One Hundred ways to win the Man of Your Dreams.

Hannah Newkirk: Shy, backwards young lady. Comes from a wealthy family, always in her older sisters beautiful shadow. When her sisters old flame Mark Callaway shows up at her sisters wedding, she is stuck again by the crush she has had on him since childhood.

Mark Callaway: Newly retired, he comes back to his small town home to stay. He decides on a fluke to attend his old flames wedding.

Justine Newkirk Ruthgate : Newly married, snooty sister of Hannah. She has run Hannah down her whole life.

Trelassy Newkirk: Hannah's cousin also attend wedding. When she notices Hannah's interest in Mark, gives Hannah the fateful book 'One hundred ways to win the man of your dreams' that sets Hannah on a plan to win Mark Callaway or at the very least use him to conceive the child she wants so badly.

Bradley Newkirk: Hannah's father. Wealthy business man who disapproves of Hannah and her career choice.

Ruth Newkirk: Hannah's mother. Social butterfly who doesn't understand Hannah, her career choice, or her turning her back on her family's wealth. Wants Hannah to marry some one of wealth and social standing.

Disclaimer:  I don't own Mark Callaway or the Undertaker. Wish I did. I make no profit from my stories.

Summary: Hannah Newkirk, shy clumsy book worm, see's Mark at her sisters wedding and after encouragement from her cousin Trelassy, decides it's time to go after what she wants, that being Mark Callaway or at the very least a child that she wants very badly.  After her cousin gives her a book full of advice, Hannah goes on a one woman crusade to win the man of her dreams.

Hannah sighed and pushed her glasses back up on her nose. Why was she here? Her sister hadn't really wanted her here anyway. The only reason she was here is because her mother insisted she come. Hannah didn't come home much anymore. Every since she had told her father she wanted to open a bookstore in town, he had practically disowned her.

She remembered the day four years ago. He had ranted and raved about what a disappointment and failure she was. What else was new? That was the story of her life, Born 8 years after her sister. She had been a bitter disappointment after there perfect Justine. Justine was blonde, and beautiful, thin, athletic. The perfect daughter, they had seen early on this was not to be the case with Hannah.

Hannah was short, with brown hair and brown eyes. She was not athletic at all in fact she was a klutz, she could trip over her own shadow as her father liked to say. She was not beautiful, but plain. Her sister was tall and willowy with a perfect figure. Hannah was short and though not fat to curvy with too much hips and bust as her mother was always pointing out as she told Hannah about the newest diet.

Hannah had did well in school, but that was never enough for her parents who expected great things from her and never got them. When she had told them of wanting own an old-fashioned bookstore, her mother had practically swooned and her father had just about disowned her. Her father had told her she wouldn't get a penny for her hair brained scheme and he had stuck to his word.

Hannah had worked two jobs for two years living in a boarding house room to save the money to make her dream come true. Finally she had found the perfect building downtown with a little apartment over top of it and she had rented it. She had renovated it herself to save money.

Two years later she had a pretty successful business going on. She wasn't going to be a millionaire, but she made enough to live comfortably and she enjoyed what she was doing. She stayed away from her family as much as possible. They had spent years tearing her self esteem down and she decided she didn't need that crap anymore.

But she had far bigger problems than her family. She was desperately lonely and like any other 24 year old woman longed for a prince charming to sweep her off her feet. But that wasn't likely to happen. Men were not attracted to her. She was extremely shy, clumsy, quite, and not exactly a beauty queen. The worst part was she would start to stutter around an attractive man. She could hardly get a sentence out when she got nervous. All this was standing in the way of what she wanted the most, a baby. It was a longing that grew with each day. She wanted a child to love and raise someone of her own. She sighed but you needed a man for that and that was the big problem.

Hannah sighed and went and sat under the large oak tree in the back yard. Her sister had wanted and outdoor wedding and she had got it of course. Nothing was too good for Justine, her parents pride and joy.

Hannah looked up and gasped.

It was Mark Callaway. God and he looked incredible. Tall and beautifully built. He had those beautiful tats covered up of course, but Hannah had them memorized. She had watched him wrestle every week faithfully. He had cut those lovely locks of his but he still was one sexy man. He was wearing black dress pants that clung to him like a second skin and a white pullover shirt that was stretched to its limits by his broad chest. God she remembered those intense green eyes. He was a beautiful man. He was staring at Justine. He had the most peculiar look on his face. Poor man he was still in love with Justine. But god it had been 12 years. Could he still be hung up on her?

"Girl wipe the drool off your mouth"

Hannah looked up flushed red from being caught staring.

Her cousin Trelassy flopped down beside her.

"You still got it bad for your sisters' old flame huh?" Trelassy asked.

Trelassy was one of the few members of her family that Hannah kept in contact with. She and Trelassy and always been close.

Hannah grinned at the month old baby Trelassy was holding. She had been married last year and had just had a baby.

"Want you hold little Robert?" Trelassy asked grinning.

"Do you even have to ask?" Hannah said taking the baby in her arms and holding him close.

Trelassy seen the longing on her face.

"Girl why don't you go talk to him?" Trelassy asked.

"Because, don't you remember that barbecue about three years ago out here. He came and I tripped carrying that pitcher of ice tea and it went flying all over him. He don't want me in a hundred yard of him, he probably thinks I'm some sort of bad omen.

"Hannah it was an accident." Trelassy said.

Hannah remembered her humiliation and her father hadn't helped by yelling at her in front of all his guests calling her a clumsy oaf. She had jumped in her car and left in tears and hadn't seen him since.

"Hannah you been in love with him since you were 12 and he was dating Justine. Why not at least try to talk to him." Trelassy encouraged

Hannah shook her head there was no way she could talk to him, she was hope less.