we poked around. The place was evil. Dementors, dark lords, politicians… I had never seen a place more evil."

There was a small wave of amusement as everyone reacted to Harry's opinion.

"Babies' diapers."

That broke the dam as they laughed at Tony Stark's counter argument.

Harry was exasperated. "Everytime-"

"Now, hold my friend." Thor intervened. "Even I have been party to the changing of a baby. Tony is not wrong."

"Same for elf kits." Dobby muttered with a shudder.

Harry stood there, shoulders sagged.

"Your Grace, what was your assessment of the ship?" The Nigerian offered with a smile. "Was it imminently clear a threat?"

"If Harry hadn't inscribed our armour and costumes we non-magicals would have been over come." Tony said seriously.

"Definitely." Harry nodded to the Nigerian's question. "This was a target that required immediate and extreme action.

"Most of the team used their abilities to hold off the horde of evil constructions. We brainstormed as we fought.

"As Tony can attest, even my mental blocker runes weren't holding up."

Thor also agreed. "I have the same runes. Mine are powered by my divinity, they were still failing."

"Then we had the idea to use the Patronus Charm." Harry said as he flicked his wand, his stag appearing. "If you could engage the magical filters on the room's cameras you'll be able to see."

There were soon gasps as the magnificent stag was visible on the large monitors around the room.

"I call my patronus 'Prongs' after my father who was able to turn in this exact form as an animagus. He turned out to be very effective.

"But Prongs alone was not enough. Pixie added her own to the mix but we were still two little shrimp in the sea of evil.

"So I put out a call to all magical Avengers Personnel to join us.

"Dobby and his family were some of the first to arrive. That was a blessing as they are far more powerful."

"Could we see Mister Potter's Patronus?" Alexander asked respectfully but curiously.

"Expecto Patronum!" Dobby was still squeaky, but his incantation was powerful and flooded the room.

"I'm so glad I got you to give my runes a charge." Tony chuckled as he watched Dobby's patronus emerge.

"Mister Potter's Patronus is… you?" Alexander was completely confused as he looked between the monitors and Harry.

The problem was that Dobby's Patronus wasn't of the current adult Harry Potter. Dobby's was of the scrawny little twelve-year-old the freed him.

The rest of the elves patronus' was of Harry at age sixteen.

"Master Harry is greatest guardian." Dobby said solemnly. "He is protecting Dobby and Dobby's family. He is making us his family.

"He is saving whole world.

"Dobby hasn't even seen whole world." The age old awe crept in as Dobby seemed to stare off into the distance.

"Your Grace, my understanding was that a patronus was an animal avatar." The English representative frowned.


"Not now Tony." Harry sighed. "Sir, the best thing to do is remember that elves, goblins, centaurs… they are different species to us. Elves don't need a wand.

"Think about how very different they are from us physically and how differently they live to us. Goblins are subterranean, centaurs live outdoors.

"We all wield magic… but we all do it differently.

"We all feel it differently."


To Harry's dismay word spread throughout the world as humans who interacted with house elves enquired if they too could produce a patronus.

The answer was never 'no'.

It was either a joyful and proud 'yes' or an eager and excited 'almost'.

Harry's dismay was caused by the fact that Dobby had sent his children to teach other elves and those elves taught others, and so on.

And they all produced a Harry Potter patronus.


Because Harry was extremely famous and whilst most elves didn't comprehend the dangers of Galactus and the like, they witnessed him saving millions and most importantly, treating his elves like family.

As such there were numerous simultaneous sightings of Duke Harry around the world for weeks.


"Potter, we've got a-"

"I know, Fury." Harry growled as his armour flowed around him as he stood in his dining room.

Pixie and Rogue were already heading to Pixie's throne room whilst Betsy was guiding Lydia and Gethyn out of the room.

Sif had retrieved her spear from the bottomless pouch Hermione had gifted her last Christmas.

"Just find out who did it and hand them over. I'll try and contain things."

Sif grabbed Harry's armoured shoulder and the pair vanished.

Jarvis was left to stare in disbelief as the news showed images of Spider-Man side-by-side with his alter-ego, Peter Parker.

The man's life was now an open book to the public and his home address was being published for every criminal he foiled to note.


There was a plan in place for this. Harry had developed it within weeks of meeting Spider-Man and had added to its protections over the years.

As soon as the call went out, various Avengers were taken by elves to those on Peter's list of friends and family. Captain America went to May Parker, Rogue to Mary Jane Watson, Psylocke to Gwen Stacey.

