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Litzen the Windowsmasher, a name he actually quiet liked to have been given by the authorities of the Seven Shields Alliance, was a human.

Or at least half one. He was one of the rare few born from a Halfling that was not a Halfling itself. His father had been a wizard obsessed with finding a way to stop the racial gender divide from endangering the future of all races on the continent, and while it had been a possibly noble cause that did ultimately lead to his own creation, his father had also been a criminal as such because he forcibly experimented on Halflings and often raped them.

It was such a shame one could not choose their family.

After killing his own father when he discovered the fate of his mother, he quickly found that while normal work was not something he wanted to do, he was quiet skilled at the act of breaking things, and taking things.

So being a thief was the perfect job for him in a way, and he had a system that couldn't be stopped. Travel across rooftops, jump through windows whether they were open or not, shoot whoever he say in the legs or arm with small throwing needles coated in a natural paralytic, and then steal everything of worth he could.

Of course, worth had different meaning to different people. Travel rations, sweets, and meat were always stolen because he needed to eat, while things like gems and jewelry were only stolen in small amounts. A single gold necklace could sell for enough to set him up for weeks even if he didn't stock up on gear after all.

Most of the time he just stole to get by, jumping from city to city as the local knights caught onto his presence, but occasionally he'd get met by someone from the darker underbelly of the lands, asking him to steal particular items of value for very handsome amounts of money.

"There he is!"

And this was one of those times. Litzen looked back across the room he was running across to see three Halflings following. One was a captain and the other two of the normal guards. They were rather nimble as they followed him across the roof, they were Halflings after all, but the fact that guards almost exclusively used halberds in Rad was proving to be their downfall as the head of it would pull down to one side or the shaft would catch on the pipes and the like that jutted out from the rooftops.

"At least one of them was smart," Litzen muttered as he vaulted over a pipe and took a glance at the captain who was having no difficulty following him. She had ditched her halberd as soon as she had noticed him on the roofs above them and had even ditched the extra armor she was wearing to mark her rank. Now she was wearing little more than her armored bikini, boots, and a single gauntlet and helmet. "Heh, you know there are better ways to seduce someone rather than just slowly stripping! C'mon, seduce me properly!" Litzen called back as he kept running.

"You insolent criminal!" The captain yelled in a rage, providing just enough of a lack of attention for her foot to trick and make her fall, face planting the roof tiles.

"Captain!" Her people called in shock as they went to check on her instead of chasing, allowing Litzen to leap across a narrow alleyway and climb up a higher building and out of sight. All he needed to do was jump a few streets over and he'd be utterly out of sight.

Which was good as his target was just a few streets over.

"Still don't get why someone would want someone's mask stolen, or who would be as crazy as to wear a mask in this kind of heat," Litzen muttered to himself as he passed a very hot smokestack. Rad was always hot, way hotter than any other city, and even with some facets of his body he apparently had not gotten a Halflings culturally perceived heat resistance.

Regardless his job was just to jump some bigshot mage that came by the city and steal the mask they were wearing before they left the city, and as the sun was on the verge of creeping above the horizon, he only had so much time.

"Now then, where are you?" Litzen muttered as he leapt down onto a pipe that crossed over the street and made his way across, seeing the inn he was told his quarry was staying in just across the street and down a bit. "There you are, time to have some fun," he said as he stopped, stretched his legs, and then bolted down the roof, running as fast as he could to gain momentum before leaping off the rooftop right toward the shuttered window, knowing it would not be able to stop him!


Amrita opened her eyes not to the sounds of birds on a windowsill, the sounds of animals in the distance, or anything so nice and calm, but to the sound of a shrill whistle in the distance. With a sigh she sat up on the bed and looked around, recalling as she did due to the simple and brassy decoration of the room that they were in Rad.

Which explained the whistle.

On the other bed that sat in the room was Hara, who was taking up the entirety of it as she sprawled across it in her true form, Spider legs and Abdomen and all. She looked utterly content as she slept through the whistle without issue, while beside her on her own bed was Flora, scrunched up like a seed in how tightly she was bundled in branches and leaves that seemed to have grown over her while she slept.

And of course Ainz sat upon the rooms chair against the war as if still as a statue of solid marble.

"Do you ever actually sleep?" Amrita asked as she slid to the edge of the bed, the covers sliding off and revealing the simple yet functional underclothes and paddings she wore beneath her armor.

"Not as you do, I have found," Ainz replied without moving at all. "I can focus my thoughts inward for thought and focus and rest."

"Meditation, I understand," amrita said as she thought about his words for a few moments then looked back at Hara and Flora to see them both asleep. "You said, you had found. Meaning you used to be able to sleep. Before you became like the Goddess Reborn, you were different, weren't you?""

