Two Years Later

Mark looked out of the big bay window in the kitchen and smile. Hannah was sitting in the shallow end of the Pool, holding their 12 month old son Tyler.

Mark laughed as Tyler splashed his little hands in the water splashing Hannah.

Hannah laughed and kissed his nose.

Tyler was Marks look a like. He looked just like Mark. Mark hoped there next one would be a little girl that looked just like Hannah.

After Tyler had been born ,Hannah true to her word had cut back to part time.

Mark found he was happy watching Tyler while Hannah worked. He had formed a strong bond with his son because of it.

Mark grinned and walked out to the pool and bent down at the side.

Hannah smiled up at him.

Mark caught his breath. In his opinion he had never seen any thing as beautiful as Hannah, especially when she loosed that smile on him.

"Hey daddy." Hannah said.

"Hey mommy." mark said laughing.

"Ready to get ready for dinner? We're supposed to meet your dad at The resturant in a little over and hour." Mark said.

Hannah handed Tyler up to him.

Mark took the warm squirming little body in his big hands and lifted Tyler high, making Tyler squeal with laughter.

Hannah climbed out and wrapped a towel around her self and walked over to the two of them.

Mark lowered Tyler and held him with his one arm and wrapped his other around Hannah and pulled her close for a kiss.

"Mmmmm That's real nice." Hannah said coming up for air.

She rubbed his cheek gazing in his eyes.

After all this time she was still crazy about him.

"Darlin, you go get ready, I'll get Tyler dressed and then we'll go." Mark said.

Mark turned to take a giggling Tyler upstairs to get dressed.

"Oh by the way." Mark said turning back to look at her.

Hannah looked at him, he had a mischievous gleam in his eye.

"Im going to pack a over night bag for Tyler, he's spending the night with Grandpa." Mark said smiling.

Hannah felt her heart skip a beat. Mark could still do that too her.

She had no doubt that Mark would have her up all night long making love to her.

Mark chuckled at the look on her face reading her thoughts.

Mark went and set Tyler in the playpen set up on the deck, where he happily picked upa toy and started chewing on it.

Mark walked over and pulled Hannah in his arms.

He bent his head to her ear.

"Im going to play with that pretty little pussy, Im going to lick it till ya scream, Im going to make love to ya all night long little girl." Mark whispered.

Hannah moaned at the images and pulled Mark down to kiss his full sweet lips.

Mark gently probed her mouth with his tongue, giving her a preview of tonight.

Hannah put her arms around Mark's neck and deepened the kiss.

Mark pulled back and grinned.

"Mmm very tasty baby, but we need to get a move on." He said.

"Okay." Hannah said and smiled as Mark went and got Tyler and headed upstairs.

Hannah followed behind and smiled as she heard Mark talking baby talk to Tyler and tickling him making him laugh.

She went in the bedroom and started to get dressed. She went in her top drawer to get a shirt and something fell to the floor with a thud.

Hannah bent down and smiled when she seen what it was.

"One Hundred ways to win the man of your dreams'

She grinned as she thought of how she had tried the things on Mark. Sometimes she wondered if it worked or her and Mark were just meant to be.

Either way she didn't have the heart to get rid of the book. It was really how everything had started with Mark.

She laid the book back in the drawer and go t dressed. She thought about all the ups and down and tears of sadness and of joy that they had been through. It was all worth it. She had never been happier.

"Yes Hannah, fairy tales do exist." Hannah whispered to herself and smiled. She turned and headed out to find the two men of her dreams.