Hear me Roar.

Selina Kyle worked feverishly in her apartment, ignoring the devastation she had left in the wake of her explosive rage as soon as she had played the answerphone message earlier on when she had returned back home to her apartment following her fall, and she ignored the persistent yowls from the hungry and curious cats around her while she worked desperately on her vinyl jacket, tearing it to pieces while remaking it. The rage had calmed down, so she was no longer tearing the apartment to pieces; it had been triggered when she had automatically switched on the answerphone and replayed the messages, and the same spiel she'd listened to in her old life from her bitch of a mother to those stupid ads from Shreck's before she had returned to the office in order to finish some work… only to be shoved out of a window from high up when she had discovered a discrepancy in the power plant Max Shreck was planning on building for his bastard son's inheritance.

Honestly, Selina had no idea how she had managed to survive the fall. She should either be dead from numerous shattered bones and perhaps a punctured lung. Instead, she was alive, she was walking and aside from a few aches, she was unharmed. She had no idea how she had managed to walk back to her apartment, but she was glad she had only a few aches.

The cats…

The cats had brought her back. She was not sure how, but Selina had always had an affinity for cats, they were not only her favourite animal, but they had always shown a genuine fondness for her. Somehow, and Selina had no idea how they'd done it, but they had somehow brought her back to life. She was sure they had. How else could she have survived a fall from hundreds of storeys high? The fall had been broken but not by much, so she should be very dead.

Was it magic?

Perhaps Selina would find out, but she wasn't entirely sure about that. All she knew was now she was now looking at the world with a new perspective that she had never seen or expected before. It was like what had happened to her had been an explosion within her mind. And now she needed to dress appropriately for the part. Ironically she had chosen to base her new look on Batman's appearance, recalling his scary appearance when she had been held hostage by that bastard clown. Back then she had still been basic, boring, dull Selina Kyle, doormat secretary to the bastard known to all as Max Shreck.

If he could be a Bat, why could she not be a cat?

Now she knew he was a kindred spirit, of sorts. Like herself, Batman saw the world completely different from what she did at the time, but now she saw the world differently as he did.

All she wanted to do was to get revenge on Max for what he had done to her. It was like a weight weighing down on her shoulders, and it would not be lifted until she killed Max. She felt nothing from him. The man was a bastard and even before what had happened to her, Selina had despised him, but he was the only employer she had although many had begged her to look for other work in Gotham. They knew that despite his standing in the city, Shreck was scum. They were right.

It took her time to make the costume. The vinyl jacket had been knocking about in her wardrobe for a while, but she could not waste even the smallest scrap of the material. Selina didn't rush the process, working on the sewing machine slowly. But she was making progress, and soon the costume was taking shape. It was essentially a catsuit - how appropriate - and it would cling to her body, emphasising her curves; periodically she slowly slipped the material onto her body, seeing if it fit, and adjusting it skilfully when she found it was either too small or too big. One of the greatest breakthroughs were her weapons, her claws. She would prove this cat would and should be taken strongly.

When she was finished she strutted around her room, listening to the meows of the various cats - where did they come from, anyway? - and she bent down.

"I dunno about you, Miss Kitty but I feel so much yummier!" Selina Kyle - Catwoman - proclaimed.

As she stretched, she smirked. "How does that expression go, Miss Kitty?" She added, knowing full well how it went. "Oh yeah," she said, her smirk growing, "I am woman… hear me roar!"

She laughed.

Author's Note - When I first watched Batman Returns, I felt the Catwoman character was easily the most interesting and the best, and it made me a permanent fan. I wish when they had gotten the idea of making a Catwoman movie, they made the character simpler instead of CGI character in a movie involving cosmetics, of all things.