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Author's note: my first story, plz review; be merciful, lol. This story is mainly about what happened after Clark left; mainly revolving around Martha and Jonathon, and Lionel.

Martha sat up, breathing heavily. She sighed in sadness. She couldn't sleep for more than ten minutes. She kept having the same dream. It wasn't a nightmare, as one might expect. It was a wonderful dream about her baby. It was early in the morning and she was holding the baby. Jonathon and Clark were there too, and both smiling, happy. Her father was there too. Jonathon and her father had made peace. Her whole life, the past and present, had come together, because of the baby, who was the future. She smiled, as she never had before. Clark, Jonathon and her father smiled too. That is where she would wake up. For a moment, she was in utter bliss; then reality set in. Her baby was dead, even before it was born. Martha began to cry again, in utter depression.

Jonathon, who was sleeping in a chair by the hospital bed, woke up. He rubbed her hand, and remembered his own dream. His was far less clear, and was quite a nightmare. It was about Clark. Clark in his dream had run away, and was far away. In his dream, Clark was riding the motorcycle, and not speaking. But the voice of Jor-El was speaking to him. He couldn't understand the voice, but Jonathon could feel his son's shame and depression. That was about where the dream ended. He sighed wearily. Lana had come to him earlier that day and had told him that Clark had left. Jonathon had yet to tell Martha. He knew her soul could not bear yet another loss, especially of Clark, her only child.

Lionel looked out into the bleak rain from his office in Lex's mansion. He mused over the events of the last few days. He was having a second Kryptonite key made for him; and he was getting over the robbery of the first. Lionel felt a bit ashamed, the Ross boy was right; he had shown how angry and weak he was. Ah well, he thought, it was almost ancient history. What he could not figure out was how he had managed to steal the key, or what he wanted to do with it. Maybe he just wanted to make Lionel mad. God knows everyone on the town wanted too. His office door opening interrupted his thoughts. Chloe Sullivan walked in.
"Ah, Ms. Sullivan. What a wonderful surprise!" he exclaimed.
"Mr. Luthor, I have some bad news. Your son, your plane, its missing. The plane is missing, and your son is on it. Helen and the crew are safe, but Lex," Chloe tried to speak quickly, and not to cry. Her and Lex had never been friends, but the thought of him dead.
"Thank you Chloe. Please, leave me." Lionel rasped. "Mr. Luthor, that is not all. I thought you might like to know, that, not officially or anything, you are suspected as causing this." With that, Chloe left.

As soon as she hurried out, he collapsed into his chair. His son, missing. And he, the prime suspect! What was this? He would never kill Lex. But who would? In shock, he tried to think of all the people who would have something against him or his son. He didn't know what hurt more; His son lost, or him as a suspect. Hurt, he mused, a feeling not felt in a long time. Or any true feeling for that matter. Not in a very long time. He had felt his emotions a bit, when Martha was around him. But he truly hadn't had emotion since Lillian's death. On that thought, Lionel slowly fainted.