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It was still light as they landed outside a small 4 story block of what looked like offices, Sliding down from the Skarmory Ash wobbeled and fell on his bum, legs protesting any movement from the position they had been in for the last few hours, now starting really showing their cramp, yelping Ash rubbed harshly at his legs, after a few minutes of this and listening to the snickers of the ACE and the metalic cackle of her Skarmory Ash felt strong enough to stand without looking like a drunk toddler.

"Yeah, yeah, laugh it up" he grumbled "So where too?" stretching out her arms the ACE just nodded to the block of offices, striding off after the quickly moving woman Ash entered into the lobby to be faced with a reception area, a few nice looking leather couchesand coffe tables, a few magazines scattered around, a bookcase stuffed full, and a coffee vending machine, with the ACE hugging it "Sweet sweet caffine, soon soon..." only to then jump up and straigten her uniform at a sharply barked "Jennifer!".

Coming from the door behind the reception desk was a middle aged blonde man, his ACE uniform crisp and fresh, with a sigh "Really now, such unprofesional behaviour...Is this the boy? well come along then, dont have time to waste" so saying he turned abrubtly ignoring the stuttered "Ye... yes sir, captain sir!" from a red faced Jennifer.

Following the intimidating man Ash walked down the corridor leading to 3 doors, the one on the left open, "Jennifer with me" the captain mentioned with his hand to the open door, turning to Ash he nooded his head to the closed door straight ahead "You, boy, will see the commander" and so saying knocked sharply on the door, opened it and pushed Ash through promplty before closing the door beind him.

Ash looked ahead to see an older looking gentle man, gray streaks in his hair looking up from a modern looking terminal, sharp hazel eyes qyickly darting and taking in Ash`s ruffeled appearence, "Well, well, sit down then lad, and tell me what you was doing in the wilds" sounding athouritarian with a hint of freindliness he gestured to the rather nice looking chair infront of the desk, Ash`s uttocks certainly appriciated the padding on his rather saddle sore behind.

Drinking the last of the water provided by ACE Commander Nodine, nearly two hours of constant talking leaving his voice raspy and throat sore, only a few questions asked to clarify some points, Ash sighed in relief, Nodine continued to look at his terminal where he had been transcribing Ash`s words, with a final nod, he looked to the pre teen, rubbing his nose and streching out his hands, leaning back into his chair,

"Well, thats that, you`ve been through a lot lad, now as to your unusual cirumstance...well we may be able to help, as it stand, that Bidoof is to be sent to its original trainers family, the Meowth however, has no legal owner as Mrs Moridaichi had no living relatives, so you could register it to yourself once you have your liscence, though going by how young it is, it would take another few months before its evn remotley ready to start training and battle"

Taking a drink of his own water Nodine then continued "I will adimit, I and a few others here in Jhoto have a few misgivings about the esteemed Proffesor Oak, some things that...well,it`s not for you to worry about. Now you will be staying here for a few days, I`ll be getting in touch with Professor Elm, he will be able to help you get a Jhoto liscense, for now, lets get you some food and bedded down for the night, tomoorow will be a busy day"

So saying they both stood, and walked out the office, openeing the third door in the corridor it showed another short corridor with bedrooms and bathrooms, enoght for ten people, a bunk bed in five rooms, two bathrooms and at the end a small kitchenette come living space, sitting down on one of the couchs Ash quickly accepted and wolfed down a plate a sandwichs and a carton of juice handed to him from the fridge, thanking Nodine Ash walked back up the corridor to an empty room, just as he was shutting the door Nodine strolled down "I`ll bring some clean cloths in the morning for you, it`ll be just some sorts and T shirt, but for now rest up, and I`ll see you bright and early" nodding, Ash yawned and bade the ACE commander goodnight, and not even looking at the clock fell forward onto the suprisingly comfy bed and within minutes was asleep.

