Title: Crystal Picard, Cardcaptor

Rating: K

Summary: Children don't have adventures, doesn't really face danger, but when Crystal Picard opens the Clow book, unleashing the most powerful creation of Clow Reed, she finds herself on the path to become the most powerful sorceress, and Mistress of the Clow Book ever. Why? Because Clow Reed saw her before he died. Crossover of Cardcaptor Sakura, but no Sakura.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters, except Crystal, and I'm making nothing from this.

A/N: This Clow capture takes place during the episode Evolution.


Chapter 13: Trouble in the Holodeck

"What the heck is this thing?" Crystal asked her mother, who had taken her to one of the Cargobays.

Her mother had been released from Sickbay and had told her that she was going to show her something that the Enterprise was currently taking part in. A scientist was on-board to do an experiment that Starfleet wanted the Enterprise to take part in.

"Doctor Stubbs is going to have this launched into space where it will be part of an epic collision between a red giant and a neutron star," she told Crystal.

"Amazing," Crystal said.

"It sure is," Beverly said.

"Mother, are you alright?"

She saw that her mother had something on her mind and she knew it had nothing to do with what was in the cargobay.

"It's nothing."

Crystal knew that it was something.

When they left Crystal thought she saw that nasty Li boy. Kero had warned her to keep a look out just in-case he did something else that was declared stupid. Or he tried to capture a Clow Card. The funny thing was that Li couldn't seal one away, that was her job. Crystal left her mother so that she could work on some homework that had to be completed and her mother went to Sickbay.

"Ham sandwich with pickles, tomatoes, and mayo," she told the replicator and one appeared.

"Oh don't get me anything."

"Kero, you need to give the pit a rest," she told him.

"I don't have a pit."

She looked at him and said, "I was talking about your stomach."

Kero huffed and flew away.

"Same goes for you," she told No No.

Their kitten gave her a look that might be the cat version of a glare. She sat down and got started on her work. That afternoon Crystal was thrown to the ground of their quarters as the ship started to move and she had a bad feeling that it wasn't a good move.

"What the heck is wrong with this ship?" Kero demanded.

"How am I supposed to know," Crystal said.

It stopped and Crystal felt that she needed to find her mother, making sure that she was alright.

When she entered sickbay she found her mother, and the nurses, treated several people that had gotten hurt. There was a man on his stomach and he was talking about why he was glad that his mother wasn't with him on missions.

"I know."

"Dear god, don't tell me that you read that unauthorized biography," he told her brother.

"To tell the truth all my free time is spent on my studies."

Crystal could see the reaction that got from her mother.

"Mother," Crystal said.

"Are you hurt," Beverly asked her.

"I'm fine," Crystal said. "Just Kero and I are shaken up, that's all."

"Thank god," she said.

"Oh you have another one," the man said.

"Crystal this is Dr. Stubbs," Beverly said. "Doctor, this is my daughter Crystal."

"Sounds like a fine name," he said.

"Thanks," Crystal said. "So you're the one doing the experiment."

"Yep," he said.

"Doctor, let's get you setting up," one of the Nurses said.

She pulled him, gently, to a setting position.

"Looks like I've been made whole," he said. "Come along, Mr. Crusher, let's see if Humpty Dumpty is still in one piece."

Crystal grinned as they left.

"It's going to be hours before you get him back," Crystal warned her mother.

"I-What in the world?"

Crystal saw that the focus of her question was a food replicator.

"Computer, run a check on the food replicator?"

"Food replicator is operating within normal perimeters."

"Check again."

The same results came back.

"Shut down the food replicator."

It stopped.

"Now that's strange," Crystal told her.

"Yeah," she said. "I need to report this to the Captain."

"I'll see you around," she said. "Oh I was thinking about going to the holodeck."

"Have fun," Beverly said.

"I will," she promised and she left sickbay.

During a tour of the ship Lt. Commander Data had shown Crystal were the holodecks were located. She chose holodeck two and said, "Computer, I would like to visit a movie theater, mid to late twentieth century."

"Specify year."

"Nineteen ninety-three," she said.

"Program complete, enter when ready."

The door opened and Crystal walked in.

The movie she chose was the Secret Garden. Getting her food and drinks, which she knew Kero would be upset about, she settled into a seat as other people arrived and settled into their own. As the movie played she started to get a feeling why these places had been popular at one time. Suddenly the movie went dark, drawing complaints from everyone. And then something came out of it and her senses told her that this was a Clow Card.


"Which is working now," Beverly told Jean-Luc.

"It seems that-."

Beverly suddenly gasped in shock.


"Crystal is in danger," Beverly said and she ran out of the Captain's Ready Room.

She ran to the holodeck to find that the computer wouldn't let her in. The fear of losing someone hit her and she tapped her badge.

"Crusher to Picard."

"Picard here."

"Captain, the holodeck that Crystal is in won't let me in," she cried out. "Jean-Luc, our daughter is trapped."

"I'm coming," he said.

The door suddenly burst open and Beverly watched as Crystal flew past her and following her was a giant bolt of lightning.



Beverly headed there, knowing that she could cut them off before they reached their destination. She arrived a few minutes before Crystal came flying in, the lightning thing following her.

"I think I'm supposed to force it into its true form," she told her mother.

"How?" Beverly asked.

"I have no idea," Crystal said.

Suddenly the necklace that Beverly had woken up wearing glowed with light. Pulling it out she stared at it along with Crystal.

"This whole day has just gotten stranger."

Suddenly words left her mouth and Beverly said, "Oh key of the Sun, by the power of might, RELEASE!"

The key changed into a long staff and she touched it, locking it.

"Yes, this day has gotten stranger," Beverly said.

"Mom, watch out."

The lightning thing came at them and both of them dived to avoid getting hit.

"Beverly to Kero."

"Do you have an answer to the food problem?"

"Kero, Crystal is battling a Clow Card. It looks like lightning."

There was a pause and then, "Beverly, that's the Thunder Card. Crystal has to force it to assume it's actual form."



"I have no idea," Kero answered.

Beverly stared at it and then, "Force, know my plight, release the light…LIGHTNNG!"

The staff glowed and a giant bolt of lightning came out and hit the Thunder spirit. Suddenly it changed into a full beast.

"How did you do that?"

"I have no idea," Beverly said.

"Mom, I think I know what to do," she said. "Shadow Card, form a sphere around Thunder. SHADOW CARD, RELEASE AND DESPELL."

They watched as Shadow came out, again, and came for Thunder. It wrapped around it until there was nothing but a black blob.

"I command you to return to your power confine…. THUNDER CARD!"

The black blob was sucked in and then two cards fell to the floor.

"Thanks, mom," Crystal said.

"To bad this isn't the reason that the ship is acting up," Beverly said.

"Let's hope that you figure it out."

"Picard to Doctor Crusher."

"Beverly, here."

"I think the holodecks are out of order for right now," he said. "Is Crystal alright?"

She smiled at her daughter.

"She's fine, Captain," she said.

That night both Crystal and her mother watched the Secret Garden. It was much safer in their quarters after the whole thing with the holodeck. Beverly showed Kero the key and he said, "That looks like the key that Clow's father use to have. They were big on Sun magic."

"I can't believe that one of Wesley's mad science experiments caused this," Crystal said.

"I think that Wesley is taking on too much."

"I think I'm going to agree."

"I wonder how much Li is angry that he didn't get a Clow Card."

"Let's hope that he stays angry for a long time," Beverly said and they went back to the movie.


A/N: Yes, Li is angry. Next up: An attack by a Clow Card hits way too close to home.