It didn't stop there. Captain George Stacey of the NYPD found himself being shadowed by Hercules. Something he really didn't appreciate.

At the same time the lawyers employed by the Avengers were delivering Cease and Desists and notices of intent to sue to the various media outlets that were party to the leak of information.

Meanwhile, Harry had instructed Vision, Tony and FRIDAY to shutdown the buildings the media operated from. To break their websites.

Everyone of them knew they were now breaking the law.

But this was too important.

Harry was with Peter at the SHIELD NYC building where he still worked. They were joined by Nick and Maria.

"I should be out there!" Peter argued angrily. "Gwen has already been targeted."

"And Betsy is right there protecting her and ready to call in anyone she needs.

"Remember, Pete, I didn't just send anyone. I sent Avengers." Harry reminded him.

"This planet's most powerful fighters." Nick nodded. "And they've just been assigned babysitting duty."

"What happens now?" Peter asked as he slumped into a chair at the conference table they were at.

"Now, the world learns that actions have consequences. The actions of the few are the responsibility of everyone.

"Earth suffered at the hands of the Intergalactic Council because of a literal handful of humans.

"The Avengers suffered because of a handful of politicians.

"Now, you are suffering because of a bunch of media outlets.

"Now… now we join you."


On a stage set up just inside the gates of Buckingham Palace, Harry stood with Rogue, Peter and Steve Rogers. All were in civilian attire.

In front of them were hundreds of press with microphones and cameras. Behind them the Palace was backlit by the setting sun.

"My identity has always been public." Harry addressed them. "Whether as the Boy-Who-Lived, the Armoured Mage, the Guardian of Infinity… it has never been a secret that the person who was labelled such, was Harry James Potter.

"During my life I have been targeted by criminals and monsters… simply for existing. It is one reason I have always preferred a private life.

"But that was never an option for me. Voldemort, the Ministry of Magic, Dementors, Galactus… and so many more. I had to stand and face them.

"We have all, all Avengers, X-Men and other costumed heroes, all tried to protect our private lives in some way.

"Common decency has been ignored, our lives have been put at risk.

"But today… today you put the lives of innocent civilians at risk.

"Today you learn the consequences of your actions.

"As of today, the media will be unable to print one word about any Avenger activity. This extends to our private lives as well.

"We'll still be out there, saving the world as needed, but you won't hear about it on the news, or in newspapers, radios.

"You'll just see the devastation left and you will have to forever wonder what happened. How close did you come to dying, to the world ending?

"One last thing." Harry sneered at them. "Here's an example of my true power. What was Spider-Man's true identity again?"

Harry turned and the four of them vanished.


Inside the New York Avengers Tower, the four appeared in a conference room with the other Avengers, the Fantastic Four and representatives from the X-Men.

"So the Avengers have gone… dark?" Bucky asked.

"Like… evil?" Peter asked.

"He means we're going incognito, cutting communications." Natasha explained. "It's a common term used in the military and spy business."

"Let all my fantasies come true!" Harry grinned.

"Thou art not talking about the Reality Stone, I trust?" Hercules raised an eyebrow.

"Nay, friend." Thor shook his head sadly. "Harry abhors fame and attention. He craves the quiet, the ability to walk through the streets of Midgard and not be recognised.

"Think of how we can stroll through Asgard and Olympus and everyone knows our name. It is the same here for Harry. He despises it."

"And the mortals of this plain are far more in abundance." Hercules frowned. "I know too well how rude and arrogant these media rats can be.

"But, Harry, please explain for me what you have done and how it will be effective." Hercules requested.

"To be blunt: Yes, I am using the Reality Stone."

"With the counsel and approval of the Guardians of Infinity." Stephen Strange interjected firmly.

"Most of what I am doing can be done with magic." Harry continued. "But I am doing it on the same scale as when I altered how people perceived the Infinity Stones.

"They simply won't be able to physically write or speak our personal names. You, for example will now only be referred to by the media as the Prince of Olympus. Thor as the Prince of Asgard.

"They also won't be able to point their cameras at us. They will be forced to point them at the ground or sky. Any camera that inadvertently captures us, like CCTV will show nothing but static."

"Won't this be an issue for our allies, like SHIELD?" Natasha asked.

"Forget SHIELD, what about those of us who wear armour?" Hope Van Dyne demanded. "Iron Man, War Machine, Ant-Man and myself all use camera feeds."

"And Vision." Reed added. "His body is synthetic."

"All these have been taken into account." Vision assured them. "The proof is that I can see and identify you all and associate you with your codenames."