Early the next morning Ash was startled awake by a loud knocking, getting out the oh so divine bed, wiping grit and grime form his eyes Ash opened the door to Nodine holding a bag, giving Ash a look he spoke

"As well as clothes I got you some toiletries, so go get washed down and changed, meet me in the lounge, breakfast will be waiting"

Taking the bag Ash tried to say thank you but a yawn came out instead, Nodne jut chuckeled, "Go, laddie, you stink and I bet youre hungry, so hurry it up, as I said yesterday, lots to do today".

Ash stumbeled tot he neaest bathroom, stripping out of his clothes, wrinkling his nose at the tattered and grimey state he turned to the shower, setting it hot he stepped into bliss, a few minutes of this he then started his absolutions and after a few more minutes of just relaxing and reveling in the hot water he stepped out, and finished the rest of is morning routine, placing his old clothes in the bag he took it and his shower stuff back to the room he was usuing, leaving the steamy confines of the bathroom he smelt bacon, with an audible growl his stomach urged him to hurry along.

Half an hour later, full and sated Ash followed Nodine back to the office.

"Right, time to get cracking, lad, I need you to fill out some of this paperwork for Proffesor Elm, we should have Meowth registered to you by the end of the day, and Elm can start on the regional liscence transfer for you, we will also be trying to contact your mother, we was not able to yesterday, there was no answer to the calls we made, however an Ace trainer will stop by this afternoon if we can still not contact Mrs Ketchum by this lunchtime, I`m sure you both will be happy to see and talk to one another again, and with your justifiable worry...well, lets see shall we? hmm"

And with that Ash took the offered pen and grabbed the paperwork on the desk indicated and pulled it closer to him, bending his head he took to filling out the forms with gusto, this was his chance to get away from Professor Oak, his chance to prove the detractors wrong, that what was said about him was wrong and to prove that Professor Oak wasnt to be trusted and his lies exposed, everything Ash had worked towards in the last 3 years since he learnt the truth and his childish dreams shattered.

Stretching out later that afternoon, Ash got a chance to say good bye to Bidoof.

"Hey, thank you, for everything, without having you around things would have been even more brutal, I probably would have dies too..." Ash`s voice died off remembering the weeks in the wilds, while initaly disapointed in finding Bidoof, he knew he was lucky to find any pokemon alve at the crash site, and Bidoof`s company and steady personality had helped keep him on track and from falling into deppression, Bidoof may not have the best reputation but Ash had found a fondness for the species.

"now, its time for you to go back, your trainers family are waiting for you, and thank you" with that As reached down to give Bidoof a hug and rub behind the ears, "Bido, bi bi doof" snuggling into Ash`s arms Bidoof gave his own farewell, stepping back and nodding Ash returened Bidoof and handed the ball to a waiting Nodine, taking a moment to settle his emotions Ash was suprised at the feeling of loss after handing over the ball, Nodine noticing put his hand on Ahs`s shoulder.

"It`s ok lad, Bidoof is going home to a wonderful family, youve both survived, now its time for you both to move on", Ash could only nod, throat constricted and dry, he watched as Nodine took Bidoof away, Ash wondered if he would ever see him again, but wished the pokemon all the best for it and the family of its trainer.

Returning a few minutes later Nodine held out a flyer to Ash, "This just came in, I think you might be interested, and you sould be able to enter in time"

the flyer was for a tournement held just outside of Newbark town in two and a half months, for 0-2 badge trainers, prizes for the top 3, nothing extravagant but a good boost for a begining trainer.

"As I said yesterday you hould be registered here in Jhoto soon, and Meowth will be ready to train and battle a little before then, so this should e a good place to start, and since Professor Elm will want to see you once everything is done here, and has intimated that you may stay at the lab in exchange for helping out there, this should be perfect for you"

Nodine smiled at the look of joy on Ahs`s face, coming over the border had been for the bezst, he knew this years ago he would never have got far or treated fair in Kanto due to Professor Oak, but this kindness was almost overwhelming.

"Well what am I waiting for? Lets get the rest of this paperwork done!" A toothy smile on his face Ash proceeded back to Nodines office determined not to waste any more time.