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This fic is an adaptation from a story that my seven year old daughter Amber thought of and wrote all on her own. lt's from little Renesmee's perspective. My daughter plans on updating this story every other week or so. She hopes you enjoy it.

We understand that in "Breaking Dawn"it is said that Renesmee is fully grown when she reaches her seventh year of life. However, in this fanfiction Nessie is seven years old but is as tall as an eleven year old child.

This is just fanfiction told by a seven year old. If events are not logical regarding vampires and vampire hybrids, please don't read too much into it. It's meant to be fun and enjoyable. Happy readings. :)))

Disclaimer: All recognizable characters belong to Stephnie Meryer. We are merely playing around with them.


Daddy's Vampire Princess

Chapter 1: Nope

It is lunchtime. Not my favorite time of day. At least not today. Nope. Today I wish we could skip this lunchtime business altogether. It's truly unfortunate that I'm not allowed to do that. Daddy and Grandpa Carlisle insist on me trying one human food a day to be healthy and grow strong. But I'm growing just fine without eating nasty human food. I'm only seven years old and am almost as tall as my Aunt Alice. Which is funny because she is a teenager like my parents and we are the same height.

I am sitting in the living room on the floor watching cartoons. I can smell the horrid food in the air. I don't know how he can stand to be around it. Usually Mommy cooks my lunch but she is out shopping with my Aunt Alice and Aunt Rose so Daddy is cooking today. Mommy didn't seem like she wanted to go clothes shopping. I don't know why. I wanted to go, I love shopping and all things fashion but they said I couldn't go to the grown up lady store they were going to go buy clothes at. So I had to stay home. At least Aunt Alice promised to buy me some new outfits and shoes. She always picks out the best clothes.

"Nessie," Daddy calls me. "Time to turn off the T.V. Lunch is ready."

I groan. I don't want to try whatever horrid thing that is on today's menu. Even though I do not want to, I turn the T.V. off and walk into the kitchen.

I take a seat at the kitchen table with my Daddy sitting across from me. He smiles at me, his golden eyes twinkling as he runs his left hand through his messy hair that is the same color as mine. I look at the table, right in the middle of us is a giant green bowl of macaroni and cheese with a big plate of chicken nuggets right next to it and a glass of milk in a Avengers cup. Yuck.

I stair at the food wishing it would go away. It does not.

Daddy picks up a chicken nugget that is in the odd shape of a boot. He hands it to me but I don't take it, I keep my hands right where they are in my lap. The unbearable smell from the tiny meat thing makes me wrinkle up my nose. It smells horrible! I have no clue how human kids eat this stuff.

"You won't know if you like it or not unless you try it." Daddy said to me. With each word he spoke that disgusting excuse for food gets closer to me, I scoot feather back in my chair. I don't want it touching me. "Nessie, just give it a try. Please?"

I look at the yucky chicken nugget in his right hand. Oh! He must be crazy if he thinks I will be eating that thing.

"I am not crazy." He chuckles, reading my mind. "One bite?"

I shake my head no.

"So stubborn. Just like your Mommy." He whispers, looking at the chicken nugget he is holding but talking to me.

His voice was low. So low that I don't think that a real human could have heard him. But I'm half vampire and I heard every word just fine.

"Mommy and Aunt Rose say I get my stubbornness from you." I correct him.

Daddy's golden eyes widened with shock. His lips go up in a half smile. "I doubt that." He laughs.

I roll my eyes which makes him laugh even more.

My Aunts, Uncles, grandparents, and even my Mommy all say that when I roll my eyes I look just like my Daddy. But I don't think so. Because I am a pretty girl and girls don't look like boys and Daddy is a boy.

"No one is actually meaning you look like a boy. You don't." Daddy explains, reading my mind again. That sometimes gets annoying. "What they mean is that you are a combination of your mother and I. At times you resemble me and other times you resemble her. You are very pretty like your mother and have the same color eyes she did when she was human. Though, I think you look more like her than you do me." He smiles, still holding that chicken nugget dangerously close to me. "Now have a chicken nugget."

"Are you cuckoo crazy?" I wonder seriously. Still smiling he stares at me. "I mean. Have you ever tried those yucky things?"

