Authors note/forward: Yes. I have hit rock bottom, I am now truly a degenerate, and am writing a story crossover with overlord, and Kuroinu. Nothing can now save me.

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This idea crawled into the recesses of my mind a few months back after reading a bunch of Kuroinu fanfics and I could not help myself. Especially as Ainz would not be a lawful good MC whatsoever. Lawful evil or Chaotic good maybe. So here we have an idea where Ainz is now sent to Eos/Eostia (whichever you prefer) and as he's super OP, he is slightly crippled here as you will see below.

Now, I changing the way I do updates( explanation on my profile) so that I can have 1 primary focus, and can work on and update other ideas at random. This is one of those, so I will not guarantee update speed or consistency whatsoever. It will update whenever I get to it.

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Momonga opened his eyes to a brilliantly bright sky of aquamarine and clouds that could be mistaken for puffed marshmallows. A light breeze blew across his body smelling faintly of grass and flowers, and the sounds of birds and trickling and running water was a calm back ground noise.

All of these were, of course, a distinct problem because Dive games like Yggdrasil did not have scent implemented, and background noise was nearly nonexistent due to laws that forbade games from being to realistic.

It was also a problem because he had been sitting on his throne in the great tomb of Nazarick awaiting the forced logout that would signal the end of years of fun and work.

"Ah I see, I must have dozed off and am dreaming," Momonga said right before realizing that his normal voice was not so low or gravelly. His voice as Momonga was, but that was due to in-game filters as a part of his race.

'Some kind of lucid dream perhaps then? Recalling the joy I have lost?' He thought himself with a sigh, closing his eyes and raising a hand to his face.

Only to go rigid at the feeling of his hand. It was hard, shaped with ridges and creases as was his face. The laws against games being to realistic meant that the feeling of touch in games was off. Things felt hard or soft but had little discernable texture. A sword handle often felt the same in game as a potion bottle or a chunk of metal. Yet his fingers felt bony, and his face was full of pits and crevices that a face normally would not have.

Unless of course, if that face was a skull.

Another gust of wind washed over him, flapping his clothing across his body making him feel each movement, and bringing the with it the scent of grass and water once more. As well as the smell of smoke.

"Can one smell in a dream?" Momonga asked himself before opening his eyes and looking at his hand to find it to be made of bone. Long rough looking bone that could never be a human hand, at least not a normal human hand, it was much too big. "Perhaps not a dream then," Momonga mused as he moved his fingers and even snapped them, feeling every movement, though it did feel somewhat muted, like his fingers were covered in plastic wrap. "This is still too much feeling. And the smells and sounds are, too vivid. This doesn't make sense."

Another gust of wind blew past, a plume of dark black smoke trailing with it and carrying ash, some of which brushed past him.

With a sigh he sat up, looking over his body to find he was indeed still his Yggdrasil avatar Momonga, and then fully stood up to take a look at the area around him.

He was at the edge of a grassland and a forest with a stubby mountain range in the distance. A river lazily ran through the grassland and joined with another that came out of the forest and then turned and disappeared further away. Up the one river was what appeared to be the classic fantasy town or village surrounded by a palisade wall. It also had numerous plumes of smoke and what sounded like screaming and clashing metal coming from within.

"Seems like an event, but there has not been an Event since the announced the closure. I should have been forced to logout already," Momonga muttered to himself before letting out a light sigh. "Message."

What should have been a spell that made a pinging noise to alert him to its activation caused nothing to happen.

"That is, odd," Momonga said simply as he held out an open palm. "Inventory."

Again, nothing happened. There was no sound that was made, no window that opened, not even a message saying he was in an area where he was unable to open his inventory. There was nothing.

"inventory!" Momonga called out, with nothing happening. "Storage!" he called out to the same effect. "Fireball!"

A ball of fire formed in his open palm and shot out like a bullet, colliding into the side of the nearby creek and exploding with a four meter wide blast of fire and force. Momonga threw up his arms instinctually to cover his face from the blast, and when he removed them he saw that the grass was singed, and that the creek now had a crater in the side of it, rapidly filling with water and making the crater steam for a few seconds as the water cooled the heated earth.

