The moonlit sands whistled on the dunes far beyond the dusky borders of Gadgetzan. The sound was nearly muffled by the sounds of the various races chattering in many tongues, feasting and making merry at the Road Warrior Inn.

But outside of the Road Warrior, a gnome and a goblin stood side-by-side silently. The black-haired goblin smoked a cigar, glancing his yellowed eyes over at the gnome beside him. The gnome, meanwhile, ran a hand through one of her large pink pigtails. Her equally-pink brow was furrowed in thought.

A couple of the patrons coming and going from the inn behind them shot an occasional drunken glance in their direction, before staggering along on their own way. The two didn't really notice. As far as they were concerned, they were the only people left in all of Tanaris. Maybe all of Azeroth. There were no distant voices, or passing bodies. Just them.

"I thought about a lot of things over the course of the game," Bitsy began, "That day, back at Pestleplugg's shop. I think that's when everything changed."

"Yeah," Ozzy nodded in agreement, puffing his cigar thoughtfully, "Maybe."

"You disagree?" Bitsy perked an eyebrow, glancing over at him.

"I think it was when you got drunk and kissed me," He shrugged.

Bitsy blushed slightly, not recalling that, and looked down.

"It can't be worse than when I told you I'd marry you," She smiled, "But you were passed out on the bar."

"In Booty Bay?" Ozzy perked an eyebrow, "I thought we'd been talking about your mom."

"I'm surprised you even remember that much," She chuckled, "You were nine drinks in by that point."

"Got a high tolerance," Ozzy shrugged, pausing to tap the ashes from the end of his cigar, "I used to drink a lot."

Bitsy furrowed her brow in concern, glancing her blue eyes down to follow the ashes as they were caught on the breeze.

"I think that's when I realized it," Bitsy commented, still looking off into the night, "When I really realized it."

"Hm?" Ozzy glanced at her again, "Realized what?"

"That I love you," Bitsy looked back at him, cheeks darkening.

"Took you that long, eh?" Ozzy smirked, "Guess I'm not as charismatic as I thought."

Bitsy chuckled in amusement. Well, knowing his ego, it probably wasn't even physically possible to even be as charming as he imagined.

"When did you…?" Bitsy perked a pink eyebrow.

"On the way to Booty Bay," He shrugged, "On the zeppelin."

"Oh, really?" Bitsy nodded, "I would've thought it was back when you first invested in the Shortshop."

"Hey, not sayin' I weren't interested back then," He paused to puff his cigar, "Just that I didn't realize it."

"I told my mother about you," Bitsy mentioned, returning to curling her fingers into her pigtail, "She asked me when we're getting married."

Ozzy hesitated a moment.

"Well… are we?" He asked cautiously.

Bitsy just hummed in response, glancing aside.

"Lizbit," Ozzy frowned, "You promised me an answer after the game."

"I know," Bitsy looked back at him.

Then she glanced down at her hand, which still wore the kaja'mite ring. Slowly, she reached down and removed it from her finger. Ozzy's expression hardened slightly as she then gently set the ring into his hand.

But before he could say anything, she turned to face him in full.

"Ask me properly this time," She huffed, crossing her arms.

"I… huh?" Ozzy blinked, caught by surprise.

"Ask me the right way, Ozmyveld," She sighed, "On one knee and everything, like the humans do."

Ozzy hesitated a moment, needing a second to mentally process her request. But then he shrugged, deciding to humor her, and bent down onto one knee. As he took her hand in his, a couple of patrons mulling about by the entrance of the inn paused and looked over. Ozzy ignored them.

"Lizbit Shortguard, you wonderfully distracting gnome," Ozzy cleared his throat, "Will you marry me?"

Bitsy smiled, taking the ring from him. She looked at it for a moment, before glancing down at him.

"Yes, Ozmyveld," She beamed, slipping the ring back onto her finger, "I'll marry you."

A few of the drunks by the Road Warrior clapped, slurring a couple words of congratulations. Bitsy glanced over at them with a furrowed brow as one cheering patron paused to vomit. The drunks were not exactly adding to the romance, despite their best efforts.

"Just ignore them," Ozzy chuckled, standing up, "They won't even remember come morning."

"That's another thing," Bitsy furrowed her brow, glancing over at Ozzy.

Ozzy just blinked at her curiously.

"You mean I don't even remember our first kiss?" She scowled.

"Well, you were drunk, so I dunno if it actually counts…" Ozzy began.

"I demand a redo," Bitsy stepped closer.

"Bossy, aren't you, Miss Shortguard?" Ozzy grinned.

"Oh, just shush," Bitsy mumbled, leaning forward and closing the gap between them.

This time, she wouldn't forget their kiss.

So this is the end of Opposites Attract! I'm considering writing a mini sequel in the future, but need some time to consider a plotline and such. In the meantime, I'll be transitioning back to In Our Nature. Anyway, if you got this far, thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed the story!