Chapter 1

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There are a few things to explain before reading, so that you don't get lost. 1. Slytherin, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff are countries in the world with their own separate schools. 2. Draco is the Prince of Slytherin and Hermione is the Princess of Gryffindor. 3. Voldemort was actually killed when Harry was a baby, but there are still a few people who believe pure-bloods are better than muggle-borns. 4. They're all seventeen and in their final year of school.


"What?!" Draco Malfoy stared at his Potions teacher in disbelief. "We can't have mudbloods--"

"--Muggle-borns!" Professor Snape cut him off warningly. Draco paused.

"Whatever. We can't have 'muggle-borns'," he said using his fingers as quotation marks, "disgracing the good name of the Slytherin school!" He paced back and forth in front of his professor's desk with his head in his hand.

"Draco, there's nothing your father can do about it. The Gryffindor country's school is closing and their students have to transfer somewhere!" Snape said exasperatedly. Draco stopped pacing and glared at the older man.

"What do you mean my father can't do anything about it? Of course he can! He's the damn king afterall!" Draco yelled with a hint of sarcasm in his tone. The sixteen-year-old continued his pacing around the room.

"Draco, you'll miss the train back home if you don't leave. Why don't you just talk to your father about it? Besides he DID manage to dissuade the council from transferring all Gryffindor students here. That was the original plan since Slytherin is closer to Gryffindor than Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff, but your father managed to make it where one-third goes to Slytherin and the other two-thirds go to Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff's schools."

Draco looked at Professor Snape in disgust. "Even one of those mudbloods is too much. Fine, anyway I'll see you in a few months, Professor."

Snape nodded and saw the blonde-haired prince out the door. Summer was on its way and when fall rolled around for Draco's last year of school, it would also be the last year for the unfortunate Gryffindor students whom would all have to re-adjust to a new school.

~*~ Three months later...

Hermione sat, head in hand, on the Slytherin train which was rolling towards her new school. The train wasn't nearly as cheerful as Gryffindor's had been. It was decorated in green, silver and black and the halls weren't buzzing with laughter and talking from the other students. She had spent the entire summer dreading the fall to-come which would signal the start of a new school year -- this time away from home. Her and the others stayed in the dorms the whole school year back in Gryffindor, as they would in Slytherin, but at least they were in their own country back then. She was in a new place now and what's worse was the fact that Slytherin was the country comprised of mostly pure-bloods while Gryffindor was made up of mainly muggle-borns or half-muggles. It didn't take a rocket scientist to see that the two neighboring countries had their quarrels.

Even though the evil Lord Voldemort had been defeated by The-Boy-Who-Lived seventeen years prior, there were still those who believed that pure-blood wizards were better than the rest. Hermione glanced at the two teenage boys wrestling next to her. She squirmed underneath them as their wrestling brought them upon her.

"Harry! Ron! Go wrestle out in the hall or something!" she scolded while playfully pushing them off of her. They laughed heartily.

"Sorry, 'Mione! Hey, maybe some of the Slytherins would let us kick their asses," Ron joked. Hermione glared at them.

"If we're going to be transferring schools, the least you can do is not start anything with them until we're settled in!" She pointed her fingers into their chests.

"Aren't these school uniforms drab?" Harry asked, tugging at his uncomfortable green and silver tie. The other two in the cabin nodded. They dressed in casual wear back at their old school and weren't accustomed to wearing uniforms. Harry and Ron had to wear black slacks, a green vest with a white, long-sleeved shirt underneath and a tie. Hermione had a matching tie and green vest with white shirt, but wore a black skirt with knee-high stockings instead. She also felt the skirt was much too long, it going slightly past her knees, so she had one of her tailors hem it up to mid-thigh over the summer. She hadn't thought about the possibility of detention at the time, but it loomed over her now as she realized she stood out amongst the other Slytherin girls with their long and reserved skirts.

Harry and Ron let their ties hang loose on their chests and had their white undershirts untucked from their pants. They hadn't gotten a chance to see their other friends before boarding the train and Hermione was anxious to see how everyone was. Neville, Seamus, Colin and a few of the others were joining them in Slytherin this year. Unfortunately, Ginny had been transferred to Ravenclaw. Ron had been quite upset about that.

Hermione tapped her perfectly-manicured nails on the window sill as the train haulted to a stop.

"Attention, all students! Please exit the train in a steadily order and meet before your school counselor to enter the Great Hall!" Hermione looked up as the intercom blared above their cabin. She sighed and stood, straightening her skirt as she did so.

"Come on, guys. It's time," she said. Harry and Ron followed her out of the cabin. They met Seamus and Neville along the way, each of them hugging happily before exiting the train. Hermione patted her wavy, brown hair down and straightened her skirt one last time before stepping off of the train and onto the station ground. Immediately, whispers met her ears. Some good, some bad.

"Oh, great... another mudblood," one girl to the left of her muttered while rolling her eyes. She smiled to herself though as a boy in front of her stared in awe, whispering to his friend about how beautiful she was. She braced herself as a flock of girls, Slytherin and Gryffindor alike, swarmed around Harry and Ron. Apparently, they had noticed Harry's lightning-shaped scar. She laughed quietly to herself as she watched her friends blushing through all of the attention they were receiving.