"What effect are you hoping to see?" Charles Xavier asked. "And on whom?"

"Pretty much everyone." Harry shrugged. "For starters, the next time there is a major event, the general populace will see the mass destruction like there was in New York, London and Sokovia… but they will never know what happened.

"They might have seen us fighting bad guys or holding back natural disasters, but they will only know about the codenames of the people. There will be no speculation as to what Reed and Susan might have gotten up to afterwards.

"Did they head home to their son? Go out for a drink? Celebrate in bed?

"As far as the public is concerned, Mister Fantastic and the Invisible Woman just saved the day and rode off into the sunset… end of speculation."

"You said that was 'for starters'." Charles prompted.

"Well, then you've got the media. They can't give details on what we did, who attacked and so on. If we were involved they can't mention it.

"How do you think the public will take that?"

"They won't be happy, they will likely be out for our blood." Ororo scowled.

"Remember Lagos." Harry shook his head. "They always go for the most visible. The media are the most visible.

"They will hound the media, they will try and start their own media outlets. Then they will go after the government.

"Everyone knows they are 'responsible'. They know they must have some power to intervene."

"I don't get it. Why not come after us?" Ben Grimm frowned.

"Because we do not exist as people. Every time we put on the costume or armour, we become avatars, completely isolated from our private personas."

"What about accountability?" Scott Lang asked. "I know that none of the groups here other than the Avengers have ever answered to a government, but… if someone goes rogue? Crosses a line?"

"I know who you all are." Fury said firmly. "So does Hill. You don't answer to us, but you do fall under our jurisdiction if something stinks.

"Officially, Coulson will be hunting you down if he has to."

"And you think that unpowered humans will be able to take down someone like… Johnny Storm, if they think he poses a risk?" Hope Van Dyne smirked. "How are you going to catch someone who can travel through the Quantum Realm?"

"You are not the only super-powered people around." Fury warned. "I've got psychics, wizards, witches, mystics, x-gene users and more working for SHIELD.

"More than enough to match most of you."

"Wait, wait, wait." Peter Parker sat forward waving his hands with a frown. "You've got all these people ready to serve… why do you keep calling on Harry? Everyone here knows he hates being the Armoured Mage.

"I do it out of responsibility and… because no one else could."

"Peter, it's not what you are made of that counts." Steve Rogers said softly. "It's what you do with it."

"Let me make this clear." Fury sat forward. "I don't trust most of these powered people working for me. I didn't seek them out and offer them a job. They came to me looking for a job.

"That's the difference. They are in it for the pay check.

"You've never once asked to be paid."

"So how does this change things from an operational standpoint?" Bucky asked.

"Pixie's room will remain manned." Harry stated. "SHIELD, SWORD and even the World Security Council can contact us directly.

"Our friends can also call us. His Majesty, Captains Holt and Stacey… hell, even May Parker has my private number.

"The only difference is that when you are in the field, you may not make as many friends.

"But your current friends will remember."

"So… I guess we are now… 'Secret Avengers'?" Scott Lang mused.

"FRIDAY, make a note, Scott is not allowed to name anything." Harry glared at the man.

Scott's pout was ignored as Harry's phone went off.

He frowned. "Who the devil would call this thing? Pepper?" He said in surprise as he saw the name and answered.

"Wait, my Pepper?"

"Whoa! Calm down."


"Language Missy! Save it for the bedroom and Tony."


"Look, just relax. We'll be there in a second." Harry hung up and stood. "Bruce, we're on call."

"What the hell?" Tony demanded as he stood. "What is going on?"

"You are about to become a dad." Harry grinned. "You coming?"

Tony nearly knocked Steve out of his chair as he rushed around the table to get to Harry and Bruce.

The three were gone in an instant.

"Pixie, please take Iron Man off the active roster for the year." Steve sighed.

"I'll pull Deadpool out of reserve." Pixie nodded.


"Kidding, kidding!"

She really wasn't.


So, whilst this could be considered 'finished', I will probably write more. There are various things I want to use, like the fact that there are multiple Kangs, maybe even Secret Invasion.

Of course, there are other movies I haven't covered yet, Deadpool 2, for instance. Plus the upcoming movies.

That said... After Avengers Assemble, the only Marvel films I have watched are Deadpool's, Ant-Man's and Guardians of the Galaxy. I never saw Ultron, the Infinity War, Spider-Man's movies. I pretty much read the wiki pages and search for transcripts.

Anyway, that's this story for now. I have others I am working on, time will tell if I can finish them.