". . . that, is interesting," Momonga mumbled as he looked around and noticed a nearby boulder. It would be perfect to test upon. Drawing upon his expansive knowledge of spell craft he imagined the effect of the spell and called it out. "Reality Slash!" with the calling of the name and a slicing motion from his arm a nearly invisible wave of force was formed, shaped like a crescent, and sliced the boulder perfectly in twain.

He stared at it for a moment and then stepped up to the edge of the river. His form was exactly that of his Avatar. An Overlord, an undead far beyond even an Elder Lich. His skull looked as it did in game, and even had the dull glow of his eyes from within his sockets. His ribs showed through the open front of his robes, revealing a beating orb of energy and malice, and his bony hands were as large as before, though he now noticed that they were devoid of any of the multitude of rings his character had worn upon them in game.

"So. I am in a place I do not recognize that seems far too real to be a game, yet I am Momonga, but I cannot access my messages, or my inventory. But I can cast spells and feel, something, when I do so," he said to himself before kneeling down by river and putting a bony hand inside the water. He could feel its coolness and the motion of it against his bony hand. "This is, strange."

The sudden sound of an explosion pulled Momonga's attention toward the nearby village, its doorway on the side closest to him opening and allowing what appeared to be a group of women and children to rush out, carrying little if anything in their hands as they ran. Their clothing was simple, far simpler than even what NPCs in Yggdrasil would be shown wearing, and they all looked so utterly terrified none of them were looking back toward the village even as the screams of women came from it.

"I need information to know what exactly is going on, so perhaps I should act as the good Samaritan? Though, I doubt my visage would be well received as all of those look to be regular humans," Momonga spoke aloud as he looked around hopefully. If he had access to his inventory it would not be an issue with the massive quantity of gear he had, but without it he needed something, anything, to cover his hands and head. It seemed luck might be on his side however, as just up the river by the edge or the forest he could see a grave marker and the stone of a weathered sarcophagus. Heading up to it he found the only word carved into it was Donum, the Latin word for gift, and when he pushed it open he found a pair of scaled metal gloves, and a dark black faceless metal mask.

"RNG is never this giving. This was deliberately planted here. But by who?" he asked, only to receive no answer but the sound of combat and distant screaming. "A question for another time I suppose," he muttered as he picked up the gloves and put them on, finding them to be perfect fits for his long bony hands. He then picked up the mask and took a moment to admire the craftsman ship before putting it on and altering the way his robes sat on his body, closing them and lifting a hood over the back of his head. "Well then, I suppose it is time to play the hero, and see where this strangeness leads!"


Melodie Anasha weakly held up her sword as she stood in the middle of river-song village's main plaza and thoroughfare.

A small village in the grasslands, it subsisted off farming and ranching, and despite its location north west of Ansur, had managed to remain untouched by the war. That was of course, until now. The Dark Queens army appeared without warning in the early morning, spearheaded by imps that harassed the village's meager defenses until the main force arrived. A force of over two hundred orcs, twenty trolls, and a trio of ogres, led by a dark elf warrior.

In terms of actual army sized it was little more than a flanking or scouting force, devoid or any supporting or auxiliary units such as catapults or mages . But against a village of barely a hundred people, with only a trio or knights and half dozen guards, it was beyond simply overpowering.

That did not mean however that those defending the village did not make the Dark Queens forces have to work for it.

The imps were not the worst thing, and dealing with them was not hard if their weakness was known.

The knights, of which Melodie was the leader of, had the guards use spears and bows to keep the imps at bay and to kill those of them that got to close. When the imps finally were routed the Dark army was nearly on their doorstep, and the flaming torches the imps had dropped into the village had set supplies and buildings aflame. So Melodie had made the call. The knights and the villages own guards would stay behind, bait the army into attacking their front, so that the villagers could escape out the rear.

Knowing what the Dark Queens army did to those it captured, many of the villages men armed themselves to join in the defenses to allow their wives and children more time to escape.

