hi, this is basically just me taking a series of one-shots written by my childhood friend readwritebeawesome from back in 2014 and, basically, just, inverting them.

so, their format was 'pick if its beta's or alphas and black or redrom' for a bunch of randomly generated pairings. i am inversing what they ended up with. so if they wrote cronkri redrom, i'm writing erikar blackrom. not too sure what i'll do with the moirail pairs.. we'll see.

here i'll even give you a little list of what they did vs what im doing

- blackrom erikan VS redrom pornus (dude i think i used to ship this)

- redrom fefkat VS blackrom kankri/meenah (yeah this one's gonna be unhealthy)

- palerom nepvris VS ? meulin/aranea (this is gonna be kinda fuckin weird ngl)

- redrom latula/rufioh VS blackrom terezi/tavros (bro they are disabled and in hates)

- redrom kurloz/mituna VS blackrom gamzee/sollux (actually...)

- redrom equius/aradia VS blackrom horrus/damara (oh boy that one's gonna be fun)

- redrom nepeta/aradia VS blackrom meulin/damara (have these two ever even spoken)

- blackrom gamkan VS redrom kurloz/porrim (porrim sweetie im so sorry)

- redrom solvris VS blackrom mituna/aranea (this one doesn't feel healthy either)

- palerom terezi/equius VS ? latula/horrus (i physically cannot make any connection between these two so this is gonna be fun)

- redrom erikar VS blackrom cronkri (oh. oh that one will be fun.)

- redrom tavfef VS blackrom rufioh/meenah (actually this one kinda makes sense?)

also if you're wondering 'but why?' it's because i need to force myself to write and this is the weirdest spring of inspiration i've gotten. we'll see how far i get.