Porrim was beginning to question her taste.

Not her taste in fashion- that was well preserved and practiced, especially if her current works were anything to go by. The sexism and harsh gender roles of the '50s were quite effectively demolished just enough to be tasteful and attractive, modernized quite wonderfully.

Rather, her taste in partners. Men, specifically, but she could admit her taste in women was questionable as well. Though never as questionable as her current fancy, which was honestly moderately distressing at this point.

Sure, she could blame it on the fact that he was dressed in her fashion, modelling for her last-minute when her previous model had backed out- he had a good jawline, and at the bare minimum, confidence to pull it off.

But as her hands run along the boney chest of one Cronus Ampora, smoothing out the shirt he'd been hurried into, Porrim Maryam cannot help but to question her very being.

"So? Wha'd'ya think, doll? Lookin' good or what?" Cronus runs his hands along his hair, slicked back tastefully rather than oily with a mixture of grease that seemed to both drips all over and makes his hair crusty.

He moves his gaze from the mirror to her, grinning in his overconfident way and winking as they make eye contact.

Inwardly, she cringes as her hands still along his torso, pausing momentarily before quickly pulling back, digging her acrylics into her palms to snap herself out of the whole 'suddenly finding Cronus Ampora really attractive' moment.

"Well, you're no model." She speaks only after gathering herself, sighing and stepping forward to fix the collar of his jacket. "But you'll suffice."

"Aw, c'mon, ya weren't thinkin' of hirin' me full time?"

"Not unless you plan to work for free," She looks up from the outfit, biting at the inside of her cheek as she finally combines the clothing and the makeup, visually. He looks good. She kind of hates it.

"Next model!" The director is calling for him, and she feels a very sudden flare of panic that he isn't ready, and he's going to mess this up, and she needs to do something.

"Hang on," She stops him as he tries to move towards the stage, almost tripping in her rush to get in front of him.

Without a second thought, she puts her hands onto his shoulders, leans forward, and leaves a pretty red kiss mark on his cheek. She doesn't even have time to contemplate if that's a good look or not before she's shoving him towards the stage.

"Don't you dare mess this up for me, Ampora!" She calls after him, and he looks back just long enough to catch the cockiest grin she's ever seen come from him.

When she peers past the curtains to see how the show is going, and maybe to catch a glimpse of that walk, I mean, objectively he has a decent ass, she's actually surprised to see him walking like he's done this a million times before. Even his poses look good, from what she can see. She knows her assistants can handle her work checking the clothes, and she indulges in rushing over to him once he's returned backstage.

"Why didn't you tell me you could model!"

"Why didn't you tell me you were into me?"

"What? No, that was a makeup fix."

"Sure it was. It's okay, babe, I can wait. But maybe I can get another smooch before the show is over? Or at the afterparty... Or at my place."

Yeah. Maybe she needs therapy.

She let's his suggestions hang in the air for a few moments, the chaos surrounding them not detracting from the way she crosses her arms and arches a brow at his suggestion.

And yet he is ever as stupid, and confident. And waggles his eyebrows in a suggestive way that has her considering asking Kankri how one goes about an unbreakable vow of chastity.

And yet it is all so horrendously charming. Is this a failure as a feminist? Being attracted to somebody like Cronus Ampora? Wanting to actually give him that second kiss he was asking for? Because when he actually tries, he can be handsome, and.. well, tolerable.

"Fine. Only if you can do another walk like that. Go! Get changed!"

She tries to usher him off as she's saying it, but his eyes light up and he grins as he backs into a changing room.

"Baby, I'll give you the best walk you've ever seen."

His second walk is embarrassing, and Porrim genuinely cringes when he pulls a move that is not at all appropriate for her catwalk, retreating as far back as she can so she can pretend she never witnessed it.

It's equally as embarrassing when she does end up kissing him again, after making him promise to never, ever do something like that when being associated with her again. For all she cared he could strip in his spare time, but she was a fashion designer, not a club owner. Yet.