Title: Crystal Picard, Cardcaptor

Rating: K

Summary: Children don't have adventures, doesn't really face danger, but when Crystal Picard opens the Clow book, unleashing the most powerful creation of Clow Reed, she finds herself on the path to become the most powerful sorceress, and Mistress of the Clow Book ever. Why? Because Clow Reed saw her before he died. Crossover of Cardcaptor Sakura, but no Sakura.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters, except Crystal, and I'm making nothing from this.

Chapter 11: Bubbly Appearance

"Welcome to McKinley Station," a voice said. "Ship currently docked: The U.S.S Enterprise."

"Come on," Beverly said. "I can't wait to see my new quarters."

"I can't wait until we stop moving," Crystal said.

"Once we arrive I'm taking you to meet Wesley," she said.

"Can we eat once we meet them?" Kero asked.

"Stay in my pocket," Crystal ordered.

"But I'm hungry."

"I can get you food in a bit," Crystal said.

"This has to be abuse."

"I feel like we're on the verge of missing the Titanic," Crystal said.

"That ship sank on its maiden voyage."

No No made noise in her carrier, but Crystal could tell that her mother was on a mission.

"Okay, Ensign, transport us," Beverly ordered.

"Yes, Doctor," she said and the three of them vanished and then appeared on the Transport pad.

"Welcome back to the Enterprise, Doctor," O'Brian said.

"Miles, it's so good to see you," Beverly said. "This is my little sorceress, Crystal."

"I do hope that's a nickname," he said.

"Ah, no," Crystal said.

"I'm taking them up to the Bridge so that Wesley can see his sister," she told him.

"He should be there," O'Brian said.

"Come along, and then we report to our quarters," she told them.

Crystal allowed her mother to lead the way, Kero thankfully saying in her pocket. She pressed the button and the turbo lift opened. Inside was Data.

"Data," Beverly said.


"You're looking well," she told him.

"Thank you, for that assessment," he said.

"Bridge," Beverly said. "So is Wesley on the Bridge?"

"He should be, Doctor."

"Oh I forgot," Beverly said. "Data I would like for you to meet Crystal and the thing in her pocket is Kero."

Kero came out and said, "I'm insulted. I'm not a thing. Have you forgotten what I am."

"Kero, everyone in the universe knows who you are," Crystal said. "We don't need to add the crew of the Enterprise, though they did actually see you."

"Then they know that I'm awesome."

"Oh why did I sign up for this?"

The door opened and Beverly and Crystal walked out, Kero hovering.

"WESLEY!" Crystal screamed and her brother turned in his seat and got up.

She ran down to him and jumped into his arms, a huge smile on her face.

"Hay, runt," he said.

"Oh I missed you so much," she said.

"And I missed you," he said. "Um, sorry Captain."

"Well if she's here then our dear Doctor has come on-board."

"You had better believe it," Beverly said. "And I believe I heard that someone didn't like their Doctor."

Crystal heard a grunt and then, "CRYSTAL, THERE'S A CLOW CARD HERE."

"What in the-?"

Bubbles suddenly shot everywhere, making several crew members scream in horror. They poured from any place that they could pour out of. Crystal had never seen so much bubbles in her entire life.

"Oh not even ten minutes on-board and trouble has followed us."

"Kero, what card is it?" Crystal asked.

"The Bubble Card," Kero said. "You have to force it into its true form. These bubbles aren't it."

"What does it do?"

"Um, it cleans things," Kero said.

"Wait a minutes, are you telling me that a card that cleans messes is about to clean us up."

"Pretty much," he said. "Use the Key to capture the card. And hurry, I don't want to take another bath."

The amount of bubbles started to rise and Crystal saw that they were coming up to her kneecaps.

Everyone was in a mess and then Crystal took out her key. "Oh Key of Clow, Power of Magic, Power of Might, Surrender the Wand, the force ignite…RELEASE!"

The key started to grow and Crystal grabbed it, pulled it back, and slammed her hand against it.

"Watery Card," she said, throwing it. "Force Bubbles into her physical form."

She slammed her wand down on it and added," WATERY, RELEASE AND DESPELL."

Watery came out and started to sweep around the room, the bubbles being forced back. Suddenly they vanished and a mermaid girl stood there.

"Crystal, that's Bubble's physical form," Kero said. "SEAL THAT CARD"

She raised her wand. "I command you to return to your power confine…. BUBBLE CARD."

The shape of a card appeared and Bubbles was pulled into it. When it finally became solid it floated towards her.

"Hay, everything is clean."

"Is this what you do for fun?" someone asked.

"Someone, make me vanish," Crystal moaned.

"Hay, there's a card for that."

"Do not push your luck," Crystal said.

"You did great," Beverly said.


"Mom, can I take her to your quarters," Wesley asked, a stunned look still on his face.

"That would be a good idea," Beverly said.

"I'm sorry if I caused any problems," Crystal said and she left with Wesley.

"I really ruined it," she moaned to her brother when they arrived.

"I don't think so," he said. "I mean, that was pretty amazing."

"I don't think my father was impressed."

"Nonsense, he was just shocked," Wesley said.

"I think everyone was shocked," Crystal said. "Crystal Picard, a girl that can do magic."

"How are you able to do this?"

Crystal broke down her many adventures, telling him that the cards were created by a sorcerer name Clow Reed. When she mentioned the couple of times that their mother helped her break into different places he stared at her.

"Wait a minute, our mother committed a crime," Wesley said.

"It was either that or let those men in the research department drown," she said.

"Okay, that's a good enough reason," Wesley said. "I can't imagine our mother sleeking around and breaking into a museum."

They both laughed.


"Wait a minute, the lustrous Beverly Crusher broke the law," Will Riker said.

"Excuse me, but that Watery Card was causing all sorts of problems. It was either that, or watch those officers drown."

"Good enough reason," Geordi said.

She shared her recordings of each capture that Crystal had done. Ever since Crystal had agreed to let her join her in her little quest she had been recording everything.

"Does that thing have fangs," Deanna said.

"Yeah, it does," Beverly said.

"Do these things pose a danger to the ship and crew?"

"Yes, they do," Beverly answered. "And right now our daughter is the only one that can get rid of them. She sealed them away and they don't cause any more problems."

"Remind me of the old saying that trouble comes in small packages."

"I think we should help her," Deanna said.

"Until we have full proof that these things are a danger to the ship and crew we don't do anything," he said. "Let alone give a girl unlimited access to the ship."

Beverly had a bad feeling the cards were going to prove how much of a danger they were.


A/N: In the Anime the Bubble Card is only seen during a summer trip. There is nothing that shows what card Sakura used to force it onto physical form. Thus, I decided that Crystal would use the Watery Card to force it to assume it's actual form. Next up: The Enterprise unknowingly lets on a rival from China. A family that has a direct link to Clow Reed. Oh and is the son going to cause problems. Most of it, with his mouth. His name Li Syaoran a rival that believes that Crystal has no business even assuming that she can be a Cardcaptor. And let's everyone know how he feels about a Picard capturing Clow cards.