"Beep, Beep, Beep"

Otsuse jumped out of bed looking at his alarm clock.

"Yes, the MMO Stream." he said jumping into his computer chair.

"Hi there!"

"Time for this week's MMO stream."

"You just saw A promo of today's Feature game, and this is what last week's launch day looked like."

"Can you guess what everyone's waiting in line for?"

"Sword art online!"

"The first person in line said they camped out for three days."

"But, hey, if you're a Hard-Core gamer that's what you do."

"On today's episode of the MMO stream we'll be covering the internationally famous "Sword art online", Aka S.A.O.!"

"Up to now, none of the NerveGear software we've seen has taken advantage of the possibilities of the hardware."

"But "S.A.O." was made by the inventor of NerveGear."

"Akihiko Kayabo."

"Heck. This is the VR MMORPG that me and everyone else have been waiting for!"

"The Beta testers say it's incredible."

"I wish I could have gotten one!"

"The first pressing was limited to only 10,000 copies."

"Those fans in line snapped them up, and online, the game sold out in seconds."

"I was one of those!" Otsuse yelled in his room falling out of his chair.

grabbing his helmet, he plugged it into the computer as he did three green slots glowed with power.

he laid on his bed as he waited to be beamed into the game.

"Link start!"

Otsuse watched darkness turned into a kingdom full of players, he started to walk around when a player came up to him.

"Hey newb where's your weapon."

"Newb" Otsuse thought to himself.

"I do have a weapon."

"A shield is not a weapon."

"Don't underestimate the weakest."

"Wait a minute when I was in the character creation, I didn't see a shield."

"Only beta testers could get shields."


"We have a cheat!"

"No, No, No," "Stop that"

"Beta cheat!"

"Beta Cheat!"

"Beta Cheat!" The crowd started to yell.

"Crap." Otsuse said as he ran through the crowd holding his shield up.

Otsuse was running out of the castle walls when he, and the rest of the players were teleported into a big open area as the sky turned red, and a being formed floating in the sky.

"Attention, players."

"I welcome you to my world."

"My name is Akihiko Kayaba, and as of this moment, I am in control of this World."

"I'm sure most of you have already noticed an item missing from your main menus - The logout button let me assure you this is not a defect in the game."

"I repeat, this is not a defect."

"This is how "Sword art online" was designed to be."

"You cannot log yourselves out of "S.A.O." And no one from the outside will be able to shut down or remove the NerveGear from your head."

"If anyone attempt to do so, A transmitter inside the NerveGear will discharge a microwave signal into your skull, destroying your brain and ending your life."

Otsuse could not talk but could not stop shaking as other people were freaking out.

"I won't be able to see my family until this guy is dead."

"Why did I let my father buy me this."

"Despite my warning, the family and friends of some of the players have attempted removing the NerveGear, an unfortunate decision to say the least."

"As a result, the game now has 213 less players than when it began."

"They've been deleted from both Aincrad, and the real world."

"As you can see international media outlets have round-the-clock coverage of everything, including the deaths."

"At this point, it's safe to assume the likelihood of a NerveGear being removed is minimal at best, I hope this brings you a little comfort as you try to clear the game."

"It's important to remember the following - there is no longer any way to revive someone within the game."

"If your H.P. drops to zero, your avatar will be deleted from the system forever."

"And the NerveGear will simultaneously destroy your brain."

"There is only one way for a player to escape now."

"You must clear the game."

"Right now, you're gathered on floor 1. The lowest level of Aincard."

"If you can get through the dungeon and defeat the boss. You may advance to the next floor. Defeat the boss on floor 100. And you will clear the game.

"Last but not least, I've placed a little present in the item storage of every player. Please have a look."

"Otsuse pressed a button as three bubbles popped up, he pressed inventory.

"A mirror?"

as he looked at the mirror he started to glow as he then investigated the mirror to see his actual face.

Otsuse looked at the master.

"Right now, you're probably wondering why."

"Why would Akihiko kayaba developer of "Sword art online" and NerveGear, Do this?"

"Ultimately. my goal was a simple one."

"the reason I created "Sword art Online" was to control the fate of a world of my design."

"As you can see. I have achieved my goal."

"This marks the end of the tutorial, and the official launch of "Sword art Online" players, I wish you the best of luck."

Otsuse lost focus when the master melted and flew into the sky.

"I need to focus I need to be the strongest player, I need to win for my family that fiend up there is going down. But what can I do I only have a shield."?

"Son if you believe everything will come true, if you work hard enough you can pass any obstacle." Otsuse heard his father in the back his mind.

"I will do this for you father."

Otsuse looked behind to see the force field gone, and two players running out."

"Now is my chance."

Otsuse ran out the doors as he ran, he started to think of his parents, and his siblings.

"I'm doing it for you." he said as a wolf appeared, he ran grabbing out his shield.

"Shield Bash!"

"I will survive this!"

"Mom, Dad I'm coming home."