The addition of more fighters however, only meant that once the gate was breached, more died. Most of the villagers who stayed behind were already dead, killed in single blows by the strength of orcs. The trained guards of the village were faring slightly better, having killed many orcs by teaming up on them, but even they were nearly gone, with only one that Melodie could see alive, and he looked dreadfully tired. Of the two knights that were with her one had already fallen, killed by the dark elf warrior thankfully, instead of beaten down and captured by an orc. The other knight under her command was behind her, fighting off a group of imps with a wounded leg, impeding her movement and stopping from doing much else.

"Hara, how are you holding up?" Melodie called out as she ducked under the bare armed swing of an orc trying to catch her and let her sword slice across its ankle, biting deep into its flesh. The orc tried to stabilize itself with one arm, but fell down enough for Melodie to then quickly slash its throat and roll to the side to avoid its mass as it fell to the ground with its life-force gurgling out of its throat.

Hara, who was holding a damaged sword in one hand and a bloodied mace in the other, swung them both and knocked an imp right into a wall where its newly opened wounds splashed out blood, ending its life. "I would be better, without my leg bleeding out," She admitted as she used the mace to swat away an imp that tried to grab her from the side. "I do not believe we will escape this. We either die here, or are captured and broken by these beasts. Say the word, and I shall end my life on your command."

Melodie scowled a bit at Hara's usual dim outlook, but could not truly fault her for it. They had both seen what became of those captured by the Dark Queens forces. To be captured and imprisoned, even tortured was one thing, but to be captured and raped constantly by orcs, to have the mind wander and become broken, that was a fate no one wanted for themselves or anyone they knew. And Hara had already seen it happen many times and had her own past issues atop of those images. "I know. We should have given the villagers enough time to escape, so as soon as we can break away, well make our escape."

"Escape is, not likely," Hara said grimly as she swung her sword, only for it to get lodged in the chest cavity of an imp, forcing her to drop it. She quickly pulled out a knife in its place, but the imps around her were cackling madly. "I have no intention to become their breeding stock."

"I know I just," Melodie stopped as she took a step back to make distance from another orc and then quickly ran over to Hara, using her sword to slice two of the imps in half before they could react. "I'm sorry. I just hoped we could continue to serve together."

"You can," the Dark elf spoke up as she came out from between the approaching group of orcs. Her clothing barely covered what was important, while she held a rapier in one hand that was dripping with fresh blood. "Simply surrender and I swear we shall keep the two of you together. You can become a lovely pair of breeding sows for the orcs or imps; I may even let you choose!"

"You bitch!" Melodie yelled as she held her sword up beside her head.

"And here I figured I was being nice to a fellow elf, even if you haven't had to deal with centuries of being trod upon!" the Dark-elf snapped angrily at Melodie before grinning. "Perhaps I'll cut off those ears of yours. Not like you'll need them as a fucking breeding sow!"

"You, you're no elf, you're even worse than those monsters your Queen let's you command, you demon bitch!" Melodie spat out in rage as she pulled out a knife in her free hand. "We would rather die than do anything to help your monster of a queen!"

"Lady Discordia is not a monster!" the Dark-elf shrieked in rage and threw her rapier, embedding it in Hara's good leg and making her fall to the ground. "The only monsters in this world are you and those humans, all of you races responsible for the centuries of suffering we dark elves have had to endure! You are the ones at fault for everything, and we are in the right!" she yelled before turning to walk away and raised a hand above her head in a wave. "Kill them, or claim them, I care not anymore."

The closest orc grinned as he took a step forward, only for everyone to plug their ears as the thunderous crack of thunder echoed out in the middle of the village.

On a perfectly clear day.

When everyone opened their eyes to see what happened, they found that first orc missing his head, while his neck and shoulders were burnt to a crisp and steaming with the pungent smell of burnt flesh.

"You, which of you is the one who did that!?" the Dark-elf screamed in rage as she spun and drew a pair of throwing knives, ready to use them in an instant.

Both Hara and Melodie looked at each other in confusion, but before they could speak the sound of heavy footfalls from behind them pulled the their attention, and that of the Dark-elf's to the south.

There, standing in the village's southern gate was a man. Or at least he could be. His build was odd, very tall, and with very broad shoulders. He was completely covered by a dark and regal looking robe that almost seemed to absorb the light that struck it. His hands were covered in gauntlets and his face had a perfectly flat mask over the front with no discernable eye slits in it, and a dark hood over his head.