"It's Harry Potter! Oh, my God!" one of the girls screamed. Another tugged at Ron's sleeve and was going on and on about how cute his freckles were.

Hermione raised an eyebrow curiously. She had thought that all Slytherins were opposed to the Gryffindor nation, but apparently, not all of them were against 'mudbloods.'

"Have you fools forgotten where you came from?" a sleek, yet masculine voice boomed from behind them. Harry and Ron whirled around to face the blonde-haired boy who leered at them with disgust. Hermione rolled her eyes and slowly turned around. Her eyes widened slightly, but she crossed her arms.

"Draco!" many of the girls screamed and ran up to him, hugging him and showering him with kisses. It took all Hermione had not to feel sick at the sight.

"And who might these charming Gryffindors be?" he continued, his voice practically dripping with sarcasm.

"A bunch of nobodies, Draky. Harry Potter and Ron Weasley or something," the girl, who Hermione recognized as the one who had called her a mudblood, said to the grey-eyed boy whom she was currently hanging on.

Hermione rolled her eyes and turned around. "Come on, Harry and Ron. We shouldn't waste more of our time." The two boys nodded and began walking with her in the direction of the school.

"Hey, Pothead! Weasel!" Draco called out, earning a chuckle from many of his peers. The two boys, along with Hermione, looked over their shoulders expectantly. "Don't think things will be the same here," he said as he looked pointedly at Hermione's short skirt and Harry and Ron's loose ties and untucked shirts. Hermione scoffed at his statement and turned all of the way around. She sauntered up to him, the girls crowding around him moving away as she did.

"Draco, was it? We don't want to be here anymore than you want us to be here," she whispered in his ear with her hand on his chest, "so why don't you just mind your own business?" She grinned against his ear before moving away to walk back to Harry and Ron. Draco stood dumbfounded and just a *little* ticked off. Harry chuckled at the look on Draco's face before wrapping his arm around Hermione's delicate shoulders. The Slytherin prince could do nothing but seethe in hatred as the trio walked off, not once glancing back.


Hermione turned around in a circle as she inspected her new dorm room. Holding the status that she did, she was able to have her own dorm room all to herself. She felt a little guilty that Harry and Ron would be rooming with other Slytherin boys, but they were not royalty so there was nothing she could do about it. She frowned; everything was green and silver. She pulled her wand from her cloak sleeve and muttered a small spell. Instantly, everything in her room turned to maroon and gold. She smiled in a pleased manner and flopped down unceremoniously onto her four-poster bed. Just as she did though, a knock sounded at her door. She sighed in an annoyed fashion and pushed herself to her feet. Cracking the door open slightly, a wide smile broke out onto her face. She pulled the door open the whole way and squealed happily.

"Professor Lupin! Oh, my gosh! I didn't know they transferred you here, too!" she exclaimed as she stepped out of her room and hugged him tightly. The sandy-haired man laughed as he hugged her back gently.

"Yes, lucky me!" he joked.

"Harry and Ron will be so happy to see you," she told him and pulled away. As she and the handsome professor chatted away about their summer, a very annoyed prince stormed into the common room.

"You!" Hermione and Draco said in unison as they spotted one another.

"What are you doing in my dorm?!" Draco questioned her angrily. Her eyes widened in surprise.

"YOUR dorm? This is MY dorm!" she retorted hotly. She turned to Lupin as he cleared his throat to get their attention.

"Didn't Headmasters Shinu and Dumbledore tell you? Since you're both royalty--"

"--You're royalty?!" the two teenagers interrupted, screaming at each other once again.

"AHEM!" Lupin cut them back off irritably. "Since you're both royalty... you're both technically Head Boy and Head Girl. Usually there's only one at each school, but there's usually only one royal family member at a time. As such, you'll share the same dormitory," he paused at the seething looks on their faces and suddenly felt just a tiny bit frightened, "with your own bedrooms, of course."

"But Professor! That's just out of order! A boy and girl sharing the same dorm?!" Hermione pointed out angrily. Lupin grinned.

"Oh, come now. You both seem to hate each other; I doubt there will be any wrong-doings," he said good-naturedly though the two seventeen-year-olds took it as anything but.

"You would have to be fooling yourself to think I would even TOUCH that piece of Gryffindor scum!" Draco responded with his chin raised an extra notch.

"Professor, you KNOW how I feel about Harry, too!" Hermione said not realizing the full extent of what she had said. Draco threw his head back and laughed.

"Yeah, Professor," he chimed in, holding his side with laughter, "she rather enjoys her threesomes with Pothead and the Weasel!"

Hermione's mouth opened and she stared at Draco in shock. Her face took on a hurt look. "If you'll excuse me, Professor, I have some unpacking to do." She turned around slowly and walked back into her room, shutting the door behind her quietly. Draco almost felt a tinge of pity. Almost. He smirked and he, too, returned to his room. Lupin looked between the two closed doors and sighed tiredly.

"Well, this will be a long term," he muttered to himself.


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