They ran, ghosting through the halls dripping condensaion and slime unheeded, not a sound left the squads masks not even the flutter of cloth or clink of metal preceeded the stop, hand signals flashed and then the door was assailed, breaking in to a nightmare.

Blood, old, fresh, corrupted and rotting, it was almost enough to make even their hardened stomachs quail, one poor soul regurgitated into his mask, "Taicho...this, this place..." No more words needed to be said, the horror of this laboratory, lit in erie greens and pale reds, shadows at every corner saw the group faced with things... suspended in containers, most rotting, flesh falling from malformed bodys, almost unrecognisable as human shapes, mutated and decayed, it was obvious this lab was long abandoned.

The one known only as Tora walked and studied the papers and scrolls scatterd haphazardly over the table next to an unrecognisable putrid mess, "It seems our intel was correct, this base may provide the clues we need, search and seal it all". The ANBU squad did as ordered, while Tora continued looking over one scroll, "Orochimaru..." Tora once more swore to see justice done to one of the Leafs biggest trators.

"Taichou! There`s a live one!" came hollering down the fetid corridors, a breeze and few scaterd leaves and Tora was looking int a container still alight and with bubbles slowly forming and travelling up around what looked to be a small baby girl, the tank was labelled 305-Senju, the monitor beside it showed the barely there vitals of the babe, "Get it out,and to the medics, then we return as soon as the rest of the base is cleared" the rabit masked ANBU smashed the container and caught the babe, rushing out to the team medic, Tora in a moment of reflection wondered if this is how he had been made 14 years previous.