"Well, this is certainly not what I expected. A village under siege, I expected bandits, not a force of brutish creatures led by a scantily clad Dark-elf," the unknown man said, his tone dull and disconnected sounding. As if nothing before him was his problem.

"What the, who are you?" the Dark-elf asked, before then shaking her head. "Never mind, you're human, so you can die like the rest. Kill him."

"I see. Then I suppose I can use you for practice," the black robed man said as he held out his plam toward the dark elf. "Grasp heart!"

Both Hara and Melodie gasped in surprise as suddenly the man was holding a heart in his hand. One that beat once, spewing blood onto the ground, then stopped. A thump from behind drew their attention back to find the Dark-elf lying on the ground lifelessly. It was not hard to connect the two events, even if it was absurd and seemed impossible.

"Now then, I believe you beasts were under the command of that one. Drop everything and leave, and I may perhaps let you retreat," the man said as he gestured toward the orcs.

"You idiot, those are orcs! They won't listen to you! All they care about is rape and pillage!" Melodie yelled.

"Mostly rape," Hara added unemotionally.

"Puny human, you look weak!" one orc, larger than the others, covered in scars and carrying a great axe over his shoulder said with a chuckle as he stepped forward. "We kill you and take women for ourselves, because we strong, and make women our wives!"

"Goodness, and here I was under the impression that we were past such foolishness," the man said with a shake of his head. "It seems I must practice a bit more on the rest of you then. Reality Slash!"

The big orc, probably a leader among them, was sliced right in half, his upper body sailing away from his legs and covering his kin in his blood. Seeing that a single swipe of his hand caused such a thing, the others orcs began backing up, only to be culled as the unknown man called out unknown spell after unknown spell. Waves of fire, lighting that jumped from orc to orc, balls of violet death that evaporated any they touched, even radiating beams of energy that seared the flesh before disintegrating the bones. Even those orcs who tried to flee were cut down, the range of the mans ability to cast magic seeming to know no end.

And just as quickly as the slaughter had begun it ended. What felt like hours of watching orcs die and scream, when in reality it was barely a handful of minutes. The orcs were dead, their bodies and the remains of bodies everywhere alongside burn mark's, craters and crackling fires.

The one responsible was standing just back from the center of the village, having slowly made his way in as he mercilessly slaughtered the orcs who tried to fight and who fled.

Seeing such devastation would make most people leery of approaching one with such power but Melodie was anything if not brave, and took a few steps forward. "Sir Mage!"

The Mage turned his large body, facing Melodie with his faceless mask. "Yes?"

Melodie found her body become chill, as if facing something far beyond her, like the opposite of when she looked upon the goddess. She pushed past it however and took a step forward before bowing to the Mage. "As a knight of Ansur I thank you for saving us from defeat, and for inflicting it upon the Dark Queens forces. I am knight officer third rank Melodie Anasha, may I know your name good sir?"

"Hmm," the man seemed to hum in thought for a moment before fully turning to Melodie and Hara. "I am momo- ahem, excuse me. I mean, you may call me Ainz Ooal Gown!"

"I see, then thank you again sir Gown. Your timing was most fortuitous," Melodie said with a smile.

Whereas Hara simply stared at Ainz. "Too fortuitous. Were you watching? Where are you from?"

"Hara! You can't just ask that, he saved us!" Melodie said as she turned to Hara.

"His appearance was to perfect. He could be a spy."

"That is absurd."

"No it is perfectly reasonable, "Ainz said calmly. "I am an unknown to you, and even I admit my timing was just right. To answer your question, I am a traveling Magic Caster from a very far distant land called, Yyg."

"I, haven't heard of a place called that," Melodie admitted. "And you mean you're a mage, right."

"That is the local term for one who can use magic I assume?" Ainz asked.

"The most basic one, yes."

"Then yes, that is what I could be called here. I suppose such confusion is common as I am, unaware of where we are precisely," Ainz admitted. "May I ask where we are exactly?"