". . . . . I was very different once. However in these lands, what I once was, is less important than what I currently am, and what I may do."

"I see," amrita said, uncertain if she wanted to ask the next question, and deciding that another would be a better idea. "You wish to leave today?"

"Yes," Ainz said as he finally shifted in his chair, slowly getting up. It was impressive that when he sat down he seemed merely wide, but as soon as he stood he dwarfed everyone around. "We have the information we came for, and nothing has gotten in our way here, so there is no reason to stay."

"Dark elves acting in a way directly against their queen . . . . . if such a thing is truly occurring, it is strange we have not heard of it," Amrita stated as she began putting on her gear.

"If the common farmer saw as such, they would only report their presence, and claim it was for evil," Ainz stated as he lifted his arms above his head, leading to a fair number of pops and cracking sounds that was more than a little disconcerting knowing what was under his cloak. "They would keep themselves hidden from all sight. My viewing of them was mere luck that my spells range was wide enough to see them."

"You believe they will be hard to find then?" Amrita asked a she looked over to see Flora slowly lifting up and rubbing her eyes, the branches and leaves around her shrinking into her body.

"No, I believe that it will be easy. The issue will lie in where they are, and what other Princess Knight gets in the way," Ainz said as he began twisting his helmet lad head, again making concerning cracking noises.

"You think they will get in the way?" Flora asked with a yawn before looking around. "The dark elves, right?"

"Yes that is what we are talking about," Amrita confirmed just as Ainz nodded his head.

"Yes. Luu-Luu was more, accommodating than I expected her to be, and I do not expect the rest to care about our presence, or our opinions on what we want. The next city is, Ken correct?"

"That is correct," Amrita stated, prompting flora to add onto her words.

"The city of Mercenaries, led by Maia, known as the Mercenary queen. The city is like a mass of bars, taverns, inns and barracks from what I have heard. It caters to mercenaries and little else, somewhat like the adventurer towns of old, but far rougher and with less rules."

"So it will be easier to get information from them, good," Ainz said as he walked up to the other bed where Hara was still splayed out, utterly asleep, and then lifted up the foot of the bed before dropping it down, causing he to groan and begin to stir.

"How do you figure?" Flora asked as she began helping Amrita put on her armor, mainly the breastplate and the like.

"Because, they will respect strength and little else, meaning amrita and Hara will easily cow them into assisting us."

"They may, but they do not respect the inquisitors or knights, so we may not be the best to-" Amrita began to say only to be cut off by a very heavy thudding sound from the window of the room.

"Do, birds in these lands have a habit of flying into shudders?" Ainz asked a moment later.

"I, believe that was too heavy to be a bird," Flora suggested as she looked to Ainz. "Did you, reinforce the window?"

"My spells to protect this room are still up, yes," Ainz answered as Hara finally rolled her body over so she was lying on her front, her spider legs trying, and failing for a few seconds, to find traction on the bedsheets before they instead spread further and reached down to the floor.

"Uhhh, Morning. Is it morning?"

"Yes it is morning, now wake up. We are leaving within the hour," Ainz said with a sigh.

"Why so soon?" Hara asked as she yawned again and climbed off the bed while stretching her arms.

"Because I don't want any problems to find us," Ainz said simply.


Litzen found himself staring up at the sky in confusion. He jumped off the room, had his arms in front of him like usual, and . . . now he was on the ground. He craned his neck to look at the building to find that the shudders were utterly unaffected; in fact they didn't even look damaged. Not even dirty.

"How?" He asked himself as he tried to move but instead found his body ache and scream at him in pain. It felt like both his legs were made of glass, and his arms of splintered wood. "Shit. Three stories up, bounce off of it, crap, I'm doomed."

"You might be."

Litzen looked to see the same captain from the rooftops step up beside him, looking down on him with a smile.


"No, you didn't. And don't worry; we'll heal your injuries. After all, Lady Luu-Luu wants to speak with you personally!"

"I don't think I've done anything to warrant her attention so, OW!" Litzen screamed as one of the guards tried to move him, only to get hit by the other and silently chided.

"Actually, she didn't want to meet you due to your crimes," the captain said as she took out a whistle. "She wants to offer you a job."

Litzen found himself staring at the captain trying to understand what was going on before he decided it was too much trouble and just shrugged. And then regretted it. "Ow. Well, it's not like I can fight back or argue at this point."

"You are right, you can't," the captain said as a few guards, city knights from the looks of it, came over with a carrying board held between them. "Try to get comfy. Once we've gotten you to a bed and gotten looked at, she will likely come knocking."

Litzen could only look at the captain with an unimpressed look. "Great."