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Lex arrived in Metropolis and went to his father's office. However, instead of his father standing there, he saw a very distraught older man, who came up to him as soon as he saw him.
"Are you Lex Luthor?" he demanded.
"Yes sir, I am." Lex replied, leaning on a crutch.
"Where is your father, Lionel? I have business with him concerning my daughter."
"Alright sir, I will see what I can do. I don't think my father is in right now, and I don't know where he went. Do you have any idea?"
"I know he was going to see my daughter and her son off in a helicopter. Martha and Clark Kent." Lex looked up.
"You are Mr. Clark!"
"You know me?"
"By reputation only. I've heard about you from your grandson and others."
"Well, if you have heard anything from Jonathan, he doesn't care for me much." Mr. Clark said stiffly.
"Another person who Jonathan would prefer not to exist? That makes two of us on his list." Lex said grimly. "Mr. Clark, I think you need a ride to Smallville. I do too. Come with me." Mr. Clark followed Lex out of the office.

"I am aborting the project." Lionel said into his cell phone as he navigated the crowded streets of Metropolis.
"Yes sir." Said the agent on the other end of the line, "But what are we to do with the evidence?"
"Destroy the files."
"And the sepciman?"
"I will be there to retrieve her momentarily." Lionel said.

Martha and Clark walked up to the farm, and saw all their friends waiting for them at the house. Jonathan, and the Rosses, Mr. Sullivan and others. Lana was there, and Pete and Chloe, arm in arm. They were warmly welcomed.
"I'm so happy your back sweetheart." Jonathan whispered to Martha when they had a moment alone.
"Me too."
"Where is Lionel?"
"He said he had business to attend to in the city." She frowned slightly.
"Whats wrong honey?"
"Its just, I wish my father could be here, and see how happy we are together. When I was in the city, I realized how much I missed him."
"Martha, I think you got your wish." Jonathan said happily. Martha turned and her father was standing behind her. She began to cry and hugged him.
"Everyone needs their father." Another voice said behind Jonathan. He turned, and saw Lex. Jonathan smiled.
"This was you, now wasn't it?" the crowd behind them laughed. Lex bashfully nodded.

The celebration went on, and soon the sun was setting and everyone was on the porch for some lemonade. Lex stood up to make a toast, and a speech of sorts. He had his back to the field, so could not see the figures rising on the horizon, coming toward them.
"I wanted to speak today, because I think there is a lot to be said. We all have been aware of the Kents these past weeks, and the great loss they've suffered. Jonathan squeezed Martha's hand. "Jonathan and Martha Kent are two of the best parents ever. Clark is lucky to have them. And I believe, in a way, them not being able to have their own children has been less of a loss through their ability to be parents to each and every one of us here. I am only saddened that my father has to miss this moment, of every one of us all happy together. Because, I love him, and have missed him over these past weeks. Part of the Kent's story involves Lionel Luthor. Martha Kent changed him. And when you see him around, you will notice. The Kents have offered the Luthors friendship, all of us friendship, and by loving us, I believe they have given us the chance to love each other." Everyone applauded, especially Lionel who was standing right behind Lex.
"I've missed you son." He said as he drew Lex in for a hug. Lionel then walked onto the porch.
"I am sorry to have missed the beginning of this event, but I had to fetch a certain person. In our days in the city together, I got to know Martha well, and how the loss of her baby affected her. And although this cannot heal the pain, I have found someone else for the Kent's to be a parent to." Their was someone standing behind Lionel, but Martha and Jonathan could not see who. "Martha said that she knew she was meant to have a daughter, and that was what her baby was to be. Though the baby is gone, and they cannot have another, I believe Martha can still have her daughter." The girl stepped out from behind Lionel and Martha gasped. Emily Dinsmore smiled.
"Please, be my mommy." She said plainly. "Lionel said you were the best mommy in the world. He has taken good care of me, but now he wants you to. Will you be my mommy?" Martha smiled and cried, nodding her head. Emily burst into laughter, and ran up to Martha giving her a hug. "Yea! Now I have a mommy and a daddy and a brother, and an Uncle Lionel!" everyone laughed. Lionel looked a bit startled at his new name, but smiled. He handed Jonathan the birth certificate.
"Its all there, her papers."
"Emily L. Kent." Jonathan read off the paper.
"I had to change her middle name to make her record unsimilar to the one of Emily Eve Dinsmore. I hope you liked the name I picked. I chose Lillian." Lionel said.
"Emily Lillian Kent. Thank you so much Lionel." Martha said smiling.

Hours later, everyone had left but Mr. Clark, and Lionel. Jonathan, Mr. Clark, and Clark sat at the table, Lionel stood y Jonathan. Martha was at the front, putting dishes in the sink with Emily.
"Mommy, I love you." Emily said. Martha smiled and picked her up. She turned and faced the table. Her father and Jonathan had made peace with each other. Her whole life, past and present had come together over her daughter, her baby, her Emily Lillian.

I guess even in great loss, dreams do come true. Martha thought to herself.