"The village of River-song, roughly a day and a half ride north off the fortified city of Ansur of the Seven Shields Alliance, upon the continent of Eos," Hara said calmly her eyes never looking away from Ainz's faceless visage, as if trying to discern something.

"Ah, I see. That tells me just how far I am from what I know. I recognized none of those names or places," Ainz said simply.

"What? That's impossible, how could you have never heard of any of them?" Melodie asked incredulously. "Even Lady Kaguya's lands to the east know of us despite being somewhat closed with their borders."

"I do not know what I do not know. I was caught in a, teleportation accident. Perhaps I could tell where this is with access to a map," Ainz said simply.

"I'm sure we can find a map for you in Ansur, it's the least we could for saving us," Melodie said, only to suddenly get her butt slapped. Hard. "Eeeek, Hara what's that for?!" she demanded as she spun to face Hara.

"Maybe the fact, that I still have a rapier in my leg and both of them are still wounded? I'm not going anywhere unless I get bandaged up."

"Right sorry, got to unfocused," Melodie said as she looked at Ainz hopefully.

"Alas, healing is not among the magic I am skilled with. In fact, I am incapable of it," Ainz answered simply.

"Oh, uh, I'll fine some bandages then," Melodie said before she ran off.


Ainz, as he introduced himself to the girls in the hope that if anyone from Yggdrasil would hear the name, sighed to himself lightly as he watched the elf girl named Melodie run off to search for bandages.

The whole situation he was in was beyond just unbelievable. It was also utterly ridiculous. From what he had so far learned he was his Yggdrasil character of Mominga, had no access to his inventory or player skills such a message or the ability to see his own statistics or use any of his items, yet was able to use all of his spells and abilities.

Of course that was nothing compared to the odd ease at which he found the mask he was now wearing, and the fact that from what he could tell he was in a fantasy world that was in the middle of a war with orcs who ran around raping women they caught.

Was this some sort of perverted fantasy word from a bad Hentai video or something?

It certainly felt that way, especially with the way the two women were clothed. Melodie the Elf had said she and the other were knights, but their armor was little better than a plate mail bikini top and bottom with some hanging pieces of cloth around various places. It would have made it hard to look at with the amount of skin they both were showing, and how athletic their builds were, but somehow he was not quiet as faze by it as he expected, as if of something was inhibiting his more earthly desires to some degree.

And perhaps that same thing was what made it so easy for him to just kill as he had. In Yggdrasil there was no blood animated in game, yet here there was blood. Lots of it. So much in fact from just him slicing the one orc in half he figured he would have wanted to throw up. Yet he didn't. It barely seemed to faze him at all. He knew that killing in such a messy way was horrible in all likelihood, yet the death, the smells of battle and of seared flesh did not bother him at all.

Yet the lack of real protection the women who claimed they were knights had did bother him somewhat.

"You like them too huh?"

"Pardon?" Ainz asked as he looked to the human woman who spoke up.

"You were staring at Melodie as she left," She said with an ever so slight scowl. "I guess all men have a thing for elves even if their breasts are not massive."

"Ah," Ainz simply muttered in understanding. "No, I was not admiring her body but her armor. It is, curious," Ainz admitted as he noticed that Hara's armour was not golden and bright like Melodie's, but duller in color and with gray cloth instead of white. It was like there was none of the pomp or pride put into the building of hers despite the same basic design.


"It is, how to put this, why are the both of you wearing so little when she claimed the two of you were knights?"

"What do you mean?" Hara asked as she tilted her head a bit to one side, perhaps as a way of showing confusion.

"Hhrrrmm, ah perhaps allow me to put it this way. Would you not be more protected from damage if your armor was more covering? As it is, I doubt it would protect you well. Your stomach is uncovered, as are much of your legs and arms."

"You, clearly have no idea how demons fight, do you?" Hara asked after a moment of simply staring at Ainz.

"I know of many ways to fight, but please explain," Ainz said simply, knowing that being arrogant or to forward may come off wrongly.