Dropping the chicken nugget on the plate Daddy sighs and rolls his eyes. He isn't mad, just tired of this disgusting food game as I am. I wish my family would give up with trying to get me to eat human food. How long must this madness go on?

The food on the table does not look good or smell yummy. He can't eat it and I won't.

"Then how about a bite of macaroni and cheese?" He offers. "Just take one little bite. Please?"

Putting my right hand over my forehead like I'm going to faint, I gasp dramatically throwing my head back. That's my way of letting him know my answer is a definite no. Daddy shakes his head.

"Honestly, Nessie. Eating human food won't kill you." Daddy clarifies. "Please just take one little bite of each item I prepared for you." Running his finger through his hair he sighs. "If you really don't want chicken nuggets just drink the milk and eat three bite of macaroni and cheese."

"Yuck." I spat out.

Okay. Now I know he is definitely crazy. I have tasted that before when we lived in Forks. Jacob had made it for me when I was spending the day with him, his dad and Grandpa Charlie in La Push. It was a few weeks before we moved to Juneau, Alaska. All I can say is that the commercials with the happy human kids eating macaroni and cheese lied. That stuff tastes horrible. I would much rather munch on cardboard than eat the unnaturally processed orange cheese and noodles.

I look at my Daddy. I cross my arms over my chest and press my mouth in a hard line. I'm not eating anything that's here on this table.

"You are sure not making lunchtime easy." He mumbles.

I squint my eyes at him. I don't want human food. I'm never going to enjoy it, any of it. I would much rather have blood from a caribou.

"Fully noted." Daddy grins, reading my thoughts again. "Caribou for the win. Let's forget this human food nonsense and go hunting."

I smile very big. Daddy's words make me very excited.

Daddy and I get up from the table and start walking to the front door of our cottage that is three miles away from my Grandparents big house, where they and all my uncles and Aunts live. We have to live separately from the rest of our family because my Mommy and Daddy get too kissy with each other, at least that's what Uncle Em says.

I watch as Daddy opens the door. "Ladies first." He waved his hand for me to walk in front of him.

I do not move. I remember that I have forgotten something important that I can't leave the house without. Reading my mind, Daddy begins laughing at what I need to get. I look up at him, giving him my mad face. It's not funny and I wish he would stop laughing.

"Okay. Okay. I'm sorry I laughed." Daddy is out of breath from laughing so hard. "That was rude of me. Can you ever forgive me?"

I put my hand out, reaching up. He leans down, gently taking my hand in his and pressing it to his cheek. Using my special gift I show him all is forgiven. He smiles, showing his teeth.

"Go get it. I'll be waiting right here." He reassures me the second I remove my hand from his face.

I turn around and run to my room. I go right to my long white dresser that has a mirror attached to it. Neatly arranged on top of the dresser are my four jewelry boxes, six piggy banks and the most important item of all, of course. My shiny tiara that is made out of real gold and has sparkly colorful gems on it. It is the most pretty tiara that I ever saw. Aunt Alice and Uncle Jasper gave it to me for my birthday last month and I never leave home without it. For tiaras, tutus and a fabulous pair of shoes make the outfit. Aunt Alice taught me that and I agree.

With my pretty tiara on top of my head, I look in the mirror and smile. My outfit is now complete. I'm ready to go hunting. I ran out of my room and right to my Daddy.

"Ready to go, my beautiful Vampire Princess?" He questions, lifting me up and adjusting my tiara.

I giggle. I love when he calls me that.

"Yes." I kiss his check, he returns my kiss.

Still holding me in his strong arms Daddy walks out the cottage, shutting the door behind us. In a quick movement that would be too fast for human eyes to see he places me upon his shoulders. His hands hold my legs and won't ever let me fall. I place my hands over his. I like when he carries me this way, I feel very tall.

"Lets go catch us some lunch." Daddy said as he began to run into the forest.

"Onward to the caribou!" I shout as trees of green pass us by in a blur.

The wind hits my face and blows my hair every which way as well as Daddy's. His hair brushes against my face and tickles my nose.

My tummy rumbles and Daddy begins running even faster. I feel like I am flying. I love how fast my daddy can run. He's the fastest vampire that I know. I believe he is the fastest vampire in the whole wide world.


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