"Demons do not fight fair. Orcs are strong enough to sunder a person's armor if they hit them full force, imps will team up on people until they cannot fight back, and most other kinds of demons are simply so strong armor does not matter. For women, speed is far more of use to us than strength. And showing more skin makes the dumber demons like orcs not attack us with their full strength because they do not want to kill us. They want to capture and breed us. It also does not help that everyone needs weapons, so most metal is turned into weapons or tools, not armor that can simply be shattered by a solid hit."

"Ah. I take it from the fact that your amour's both were well made and stylized that such a tactic for, female knights, is a common thing?"

"It is, yes," Hara answered simply. "Our armors design and colors also serve as a visible sign of our ranks," she added, before bobbing to the side a bit, her breathing seeming a bit irregular.

"Well, that does explain that it is equally cultural, but you appear to be getting weak, so do not speak further," Ainz said as he turned away from her and looked for Melodie, finding her coming over and holding a pair of wrapped bandages as well as some kind of jar.

"Okay I found some clean bandages and some Poultice to help the wound," Melodie stated as she set both of them down on the barrel beside Hara. "Unfortunately one of the guard's bodies was thrown into the well and it's no good anymore, so this will have to do."

"Fine, just patch up my lighter wound first," Hara said with a groan. "I think the rapier is down to bone, but it seems to be slowing my blood loss."

"Right. Sir Gown, do you know anything about treating wounds?" Melodie asked as she began covering Hara's one wound in poultice.

"I do not, I am sorry," Ainz apologized. Healing was one of the few things in Yggdrasilhe did not bother with, and in real life he had never even taken a first aid course.

"Okay. Can you do something for me then?" Melodie asked as she began wrapping bandage around the poultice.

"What do you need?"

"Can you lift up Hara's other leg by her heel?"

Ainz nodded as he took a step forward and gently cupped the woman's heel in his hand and lifted until her leg was parallel to the ground.

"Okay," Melodie said as she tied off the bandage before reaching and taking hold of the rapier in Hara's leg. "Hold her leg down with your other hand. Her leg shouldn't move when I pull on the rapier."

"Of course, whenever you are ready," Ainz said with a simple nod.

With a nod Melodie then yanked on the rapier and pulled it out of Hara's leg in one motion, allowing blood to start weeping out of the wound with greater speed. She immediately dropped the weapon and scooped up some poultice out of the jar before using her hand to carefully coat over the wound with a thick layer to help stop the bleeding.

"It stings," Hara stated as she visibly tensed, but did nothing else, showing at least some ability to endure pain.

"That means its working," Melodie said in a slightly worried tone as she finished liberally applying the poultice and began wrapping it in bandage. "Just stay still and, there, that should do it. Do you think you can walk?"

"I have both legs wounded, and had a rapier in my leg. What do, you think?" Hara asked in annoyance while her breaths were becoming a bit irregular.

"Okay I'm sorry, I'll help you move and well get back to Ansur," Melodie said seriously as she tried to help Hara to her feet using her own shoulder as a brace. They managed to step away from the wall and barrel, only for Hara to fall against Melodie in pain.

"This, isn't going to work, just leave me. If there are more coming, if that was just a vanguard, I'll only slow you down."

"No! I'll carry you if I have to!" Melodie stated as she tried to awkwardly shift to pick Hara up, straining from the effort.

"Goodness, you are clearly too exhausted to carry someone, put her down," Ainz said with a shake his head.

"I am not leaving her!" Melodie stated again.

"You should," Hara said bluntly.


"Be quiet!" Ainz suddenly called out, surprising both girls. "Put her down. I will carry her," Ainz said as he held his arms out.

Hara and Melodie looked at each other for a few seconds before Hara cracked a smile. "Looks like maybe I don't need to die to my own knife today."

"Enough of that," Melodie said as she came up to Ainz and allowed him to take Hara, picking her up and holding her in a princess carry in front of his chest.

"Huh, so it's not me seeing things. You are this tall," Hara commented.

"Yes," Ainz said simply as he looked at Melodie. "This city you spoke of, which direction is it in?"

"South, out the gate you came in through, let's go, if we make good time we should reach Ansur by tomorrow around midday," Melodie stated as she turned and began jogging over to the gate in question.

"I hope you, know what you are doing, mage," Hara said simply as she twitched a bit from pain.

"So do I," Ainz said quietly as he began following.